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Part 27: Taking Back What Was Mine

Update 27: Taking Back What Was Mine

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: I was, uh...called into the police station.
: What?
:'ve really done it this time, haven't you.
: But I haven't! I haven't done anything!
: You telling me the truth?
: Of course!
: ......All right. Then I'm on your side.

Derek remains pretty great.

: Uncle Derek...
: Don't sweat it. Hey, how about a cup of coffee?
: No, I'm fine, thanks. But listen, Uncle Derek...
: Hmm?
: You know that cellphone? It's pink, and...
: ...has a pig or a dog or something hanging off it?
: ...Oh, yeah! I still have that phone! I held onto it so I could turn it in at the police station.
: That's the one! Could you...let me have it? It belongs to a friend of mine.
: No kidding! How about that... Hey, wait a second!
: Huh?
: Why'd you think I knew anything about that phone, anyway?
: Ack...! (Rats! What now?)
: Hmm? Cat got your tongue?
: (...I'm just going to have to tell him the truth.) Er, actually, I spotted it in the study...
: ...You were in my study, eh?
: .........Uh-huh.
: ......
: I'm sorry...
: ...Oh, well. We can deal with that later. Wait here.

He leaves.

: (Thank goodness Uncle Derek found that phone.)

He comes back.

: This one, right?

Ashley's Cellphone posted:

: As a matter of fact, I found it not far from your school.
: Thanks! I'll be right back.
: Ethan?
: Yeah?
: You're not up to no good, are you?
: Of course not.
: ...Good. Be careful.

: I got the cellphone!
: Let's head back to the school.

: We're good. The Pen's glowing.

: (This is where Ashley takes the envelope.)
: You have to tell her not to go to Chronos.
: I know...and I'll tell her to call Emily on this phone and warn her, too.
: Are you going to tell them to go somewhere besides Chronos?
: Uh-huh.
: (What should I write...?)
: ("I'd love some homemade cookies. How fast can you whip some up? Call Emily--she'll help." ...How's that?)

And we close the Hole.



Ethan's phone goes off, and he immediately picks it up.

: Hello?

Kori: Well? How'd it go?
: Pretty well, I think...I'm just about to go check.
Kori: Hurry, though--who knows what else Jack has up his sleeve.
: And I still haven't taken care of Morris, either.
Kori: One more thing...
: Yeah?
Kori: Jack made it so we can't go to the place Aeon used to be, right?
: That's right...something about a serial killer and some clues. (So Jack's the one behind that particular roadblock...)
Kori: Which means he didn't want anyone to change the past there.
: (I get it! That might be where we can save Morris!)
: Thanks, Kori! I'm on my way!

Three guesses where we're going.


: (This way Morris will go back to being a high-school dropout.)
: (...But it's the only way to keep him alive.)

I don't know, he seemed a lot happier the first time, so not sure why there's a problem. Anyways, here's what it looks like before we close the Hole.



: (Where's Morris?)

Ethan's phone goes off. At some point I'd like to get an actual audio file for this, so if anyone could help me out on that it'd be much appreciated.

: Phone's ringing, Eeth.
: Oops...thanks.
Kori: Hello, Ethan? How'd it go? Everything back to normal?
: ...I think so.
: (For everyone but Morris, at least...)
Kori: But that Jack...he's up to some really nasty business. Using the Pen left and right like that--it's bound to end badly for him.
: Yeah, no kidding... (Which means he's definitely not fooling around.)
Kori: Okay, that's all. I'll call again if something comes up.
: Sounds good. See you.


: Hey hey, who was that? Your girlfriend?
: Oho! Look who went out and got himself a hottie!
: You're barking up the wrong tree, guys.
: (I've got to go find Morris.)
: All right, time for me to hit the road.
: Aw, look--he's blushing!
: Good luck, loverboy!
: Ha ha ha.

: Morris...I'm so glad you're okay.
: Eh?
: Oh, er...never mind.
: Ooookay... Hey, is Ben in there?
: Yeah--chatting with Vin.
: Guess they got there early...
: I'm going to finish up with Shiloh's walk before I head in. See you later.
: Okay. Good luck.
: Thanks.

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: (Phew... Morris is safe and sound.)
???: Not bad...not bad at all...
: !!!

: Jack! Why, you...!
: Now, now--is that any way to treat your teacher?
: You're no teacher of mine!
: My goodness, aren't you feisty! Ah, to be young again...
: ......
: I'm tired of this head-to-head business. Next time, I'm going with a new strategy.
: Jack...
: Just...stop. Enough's enough.
: Heh heh...I'm afraid I can't do that.
: This is nothing compared to the pain I've suffered.
: So you're saying all these innocent people deserve to be miserable?
: Hmm......
: Yes, I suppose I am. Heh heh...
: ...!
: Later.
: (Jack...!)

{Soundtrack: Silence}

Derek: Beat ya to it, kid.

: (Now's a good chance to ask Uncle Derek about a few things.)
: Say, Uncle Derek...

*Question: Do you know Irving?*
: Why, do you know him?
: A little...
: Where does he live!?
: (Irving's antique shop is gone...)
: I don't know. I'm sorry.
: Sheesh...

*Question: Do you know Irving?, reprise*
: There was a guy in my class named Irving Onegin, once upon a time.

*Question: Do you know Jack?*
: Jack Twombly? He's your homeroom teacher, right?
: That's right.
: (...Looks like that's all he knows. Dammit...when exactly did he turn into Mr. Twombly, anyway?)

*Question: Do you know Jack?, reprise*
: ...You know, my homeroom teacher was named Twombly, too--but that was a long time ago.
: That was back in high school, so, oh, about 20 years ago now.
: (I'm willing to bet that it's the same Mr. Twombly.)

*Question: Do you know Kori?*
: !! How do you know that name!?
: Oh, er...I just...
: ...That's right--there's that yearbook in the study...
: In my study? What were you doing sneaking around in my study!?
: ...Well, you've got a good nose for sniffing out clues. That's my nephew, all right!
: ...Kori...wonder where she is, what she's up to...

*Question: Do you know Kori?, reprise*
: ...That was a long time ago.

: What do you want?
: There was a woman who died in a bus accident 35 years ago. She had a letter... But you have it now, don't you?
: ! How did you...?
: It's a long story...
: But I'd really like to see that letter. Please? Just a peek?
: ...Ah, might as well. Just a peek, though, hear me?

There's a brief pause while he leaves and comes back.

Ethan: Thanks, Uncle Derek. Now let me take a look...

Ethan: (...It's telling her to get on that particular bus to go meet Dad.)
Derek: Any idea why your dad's name is on that letter?
Ethan: ...None.
Derek: Figures. I'm stumped myself.
Ethan: ......
Derek: He was investigating that bus accident, too, so it can't be a coincidence. But that's where I hit a dead end...
Ethan: (...Who could have sent this letter?)

: Later, Kairos.

We cut back with the familiar world-shifting sound.



Let's clear up our flashbacks, too.

Flashback: Baking posted:

Ethan: (They seem to be taking my sudden special request in stride.)

Flashback: Birthday Present posted:

I'm pretty sure the Shiloh flashbacks are the exact same, so not repeating them again here.