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Part 28: The Goal Approaches

Update 28: The Goal Approaches

: (Yikes! Boy, did I oversleep!)

You get the chance to look around Ethan's room, but you get no information. When you try to leave...

: (So much has changed. I'm going to go check it out.)

: Jack...I'll never let you get away with this!

I'm sure you know where to go by now.

: Kori...
: I did a little research...into that accident we just saw.

Ethan: ...8:50 PM on April 5, 12 years ago... It says where it happened, too--Eterna Grill, near the station.
Kori: I remember that explosion. But... If memory serves, no one died in it.
Ethan: So Jack...
Kori: Jack lured Kairos to the scene of the explosion.
Ethan: Kairos?
Kori: Oh, s-sorry...I mean, your uncle. Derek Kairos.
Ethan: ......

Article: Gas Explosion posted:

Before I forget, let's clear up that flashback, too. I'm not bothering with the empty house one this time.

Flashback: Gas Explosion posted:

I've continually made the mistake before of going to the Station, and searching around it for a while futilely. Not this time! Our destination:

: ("Eterna Grill"...looks like it's still up and running. Must not be too many people around who still remember that explosion.)
: No Jack? ...I think we're safe.
: Speaking of Jack...
: How did he manage to get Uncle Derek here?
: Did he send a letter into the past, asking Derek to come...?
: Yeah...but I can't stop that.
: ...Because you didn't see that particular picture?
: I have way fewer flashbacks than he does. After all, I only just started using the Hollow Pen.
: All I see are the changes that take place after the fact.

This hasn't been really mentioned, but it's a nice match with the gameplay. You keep access to every flashback you've ever had, and you get more flashbacks every time something changes. The ideal way to become absurdly powerful with the Pen would likely be to just be nearby while a Pen war goes on.

: Jack will have been using the Pen just like Irving had.
: Uh-huh.
: (And he's aged about as much as Irving had, too.)
: (I guess your lifespan really is whittled away when you use the Pen.)
: He may have changed his name--but he's no different than Irving...
: Ethan...
: It's all right. I'll think of something. There's got to be a way to save Uncle Derek with the flashbacks I get here.
: (...But what could it be?)
: ......

The game pauses here, presumably to give you a chance to think. (And look around, though there's nothing to look at.) Talking to Kori continues the conversation.

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: ...I have an idea. Want to hear it?
: Sure. What've you got?
: Remember when Irving went into that Hole?
: Sure, I do. What about it?
: I'll go in a Hole, too--like he did.

: !
: Once I find your uncle on the other side, I'll push him out of harm's way. Sounds like something even I could do, right...? In my pictures...he's still alive. I know you can save him.
: Wait just a second! The other side of the Hole? That's where the explosion is! And people who go through Holes get left out of the flow of time...
: ...Oh...
: That's right. I've already been "left out", as it were.
: So let me go, Ethan...please!
: I don't know...
: Please!
: ...All right. But don't do anything crazy in there.
: I won't.
: Okay. I'm going to open up a Hole now...

Something notable here is something I never mentioned. Normally when you open a Hole, Ethan's the one directing it, and he's the one with the voiced lines. This time, Kori's saying "Let's go" as you open the Hole. It's a nice touch.


Something unusual is that this time, you have to Look. I don't think this is required once in the rest of the game.

: How's this?
: Just fine. Well, then...I'm off.
: Seriously--don't do anything rash. I'll wait here 'til you get back.
: Okay. I'll see you then.
: Kori...
: Hmm?
: ......
: I-it's nothing. Never mind.
: ...Don't worry. I'll be right back.
: I know. Be careful.

She goes running off.

: Kori...
: Guess she's gone. ......

: (So Kori... Kori and my uncle, eh...?)

Kori: ...This should be far enough away to keep you from getting hurt in that explosion...

: Phew...
: How'd it go?
: Fine, I think.
: Great. Thanks. ...I'll close up the Hole now.
: Okay.

And we do. Before we close:



: !!!!!!!! D-Dad! That was my dad--and my mom!
: Huh!? That couple we just saw?
: Uh-huh... The two of them were standing in the shop entrance...amid the flames.
: If it's the same explosion Derek was in, we already know the time and the place...
: So we should be able to rescue them right away!
: Oh, thank goodness, Ethan...

So some more flashbacks to check.

Flashback: Derek Watching Explosion posted:

Flashback: Gas Explosion posted:

Flashback: Parents in Explosion posted:

Either of the latter two are sufficient to allow you to move on.

: We're almost there, Ethan.


Kori: Ethan!!

Jack: Get out of here, all of you...!

Ethan: It's...not
Kori: Hang in there, Ethan!