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Part 31: Not-e Again

Update 31: Not-e Again

: I didn't particularly think we looked alike, but whatever.
: Eh?
: (...There's something about all this...I've got to think...!)

*In the bus accident 35 years ago*
: (That's right--she was in that bus accident. But Kori saw her after that.)

*She's still alive*
: (That can't be. We know for a fact that she's dead.)

*After Kori saw her*
: So Irving's mother would have to have died...
: ...after Kori saw her--maybe soon after.
: B-but Irving's mother died not long after he was born...
: Yeah--that's exactly right. (The question is, how could Kori have seen her?)

*Kori saw a ghost*
: (That would open up a whole new can of worms. Let's not go there.)

*It was a case of mistaken identity*
: Could it have been a case of mistaken identity, maybe?
: How so?
: I just saw her yesterday, when she came to school for Career Day.
: Irving introduced her as "my mother", so...
: This was yesterday?
: Oops--I mean my "yesterday". So...a long time ago, I guess.
: Oh, okay... But you did meet Mary Onegin in person, right?
: Right.

*Mary was still alive*
: Irving's mother was still alive when Kori saw her...
: Which means...?
: Which means any outside intereference happened after that. Trying to get her involved in that bus accident in the past...and trying to get Mom, Dad, and Uncle Derek in that explosion.
: Someone must have known about that bus accident 35 years ago and sent her there...
: Uh-huh.

*In the bus accident 35 years ago*
: (No, she'd already received the letter by the time the accident took place.)

*The arson at the secret hideout*
: (The fire would have happened well after Kori fell off the roof...)

*Luring Mary to the accident in the past*
: That's it! That's the timing we need...
: Figure something out?

: I know that doing away with the bus accident won't help. We need to focus on the part where someone got Mary into that accident in the first place.
: I've got to stop whoever lured Mary into the past instead!
: you know who would do such a thing, and why?
: Someone sent her a letter, telling her to go see you, Dad...

Ethan: Thanks, Uncle Derek. Now let me take a look...

Ethan: (...It's telling her to get on that particular bus to go meet Dad.)
Derek: Any idea why your dad's name is on that letter?
Ethan: ...None.

: A letter addressed to Mary Onegin...
: I still have that letter. Hang on a sec.
: I know this is some pretty weird stuff, honey.
: I don't mind. I like weird stuff.
: It's like a story in a book I gave Ethan when he was little.
: (!) That book--it couldn't be...
: "The Mystery of Parallel Worlds". Does that ring any bells?

You may recall this being mentioned in Chapter 3.

: (Was I the one who put that book in our secret hideout...?)
: (...Maybe I should have read it after all.)

: Here it is.

Letter to Mary posted:

Derek: Irving's mom had it on her when she got into that accident.
: Can I borrow this? (If I know who sent this letter and when...)
: (I should be able to save Irving's mom.)
: (The bus accident, Kori's fall... let's take this one step at a time. That way, I'll be able to help Mom and Dad one day, too.)
: If you need anything else, just say the word. I'd be glad to help.
: Good luck, Ethan.
: Thanks.
: Well, we're gonna go have a chat in the other room.

That puts Derek and Young Kori in the study.

We take a minor break to explore a bit.

: Oh...!
: I-it's Ethan!
: ...Yeah, who else would it be? What are you two up to?
: But you, Ethan--you've got awful timing! When'd you get out? We were just about to visit you!
: Er, sorry... (Wait--why am I apologizing?)
: Sheesh! Well, never mind. We're done for the day, Emily!
: What...!?
: See ya later, Ethan!
: A-Ashley, wait up!

: Er, about what?
: That you were in the hospital... So were you?
: Uh-huh--I just got out.
: Crrrrash! Crrrrunch! Kerpow! Wasn't it just totally crazy?
: ...Huh?
: With blood dripping all over the place, and you wrapped up in bandages like a mummy!
: ......
: Who would have thought you could get that messed up from food poisoning...!
: ...Umm...
: Yeah?
: It was...kind of...not food poisoning.
: Oh? Really? Hmm.
: I'm all better now, so it doesn't really matter.
: Oh, okay. Sorry about that! That's just what I heard.
: No, it's all right.
: (Who told her that!?)
: Coffee's on the house today, Ethan.
: Huh?
: You've been through an awful lot. C'mon--it's our treat.
: Thank you very much!

Okay, back on topic. First, our flashback, which we need to check to get further:

Flashback: School Hallway posted:

: (Maybe I can reach Irving's mother through Uncle Derek--when he was in high school.)

Ethan: (What time was that, I wonder? Better ask Dad. Oh, yeah--I should find out what Uncle Derek's student number was.)

I'm not bothering to update the flashback here, we'll have that cleaned up in a minute.

: Sure, what is it?
: After Kori's accident...Uncle Derek hanged himself, right?
: That's right.
: Do you remember when that was? I know you said it was three days later.
: Yes, three days after the accident... We were devastated by it...
: ...
: Not something you easily forget.
: It was October 23, 19 years ago. After class--5 o'clock, to be exact.
: Thanks. Sorry I upset you.
: You needed the info, didn't you? Ask me anything, anytime.

And now to Derek.

: Do you remember your freshman class and student number?
: Wow, that takes me back... Give me a second, would ya?
: 1-A. Student number 15.
: That was fast...
: We were in the same class.
: Th-thanks. You're a big help.
: (You wouldn't normally know someone else's student number like that, I don't think.)

Flashback: Uncle Derek doesn't kill himself posted:

Ethan: (Kori remembered Uncle Derek's student number.)

And now, we can actually do something.

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: ("It has to do with Kori, and it's very important.")
: (There we go.)

This is just so we can place it - I'm not giving the picture for it since it's in existence for such a short time.

: (Gotta give this memo to Uncle Derek--the high-school version.)
: (Uncle Derek was a freshman 19 years ago... ... Student number 15, class 1-A... ...)
: (The Pen's glowing--now's my chance.)

On a side note, I've never been able to figure out when each of these plays in comparison to the other.

*Item: Memo to Mary*
: (Give this memo to Irving's mom... I'm counting on you, Uncle Derek!)

You can see the memo in there before we close the Hole.



: (I saw Uncle Derek read the memo...but that's it. Did he not give it to Irving's mother after all?)
: (I should ask him.)

: Uncle Derek... Do you remember me sending you a memo way back when? It would have reached you three days after Kori died...
: Yeah, Tim mentioned that. I only just now remembered it myself.
: What do you remember about it?
: Well...
: Not much, I'm afraid. Sorry.
: Oh...
: Kori's accident really threw me. The shock of her disappearing from class like that...
: So you must have thought my memo was just a prank or something.
: Yeah, maybe so...sorry, kid.

Flashback: Derek Reads Note posted:

The before and after of this flashback is pretty much exactly the same.