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Part 32: Right All Along

Update 32: Right All Along

Last time our genius plan to communicate with Mary failed thanks to Derek tossing away the letter.

I think it's time to invoke my lifeline: Call a Friend.

: Welcome!

: How's that injury coming along?
: I'm just about back to normal.
: Ha! Define "normal"! Anyway, Ethan, listen--you'll back me up, won't you?
: What? Why?
: Oh, listen to this! Vin has a real heartbreaker for you. He had a love letter in his locker--and he threw it away!

Astonishingly relevant to our current scenario.

: You threw away a love letter!?
: I didn't recognize the name of the girl who sent it...
: And I didn't want to be bothered with dating someone I didn't already know.
: So you THREW IT AWAY? Man, you are as cold as they come! What I wanna know is, why do girls always go for creeps like you?
: (......... He threw away a letter from someone he didn't know, eh...?)
: What if the letter was from someone you DID know, Vin?
: Yeah, like from someone you maybe kinda liked?
: Well, obviously I'd read it on the spot--and I'd write back, too!
: I knew it! How unfair is that?!
: Wait, what's so weird about that? Wouldn't every guy do the same thing?
: (That's it...!) Yeah! He wouldn't throw away a note from someone he liked!
: See? I knew you got me, Eeth!
: You make me sick, the both of you!
: (That memo needs to be from someone he likes...)

And that's what we need to know. So let's go ask this completely mysterious person that Derek likes.

: Could you do me a favor? I need you to write something for me.
: this what you want me to write?
: Uh-huh. And sign your name at the bottom. (The message is the same--just the handwriting's different. This way Uncle Derek is sure to respond.)
: What are you having her write, Ethan?
: A memo to you.
: To me, eh?
: I think you threw away the one I wrote...
: ? ...Oh! You mean it's for the high-school version of me! I get it now. Sure, a note from Kori would work!
: Great idea, right?
: Ha ha ha! Yeah, I'll read that one for sure!
: ...All set. How's that look?

Memo to Mary posted:

: Perfect. Thanks. (This should get Uncle Derek to act, all right.)

Refilled my Pen, so let's try this again.

: (This memo should do the trick--since it's in Kori's handwriting and all.)


You know the deal.

*Item: Memo to Mary*

: (Give this memo to Irving's mom... I'm counting on you, Uncle Derek!)

Again, the memo in the locker before we close the Hole.



: I'm glad he saw it and all...
: But when was that flashback--and where?
: (Would Uncle Derek remember when he gave her that memo?)

So back we go to ask him.

: Uncle Derek... Do you remember me sending you a memo way back when? It would have reached you three days after Kori died...
: Yeah, Tim mentioned that. I only just now remembered it myself. I remember finding a strange memo in my locker. It said, "Give this memo to Irving's mom", in Kori's handwriting.
: And you gave it to her, right?
: Of course.
: Do you remember when?
: I was curious about what it said, so I gave it to her right away--the very next day. Had to ask Irving where she was.
: (So four days after Kori fell...October 24.)
: Thanks, Uncle Derek.
: Not a problem. Ask me anytime.

Surprisingly, that's enough to get you the flashback clear. Why, you might ask? Well...

Flashback: Mary Receiving Memo posted:

Ethan: (October 24, Wait! I know what time it was! I can see a clock--2:30, eh? And since it's light out, I'd say it's 2:30 PM.)

Splendid deductive reasoning, Ethan. Now let's have that talk.


Still can't figure out the difference. Maybe it's specifically changing versus investigating?

Anyways, the flashback we have is zoomed far in, so we have to work with that particular section.



: Hello...?
: Mary...Onegin, right?
: ...Who are you...?

: Yes. I'm Ethan Kairos.
: Kairos...I know a Timothy Kairos. He has the same Pen as I do. You must be his...?
: His son, yes. (Irving's mom... You know, she does kinda look a little like Kori after all.)

I...really don't see it at all. Maybe I'm just bad with faces.

Mary: Were you the one responsible for this memo, too?
Ethan: Yes.
Mary: And do you know this Kori girl?
Ethan: ......Yes. ...And your son, too.
: !!!
: (I thought as much...)
: Your son pushed Kori...
: ...Pushed her off the roof...
: ...Yes.
: ...... ......
: That's not all.
: Huh?
: When he doesn't push her off the roof, he stabs her with a kitchen knife... When I hide the knife, he hits her with a rock...

: ...!?
: (I had no idea Irving was that obsessed with Kori...)
: Where is the girl now? Did you take her away somewhere?
: Yes, we've brought her over to this side--for now, anyway.
: ...If that future comes to pass, there'll be no saving her.
: ...I'll keep her safe.
: Please, help her...

: ...
: I consider myself responsible, me and my son, you see...
: (!! Impossible...! She's the one who's been fiddling in the past--because she's got a death wish!?)
: N-no! You can't!
: It''s the least I can do... I have to pay for all that's happened--before I give him this Pen!
: Please, Mary...think this over! Everyone can be rescued--everyone!
: I'll tell my past self to go see your father.
: Huh?
: I'm sure I'll listen to myself... Your father and I wield the same Pen...
: I'm sure my past self will realize it's important enough to get on that bus...
: Mary, no!
: ...Goodbye, Ethan.

Ethan: Mary! ...Ah!



: (I see...I get it now...)
: (Irving's mother--Mary keeps getting in that bus sending that letter to her past self. It's suicide...)
: (And now that I know that, I've got to stop her.)

Flashback: Kori Falling posted:

Ethan: (But I'm sure there's a way to save Kori.)