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Part 35: Morphogenetic Sorrow

Update 35: Morphogenetic Sorrow

So our first trip happens at the beginning of the game. When we try and leave Ethan's room the first time, a new set of dialogue appears:

: Sox? Where are you going?

Obviously, prompt 1 leads to the rest of the main game. So instead...

*I should see what he's up to.*

Still the prologue, so we get the opening, prologue screen, and the shot of Sox noticing Irving.

It's time to head this problem off at the pass.

: Mrowrowr!

: !! Why, you...!

*Answer: Not at all*
: ...G-good evening.
: ...Indeed...

And he walks off.

: (...There he goes.)
: Mrowwrr...
: C'mon, Sox--let's get home. Dinner's waiting.
: Mrowr...

And we get kicked back to the story as before. Obviously that wasn't the right answer, so...

: Jack! I mean, Irving!
: What's this...? Why do you know my name?
: I have a...a "memory", of sorts.
: Mrowr.
: ...
: I know what you're up to...!
: What ARE you talking about?
: Before I inherit the Hollow Pen tonight...
: Aha, so you must be Ethan Kairos.
: ...Irving... I know what you're about to do.
: Oh, really? And what would that be?

Any wrong answer gives:

: (...Yeah, I don't think so.)

*Answer: "Erase" Mom and Dad*
: You're planning on making it so my mom and dad never existed!
: Mrowr.
: !!!
: (I knew it...!)
: ...
: ...Heh heh heh...
: ...?
: Heh heh...heh heh heh...
: What are you going to do about it? You don't even have the Pen yet!
: (...! He's right--I don't have the Hollow Pen yet... Rats...isn't there anything I can do?)

*Answer: Take Sox and go home*
: Heh heh heh... Then I guess I'll be on my way.

And then it's the failure dialogue from earlier. And Ethan forgets to even inform his parents that this is going to happen.

*Answer: Talk Irving out of it*
: Wait just one day! That's all--just one day!
: What?
: Wait until tomorrow--that's all I ask. Even without the Pen, I know all about it.
: All about the real reason your mother died...
: ...Excuse me?
: Irving...I know how to save her.
: ......
: And you want me to believe you?
: That's right. All I ask is for one day... Just trust me.
: ......

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: ...Bah.
: Irving...
: ...... ...... One day.
: Huh?
: I said, I'll give you one day. Or didn't you hear me?
: Irving...!
: There's a lot riding on these next 24 hours, Ethan. You're going to owe me big time.
: Of course--I understand.
: ...Sheesh. I must be an idiot.

And he walks off.

: Mrowrrr...
: C'mon, Sox--let's hurry home.
: Mrowr.

Having skipped dinner, we arrive to Derek and Timothy's argument.

: Nice timing--could ya talk some sense into your old man for me?
: Uncle Derek?
: Wh-whaddya want?
: And...Dad?
: Hmm?
: I have something to tell you. Both of you. Can we talk?
: Mrowwrr...

Ethan: ...talked until morning. About Irving, about Uncle Derek...and about Kori. At first, Uncle Derek didn't really believe me. But when I mentioned the necklace Kori was wearing...he finally started listening--with tears welling in his eyes. The next morning...

: Uh-huh. No more regrets, bro.
: All right.
: ......
: Ethan, I'm going to open a Hole just at 6:04--the moment you were born. According to my flashback, on that evening 19 years ago...
: Yeah?
: My father could still see this Pen at the moment I inherited it. Which means both of us should still have some time to use it. We've got to use that time, and use it's our only chance.
: Quit yakking and let's get down to business!
: Uncle Derek...
: There's nothing but air on the other side. Be careful, Derek.
: Don't worry about me.
:'s about that time...


*Item: Derek*

: ...Ethan, can you move?
: Uh-huh. I'm fine.

Timothy: Like this, I guess?

Timothy: I'm passing the Pen down to you. It's yours now.
Ethan: ...Okay, Dad.

Ethan: ...Dad? (Everyone's frozen in place...)

And we close the Hole.


{Soundtrack: Silence}

Ethan: (I guess this is really goodbye, Kori...)



And credits again.


{Video: Post-Credits}


That was a lot faster this time.

For the next few updates, we'll look at what would have happened had different choices been made during our playthrough.