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Part 36: You've Been Carded

Update 36: You've Been Carded

Before, we voted to place the money in Ashley's locker. But what if we'd given it to her during the Chronos argument instead?

: (And all over my missing birthday present money.)

: (Wish I could do something for her... All right! The Pen's glowing!)


In an awkward moment, I discover I can't pre-steal Emily's glasses here. I proceed to do that later instead.

*Item: Envelope*

: (They shouldn't start fighting if the envelope's right next to them...)

And the envelope magically appears between them as we close the Hole.

Ethan: Whoa!



You may notice the different present in the background. The rest is the same, but this is the present instead:

Birthday Card posted:

: (It's...a birthday card. "We still owe you an absolutely massive present!")
: (That's right--they would have found that envelope in the middle of the night. Can't do much shopping at that hour, after all.)

That's all for this alternate timeline. I'm pretty sure they still turn into cookies in Chapter 5.

Flashback: Birthday Card posted:

Ethan: (Looks like they didn't find the envelope in time to be able to buy me that clock.)