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Part 38: Unseen Peril

Update 38: Unseen Peril

In Chapter 4 when you head to the library to look up the accident, if you still hadn't returned Emily's glasses despite the game prompting you to at every opportunity, you get a new prompt:

We continue to not give her glasses back, but that sounded ominous. We see this at least twice more during the day as we travel to and from the library.

So the next day, when we head over there to start working on saving Derek:

: Did something happen to her?

: She...she lost her glasses a while ago... I tried blowing it off, saying she looked plenty cute without them...

: What!? (Did I do that?)

Well, yes.

: I-I've got to apologize to her! ...I'm off to the hospital. See you later.

She runs off.

: (What can I do about Emily...?)
: (I know--I'll go into that "past" to give her back her glasses.)

And we're instantly teleported to Chronos.

It's impossible to proceed without fixing this, as Ashley's hanging out outside it, and Ethan refuses to enter the library while Ashley blatantly needs help.


And that's the end of all the easter eggs that this game has to offer, and the end of the LP with it. Thanks for following along with me all the way through, and I hope you enjoyed it.