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Part 1: Character stats

As a little something for between updates, we'll be talking a bit about the game mechanics.

1. Character stats

First off, I will explain the character statistics you may have seen but of which have no idea what they mean or do.

At the top you can see your character's name, level, experience points and class name. Your class name depends on which mastery or masteries you take. Here I am a Battlemage which is Warfare + Earth. Click here for a full list of the different combinations


Health: When you run out of health you die. Crazy, right?
Energy: Basically mana. All skills/magic takes energy to use.
Strength: Raw damage. Increasing your strength increases the base damage you do with your weapons, simple.
Intelligence: Affects damage done from magical attacks. A higher intelligence also increases the rate of which your mana regenerates.
Dexterity: It acts more like agility, really. A higher dexterity increases the chances of hitting and dodging attacks. It also increases piercing damage.

Each time you level up, you get 2 points to distribute between these 5. Health and Energy increase by 25, Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity increase by 4.


Very basic. These are say how much damage you resist you of each type. The types are Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison and Piercing


Average Damage: Because weapons do random damage inside a defined margin this just averages it out.
Attack Speed: The rate at which you swing your weapon. Improving your attack speed can make you much more powerful than simply increasing raw damage.
Damage Per Second[DPS]: This is what you wanna look at when putting on new equipment. Generally the higher your DPS, the more powerful you are.


Combined Armor: The sum of all the armor your equipment or skills have given. It's basically your defense stat.
Block : The chance that you're going to block an attack. Only really applies when having a shield equipped.
Damage Blocked[DPS]: The amount you've blocked. It's 0 because shields are for BABIES.

Secondary Resistances

Increases resistance of special types of damage.

Bleeding: Some weapons/skills have a bleeding effect which does damage to you over time. The bleeding damage is not affected by your armor.
Vitality: Damage from skills such as Life Leech, which directly drains health from you. Not affected by armor.
Energy: The same as Vitality but for your energy. Not affected by armor.
Stun: Stun leaves you, well, stunned for a small period of time during which you can't move, attack or use items. Usually comes with large AOE attacks.
Disruption: Attacks with a disruption effect go straight through the opponent's wind up of a skill, canceling them out.

Secondary stats

Health Regeneration: The rate at which you gain health back, per second. The base stat is 1.00.
Energy Regeneration: The rate at which you gain energy back, per second. The base stat is 1.00.

Offensive Ability: Your accuracy of attacks. Directly affected by your Dexterity stat.
Defensive Ability: How well you can dodge attacks. Directly affected by your Dexterity stat.

Cast Speed: The higher it is, the shorter it takes to cast spells. Mainly for mages.
Run Speed: Increases your movement speed while walking around the map. Walking around can sometimes be kind of a pain but having a high run speed makes up for that.

The rest of the stats are pretty self-explanatory.


That's it for now. The next update will be up soon.