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Part 2: Equipment


2. Equipment

Equipment in this game owns. Not only can they give great boosts but they look great. There must be hundreds of different models for weapons and armor.

All the slots should seem pretty obvious. Two slots for weapons/shields and slots for armor and jewelry. Yet in the bottom left is an empty slot. That's where you can put completed Formulas. The plus signs you see over items means they are enchanted. But we'll get to those.

Oh, and it's worth noting that you can switch between two weapon sets instantly. So you can switch between weapons that are useful in different situations at any time.

Equipment tiers

In order of rarity.

Grey: Broken. It's shit.
White: Normal weapons. Gives no extra buffs. Same as the ones in vendors.
Yellow: Magical weapons. Normal weapons with a bit of buffs. There's usually a few in shops.
Green: Magical weapons. More buffs than yellow.
Blue: Also known as Epic items. They're uniquely named and textured items with huge buffs. Sometimes part of a set.
Purple: Also known as Legendary items. Same as blue except much more rare and even more powerful. You want this.


Here you can see two blue items with their properties. The Soul Spike is part of the set Panoply of the Moirae. You get additional buffs the more of this set you have equipped.

The Nagblade on the other hand, grants a Skill. The Skills a weapon can give can either be a skill from any given mastery or a unique skill. More on Skills later.

For the basic stats of the weapon, you'll see that the damage is 78~89. Damage is chosen randomly between those two numbers.
Not all weapon have piercing, but both of these do because they're spears.
Then there's Speed. Weapons with lower damage output but higher speed could be just as good as a slow weapon with high damage.

Buffs can come in a shit ton of varieties. They're also random. Even on unique items it can vary a tiny bit. Way too many to list. They're usually pretty damn obvious, though.


Weapons are pretty diverse and all have different properties. They're also restricted by player level or a stat.

I should note that dual-equipping weapons is only effective for characters with the Warfare mastery.

Axes: Usually one handed. Average attack speed. Good damage. Usually doesn't have piercing. Requires strength.
Bows: Two-handed. Very slow attack speed, but can obviously attack from a distance. Okay damage. Good piercing. Requires dexterity.
Clubs: Usually one handed. Slow attack speed. Great damage. No piercing. Requires strength.
Shields: One handed. No attack speed but does have damage because of Shield Skills. No piercing. Shields have a percentage to block a certain number of damage. Starts at ~10% but can go much higher. Requires strength.
Spears: Sometimes One handed. Slow attack speed. Good damage. High piercing. Requires dexterity.
Staves: Two-handed. Slow attack speed. Shoots out elemental damage. No piercing. Requires intelligence.
Swords/Daggers: One-handed. Fast to Very Fast attack speed. Average to Low damage. Some piercing. Requires a combination of dexterity and strength.


At it's base, armor just gives you a higher well, armor stat. It's important, especially at the start of the game, to regularly switch out for better armor each time you're at a vendor.

There's two different types of armor, actual armor or robes/clothing. They both still give armor, albeit a little less for clothing. Obviously the first are for high strength characters while the latter are for high intelligence characters.

As for the slots; you have Head pieces, Chest pieces, Leg pieces and Wrist pieces. They mostly do the same though some pieces are more likely to have certain buffs. For example, powerful Leg equipment will usually have an increase in movement speed.


Jewelry are simple. You can equip two rings and a pendant. They don't give you any armor but they do give you buffs. The only restriction to wearing jewelry is player level.


Whew. Except the next update either later today or tomorrow!