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Part 3: Enchantments and Artifacts

3. Enchantments and Artifacts

Titan Quest does have a bit of crafting to it. Totally optional, but totally worth it. Enchantments are simple, you use either relics or charms to give extra stats to a piece of equipment.


Relics look like runes and drop like regular loot. The types that drop depend on how far you are in the game, mostly. However, only a piece of the relic drops. A third to be exact.

What you see here is a completed relic made from combining 3 pieces. However, you do not need to complete a relic in order to use it. You can use an uncompleted one but it'll only have about a third of the power a completed relic has and it will not have the completion bonus. So it's better to save up!

On normal difficulty they're called "Essence of ...", on epic "Embodiment of ..." and on legendary "Incarnation of ..."


Charms are very similar to relics but with a few key differences. They only drop from monsters and the type depends on the type of monster. So you can, if you wish, farm certain monsters for charms. The second difference is that it takes FIVE pieces to complete a charm instead of three.

Each relic/charm can only enchant certain types of equipment as said in its description. There's no general rule here, it's simply specific to the type of relic/charm. You cannot, however, enchant blue or purple items.

Once you use a relic or charm, it becomes bound to the piece of equipment and cannot be simply taken off. Only one enchantment can be on an item at the same time. The only way to remove an enchantment is by visiting an Enchanter in town (marked by a lightning bolt) and paying a bunch of money to separate them. The Enchanter is new to the expansion and not available in the base game.


Artifacts are completely new to the expansion. I guess they figured they needed a way to use all those excess relics/charms you collected.

These are artifacts. Way more than you'll ever see playing through the game. They're straight up an extra piece of equipment and can give some amazing buffs. But the thing is; they don't just drop like other stuff. There's a lot of hoops you'll have to jump through to get a good artifact.

So how do you get an artifact, then?

This is what you'll need. First and foremost, you'll need an Arcane Formula or recipe for the artifact. That's the letter at the top. Before I move on I should note that there are three types of artifacts/formulas. Lesser, Greater, and Divine.

Now, each artifact has it's own specific requirements. Lesser ones are not that bad to make. It requires some luck and maybe a bit of farming but it's certainly do-able.

As seen in the enchanter screen above, this lesser artifact needs the recipe, a completed relic, two completed charms and a bunch of gold to make. If you're lucky you'll find an artifact for which you already have some of the relics/charms for!

Luck is definitely key here cause well, did I mention that recipes don't really drop a lot?

Here's a Greater one. Look at its required reagents. Yep, that's right. You'll need THREE specific completed lesser artifacts to make this greater one. And yes, to create a Divine artifact, you might need THREE specific greater ones.

Can you see where I'm going with this? It'll require A LOT of effort/grinding/luck to get yourself a divine artifact. Are they worth it? It depends I guess. You'll probably need all the help you can get on the higher difficulties but some artifacts are kinda shit compared to what you have to do to make them.

They are really pretty and shiny though... and I do like buffs...


Special thanks to debdrup for some good intel.

Anyway, Mr Sunabouzu should hopefully have an update for you guys soon!