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To The Moon

by Roar

Part 2

BGM: None (Ocean Waves SFX)

This is Lily. The game never really formally introduces her to Eva and Neil.

: “Thanks for coming on such a short notice."

: "That's okay, I tend to be bad at predicting deaths as well."

: "Are you the patient's daughter?"

: “Oh no, I am just his caretaker."

: “It's not exactly a nine-to-five job, so Johnny lets us live here."

: "I suppose this 'Johnny' is our man?"

: " . . . 'Johnny'? Listen, if it's a kid we're dealing with, I don't think we're the ones you want."

: “No, no. He just prefers to be called that. He's upstairs right now with his medical doctor."

: “Come with me."

: "C'mon, grab that case and let's go."

: ". . . When my back breaks one day, I'll sue you with the insurance claim."

: "Alright, let's head upstairs before I drop this."

"Whoever gets there first gets to play the melody!!"

: "Did not!"

: "Whatever, you get the boring two notes anyway."

BGM: For River - Piano (Sarah & Tommy's Version)

: "Hey, you're the one who said there was no time to waste. And incidentally, I'm the one who is carrying the weight of a small meteroid."

: "Yeah yeah, c'mon."

: "It's hard to say how long you'll have, but I would hurry."

Let’s look around for a second before getting into the meat of things.

: "Gee, y'know, I think I'd like to carry this excruciatingly heavy object around some more. Thanks for asking, though!"

Down here we have some paintings. The descriptions, from left to right:

A painting of a lighthouse by the cliffside.

A painting of a woman holding something yellow and blue.

A painting of an animal . . . of some sort.

A casual painting of three people.

There’s nothing else interesting up here besides a non-descript bathroom, so…

Let’s get started.

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Uncharted Realms

: "No worries, we're the experts."

: ". . . Oh crap."

The lights flicker a couple more times before returning to normal.

: "Standard procedures. . . Just keeping ya on your toes!"

: "How's he doing?"

: "Not so well. If I were to say, he's got just a day or two left."

: "That's plenty of time."

: “. . . So you two can grant him any wish, huh?"

: ". . . To try, at least."

: "But we always succeed, because we're awesome."

: "So, what's the wish?"

: "The moon?"

: “The moon . . .he wants to go to the moon."

: "The geezers just keep on getting crazier, huh?"

: “So, can you do it?"

: ". . . It depends."

: "She meant to say 'yes'."

: "Why don't you tell us about our client here?"

: “That. . . I don't really know much. Johnny's an odd man. Through the two years that I've worked here, he rarely spoke. He worked as a craftsman for most of his life, and his wife passed away two years ago. . . I don't really know many details."

: "Shush, just do your thing."

: “Well . . . I suppose if you look around the house, you may find some more info. I suppose Johnny wouldn't mind, since he signed for you two."

: "Mm. . . So be it. Alright, which one of us plays detective?"

If this changed literally anything, I’d put it up for a vote. As it’s purely cosmetic, I’m going to go with Neil – even with all of that heavy lifting, he’s still got a lot of energy to burn.

: "I'll do it. I once played Sherlock Holmes in a high-school musical."

: ". . . I remember you playing Watson."

: "Meh, same thing. Just configure this, I got it started anyway."

: “My children can show you around. They're probably downstairs at the piano."

Alright, let’s go talk to th-

…alright, we do so.

: “Here, take this.”

Johnny’s heart monitor is now activated in the menu.

As shown here:

Johnny’s cardiogram scrolls along the top there every few seconds. It’s a nice touch if you’re into seeing how close to dying a dying man is.

Anyways, let’s go find those kids.

BGM: For River - Piano (Sarah & Tommy's Version)

: "Hey, your ma told you to show me around the house."

: "Okay, maybe we will."

(NEW) BGM (NEW): The Bestest Detectives in the World

: "Maybe. . . ?"

: ". . . I think we just need a little convincing, that's all! Wut do ya think, Tommy?"

: "Yah!"

: ". . . Alright, let's talk. What do you punks want?"

: "We want. . . one trillion dollars!"

: "Or the candycane mom hides from us."

: "Yah, or that!"

: "Er, what?"

: "There is a giant candycane on top of a high shelf that we can't reach. . ."

: "It's in the kitchen. Ma put it there to save for when we do chores. Get it for us, and we'll give you a tour through the house!"

: "What do ya say?"

: "Well. . . "

There is indeed a candy cane on the top shelf in the kitchen to the right, and Neil could potentially go there, move a chair into position and then climb it to get the kids the sweets. That’s one way things could happen.

That’s not the way things DO happen, but they COULD happen that way. Neil doesn’t negotiate with children.

: "I heard you can get 6 years for that."

: "Oh no! What do we do, sis?!"

: "We're sorry! We didn't know!!"

: "Uh huh. Well, if you show me around this place now, I'll keep my mouth shut."

: "Really? You'd do that for us??"

: "Sure, I'm feeling nice today."

: "Whew, thanks!!"

: "Yeah, we'll help!"

Okay, let me clarify. Neil will negotiate with kids, but only when it involves extortion.

Fun fact: if you’re using Eva in this scene, she bargains their immediate help in exchange for “Dr. Watts paying for as many candy canes as they want”. Only up to five, though, because they’re bad calories.

BGM: Between a Squirrel and a Tree

: "I know! There's this funny room in the basement."

: ". . . I don't like that funny room."

: "Er, what kind of 'funny room'. . . ?"

: "You'll see!"

: ". . . It's weiiirrd!"

: "We need to get the keys, though. The old man hid it inside a book in the study."

To the study!

…this is not the study.

These kids are the worst guides.

: "This is da' book room!

: "The key to the funny room is in the thickest book on the upper shelf!"

Thickest book, huh?

>Read Passage
Do Nothing

: [ . . . Uh, maybe next time. ]

This was topical humor back when this game came out.

: "Just a bunch of books in here. They've nothing I don't know about, though!!"

: "Tommy used to throw books at me and call it a book fight. Until one day, I threw one back and he needed a bandaid. Heehee!"

I love these kids. I wish they played a bigger part in this game.

Sarah mentions that we can open the funny door in the basement now, so we move down the stairs right outside the door.

: "Turn on the light before you trip over somethin'."

: "Once we were down here and the lights were out, and Tommy fell down those stairs. He chipped a tooth, but that's ok because he's ugly to begin with."
: "We used to find all kinds of cool junks here! Mouldy books, mouldy buckets, mouldy cheese . . . You name it!"

You’re a weird duck, Tommy.

The BGM fades here and is replaced by a sort of metallic warbling.

Uhhh. That sure is a lot of origami rabbits. And there’s also -

: ( What a hideous little creature. . . )

This thing. Eva takes the platypus because she thinks it’s so adorable that it might annoy Neil. I have no idea why Neil takes it.

There’s nothing else in the dark room but a broken music box near the door. Neil leaves.

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Lament of a Stranger

: ". . . What do you kids know about all those rabbits?"

: "Nothing! The old man didn't want anyone to go inside, so we never told him."

: "There're more of them, actually!"

: "Where?"

: "Inside the abandoned lighthouse! It's just beneath this cliff."

: "Wanna go see? I got the keys!"

: ". . . Let me guess: You aren't supposed to go in there either."

: "Heehee!"

: "Remind me to never keep any locked cabinets around you two."

: "So, ya wanna go see the lighthouse?"

: "Well, it's rather windy outside, but. . . "

You had me at ‘abandoned lighthouse.’

: "Oh to heck with it, I'm Dr. Watts, mere wind can't stop me! C'mon, let's go kick some butts!"

That’s the spirit!

BGM: Uncharted Realms

: "Er. . . ?"

: "My novelty beach ball. . . I thought I lost it!"

: ". . . Oh."

: "It's stupid anyway."

: "Oh, I'll never lose it again! I'm gonna hide it. Don't look!"

: "Uh, we don't have time for this--

: "Okey, done!"

: "Riiight, now let's just head to the lighthouse."

: "Who's da dummy that crashed da car?"
: "That was, er. . . Dr. Rosalene. Yeah. Oh Dr. Rosalene, tsk tsk tsk!"

: "Uh, that was also Dr. Rosalene. She's terrible."

I love Neil.

And oh, hey, speaking of squirrels…

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Teddy

: "Don't worry kids, I got this!"


Alright, this is the first battle of the game so it’s almost impossible to lose. As long as you use the strategy I do, you might even get a secret item that you can upgrade later that makes the endgame MUCH easier.

: "Stop iiit! Or we tell ma you animal abuse!"

: "Ya! She call the cops on you!"

BGM: Silence.

: "Aw c'mon, I wasn't actually gonna. . . don't you like role-playing?"

SQUIRREL ran away!

: "Yoo shoulda be ashamed of yooself!!"

: "Let's name it Teddy."

: "Okey!"

: ". . . Let's just go. My whole night is ruined."

There’s no battle system in this game. I told you that already. My lies were a little prank, I apologize for the inconvenience.

: "'River Wyles', huh. Was she John's wife?"

: "Dunno. C'mon, the lighthouse's right there!"

BGM: Ocean waves.

Quite a few flights of stairs later…

: "Hey, this wasn't here when we came last week!"

: "Oh ya, Johnny must've came here before he fell ill again."

: "Two colours, huh? Am I the only one who's a little creeped out by these, though?"

: "Yah you are."

: "Yep."

A short little ditty breaks the silence.

: "What the--. . . Someone's calling me. . . Ack, I should've guessed."

: "Yeah yeah, we're coming!"

: "Blah blah blah. Alright, let's head back. As for this. . . "

A short time later…

: "Burning ants with a magnifying glass."

: "Using moonlight?"

: ". . . Okay, I was taking a nap then! God, it's so hard to be a smartass nowadays."

: "You're pretty good at being half of it."

: "Your helmet's on the couch. Get it on, we're going in."

If we talk to Lily, we get a big long in-game explanation of what it is we’re actually doing. This update is eighteen pages long, though, so I’m not including it here – read the OP if you need a more indepth story. Basically, we’re giving Johnny what he REALLY wants before he dies, and we’re going into his brain to do it.

It’s about time to get the real potatoes of this game going.