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To The Moon

by Roar

Part 3

BGM: Uncharted Realms

: "This should be the last accessible memory. Disable speech for all except Johnny."

: "Done. Let's get 'im."

At any time, you can view your position in time by moving the mouse toward the top of the screen.

This is true, but you also see it every time you jump – meaning that it’s kind of a pointless feature unless you somehow forget Johnny’s relative age.

Speaking of Johnny, let’s go find him.

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Having Lived

: "Johnny?"

: "What a pleasant surprise. . . We don't get many visitors around here."

: "My name is Dr. Eva Rosalene, and this is--. . ."

: "Dr. Von Matterhorn . . . Dr. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn."

: ". . . Dr. Neil Watts."

: "Are you familiar with the Sigmund Agency of Life Generation?"

: "Oh, are you two from the agency? How convenient; I've just been thinking of calling you."

: "Lily, get us some tea please."

Lily doesn’t move or react in any way.

: ". . . Lily?"

: "Actually, you've already called us."

: ". . . We're here to fulfill our contract from the relative future."

John, now frightened, starts backing away from Eva and Neil.

: "Careful there. If you slip off the cliff, we're gonna have to reload this memory."

: [ "Watch it Neil, show some respect." ]

: [ "Eh, it's just a program y'know." ]

: [ "I know. But this is his last accessible memory, and we need its co-operation." ]

: [ "Worst comes to worst, we can just reboot it." ]

: [ "Why would you waste time like that?" ]

: "You . . . "

: "Yes, John."

: " . . . I suppose I had a good run."

: "Not good enough, it seems."

: "So, can you do it? Can you take me to the moon?"

: "We can't, but you might be able to."

: "Why do you want to go there?"

: “I don't know."

: "It's fine, you can tell us. It's essential for helping us to get you to go there."

: "Do you want the fame? The money? You've got to have a motive."

: "I'm sorry, but I really don't know."

: [ "I can already tell that this is gonna be a pain in the ass." ]

BGM: Uncharted Realms

: "Nevertheless, Johnny, here's what we will do. . . we need to get to your childhood, but it is too distant to do so in one memory hop. Thus, we will need to traverse through your memories with gradual backward leaps."

: "Which you've given us the permission to do in the relative future."

: "Once we lay down the waypoints in your childhood memories for direct access, we will return here. That's when you'll need to help us influence the childhood you to become an astronaut."

: ". . . Or to get on a giant catapult."

: "The point is, you'll need to have more to say than just 'I don't know'."

: "As long as you can take me to the moon, I will cooperate in any way possible."

: "Good. Now, in order to leap to a memory. . . we need an item that is of importance to you. Do you have a memento of some sort to get us started?"

: "That'll do."

: "Well, shall we?"

: "Ladies first."

So, what you’re supposed to do is take three steps forward and touch the multi-colored rabbit.

What is not shown is me wandering back down to the road and then all the way through the house like a moron.

Certain items or events will give you notes describing or explaining them.

The Moon:

Objective. The moon in Johnny's memory is full.

: "We’ll need to prepare this momento first . . .”

Complete the memento: Click the orbs to flip pieces.

This is a minigame that is required every time you leap back in memories. It is generally very simple, though there are a few occasions where it’ll try to trip you up.

The momento can now be activated for traversal.

: "Wait, what about my privacy?"

: "We'll try not to violate what we can avoid. But in most cases. . . It can't be helped."

The pair disappear, leaving John to stare after them pensively.

(NEW) BGM (NEW): For River – Piano (Johnny’s Version)

: "Turn off visibility and interactivity; it'd be messy to be seen."

Both doctors become transparent.

: "Yeah yeah, happy?"

: "Geez, I forgot to ask him about all these . . . rabbits. This is creeping me out. We probably should have checked his record for psychopathy first."

BGM: John suddenly stops playing.

: "What the-. . . did he hear me?"

: "That's impossible. It's probably just a part of this memory."


Johnny slams his hands down on the keys, making a loud racket.

: ". . . Then I stand by my point."

: "Anyway, quit blabbering and find a memento here to hop from."

BGM: Uncharted Realms

So this is the real gameplay of the game. In (almost) every time period we travel to, there are five memory links encased in interactable objects. We need to interact with them in order to collect the links. Once we have all of them, we can interact with the memento (i.e. the paper doll from the last scene) in order to leap back to a new memory.

Mementos can and will repeat themselves throughout the course of the game, so don’t be surprised to find an item popping up more than once. Mementos can also return as memory links in another time frame and vice-versa. Also, some memory link objects are worth more than one memory link.

This is basically a very roundabout way of saying “touch thing, get one or more glowing balls.”

There are two memory links on the screenshot above. I’ll give you a minute to look for them.

: "Well aren't you special? Having two colours when all your siblings look like they drowned in bleach."

: "What's that? You think you're really creepy? Why yes, I agree!"

This earns us one of the links.

Now, if you guessed the umbrella…

Good guess. That’s actually the memento, though. We’ll be using it in a few minutes.

Received Note: Clock

The clocks in Johnny’s house never tick.

We’ve collected everything downstairs, time to head upstairs.


As this is not the physical world, Johnny is more than capable of being in two places at once. Interacting with him…

Changes the scene. The remaining three memory links are found in this room. I’d give you time to look for them, but it’s literally the three things that were added by the room shift so it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Trying to interact with this Johnny…

: “Don’t tempt me.”

: "Peh, I hate this stuff."

: "What's to hate? It's pickled olive!"

: ". . . Exactly."

I’m with Neil on this one. Olives are disgusting.

BGM: Fades out, returns to metallic warbling.

With all of the memory links collected, let’s go back to the memento.

: "What the %&#$ was that?!"

: "What?"

: ". . . That's it, I'm doing the breaking from now on."

Deeper in we go!

BGM: Generic rain sounds.

: "When it comes to rain, 'through' is better than 'onto'."

: "I don't mind it regardless."

: "Seems like these memory hops only span a short period of time . . . we need to find a leaping memento, or it's going to take forever."

: "Meh, just enjoy the scenery."

There are two memory link objects on this screen, but one of the objects counts for two links. Because of reasons. Test your might.

: "Honestly, I just don't think this animal has the right to exist."

: "The world's not big enough for two of you."

Collecting the platypus makes the lighthouse door open. Having nowhere else to go, Neil and Eva go in.

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Moonwisher

Well, Neil does, anyways.

: "Like you, I'll be able to watch over her everyday. . . she won't be alone anymore."

: "I might never understand why, but I stayed true to your wish."

: "I'm sure Anya is grateful to you, too."

: "But when I'm gone . . .who is going to watch over us?"

: "My name is Eva. I was just passing by."

: "Was she your wife?"

: "Yes. Her name was River."

: "That's a special name."

: "It didn't need to happen."

: "Hm?"

: "But she. . . "

: "You wouldn't understand.. . . I don't even understand."