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To The Moon

by Roar

Part 4

BGM: Generic rain sounds.


Someone Johnny and River once cared for.

: "What were you doing?"

: "Enjoying the scenery, what else?"

: "Any luck here?"

: "Big luck. Huge. Dinosauric."

: "Huh, this place looks pretty empty."

: "It's a lighthouse. What do you expect? Anyway, I'll catch ya on the other side. Have fun rebreaking the barrier for yourself."

Well, uh, thanks.

The platypus is the memento. There’s only one memory link visible and it’s the only other thing in the room.

Touching it activates a new Johnny, which is our last memory link. With that, we can unlock the momento.

Like the gif says, there is an “ideal” number of moves to finish the puzzles – the least amount of moves you can complete them in. As far as I can tell, there is no reward for getting the minimum in every puzzle; there’s only one achievement in the game and that’s for actually completing the mission.

Time to leap, ZIGGY!

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Born a Stranger.

: "After we pay for your operation, we'll have just enough left for it . . . So don't you worry."

: ". . . White lie. That's what you call it, right?"

In case it’s not obvious, that’s River – Johnny’s late wife.

: "No, I'm sure we can jus-- "

: "Stop it. . . I don't like it when you lie. I calculated our finances; I know how it's like. Why do you try to convince me against my will?"

: "We need the money for your medical bills, River!"

: "I mean, she-. . . She isn't even--"

: "Do you know what makes me happy, Johnny?"

: ". . . What?"

: "Do you? Well, I do. I just . . . hope you can help me with it."

: "River. . . "

: "What you do with our money is up to you, but if you would grant my wish, I want you to use it to finish building that house. . . and then, for every day that you live there, I want you to watch over her."

: "Visit her. Speak to her. Comfort her. . . I don't want her to be alone anymore."

: "And what about you?"

: "I'll be happy."

: "Johnny?"

: "Yes?"

: "I made this."

: "Tell me what it is."

: "What?"

: "Just tell me what it is."

: "It's a rabbit, like all the others you made."

: "What else?"

: "Um, it's made of paper."

: "What else?"

: "Its body is yellow, and the rest is blue."

: "Good. What else?"

: ". . . Look, River - "

: "I wrote a song. It's for you."

: "Okay."

: "Well . . . Would you like to hear it?"

: "Yes."

: "I can hear you just fine with the door open."

Johnny pauses on his way to the piano and shuts his eyes. After a moment, he closes the distance to the instrument and takes a seat at the bench.

: "It's called 'For River'."

: "Why so cliché?"

: "It's. . . just a placeholder."

BGM: For River – Piano (Johnny’s Version)

: "If she's so important, shouldn't we have seen her in his late memories?"

: "I guess he didn't keep that promise after all."

: "Unless . . . "

: "Unless what?"

: "Never mind. Hey, that's the same song the kids were playing earlier, huh?"

: "I guess he taught them."

: "Y'know what, I'm too manly for this. I'm heading on. I already got my memory links; you wanna hitch a quick ride or look around yourself?"

You can literally skip half of the scene here. Unless you were speed-running the game or something, I have no idea why you would actually choose to do this.

: "Go on ahead, I'll catch up with you."

Neil moves to the flowers below, which is the memento in this scene. Before leaving, though, he turns back to Eva.

: "Don't you miss the days when memory-audio-to-MP8 conversion was legal? I think I brought home over two thousand songs during my first year on this job."

That…seems like a convoluted way to fill up your playlist.

There is one memory link object (worth two links) in this room. There are also two notes to collect.

Paper Rabbit: A dual-coloured rabbit made from folded paper.

For River: A song Johnny wrote for his deceased wife. Its title is a placeholder.

That’s all for up here. Let’s get the rest of the links downstairs.

: "I'm telling you, there's just no way."

This man is introduced as Nicolas. He’s a long-term friend of Johnny’s and we’ll see him several times throughout his memories.

: "What if we take it apart?"

: "Look at us, John. We aren't exactly at the ripe age of piano moving. You know what, if this means that much to you, I'll pay for the professionals to do this. . . I can't help saving that house for you, so this is the least I can do."

There are two memory objects in this picture.

: (Someone really likes these.)

That’s it. Let’s go catch up with Neil.

Johnny’s piano rendition of “For River” is still playing from the last scene, but it gradually fades out over the next thirty seconds.

: "Finally."

There’s nothing around up here, so the pair head south.

Johnny’s house is barely a wooden frame in this time period.

: "I bet they saw this cliff, and thought it was not dangerous enough without people living on it."

BGM: “For River” is completely faded out by now, the sound of crashing ocean waves take over.

Johnny looks awfully tired, as if he just got finished doing some work on the house.

BGM: Born a Stranger.

The game never gives a clear description of who Isabelle is. I think that she’s a family friend but she could just as easily be Nicholas’ wife. I've also heard that she's River's sister. I have no idea to be honest.

: "I brought you pickled olives. They're your favourite, right?"

: ". . . I heard about River. Will she be okay?"

: "Her illness was just diagnosed in its late stage. Fortunately, it's treatable. But the medical bills . . . "

: "We can barely afford to pay for her treatment. I'm just relieved that she'll be okay, but. . . you don't know how much this place means to her. She's going to be heartbroken."

: ". . . I'd help, but Ted and I have been barely getting by since the market crashed. What are you going to do now?"

: "I'm . . .I'm going to tell her that we can make it. I'm going to tell her that we can afford everything."

: "You shouldn't lie to her."

: "You don't understand, Isabelle. If she found out, I'm not sure which she'd choose."

: "So what? If she chooses not to save herself for the sake of this place, then so be it. It's what she really wants."

: ". . . I hate when you call me that, Izzy. Do you think this is all about her? What about me, Isabelle?"

: ". . . I don't want to be alone, Isabelle. I'm not going to let her die."

: "That's arrogant."

: "I don't care."

Johnny stands up.

: "Where are you going?"

: "I'm going to pick something from this cliff to bring back to her. It'll at least give her some comfort."

: ". . . That doesn't make what you're doing any less wrong."

: "Nick wanted me to give you this. He said it's called 'Everything's Alright'."

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Everything’s Alright (Music Box)

: ". . . It isn't."