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Part 5

Bobbin Threadbare posted:

It also gets your update onto the next page.

Can't complain about that!

Here’s where the memory links start to get a little complicated. The music box is #1…

The pickled olives are the memento…

And the game is now informing us that we can get memory links from exploration. Just walking around in Johnny’s memories can gain us links, which makes sense in a way.

…some of the time, anyways. Not sure why the truck is a super important link.

Johnny, though, earns us two. It’s hard to tell from our angle, but he’s gathering the purple flowers that we’ve seen in previous (future) memories.

Now that we have all the links…

Received note: Pickled Olives

Johnny’s favorite.

…let’s move on.

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Moongazer

(This is not Moonwisher. Two different tracks.)

: "Yep! The construction's starting in just a few months. It's a bit of a squeeze; we had to split the payment. But with financing, we'll make do."

(Isabelle): "How wonderful, having your dream house built at such a beautiful site."

(Nicholas): "You had your wedding at that lighthouse near there all those years ago, didn't you?"

: "That's not all that's special about it."

River smiles.

: "Well, it's good to have some good news at a get-together for once! Cheers and congratulations, ya two!"

: "Hey, cheers."

: "Be right back, I'm gonna get some fresh air."

: "Me too."

: "Well buddy, it's sure been a while."

: "Hasn't it? Who knew how hard it is to get across a few cities nowadays."

: "That River, still so quiet, huh?"

: "Eh, she's actually been talkative at home, and with Isabelle. I guess she's just not used to you."

: "Hahah, so I'm the bad guy here, huh?"

BGM: Metallic warbling.

: "I did."

: "So how did she take it?"

: "For the most part, she took it well. . . but something bugs me. . ."

: "Ever since the incident, she's been making these strange rabbits out of paper."

: "Origami rabbits?"

: "Yes. Lots of them."

: "Hah, I used to fold origami animals for my daughter all the time. What's wrong with that?"

: "I don't think it's the same thing. She's been doing nothing but making the same rabbits, day in and day out. . . Our house is literally filled with them now."

: "Didn't Isabelle say that something like that is a common trait with River's condition?"

: "Yes, but something doesn't feel right this time. When I ask her about it, she never answers. Instead, she gets this distant look in her eyes . . . it's almost as if she wants something from me."

: "Have you asked Isabelle?"

: "Yes. She said she talked to her about it, but got nothing."

: "Well, I'm certainly not one to inquire, but I'll tell you this: I've known you since middle school, and you're notorious for overthinking. You're probably just imagining things. There's no need to get too worked up."

: "Usually when someone says that, something's always wrong. But I'll give you the benefit of doubt. . . You're probably right."

: "Probably? I'm always right, John."

: "Forget about the stupid rabbits, we've got bigger problems. It's a confined memory, and there're no mementos anywhere."

: "Don't worry, we can probably draw one out from him."

: "How?"

: "Leave it to me. I just gotta give the bartender a quick visit first."

BGM: The Bestest Detectives in the World

: "Heyo! Could I get a bottle of pickled olives, please?"

: "Sure. Cash or credit?"

: "Cheque."

: "Er . . . I'm sorry, we don't take cheques."

: "Oh . . . Just put it on my tab then."

: "Wait, does that mean you don't have any money?"

: " . . . You're so getting resetted."

: "Hey there! Could I get you anything?"

: "Hillo! Could I get a bottle of pickled olives, please?"

: "Sure. Cash or credit?"

: "Just put it on my tab. I feel like spending BIG today."

: "Oh, thank you, sir! Here're your pickled olives."

: "Thanks, bro! You'll be getting an enormous amount of tips today!"

: "Thank you, sir!"

: [ "You're such an ass, Neil." ]

: [ "Oh loosen up." ]

:[ "Hurry up already. I don't wanna be stuck here." ]

: "Yeah. Are you a fellow olive lover?"

: "Indeed I am! Just got a fresh bottle of them myself, in fact! Mind if I join you?"

: "Sure, why don't you grab a seat? We'll down a bottle together."

Let's not forget that he hates olives.

Neil didn’t really think this amazing plan through.

: "Oh . . . yeah, that's sounds just swell."

: [ "Oh Neil, I don't think I feel like it." ]

: [ ". . . I'm so gonna get you back for this." ]

Time passes…

: "So that's how we got our first toaster, ohohoho!"

: "Ah-. . . ack. . . ahh. . . "

: "You okay there?"

: "Yes. . . I'm just. . . savoring the amazingness of pickled olives."

: "They're wonderful, aren't they?"

: "Yeah, I just can't understand how anyone could . . . ugh . . . find such things to be disgusting."

: "Take your time. We've got two bottles left!"

…and as their conversation progresses…

: "So I said, 'Hey, that's not right!'"

: "And they totally agreed!!"

…Neil slowly gains the required memory links.

: ". . . And you know what else is wrong with society today?"

You can’t fault him for not doing his best.

: "May I see it?"

: ". . . Eh, okay. Here it is."

: "Annnd . . . freeze!"

All of the NPCs stop moving with a flash of white light.

BGM: Metallic warbling.

: "Finally! Dear lord!"

: "How were the olives, Neil?"

: "Oh shut your mouth."

They’re such a great team.

: "Don't worry, sheesh. See? I'm doing it by the books."

: "Neil, seriously. . . I'm trying to get into this and you're ruining the mood."

: ". . . Totally worth it."


We can see Johnny and River walking up to the old lighthouse.

They aren’t, however, the primary focus at the moment.

Apparently Neil and Eva glitched out of spawn.

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Spiral of Secrets

: "You aren't Australian."

: "Who cares?! We're like 20 billion nanometers off the ground and standing on a damn flag pole!!"

: "Just jump down; it's not like you can be hurt here."

: "Are you kidding me? It's a fricken sky-dive!! You can't stay on here, you can't get off - God, I hate it when this happens!"