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To The Moon

by Roar

Part 7

BGM: Born a Stranger

(Isabelle): "Everyone with it is different, John. Just because she and I share the syndrome, doesn't mean we share the same head."

: "But you must be able to help somehow. . . everything was okay at first, but now, she's even more aloof than before."

: "Even when we're in the same room, she's never really . . . there. It's starting to take a toll on me. I just don't know how to take it anymore."

: "Well, I can't speak for her, but many of us do long for connections. . . though, being able to articulate it is a different story. Just because she struggles to express it, it doesn't mean she doesn't feel anything. She's still there, right?"

: "That's pretty difficult to do, day in and day out."

: "I know."

: "I mean, don't you have the same condition?"

: "For one, I was diagnosed when I was still young. With effort, it's not impossible to acquire a guise of social norms systematically. But you know what? I both envy and pity River. Me . . . I'm an actress, because I've been doing it all my life. Not only on-stage, but off-stage . . .and at practically every moment. I've gotten good at it, because acting is the only option I have. It's the only way for me to be 'normal'."

: "But River . . . She never did that. She remained an outcast and refused to learn to step against it. . . I don't know if it was by choice or by limit, whether bravery or cowardice. There are days when I just can't stand faking it anymore. And then, I realize that it's too late. The Isabelle that people know of is all an act, and the real me has long become a stranger.""

: "Then technically, you still haven't met one. This isn't part of our business. Let's move."

There aren’t any memory links in our direct line of sight, though we got one from the conversation we just observed. Let’s go check on River.

: "No."

: "What’re you rereading there?”

: "'The Emperor's New Clothes'. I loved this when I was young."

: "Still do, huh?"

: "Of course. . . just for different reasons."

: "When I was a kid, I loved the Animorphs series."

: "I know. Your mother gave you a book from it as a wedding present."

: "Heh, yeah, that was one odd wedding present. I guess I was pretty obsessed with it when I was a kid."

BGM: Music fades out.

BGM: Lament of a Stranger

: "Hm?"

: "I saw them. They're collecting dust in the garage."

: "Well. . . I just grew out of them, I guess. I mean, they're children's books."

: "What's wrong with reading children's books? They're comforting."

: ". . . I suppose so."

BGM: Music fades out.

: "I think I'm going to get this one."

BGM: Having Lived

River walks away…

…which causes a scene shift.

: " 'I'm not yours, you're not mine. Be my Anti-Valentine.' "

: ". . . Hey River, this one's not that corny!"

Johnny seems to realize that she’s not there and looks around.

: ". . . River?"

I don’t get that card at all.

Talking with this Johnny lets us catch up with River, who's standing by the registers…

: "Oh, just wondering."

: "You could have just Googled it."

Apparently Johnny asked a question that we missed the beginning of. There’s one more Johnny in the bottom right corner of the store.

: "Uh. . . I don't know."

: "What're you talking about?"

: "Animorphs. Have you read it?"

Neil doesn’t uncloak here so I have no idea how Johnny heard him.

: "No."

: "Yes."

: "Really?"

: ". . . Sort of."

: "Oh, oh! Do ya know what animal is? David's main cover morph?"

: "Um. . . "

: "I really wish they kept the old covers instead of these plain sheets. Those were cool."

I’m pretty sure they included the naming mechanic for the sole purpose that they could. Either way, that earned us the forth link.

This nameless NPC is the last link. Everyone that Johnny doesn’t bother remembering fully ends up as static.

The Animorphs book near the register is the memento.

Johnny's favourite childhood books.

Off we go.

BGM: Having Lived continues from previous scene.

: "Seems to happen to you a lot at parties."

: "Oh, go save your childish jabs for the insecure."

See the memory link object? It’s right there on the table.

: "I see le fromage, but where's the mouse?"

: "That's the corniest remark you've made all night."

: "Don't you mean . . . cheesiest remark?"

: ". . . Wow."

Heading north, we get a memory link upon finding Johnny and River.

BGM: Music fades out, ocean sound effects.

I'm not going to do this very often, but I'm going to very highly recommend that you watch a video of this scene. I understand that some people are diametrically opposed to watching supplemental videos in a SSLP, and I'll be including regular screenshots and gifs below to accomodate that fact. However, you'll be doing yourself a disservice - this really is a beautiful scene and should truly be seen in its natural form.

Click here!

(NEW) BGM (NEW): Anya by the Stars

: "Now that we got the rings on, I mean."


". . . Why, do you?"

: "Actually . . . Yeah, I think so."

"What is it like?"

: "It's just . . . different."

: "Just the responsibilities, I suppose."

"Responsibilities . . . "

"Would you . . . like to name her 'Anya'?"

Johnny pauses before looking up at the lighthouse.

: ". . . I understand. Yeah . . . Anya's a good name for her."

: "Hey, come with me!"

". . . This can't be a good idea, I'll probably trip and fall."

"Don't worry, just follow my steps."

"I think you stepped on my toes!"


"C'mon, let's try again."

: "I do."

“And do you take this man, standing before you, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To promise to love and comfort, to honor and to keep in sickness and in health, for as long as you shall live?"

: "Yes."

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

: "Uh, yeah, what did you think that was?"

: "I'm just bad at weddings, that's all. Fluids tend to escape from my eyes."

: "I didn't know you were that sentimental."

: "Oh, did I say my eyes? I meant my mouth. And by fluids I meant both fluids and solids."

: "That's a lovely image, thanks Neil."

: "Come, let's find a way to get out of here."

: "All this happiness and joy is really putting you off too, huh?"

BGM: Music fades out.

: "Sheesh, whatever happened to 'just take it moment by moment'?"

Seriously, the video is pretty great, here's a repeat if you decided to skip it the first time!