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Part 7: Christmas 1995, Groundhog Goon

Christmas 1995: Groundhog Goon.

Because I was careless about saving in Christmas, I had to reload to 11/26. This means that the test scores, the meeting with Miharu, and the meeting with Mio never happened. Some of these things are better than others.

12/2: New event!

This week of has been nothing but failures, and as you might expect, there's an event for that too.

Rei: With such pathetic efforts, you cannot and will not attract the attention of a lady.
Goon: .......
Goon: (Ugh, I just can't bring myself to care anymore.)

12/3 (Sunday): Study lit
12/4-12/9: Concert Band
12/10 (Sunday): Preen
12/11-12/16: Midterms

This time, the results are only good enough for 32nd in class. Well, I guess that's alright.

12/17 (Sunday): Concert Band
12/18-12/22: Concert Band

12/21: Event!

I wanted to do something different this run, so I invited Yuina to walk home.

Goon: (Oh, hey, Himoo-san is right over there.)
Goon: Hey, Himoo-san.
Yuina: Gunpei-kun. Are you heading home?
Goon: Yeah. Want to walk home together?
Yuina: That's fine with me. And now, we head home.
Goon: Okay, let's go.

You're probably getting the idea now of why Yuina fans call her the -sama honorific. She just can't comprehend a world in which her authority is not absolute.

Goon: Himoo-san, what're your plans over winter break?
Yuina: I plan on nothing but research the entire time.
Goon: O...oh. (I feel stupid for asking.)
Goon: (We walked home talking about little stuff like that.)

12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Second Day of Christmas

The exchanges with the man in black, Rei, Shiori, and Yuina are the same this time.

Mira: Eek!
Goon: Oh, I'm sorry!
Mira: Hey, why don't you watch where you're going?
Goon: No, um, uh...
Goon: Uh, it's because you're so pretty I wasn't paying attention...
Mira: I see. Well if that was the case, I can't blame you.
Goon: (Whew, she bought it)
Mira: What is your name?
Goon: It's Fudou Gunpei.
Mira: You should already know this, but my name is Kagami Mira. And now, you'll have to excuse me.
Goon: (That girl was the same Kagami-san who has the fan club at school?)
Goon: (She seems kind of harsh.)

Game: It's time for the gift exchange. Pick which present you'd like to open.


Game: It's Kagami-san's present! What? A fan club membership kit? It even has a membership card!
Goon: (I'm glad I came today! It's time to head home, though.)


Yes, I forgot to save again.

12/3 (Sunday): Study lit
12/4-12/9: Concert Band Successful week event - see above
12/10 (Sunday): Remember to save then Study lit
12/11-12/16: Midterms Back to 29th. Woohoo!
12/17 (Sunday): Preen
12/18-12/22: Exercise
12/22: Event!

I think I've made a mistake. I chose to exercise while our Guts are high, and it's not Winter Break yet. I think this means... oh no...

Goon: Wheeeew, what a workout.
Goon: (Running in the morning feels great!)

Nozomi: Good morning!
Goon: Uh, good morning.
Goon: (I wonder why she's talking to me?)
Nozomi: Did you just finish your morning run?
Goon: Yeah, I did. Same with you?
Nozomi: I've never missed my 50k in the morning.
Goon: F...50K?! Every morning?! Are... are you a Kirameki High student?
Nozomi: Yes, I am. I'm Kiyokawa Nozomi. Do you go there too?
Goon: Yeah. My name's Fudou Gunpei. Wait, Kiyokawa...
Goon: You mean THAT Kiyokawa, from the swimming team?
Nozomi: One and the same... so you've heard of me?
Goon: Of course I have, you're super famous!
Goon: (She's a super high school level swimmer. I thought she'd be... less refined, I guess?)

Yes, the phrasing used to describe Nozomi is the exact same that Dangan Ronpa uses years later to describe its characters. Take that as you will.

Nozomi: Super famous, you say? Well, whatever - let's go running together some time!
Goon: Hahaha... I hope I can keep up with you, Kiyokawa-san.
Nozomi: Hahaha, no way. Anyway, it's time for the next leg of my run.
Goon: I think I'll stay here and take a breather.
Nozomi: Here, I don't need the rest of this juice. Have it. Bye!
Goon: ...gulpgulpgulp...
Goon: Wait, isn't this an indirect kiss? Jackpot!

12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Third Day of Christmas

Most everything is the same, until...

Those dead eyes... Shiori... don't say it...

Shiori: Oh yeah, I have a friend I want to introduce you to.

Oh God. No. Not now. Not this early.

Goon: Introduce me to?
Shiori: If you stay here, she'll come by, so please just wait here for a second.
Goon: Wait for a second, you say...
Shiori: I have to go, talk to you later!
Goon: Talk to you later!
Goon: (Huh? I wonder who it is?)


Megumi: Um... good evening.
Goon: Good evening.
Goon: (Who is this girl?)
Megumi: Um... I'm Fujisaki-san's friend...
Megumi: Mikihara... Megumi.
Megumi: And um... farewell.
Goon: ...We never actually talked about anything.
Goon: (Mikihara-san, eh? I wonder what she wanted? She was pretty cute, though.)


Nozomi: Oh, Fudou-kun! You got invited?
Goon: Kiyokawa-san, I didn't know you were here.
Goon: (I talked to Kiyokawa-san for a while)
Nozomi: Sorry to cut this short, but I gotta go.
Goon: Okay, talk to you later!

Gift Exchange of DOOOOOM

Game: Ugh... This... is this a signed 8x10? What the hell is that guy thinking?
Goon: (I really would've preferred a present from a girl... ugh, guess I'll head home.)


12/11-12/16: Midterms

Rei beat us this time. Damn him!

12/17 (Sunday): Preen
12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Fourth Day of Christmas

This run is the same as the first day of Christmas - we meet Mio at the end. And we get the book of Goethe poems again. I really wish Past Me would remember to save on the night of the 17th!


12/11-12/16: Midterms
12/17 (Sunday): Preen
12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Fifth Day of Christmas

In this version, Shiori introduces us to Mikihara Megumi again, then we meet Yuina.

Game: It's Himoo-san's present! The Hyper-Watch! Amazing!


12/11-12/16: Midterms
12/17 (Sunday): Preen
12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Sixth Day of Christmas

In this run, the two Preen actions failed, which left the Looks stat at 69. Let's see what happens! At least it won't end in a 25% lottery!

Man in black: Would you happen to be a friend of Rei-sama?
Goon: I don't know if we're friends, but we're classmates.
Man in Black: I beg your pardon, but I cannot allow you inside wearing such clothing.
Goon: What? Is that so?
Man in Black: Indeed. My instructions are very clear.
Goon: (Damn. I guess I have to celebrate Christmas alone this year.)

Goon: Merry Christmas! I'm having so much fun.
Goon: Ugh, next year. Next year I'll have a merry Christmas for sure!


12/11-12/16: Midterms
12/17 (Sunday): Preen
12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Seventh Day of Christmas

In this version, we meet Shiori, who introduces us to Megumi again. Then it's Yuina, and then...

Game: It's Himoo-san's present! The Hyper-Watch! Amazing!


12/11-12/16: Midterms
12/17 (Sunday): Preen
12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Eighth Day of Christmas

This run has no Megumi, so it goes Shiori, Yuina, and then...

Ayako: Merry Christmas!
Goon: Umm, Merry Christmas. (?? Who is this girl?)
Ayako: You were just talking to Ijuuin-kun, weren't you? Are you a Kirameki High student?
Goon: I am, but who're you?
Ayako: I'm Katagiri Ayako. What's your name?
Goon: I'm Fudou Gunpei.
Ayako: As I was saying, it's rare to see one of Ijuuin-kun's friends.
Goon: We're not really friends.
Ayako: Don't be so shy. I hope we bump into each other again at school!
Goon: Y...yeah. (What do I have to be shy about?)
Ayako: Alright, goodbye!
Goon: G, goodbye. (She's kinda weird.)

Translator's note: Ayako says Goodbye twice here. Once in English, and once in Japanese. Her English is pretty damn good, for a Japanese teenager.

Game: It's Katagiri-san's present! 16.7 million colors of pastels? How can we use all of those?

Sorry Ayako, I do like you, I really do, but...


12/11-12/16: Midterms
12/17 (Sunday): Preen


12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Ninth Day of Christmas

Shiori, Yuina, and the introduction to Mio this time

why does this game hate me


12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Tenth Day of Christmas

Shiori -> Megumi -> Yuina

Game: It's Mikihara-san's present! A plush Banana Crocodile! Isn't it cute?

This is the worst possible outcome. We do not want Megumi's affection going up, since the entire reason she asks Shiori to introduce her to us is because she's already interested. Keep the bombs away from us, woman!


12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Shiori, Yuina, and Mira.

no please I have a family


12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Twelfth Day of Christmas

Shiori -> Megumi -> Yuina



12/18-12/22: Concert Band
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: The Thirteenth Day of Christmas

Shiori, Megumi, and Yuina

Game: It's Shiori's present! A classical score... this is a pretty nice gift!


Last post of the night coming up: New Year's Day!