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Part 9: Spring 1996, Walking the Tightrope

Chapter 8: Spring 1996, Walking the Tightrope

1995 was pretty good to our young Goon. His grades went up, Shiori started to notice him, and he was handsome enough to pass the Ijuuin family's standards. Miraculously, he pulled Shiori's present from the pile (what are the odds? One in thirteen, it turns out) and the next year is going to be critical in his road to finding love and Utter Perfection. That Yang Guo mask is starting to slip off, though - Mad Bomber Megumi is now in the mix, and that means a few less Sundays a year to build stats.

From this point on, the critical juggling act is to balance social obligations while focusing on making Shiori happy and still building those last few stats toward Shiori's exacting standards. It's not bad with only three characters met so far, but Saki is still yet to enter the mix, and Mad Bomber Yumi lurks just around the corner as well...

1/8-1/13: (New semester starts!) Concert Band
1/14 (Sunday): Sleep
1/15 (holiday): Study lit
1/16-1/20: Concert Band

1/18: Event!

Goon: (It's after school. I have a bad feeling about this...)
Girl: I'm sorry!
Goon: Could you cut that out?
Girl: Oh no! I'm going to be late!
Goon: What the hell is her deal? Is she staging these crashes for insurance fraud or something?

I feel like playing Saints Row now. I just imagine Yuuko running around hitting the Ragdoll Physics button and I start laughing.

1/21 (Sunday): Exercise
1/22-1/27: Concert Band

1/24: New event!

Goon: (Man, I'm tired today. I should hurry home.)
Goon: (Oh hey, Mikihara-san's right over there.)
Goon: Hey, Mikihara-san!
Megumi: Oh! Fudou-san. Are you headed home?

Option 1: Want to walk together?
Option 2: Yes. Goodbye!


Megumi: Oh. Goodbye.

oh god oh god oh god

1/27: Praised by Shiori for a perfect week

See previous posts; it's the exact same event. Awesome, though! Let's call her up, we should make sure to keep that affection high. We just had a great week, what could possibly go wrong?

1/28: Call Shiori

Goon: Want to go to the shopping district on 2/11?
Shiori: Let me check... I'm sorry, I'm busy that day. I wish I could go, but...
Goon: D, don't worry about it. I don't mind.
Shiori: We'll try and make it work next time, okay?


1/22-1/27: Concert Band
1/28: Call Shiori

Goon: Want to go to the zoo on 2/12?
Shiori: Let me check... yes, that's fine.
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the zoo on that day.
Shiori: Yes, let's. Don't forget, okay?
Goon: No way will I forget. Okay, talk to you later.
Goon: Yes! I can't wait for the 12th.

1/29-2/3: Sleep
2/4 (Sunday): Read Memorial Spot, then study lit

Memorial Spot March/April/May
The stadium is finished!

Movie: Fungaa! (Horror) (Fungaa is the noise Frankenstein's Monster makes in Japanese - you might remember this if you've ever read or seen Princess Resurrection. That makes this movie the 1994 Frankenstein.)
Concert: Koudama Riko (idol) Kouda Mariko was a popular singer and voice actress at this time. Amusingly, she appears as one of the main characters of Mitsumete Knight, a 1998 fantasy-themed follow-up to Tokimeki Memorial. It didn't really take off, but it wasn't for a lack of talent thrown at it.
Stadium: March - Pro Wrestling
April - Baseball
May - Baseball
Events: The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom at Kirameki Central Park
The dolphin show is starting at the aquarium!

Goon: (The stadium's finished? Oh, and in free mouse mode I can press L2 to grab on to icons.)

Sadly, the advent of the stadium means that there isn't room on this for Konami game ads.

2/11 (Sunday): Preen
2/12 (holiday): Date with Shiori

Goon: (Today's my date with Shiori. I should go wait for her in front of the zoo.)

Goon: Have you been waiting long?
Shiori: No, I just got here myself.
Goon: Phew, glad I wasn't late.
Shiori: Let's go in!
Goon: Yeah, let's go.

Shiori: That koala is really cute, isn't it?

Option 1: Yeah, it really is cute.
Option 2: But its eyes are creepy.
Option 3: It's really, unbelievably ugly.

Yuina is the only character who doesn't like the koala. It's complicated. But for Shiori, 1 is the right answer.

Shiori: Yeah, I'm glad you think so too.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)
Shiori: Today was a lot of fun. We should do this again some time, okay?
Goon: Definitely. I'll call you again some time.
Shiori: We should head home, Gunpei-kun.


2/14: Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day has been adopted by a surprisingly large portion of Asia, largely thanks to the widespread influence of Japanese candy companies. Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan have found it so successful and profitable that they've separated out days for girls giving guys chocolate (Valentine's Day, 2/14) and for guys giving girls some other kind of confection (White Day, 3/14) in order to extend the candy-buying season.

There are two important kinds of chocolate given on these days: 義理チョコ/Giri Chocolate, which is given to friends out of a sense of obligation, and 本命チョコ/Honmei Chocolate, which is given out of love and affection. The difference between these two kinds of chocolate is mostly determined by intent, but you can also tell which is which by the amount of effort that went into it. Homemade chocolate made just for you? Possibly in the shape of a heart? Honmei Choco. A bunch of Hershey's Kisses and she asks you to pick one or two you like? Giri choco. Really expensive assortment? Honmei choco. And so on, and so forth.

There are other kinds of chocolate given to family members and given as simple thank-yous, but they aren't relevant in the TokiMemoverse, so we'll ignore them.

Rei: Hello and good morning.
Goon: What do you want, Ijuuin?
Rei: Today is Valentine's Day, is it not? I could not possibly hope to equal you, but I did receive some paltry amount of chocolates.
Rei: Observe for yourself, that is all I have managed.

Goon: ...
Rei: Of course this would never happen, but should you find your own bag empty at the end of the day, you need but give me the word.
Goon: Why?
Rei: I will spare you a small portion of my own. Well then, I must go.
Rei: Haaaaahaha...!
Goon: ...

Shiori: Gunpei-kun! Here, I got you some chocolate.
Goon: Oh, thanks!
Goon: (It's pretty small. I guess it's giri chocolate...)

Yuina: Gunpei-kun. This is chocolate.
Goon: Hi-Himoo-san, you're giving me some? Thanks!
Yuina: Please submit a report on any symptoms or side effects you may experience. Now if you'll excuse me...
Goon: Wh...what the hell did she put in this?

Megumi: Umm, uh... please... accept this.
Goon: Th...thanks!
Megumi: And um... goodbye...
Goon: (This is giri chocolate, probably)

Goon: (I got this many, I should count myself lucky.)

2/18 (Sunday): Sleep
2/25 (Sunday): Call Shiori

Shiori: Yes, this is Fujisaki.
Goon: Um... this is Fudo Gunpei.
Shiori: Fudou-kun? What's up today?

This part of the conversation has now changed slightly. This means we've accumulated a good amount of points. Yaaaaay! I'll make a note if and when this part of the conversation changes again.

Goon: Want to go to Kirameki Central Park on 3/10?
Shiori: Let me check... I'm sorry, I'm busy that day. I wish I could go, but...
Goon: D, don't worry about it. I don't mind.
Shiori: We'll try and make it work next time, okay?

...But not enough points, it seems.


2/25: Call Shiori

Goon: Want to go to Kirameki Central Park on 3/17?
Shiori: Let me check... yes, that's fine.
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the park on that day.
Shiori: Yes, let's. Don't forget, okay?
Goon: No way will I forget. Okay, talk to you later.
Goon: Yes! I can't wait for the 17th.

2/26-3/2: Concert Band
3/3 (Sunday): Sleep
3/4-3/9: Finals

A great way to end our first year! But wait, wasn't there something about lying low we had to worry about...?

Nah, must be my imagination.

3/10 (Sunday): Call Yoshio

Somewhere in all that reloading, I lost the path where I called about Megumi. So, this is the time to ask again. Just in case.

Girl's voice: Yes, this is the Saotome residence.
Goon: Is Yoshio-kun home?
Girl's voice: Oh, you want to talk to my brother?
(the sound of running)
Girl's voice: Onii-chaaaan! Phone call!
Yoshio: Yes, this is Saotome.
Goon: Hello? It's Fudou.
Yoshio: Oh. It's you.
Goon: What's with tone of voice? Are you sad that I called you?
Yoshio: Don't ask stupid questions.
Yoshio: So what'd you call for?
Goon: I'd like to know what the girls think of me.
Yoshio: What they think of you, eh? Gimme a second.
Yoshio: What the girls think of you is...


3/11-3/16: Concert Band
3/17: New event!

Goon: (Man, I am exhausted. I should hurry home.)
Goon: (Oh hey, that's Shiori over there.)
Goon: Hey, Shiori!
Shiori: Oh, Gunpei-kun. Are you heading home?
Goon: Yeah. Want to walk home together?
Shiori: Okay. We live right next to each other, after all. Let's walk together.

Our first success at this event! Once again, that's a good sign - it means we've accumulated even more points.

Goon: Okay, let's move.
Game: And so...

Shiori: Oh by the way, do you remember that my birthday's coming up?
Goon: Of course I remember it.
Shiori: Really? That's great.
Goon: (And, while talking about stuff like that, we walked home from school.)

Hmm. It feels like we're forgetting something, though. Something important. Some reason why Shiori didn't want to walk home with us before.

Nah, must be my imagination.

3/13: New event!

Goon: (Man, I am exhausted. I should hurry home.)

Megumi: Oh, Fudou-san!
Goon: Mikihara-san? What's going on?
Megumi: Um... could we... um... walk home together?

Option 1: Sure! Let's go home together.
Option 2: It'd be kinda embarrassing, so I'll pass.


Megumi: (sniffle) E...excuse me, I have to go!
Goon: (She was nice enough to wait around for me, and I just acted so rude...)


3/14: Event!

Here comes White Day! This is where the guys are supposed to return the favors of the girls who gave them gifts on Valentine's Day. According to tradition (and, more importantly, good marketing), guys are supposed to give gifts that are about three times the value of what they received, and they tend not to be chocolates. Cookies, cakes, etc. are common on White Day.

And, did you know that Korea's trying to popularize Black Day on April 14th, where single people are supposed to gather together and eat black bean noodles to "celebrate" their singleness? Yeah, it hasn't quite caught on yet. Give it time. And marketing.

Rei: Hello and good morning.
Goon: What do you want, Ijuuin?
Rei: White Day must be as rough for you as it is for me.
Goon: Why?
Rei: I sent out my servants this morning to deliver all of these thank-yous and gifts, and yet it appears as though all of their deliveries will still not be completed within the day.
Goon: ....
Rei: You would never be so uncouth as to leave a favor unrepaid, would you?
Goon: I have all of them right here.
Rei: Oh? I would never believe that you would have anyone to give such gifts to. Well - work with what little you have.
Goon: ....

Goon: (Okay, I should calm down and go hand out my thank-yous for Valentine's Day.)
Goon: (Actually, I did splurge on one special gift.)
Goon: So, who should I give this special little thank-you?

There are 3 choices displayed, but only one matters.

Goon: (Oh, Shiori's here. Good timing.)
Goon: Hey, Shiori!

Shiori: Is something the matter today?
Goon: Here, take this. As thanks for Valentine's Day.
Shiori: What, for me? Thank you.
Goon: (She seemed pretty happy.)

3/17 (Sunday): Date with Shiori

Goon: (Today's my date with Shiori. I should go wait for her in front of the park.)

Goon: Have you been waiting long?
Shiori: No, I just got here myself.
Goon: Phew, glad I wasn't late.
Shiori: Shall we take a walk?
Goon: Let's head down the park avenue.
Shiori: Let's go!

Shiori: The weather's so nice, want to sit on the grass?
Goon: Sounds good.

Shiori: Now that I've taken a good look, doesn't this seem like that one park from when we were kids?
Goon: What do you mean?
Shiori: Don't you remember? One time, we ran off to a big park without telling our parents where we were going.
Goon: Did that really happen?
Shiori: It did! I remember every detail.
Goon: Like?
Shiori: Like, one of us almost fell in this big pond...
Goon: A big pond? Oh yeah, I remember now! That was me.
Shiori: See? You remember it too.
Goon: I almost fell in, but some old guy saved me. I seriously thought I was gonna die.
Goon: Come to think of it, where were you?

Shiori: I was so scared that I just stood there and watched... I think.
Goon: You could've helped out a little..
Shiori: Can't you let it go? It's just a memory now.
Goon: I guess it's too late to be angry.
Goon: But yeah, this place does feel nostalgic.
Shiori: There sure is a lot to remember...
Goon: Yeah.

Whew. Doesn't that seem like an unusually long conversation? That's because it is! This is one of Shiori's unique events which comes with its own custom picture; you have to go to Central Park with her in spring to see it. There are 7 more of these events in the game for Shiori - three occur on dates in specific seasons at specific locations, two happen on normal school days, and two of them require certain conditions to be met on holidays. Utter Perfection demands that we see all 8...

Shiori: Today was a lot of fun. We should do this again some time, okay?
Goon: Definitely. I'll call you again soon.
Shiori: We should head home, Gunpei-kun.

If you're having so much fun, stop costing us Sundays and forcing us to reload every time you shoot us down!

3/18-3/19,3/21-3/23: Exercise

3/18: Event!

Shiori: Oh, Gunpei-kun!
Goon: Hmm? Shiori? What's up?
Shiori: Hey, do you think you're free this Sunday?

Option 1: Yeah, I'm free. Why do you ask?
Option 2: Sucks to be you, THIS guy has plans that day.

Translator's note: Option 2 is the only time I've ever seen the main character refer to himself as 俺様/ore-sama, which is really self-important and arrogant. No, Rei doesn't use it.

Shiori: I'd like you to come shopping with me... would that be too much to ask?

Option 1: It's fine. Let's go shopping together.
Option 2: Nah, I'll pass.

This is another great sign. Shiori is inviting us out, which means that she can't say no and force us to reload because we had to waste a full Sunday on it. Hurray!

Shiori: Really? Then, umm...
Goon: Want to meet in front of the shopping district?
Shiori: Yes, that's perfect. Don't forget!
Goon: (This Sunday? I need to make sure I don't forget.)

Awesome! But I can't shake this feeling of dread...

3/20 (Holiday): Call Megumi

Megumi: Yes, this is the Mikihara residence.
Goon: Hi, this is Fudou Gunpei.
Megumi: (gasp)
Goon: Hello? Is something wrong?
Megumi: I'm... I'm sorry! What might you be calling about?
Goon: What to go to Kirameki Central Park on 4/14?

Why did I choose the park, you ask? Well if you go to the same date spot three times in a row, you can get a certain mini-game to come up. But it doesn't seem to work in TokiMemo 1, so this is my mistake. On the plus side, no one hates the park, and there are almost always some neutral answers to give. edit: oh yeah, this didn't work because Shiori broke the combo by asking us out to the shopping district. We can take care of this by going to the park a fourth time...

Megumi: What? Y...Yes, gladly!
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the park on that day.
Megumi: .....
Goon: What's that? I couldn't hear you.
Megumi: Y...yes, we'll meet there!
Goon: Okay, don't forget.
Goon: Goon: Yes! I can't wait for the 14th.

3/24 (Sunday): Spring Break! And, Bonus Date with Shiori

Goon: (Today's my date with Shiori.)
Goon: (Where was I supposed to meet her, again?)

Option 1: Meet at Kirameki Central Park
Option 2: Meet at the Shopping District

This choice is one of the reasons you need to keep notes while playing this game. If you have two dates close together, there's no way of remembering which date is at which location unless you wrote it down somewhere. Thankfully, this improves in later games, but in TokiMemo 1, it's hell to reload an old save game and try to remember what day is supposed to be spent where. Thankfully, since Shiori made this date mere seconds ago, and we still remember that it's time to go shopping!

Goon: Have you been waiting long?
Shiori: No, I just got here myself.
Goon: Phew, glad I wasn't late.
Shiori: So where should we go shopping?

Option 1: The clothing boutique
Option 2: The accessories store
Option 3: The electronics store

Shiori doesn't particularly like the clothing store over the accessories store or anything, so it's kind of a toss-up. We might as well go with the clothing boutique here.

Shiori: Okay, let's go!

Shiori: I'm going to go look around.
Goon: Go ahead and take your time.
Shiori: Sorry! There were so many things I wanted to look at.

Option 1: You can take as long as you want.
Option 2: Did you see everything you wanted?
Option 3: Please be considerate of those of us who have to wait around...

Kind of a toss-up between 1 and 2, so let's just be safe and say 1.

Shiori: Thank you. I saw more than enough, though.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Shiori: Thanks a lot for tagging along with me today.
Goon: If you'll have me, I'll come along any time.
Shiori: Okay, let's go home, Gunpei-kun.

3/25-3/30: Exercise

3/30: Events!

Goon: Hey, isn't today Shiori's birthday?
Goon: (Should I get her a present?)

Technically, there's a choice here. But really, there isn't a choice here.

Goon: (What should I get her?)

The choices, ranked in order of how much Shiori likes them:

1: CD of classical music
2: Handkerchief
3: Earrings

Goon: Alright, let's give her a CD of classical music.
Goon: Let's call her up.

Shiori: Yes, this is the Fujisaki residence.
Goon: Umm... it's Fudou Gunpei.
Shiori: Gunpei-kun? What's up today?
Goon: Well, I have something I wanted to talk to you about. Could you meet me in front of my house?
Shiori: Yes, that's fine. I'll head over there soon, so just wait a little bit, please.
Goon: Okay, bye.
Goon: Alright, I'll head outside and wait for her.

Seriously, you two? You can see each other from your bedroom windows. This shouldn't be that hard!

Shiori: Were you waiting for long? I'm sorry I took so much time.

Seriously? I mean, really? How can you be late to an appointment that is 50 feet away?!

Goon: Happy birthday! I got you a present.
Shiori: Thanks! May I open it now?

You may remember that Yuina just says "Let's see what's inside" and sticks a question mark at the end. Shiori is a polite and proper girl, who actually observes the usual etiquette here.

Goon: Of course. Do you like it?
Shiori: I've wanted this for long time! I'll treasure it.
Goon: (She looks so happy. I'm glad I got her that gift.)

3/30: Another event!



Megumi: Excuse me...
Goon: Oh, Mikihara-san? What's up?
Megumi: This is, um, uh, your, birthday...
Goon: Present?
Megumi: Yes! Will you... accept it?
Goon: Of course I will. Thank you.
Megumi: I'm so glad...
Goon: (I'm such a lucky guy for getting a present from Mikihara-san!)

That was a relatively uneventful 3 months. We still haven't met Saki, somehow, but we're going to need to find more people to meet so that we can avoid Megumi at Ijuuin Christmas Party '96. But it's okay. Megumi seems to be relatively under control, if a bit clingy. There shouldn't be any more obstacles in our way! Build stats, meet some people, talk to them every once in a while, and it's a smooth road to Shioritown! Right?

Next time: Summer 1996, More Chainsaws to Juggle