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Part 10: Spring 1996 Part 2, The Baby-Faced Assassin

Chapter 9: Spring 1996 Part 2, The Baby-faced Assassin

Megumi's ever-growing affection for Goon is presenting something of an issue. The Yang Guo mask strategy isn't working, because every time she sees us doing well in school or playing well in the band, she understands that she is witnessing Utter Perfection in spite of Goon's habit of keeping to himself. We need to make sure that she doesn't overtake Shiori out of pure admiration for Goon's awesomeness.

Sounds easy! It's not like we know anyone who could possibly add any degree of difficulty to this juggling act!

3/31 (Sunday): Call Yuina

Yuina: Yes, this is Himoo.
Goon: Um... this is Fudou Gunpei.
Yuina: Gunpei-kun. You've been acting overly familiar with me lately. Can I help you?
Goon: Want to go to Central Park on 4/28?
Yuina: Your luck has run out....
Yuina: ...for I appear to be free on that day.

I explained why we did this above. The strategy should pay off in May.

Goon: Okay, let's meet in front of the park on the 28th.
Yuina: You dare to give me orders?
Goon: Alright then, where would you like to meet?
Yuina: ...Your previous suggestion is acceptable.
Yuina: Our business is completed, and I am hanging up.
Goon: Woohoo! I can't wait for the 28th.

Thankfully, this conversation has stayed the same. We probably can't say the same for Megumi, who already freaked out with happiness the last time we called her.

4/1-4/6: Sleep
4/4: Start of the new school year and event!

Goon: Starting today, I'm an upperclassman. I've got to focus and give it my all!
????: Hello, Fudou-san!

Duh nuh... duh nuh... duh nuh... duh-nuh duh-nuh...

Goon: Hmm? Have we met?
????: That's the million dollar question! Who do you think I am?
Goon: (Hmmmm... her voice sounds kind of familiar...)
????: Bzzzzzt! Time's up. My name is...

Yoshio: Yumi, what're you doing?
Yumi: Hey, Onii-chan!
Yoshio: Oh, hey Gunpei. What're you guys up to?
Goon: She called you Onii-chan, so that makes her your little sister?
Yoshio: Yup. Wait, you mean I never told you about her?
Goon: You never said a word.
Goon: (I knew she sounded familiar.)

You have to admire the kind of guy who keeps a borderline-creepy notebook about every notable girl in school, yet neglects to tell anyone he has a sister.

Yoshio: She's an incoming freshman here at our school.
Yumi: My name is Saotome Yumi! Pleased to meet you, senpai!
Yoshio: It's time to head home, Yumi.
Yumi: Aww, do we have to? Well, I guess this is it for today, senpai! Bye-bye!
Goon: (That's what his little sister is like? She seems kind of annoying.)

You have no idea, Goon. You have no idea.

4/7 (Sunday): Preen
4/8-4/13: Preen
4/14: Date with Megumi

Goon: (Today's my date with Mikihara-san. I should go meet her in front of Kirameki Central Park.)

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Goon: Phew, I'm glad I wasn't late.
Megumi: The cherry blossoms are in bloom here!
Goon: Perfect! Let's go see the flowers.
Megumi: Y...yeah!

花見/Hanami/"flower viewing" is a beloved springtime tradition, where people go out for picnics and parties to celebrate and admire the beauty of Japan's famous cherry blossoms. It's vaguely similar to going to see the leaves changing color in autumn, but it's so important to the Japanese that the weather service keeps track of where cherry trees are in bloom with the scrutiny of a storm front. Cherry trees are only in bloom for a couple of weeks a year in each area, so it's pretty crazy to try and join in the revelry - prime picnic spots are often staked out a day or two in advance, and as the day goes on, drunken revelry gets more and more wild.

This cultural note was inserted because "Let's go flower viewing" sounds stupid, even though that's an accurate-ish translation.

Megumi: Do... do you think we can stay here a little longer?

Option 1: I'm tired.
Option 2: We can stay here as long as you want.
Option 3: Okay, but only for a little bit.

We must keep Megumi at arm's length, but not hurt her feelings - because we have refused to walk home with her just about once every two weeks, we're slowly but surely building to a bomb. So, 3 seems like the best idea.

Megumi: O... okay.
Goon: (Eh.)

Goon: Did you have fun?
Megumi: Y...yes, today was fun.
Goon: Can I invite you out again some time?
Megumi: Y...yes!
Goon: Okay, I'll call you soon.

Megumi: Fudou-san... could we... um...
Goon: Want me to walk you home?
Megumi: Y...yes!


4/15-4/20: Concert band
4/21 (Sunday): Sleep
4/22: Preen
4/28 (Sunday): Date with Yuina

Goon: (Today's my date with Himoo-san. I should go meet up with her in front of Kirameki Central Park.)

Goon: Have you been waiting long?
Yuina: Not really. You're right on time.
Goon: I'm glad I wasn't late.
Yuina: The cherry blossoms are in bloom.
Goon: Let's go see the flowers.
Yuina: I guess it isn't bad to enjoy this kind of thing every once in a while.

See cultural note above.

Yuina: Well, well. Isn't this pretty.

Option 1: It's just litter at the end of the day.
Option 2: Just what you'd expect of Japan's national flower.
Option 3: That's not like you to say that, Himoo-san.

Cultural note: Japan technically doesn't have a national flower. Except that it does, and it's the cherry blossom. Anyway, the most neutral answer is 2, so that's what we pick.

Yuina: Japan's...? Soon, it will all be mine.
Goon: (Eh.)

Yuina: This delayed my research, but oh well.
Goon: O...kay. Thanks, I think.
Yuina: I'm going home now, Gunpei-kun.

This was pretty much the ideal outcome overall. One more date at the park and it's mini-game time!

4/29 (Golden Week): Call Yumi

For obvious reasons, you don't have to call Yoshio to get Yumi's number. They do have separate entries in the address book, though.

Yumi: Yes, this is the Saotome residence.
Goon: Hi, this is Fudou Gunpei.
Yumi: Fudou-san? Do you need something from Yumi?

Translator's note: Yumi refers to herself in the third person, a habit common amongst Japanese children. They usually grow out of the habit long before high school. In fact, they usually grow out of it before they hit 2nd grade.

Goon: Want to go to Kirameki Central Park on 5/5?
Yumi: Yeah, sure!
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the park on the 5th.
Yumi: Got it. Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye!
Goon: Hahaha... cross my heart. Say hi to Yoshio for me!

Yumi quotes the Japanese rhyme for pinky swearing here, which is really close to the English one - but instead of sticking a needle in your eye, the Japanese drink a thousand needles.

Goon: Woohoo! I can't wait for the 5th.

Neither can I, Goon. But for far different reasons!

4/30-5/2: Sleep
4/30: New event!

Duh nuh... duh nuh... duh nuh... duh-nuh duh-nuh...

Goon: (Man, I'm exhausted. I should hurry home.)
Yumi: Hey, Fudou-san!
Goon: Yumi-chan? What's up?
Yumi: Want to go home with Yumi?

Option 1: Sure! Let's go home together.
Option 2: It'd be kinda embarrassing, so I'll pass.

Gotta keep choosing 2 unless it's Shiori...

Yumi: It's embarrassing to be with Yumi? Then Yumi will walk home alone.
Goon: (She was nice enough to wait around for me, and I just acted so rude...)

5/3 (Golden Week): Sleep
5/4 (Sunday): Preen
5/5 (Golden Week): Date with Yumi!

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Yumi: Uh-uh, Yumi just got here too.
Goon: Glad I wasn't late.

She... she wears a backpack and overalls out on dates. How did a 6-year-old make it into high school?

Punk: Yo, you've got some nerve walking into me like that without saying a damn thing. Hope you're ready to get your ass kicked!

5/5 (Golden Week): Date with Yumi RPG mini-game fighting street punks!

Yes, this game has an RPG combat system. Let's play Whose Game Are They Parodying?

Game: The punks attacked!

It's worth noting that the original PC-Engine release of Tokimeki Memorial was 3 months after Final Fantasy VI. Do you feel old? I feel old.

The combat system in Tokimeki Memorial is really really simple. It's a real-time turn system, just like the Final Fantasies of that era. Goon only has two commands, Attack and Defend. Goon can also learn Limit Break-type moves based on what club he's in, but it requires three years of going to summer camp. The girl, in this case Yumi, acts automatically whenever it's her turn, and she only has one move. Goon's hit points are 10x his current Stamina stat, while his attack is equal to his Sports stat and defense is equal to his Guts stat.

This is Yumi's only attack. She cries fake tears, and it delays the punks' attack because they say

Punks: Aww crap! What kind of man makes a little girl cry?

This is Goon's attack, which does a pretty hefty 800-900 damage since we're decently high in the Sports stat.

And if Goon loses, the punks say:

Punks: You were all talk. Get lost!

Oh, I should mention: since we got into a fight on a date, the game counts it as if nothing happened that day. It's really bad if you're trying to clear up a bomb. And since we shouldn't waste a single day on a quest for Utter Perfection...


That was a nice diversion, but it's time to get back on track. It doesn't mean anything if you win or lose, it just... it just...

It just stings, dammit! I want a rematch! We needed more time to train, that's all. We can win this one!

4/29 (Golden Week): Call Yumi

Goon: Want to go to Kirameki Central Park on 5/12?
Yumi: Sorry, Yumi made a promise to go out with a friend that day...
Goon: Oh, did you?
Yumi: Yeah... it's a real shame.
Goon: Well, next time, then. Say hi to Yoshio for me.

Well, since this is a wasted week anyway, might as well call Yoshio and ask him about Yumi.

5/3 (Golden Week): Call Yoshio

Yoshio: Yes, this is the Saotome residence.
Goon: Hey, it's Fudou.
Goon: What's with tone of voice? Are you sad that I called you?
Yoshio: Don't ask stupid questions.
Yoshio: So what'd you call for?
Goon: I'd like to know what the girls think of me.
Yoshio: What they think of you, eh? Gimme a second.
Yoshio: What the girls think of you is...

Duh-dun... duh-dun...

Yep. Yumi starts out liking Goon from day 1. On the one hand, it helps out players since she doesn't exist for an entire year. On the other hand, it makes it really really easy for her to become a bomber.

Goon: I'd like to know more about Yumi, if you can tell me anything.
Yoshio: You do? Do you have a thing for her?
Goon: way! Not at all.
Yoshio: You don't have to hide it from me, man. You and Yumi, eh...?
Yoshio: Alright! Here's a special treat, just for you.

Saotome Yumi
Birthday: May 16th
Sign: Taurus
Blood type: O
Measurements: 79-59-82 (31-23-32)
Club: Basketball
Notes: Likes anime and pro wrestling.

Goon: Thanks.
Yoshio: So, how about I run this by Yumi for you?
Goon: I told you, that's not what's going on!
Yoshio: Sure, whatever. Good luck!

I... I don't know if I should be impressed at how much of a bro Yoshio is, or creeped out by the fact that he knows his sister's measurements. Anyway, back to the rematch!


4/29 (Golden Week): Call Yumi

Goon: Want to go to Kirameki Central Park on 5/19?
Yumi: Yeah, sure!
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the park on the 19th.
Yumi: Got it. Cross your heart, hope to die, thousand needles in your eye!
Goon: Hahaha... cross my heart. Say hi to Yoshio for me!

4/30-5/2: Sleep
5/3 (Golden Week):
5/4 (Golden Week):
5/5 (Sunday):
5/6 (Golden Week):
5/7-5/11: Sleep
5/12 (Sunday):
5/13-5/18: Sleep

5/19: Date with destiny

This is it. This is the day we have been training for. THIS IS OUR TIME. This time, the video is actually gameplay-related and not just a clip from the Rocky movies:

VICTORY! If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!

Punks: Uch... you're not bad. Guess we have to tell the boss!
Game: Victory!
Game: Gained 2360 EXP
Game: Earned 3600 Gold

No, the XP and Gold don't do anything. Winning fights doesn't mean anything until 2, honestly. But you know what? It was worth it.


4/29 (Golden Week): Preen
4/30-5/2: Sleep
5/3 (Golden Week): Read Memorial Spot, then sleep

Memorial Spot June/July/August
The botanical gardens are open!

Movie: Kanpanman (anime) (Anpanman is one of the harder-to-explain Japanese cartoon superheroes. Anpan is a Japanese sweet pastry, usually filled with sweet red bean paste. Anpanman's head is freshly baked for him by his uncle, but whenever he sees someone starving, he can't help but tear off part of his delicious head and offer it to them to eat. Then, his uncle has to bake him a new head.
Concert: XeXeX (rock) (X Japan, a legendary metal and Visual-kei/glam band)
Stadium: June - Pro Wrestling
July - Baseball
August - Baseball
Events: In August, the amusement park will be holding night parades!
August 4th is Ennichi at the shrine!
Construction on the water slide is finished at the public pool!

Goon: (Botanical garden, eh? Oh yeah, didn't Shiori have a habit of counting sheep at night? I don't remember where I heard that...)

5/4 (Golden Week): Preen
5/5 (Sunday): Study lit
5/6 (Golden Week): Call Shiori

I chose this day to call Shiori because it's a holiday on a Monday - meaning that if I need to reload, it doesn't change anything in the run.

Goon: Want to go to the amusement park on 6/2?
Shiori: Let me check... yes, that's fine.
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the park on that day.
Shiori: Yes, let's. Don't forget, okay?
Goon: No way will I forget. Okay, talk to you later.
Goon: Yes! I can't wait for the 2nd.

5/7-5/11: Concert band
5/12 (Sunday): Preen
5/13-5/18: Concert Band
5/19 (Sunday): Sleep
5/20-5/25: Concert Band
5/26 (Sunday): Exercise

At this point, I'd like to point out how boxed-in we are right now. It's the second month of the second year, and these are Goon's stats:

Stamina 68 | Lit 125 | Science 123
Art 155 | Sports 133 | General Knowledge 89
Looks 92 | Guts 59 | Stress 5

If we try to study literature on a school day, we'll meet Mio again.
If we try to practice art on a school day, we'll meet Ayako again.
If we exercise on a school day, we'll meet Yukari because of our Looks stat.
If we hang out with Yoshio on a school day, we'll meet Yuuko.
If we preen on a school day, we'll meet Mira.

The only "safe" actions right now on school days are , sleep, and Concert Band. The rest of the activities must be spent on our rapidly dwindling Sundays and holidays, which are starting to be fill up with Megumi, Yumi, Yuina, and Shiori.

We'll meet all the girls eventually, but year 2 needs to be played conservatively. I'll introduce the rest of the cast in Year 3: The Unmasking, I swear! In the meantime, a minor poll before some big decisions are made:

The second sports festival is in a week! What mini-game would you like to see next?

A) The Egg-and-Spoon Race
B) The Scavenger Hunt Race
C) The Three-Legged Race
D) The Ball-Rolling Race

The poll closes at midnight Pacific time, December 13th. The next post should be Saturday, December 14th.