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Part 100: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 10: (You're the) Devil in Disguise

Tokimemo Girl's Side chapter 10: (You're the) Devil in Disguise

6/14: Year 2 of the sports festival

This year, I chose the Scavenger Hunt Race, for the first time since the first Tokimemo.

As you can see, it's gone from picking out girls from a crowd to picking out the specific features of certain guys. This is pretty amusing, if a bit creepy to see things like Icehouse 01 with bunny ears and Kei with lipstick and whiteface.

Unfamiliarity with the mini-game and general unwillingness to interact with Shiki (who reminds me far too much of Shiratori in Tokimemo 3, if you're wondering why I dislike him) led to a poor poor finish for Goonko, which was enough to convince me to reload the game. I like finishing first, dammit!

I mean, look at her. Breaks your heart to see!

Kazuma: Seriously, Fudou? Last place?
Kazuma: You need to focus. Focus!
Goonko: (No way... this is a huge shock)

5/30 (reloaded): Mizukiiii

Mizuki: Salut, Fudou-san!
Goonko: Hey, Sudou-san.

This is essentially the "walk home with me" event, and there's no harm in saying yes to Mizuki. Just like the guy friends in other Tokimemos, it's just a stress-free piece of fluff that will not affect any bombs.

Mizuki: What a coincidence, Mizuki is also heading home.
Mizuki: Would you like company on your way home?
Goonko: Sure, let's stop by a cafe on our way.

Mizuki: Hey! Mizuki was about to suggest the same thing!
Goonko: Then let's get going!

Goonko: Say, Sudou-san...
Goonko: ...What kind of music do you listen to?
Mizuki: In the salon, there is always a string quartet playing. Live.
Mizuki: Grandfather said "Elite people should only listen to elite music."

Mizuki: But... honestly, Mizuki wants to know what everyone else listens to.
Mizuki: Fudou-san, if we ever get the chance, can we sneak somewhere so you can show me the third-rate music you listen to?
Goonko: (I feel kinda sorry for her, but at the same time...)

6/7 (reloaded): A new practice partner

As of this week, Tamami stops hanging out at basketball practice with Goonko, and Kazuma starts watching from the sidelines as Goonko makes the halfcourt circus shots.

Kazuma: You've been working really hard, Fudou.
Goonko: (Yay!)

6/8 (reloaded): An actual date with a boy

I just can't quit you, USA skirt.

Kazuma: Let's get in there, we're wasting time.
Kazuma: So, what're we doing today?
Goonko: We're going straight to the roller coaster.
Kazuma: Ooh, good call.

Kazuma: Listen up, okay?
Kazuma: Whatever you do, don't close your eyes. You'll miss out on all the fun that way.

I'm still gonna call bullshit on the game for this one. There's no way this Goonko would close her eyes and scream for this.

Kazuma: That was really damn fun!
Option 1: That feeling of acceleration is the best!
Option 2: This is child's play.
Option 3: I was so scared, I shut my eyes tight.

Goonko: That feeling of acceleration is the best!
Kazuma: Seriously!
Kazuma: That must be what stunt pilots feel like, right?
Goonko: (Yay! A perfect impression!)

Kazuma: Today was way too short. It feels like we haven't done enough, you know?
Kazuma: Let's do this again some time.
Kazuma: I'll walk you home.
Kazuma: It's a guy's duty, or something like that.

Goonko: Thanks for walking me all the way home. You didn't have to.
Kazuma: Nah, it's nothing. I'll see you later.

6/12 (reloaded): Wataru's nicknames

A little context on "boy" and "kid" - they're both slang terms, obviously, but when they're used in the literal sense, 小僧 can either mean a fledgling monk/priest or a craftsman's apprentice, while 坊主 (bouzu) often to people with buzz cuts or shaved heads because it generically refers to Buddhist priests. We're sticking to Hibiya-kun.

Goonko: Hey, Hibiya-kun!
Wataru: Oh, hi senpai! What's up, dude, you going home too?
Goonko: Wanna walk home?
Wataru: Sure, dude! I'll follow you.

Goonko: Oh yeah, the sports festival's coming up soon, isn't it?
Wataru: It is! I'm already training hard for it, dude!
Goonko: You are? I hope you do well!

6/14: Scavenger hunt race, take 2

Okay, game, you're making this one WAY too easy. I'm not gonna complain, though.

Kazuma: Hey, you need this?
Kazuma: Good luck!

No one else finished within 8 seconds of Goonko. Eeeeeasy.

Kazuma: Whoa, Fudou! You're pretty good to get first place.
Kazuma: Exactly what I expected from you!
Goonko: (Looks like my effort didn't go to waste.)

Goonko: No sports festival would feel right without the traditional folk dance at the end!
Goonko: We should be starting soon.

Goonko: (Oh, my next partner is Suzuka-kun.)
Kazuma: Hey, Fudou.
Kazuma: I'm really not very good at this stuff.
Kazuma: Sorry if I step on your foot or something.

Goonko: (And the next partner is Hibiya-kun. How'd that happen? We're in different grades. Did he get lost or something?)
Wataru: Senpai! Let's dance!

Goonko: (Next up is Shiki-kun.)
Shiki: Oh, I see, you're the next lucky lady.
Goonko: (This should be it, right?)

Goonko: (That's how the sports festival came to an end.)

6/15: More basketball

Goonko: Today's opponent is Konoe High.
Kazuma: Hey, Fudou!
Kazuma: What, are you seriously worried about a team like this?
Kazuma: This'll be a pushover for you!
Goonko: Uh, okay!
Goonko: (Alright, let's play!)

Goonko: (You see that? That's our team's full potential!)
Kazuma: Pretty damn impressive, Fudou.
Kazuma: We kicked their asses too.
Kazuma: It feels good when we both win!


Goonko: (The weather's really nice today.)
Goonko: (Huh? I smell roses, for some reason.)

STRANGER DANGER: Roses are red / Violets are blue
STRANGER DANGER: And these are for / The rosy-cheeked you

Sorry, I'll need a second to finish vomiting.

Okay, I'm back.

Goonko: Hey, you're the guy from last time.
STRANGER DANGER: We meet again, young lady.
STRANGER DANGER: Please accept these roses.

Goonko: Thanks! Oh, and, uh, thanks for the favor last time, too!
STRANGER DANGER: Think nothing of it. I should thank you.
STRANGER DANGER: It was a very pleasant drive.
Goonko: Umm, this is a little rude, but who the heck are you?
STRANGER DANGER: Haha, who am I indeed?
STRANGER DANGER: Oh, time's up.
STRANGER DANGER: Unfortunately, I must take my leave.
STRANGER DANGER: We shall meet again.
Goonko: (He's gone... but what's he doing on campus, anyway?)
Goonko: (Could he be a teacher?! No way, that's not possible.)

6/28-6/29: The annual date with Mizuki... and boys, I guess

Mizuki: Bon jour!
Goonko: Hey, Sudou-san.
Mizuki: Fudou-san, you're free this Sunday, aren't you?
Mizuki: Come to the amusement park with me.
Goonko: The amusement park? Why?
Mizuki: I can't believe you.
Mizuki: Why, we're going to rendezvous with boys, of course!
Goonko: I'll go!

It's weird - the last time we did this, it was winter. This time, it's summer. I guess this has the opportunity to happen twice a year, unlike previous Tokimemos.

Mizuki: Then don't be late, okay?
Mizuki: Mizuki absolutely hates it when people are late.
Goonko: (This Sunday... I wonder who's coming?)

Under normal circumstances, Wataru would probably get invited over Shiki due his higher affection for Goonko. However, Mizuki is involved, so this should still be Shiki and Kazuma.

Goonko: (There she is!)
Goonko: Sudou-san!
Mizuki: Fudou-san! You're late!
Mizuki: I specifically told you not to be late!

Sorry, I'll need another second to finish vomiting.

Okay, I'm back.

Shiki: Ah, you're here today, Fudou-kun.
Shiki: Good day, everyone.
Shiki: I hope everyone has fun spending time with me today.

Kazuma: You're late, Fudou.
Goonko: Oh, hi Suzuka-kun.
Kazuma: Welp, this ended up being pretty much the usual crew, but hey, let's have fun.

This pretty much ends up happening the exact same way as chapter 7 so I'll spare you more copying and pasting. Same dialogue, different outfits for the merry-go-round and the roller coaster. There's one new attraction, though! Time to head to the haunted house.

Mizuki: So, Fudou-san, who are you going to enter with? You know the right answer, don't you?
Goonko: Kazuma.

Mizuki: Then Mizuki will go with Shiki-sama!

Kazuma: Ugh. Why does everybody always want to go to this awful thing?

Oh hey, it's that eyeball guy from Gegege no Kitaro!

The goodbyes are the same as before, so nothing more to report until next time, and summer vacation #2.

Next time: CHAOS DUNK