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Part 102: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 12: I See the Light

Tokimemo Girl's Side, chapter 12: I See the Light

Alternate ways that the school trip can go:

Goonko: (The boys' room is making a lot of noise.)
Tamami: Ummm, Kimiko-chan?
Goonko: Hey, Tamami-chan. What's up?
Tamami: It seems like there's a big party in the boys' room. Want to check it out?
Goonko: Yeah, I'll go!

The way the pillow toss event works, it brings in a random female friend, plus that friend's love interest. The fourth slot is filled either by the character with the highest affection for the main character, or if that character is already present, the second-highest boy on the list. Chiharu is disqualified because he doesn't get to go on the class trip as a freshman, so the slot defaults to Shiki after Tamami forces Kazuma to appear.

Tamami: You coming along helps a lot, I didn't want to go alone.

Tamami causes Shiki and Kazuma to switch places, so Shiki gets an extra line if Tamami comes along:

Shiki: It's a shame that you came all the way out here for this.
Shiki: As you can see, it's turned into a pillow fight.

While everyone else shouts "<XXX club> secret technique" before their pillow supers, Tamami squeaks out "Girls' secret technique. Sensei! The boys are--" and proceeds to tell on them. This causes both boys to freeze and panic for a few seconds, turning the game into a 1 on 1. I assume that this is what Goonko's super would be if she didn't have a club or was the manager of the baseball team.

Every hiding place gets the same description from Goonko, so the closet/futon/table choice is a pure shell game.

If you hide with Tamami:

Goonko: Tamami-chan!
Tamami: Kimiko-chan!
Tamami: Oh no, I'm so sorry. Geez... I must have freaked you out.
Goonko: (So it was Tamami-chan in there.)

If you say "nah, I won't go to the boys' room" to Tamami, this dialogue occurs:

Goonko: Nah, I'll pass.
Tamami: Y, yeah, that's a good idea.
Goonko: Why don't you go, Tamami-chan?
Tamami: No, I'll pass too. Good night!
Goonko: Huh?

Reiichi: Fudou.
Reiichi: Isn't it past time for lights out?
Goonko: Himuro-sensei?!
Goonko: Uh, the boys' room was--
Reiichi: Don't worry about other people.
Reiichi: Go back to your own room and go to sleep.
Goonko: Y, yes sir.
Goonko: (Tamami-chan totally ditched me.)

It took a few more hard resets to change the RNG seed and get back on track, but it was worth it. Mizuki's super, the Fireball Smash de Paris, makes me laugh because she sounds so much like Chopper when she delivers the line. It's also absurdly hard to dodge.

Hiding with Mizuki leads to this line, which is the most annoyed and disappointed Mizuki's gotten since... well, since we forced her to ride the merry-go-round with us on the double date.

Goonko: Oh! Sudou-san!
Mizuki: Oh boooo, why did it have to be you and not him?
Goonko: (So that was Sudou-san in there.)

And, finally, hiding with Kazuma (the canon ending to Goonko's class trip):

Goonko: Suzuka-kun!
Kazuma: H, hey, what're you trying to pull?
Goonko: (Then that was--)

In none of my reloads did Shiho show up for this event - it's most likely because I haven't met Academics Boy yet, so he can't appear to pair up with her in the pillow fight. That's unfortunate.

And as a final note, I checked my .gif recordings for Irisize's sake. Goonko's and Kazuma's supers don't sync perfectly because his cut-in takes about 20 frames longer than hers. This happens because Kazuma gets to scream out his attack name, while Goonko's just flashes by without any dramatic pausing. The "Niagara dunk!" shout is actually pretty understated by Hiyama Nobuyuki's lofty standards.

9/19: The last day of the trip

Goonko: (Is Suzuka-kun down here yet? Oh, there he is.)
Kazuma: Y, yo. Morning, Kimiko.
Goonko: Good morning. You're up early.
Kazuma: Yeah, I just couldn't wait to get out of bed today. Y'know?

Kazuma: Oh yeah, I have to pick up souvenirs.
Kazuma: Can we stop by this gift shop for a sec?
Goonko: I don't mind.
Kazuma: Sorry 'bout this!
Kazuma: But you're gonna buy something too, right?
Kazuma: I'll see you outside.
Goonko: (I wonder what kind of souvenirs Suzuka-kun will buy?)

Kazuma: You finished shopping, Kimiko?
Kazuma: I'm done.
Goonko: Yeah, I am too. Wait, what the?!
Goonko: That's a huge bag. What did you buy?
Kazuma: Huh? Yeah, just some souvenirs for the freshmen on the basketball team.

Not pictured: the huge gift bag that is apparently just below the frame in Kazuma's right hand.

Kazuma: They put me in charge of picking up all this stuff.
Kazuma: It's a pain in the ass, though, so I just bought everyone the same thing.
Goonko: What? You mean all of that...?
Goonko: (Suzuka-kun...)

Goonko: Sigh...
Kazuma: What's wrong, Kimiko? Are you tired?
Goonko: No, that's not it.
Goonko: It's just been so fun that when I think about how it's all over tomorrow...

Kazuma: You're still a kid in a lot of ways, aren't you.
Kazuma: But... we sure saw a lot together, didn't we?
Goonko: Yeah.

Goonko: We're back in Habataki City!
Goonko: The class trip is over!

9/21: Back to normal life

Ciao! Is everyone in love?
Mmmmm, baked sweet potatoes are so~ delicious.
Everything is delicious! It's true that fall is the season of appetites.
It's our greatest enemy. Don't give in, girls~
Protect your figures with your lives!

The current craze is bermuda pants! If you wear that to a date, your man will melt in your hands~!

Next up, the fashionable color is orange! Work that into your wardrobe!

And on top of that, it might be nice to wear a bracelet as an accent.

Your trump card is just being yourself! Have some confidence!

★Goro's sexy calisthenics★

Transform yourself into a beauty!

After checking on fall fashion trends, it's time for a basketball game.

Goonko: That was pretty easy!

9/23: Curtains for Tamami

Goonko: Tamami-chan! Want to stop by a cafe on the way home?
Tamami: Oh, I'm so sorry. I have a really busy schedule today.

After this point, Tamami doesn't accept any invitations anymore - so she's pretty much dead to us for the rest of this playthrough. Unfortunate, but inevitable.

9/29-10/3: Kazuma's full court press

This week easily showcases why Tamami doesn't want anything to do with Goonko anymore. It starts with Kazuma invitng Goonko out to the arcade, and of course Goonko says yes.

This is followed immediately by Goonko starting to call Kazuma by the more familiar "Kazuma-kun", which will change to just the intimate "Kazuma" soon enough.
Goonko: Hey, Kazuma-kun, let's stop by a cafe on the way home.

Kazuma: W, well, if you insist, I guess I can go with you.

This is quite possibly the worst pose and perspective I have seen in the entire Tokimemo series. He looks like he's pushing himself into the table and his monkey arms are dangling all the way to Goonko's end.
Goonko: Say, Kazuma-kun, what kind of music do you listen to?

Kazuma: Hmm. Well, I listen to a lot of hip-hop before games.
Goonko: Why before games?

Kazuma: It really helps me focus.
Kazuma: My body starts moving to the rhythm, and once I'm in rhythm I feel like I can't lose.

And, to add insult to injury, Goonko has a perfect week of studying, which Kazuma notices.
Kazuma: Kimiko, you've been hitting the books pretty hard lately.
Kazuma: Traitor.

He says that last word with a smile, so it's more of an affectionate tease than any kind of insult or insinuation of betrayal.

10/5: The dangers of waiting in a busy area

Man: I won't take any of your time at all, miss, my shop is right here.
Man: I just want to talk to you for a second, okay?
Goonko: Oh, no, I'm not--
Goonko: I mean, umm...
Man: It's really close by, I swear. My shop's on the second floor, see it?

Kazuma: That's enough!
Goonko: Oh, Kazuma-kun!
Man: What? Oh, geez, you were waiting for someone?
Man: I guess that means you're too busy.
Goonko: (He gave up and left. Thank goodness.)

Girls: have you ever just been standing around when someone tries to drag you into their shop? Is this a thing? I've seen some hard sells in my life, but this is borderline illegal.

Kazuma: You know, when this kind of thing happens, you've gotta come out and say no up front.
Kazuma: Otherwise you'll just get dragged around.
Goonko: I'll be more careful next time. Thanks.
Kazuma: No, don't thank me. It's my fault for being late anyway.
Goonko: (Kazuma-kun is pretty dependable at times like these.)

Kazuma: So, what do you wanna do?
Goonko: Play video games, of course.
Kazuma: Awesome! Time to show off my skills.

Kazuma: So, where should we start?
Option 1: There's this stuffed animal I really want to win.
Option 2: Let's play some fighting games!
Option 3: Let's go to the fortune teller and check our compatibility.

Let's see, on October 5, 2003, Samurai Spirits Zero was a few days from coming out, but SvC Chaos was still new...

Ah, who'm I kidding, Kazuma would only ever play Soul Calibur II or KoF 2002.

Goonko: Let's play some fighting games!
Kazuma: Alright, you're on!
Kazuma: I'm just warning you, I'm pretty good.
Goonko: (Mm-hmm, that went pretty well.)

Liar. Joe was bottom tier in KoF '02 - amusingly, Whip is voiced by Miharu of Tokimemo 1 and was oppressively good in that game. Link (Melee) and Nightmare (Soul Calibur II) were solid mid-tiers, so I guess you have those going for you, Kazuma. Enough fighting game mumbling. On to the after-date conversation!

Goonko: Say, Kazuma-kun. Do you have any hobbies?
Kazuma: Hobbies? Hmm. Basketball doesn't count as a hobby, so...
Kazuma: Oh, hey, I almost forgot about that!
Goonko: Hehe, what do you mean by "that"?

Kazuma: Fishing! I wanna go bass fishing again some time.
Kazuma: It's a huge rush when it comes down to a 1 on 1 showdown between me and the fish.
Goonko: Really? That sounds fun!

And then, another Kei bomb warning happened. What a killjoy.

10/6: Speaking of killjoy...

There's another Habataki News feature on Kei. Can anyone tell me what's going on with his shoulder and arm in this picture? I kind of feel like this pose is impossible without a broken humerus, but that's because the curve of his back and the angle of his arm are kind of awkward.

10/7: Working with Shiho

Goonko: I'm really sorry.
Goonko: I screwed up pretty badly back there.
Shiho: It's fine, it's fine.
Shiho: The customer calmed down eventually.

Goonko: ...
Shiho: Don't make the same mistake twice and you'll be fine.
Shiho: Be careful, okay?
Goonko: Thanks.

10/13: Bomb defusal at the aquarium with Kei

Since I don't get to use this outfit very often, I took the opportunity to drag it out of the closet. The sword came too, of course.

Kei: Were you waiting?
Goonko: Nope! I just got here too.
Kei: Good.
Kei: Your clothes...
Goonko: Huh?
Kei: They look good on you. I like it.

Kei: I haven't been to the aquarium in forever.
Kei: It's nice.
Option 1: It's like aquatic artwork.
Option 2: You think these fish are edible?
Option 3: Ooh, that fish is pretty.

Goonko: Ooh, that fish is pretty.
Kei: It's a nice pattern.
Kei: I never get tired of it.
Goonko: (Uhh, I guess that's okay.)

Kei: Thanks.
Kei: Bye.

What an interesting and well-spoken young man. I feel more attracted to him already. His eloquence and open personality have won me over.

10/15-10/16: Kei's birthday

Goonko: What should I buy him?
Option 1: Sports towel
Option 2: Pillow with kitty ears
Option 3: Radish juice

I have no idea what to make of this set of choices. I really don't. I ended up going with the present that involved cats.

Goonko: Hazuki-kun!
Kei: Fudou.
Goonko: Here, I got you a present!
Kei: Why?
Goonko: What do you mean, "why"? Today's your birthday, isn't it?
Kei: Yeah.
Goonko: Open it!

Kei: Thank you. You know what I like.
Goonko: (Yay! He was really happy about it!)

"Hazuki-kun, why won't you smile?"
"I am smiling. I'll kill you."

10/19: Friendship. Hard work. Victory!

Goonko: (The boys' game is still going. I wonder if Kazuma-kun's doing alright?)
Goonko: (Whoa, everyone on the other team is swarming him. He can barely move.)

Player A: Kazuma! You're trapped! Throw it here!
Kazuma: Ugh!
Kazuma: It's all yours!
Kazuma: You better make this!
Player A: I got this!

Kazuma: Yo! I didn't know you were watching.
Goonko: Yay! You won!

Kazuma: Well, I wasn't the one who made the winning shot.
Goonko: But your pass is what made that basket happen!

Kazuma: Yeah.
Kazuma: We're a team, after all.
Goonko: (Kazuma-kun's face is priceless right now.)

What I think Kazuma looks like right now, part "This is my excuse to post the legendary two-page spread from Slam Dunk":

Voice actor trivia: Rukawa Kaede, the player pictured on the left, was one of the roles that vaulted Midorikawa Hikaru to stardom. He's much more interesting than Kei is.

10/25: School festival prep, year 2

Class rep: The votes are in, and this year, we're going to be holding a bazaar.
Class rep: Let's all work hard over the next two weeks.

From context, the bazaar is basically a classwide yard sale. Everyone in the class brings some interesting items they don't mind selling, and tries to sell it to the rest of the school.

10/26: Goonko's birthday

Goonko: Who is it~?
Goonko: Oh, hi Kazuma-kun. What're you doing here?
Kazuma: W, well, you know, it's your birthday and all.
Goonko: No way! You remembered it, Kazuma-kun?

Kazuma: It, it's not that big a deal.
Kazuma: Anyway, here's your present!
Goonko: Wow, thanks!
Kazuma: I don't really know what girls like, so I have no idea if you'll like this at all.
Kazuma: Anyway, just take it. Later.
Goonko: (Ya~y! I got a present from Kazuma-kun! )
Goonko: (I wonder what it is?)
Goonko: (Oh, a wristband!)
Goonko: (Wow, this is really cool! Just what I'd expect him to get.)

Kazuma's wristband cannot be equipped as an accessory, and is instead a stat item like Mizuki's lip mirror or the basketball team's Iron Courage. It's worth +5 Fitness and +5 Charm, so it's nothing to scoff at, either.

11/8: The school festival

Goonko: Is this the item you wanted?
Goonko: Here you go! Thank you very much!
Kazuma: Y, yo, Kimiko. You seem really busy.

Goonko: Hey, Kazuma-kun! Thanks for stopping by.
Kazuma: Ha, yeah. I figured I'd browse a little bit.
Goonko: Don't just window shop, you should buy something! You might never see these again.
Kazuma: Okay, okay.
Kazuma: Whoa! You guys have a superhero bag! I loved this show when I was a kid.
Goonko: I brought that in, you know.

I forgot to mention this the last time Kazuma brought up superheroes, but to a Japanese teenager, "superhero" means Super Sentai or Kamen Rider, not Batman or Spider-Man. These days, that association is reinforced by the Sentai/Rider time slot, named Super Hero Time.

Kazuma: R, really? Then I'll take it.
Kazuma: It's just the right size for my basketball shoes.
Goonko: Thank you very much! Let me go wrap it up for you.

Goonko: Here you go!
Kazuma: Huh. You're really good at that. It looks more like a present than a purchase.
Goonko: You think so?
Kazuma: Yeah. Feels like I'm the one making a profit off of this. Thanks, Kimiko.
Goonko: (Kazuma-kun seems happy.)

Goonko: That's how this year's school festival ended.
Goonko: The bazaar was super busy, and it was a lot of fun!

Next time: Goro is only the second-weirdest character in this scene.