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Part 108: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 18: Someone's Waiting for You

Tokimemo Girl's Side, Chapter 18: Someone's Waiting For You

It's the end of year 3, and there's not too much left to do. Let's get this show started.

1/1: One more New Year's

Goonko: A new year begins today!

Tsukushi: Hey, sis. I brought your New Year's cards!
Goonko: Thanks.
Tsukushi: What? Are you not going to yell at me for barging into your room this year?
Goonko: Would you like me to?

Tsukushi: No, no, I'm good. Here you go.
Goonko: Thanks. Now get out.
Tsukushi: Waugh!
Goonko: Now, let's see, who sent these...

Goonko: This is Mizuki-chama's. Ummm, it's gorgeous.

Bonne Annee 2005

Goonko: This is from Shiho-chan. I bet she still hasn't taken a break from studying.

Happy New Year
I wish you nothing but good fortune in the new year.
Best wishes,
Arisawa Shiho

Goonko: Hey, this is from the Chairman! Whoa, it's hand-brushed.

This piece of calligraphy technically means "Rooster", but only as it refers to the 10th of 12 Earthly Branches in the Chinese zodiac. It took me a distressingly long time to figure this one out, because screw you, calligraphy!

In other news, given the pictographic nature of the language and the subject matter at hand, the Chairman has technically sent a picture of a cock to a high school student. Can we arrest him?

Goonko: Oh, this is Hibiya-kun's! That potato stamp is unmistakable.

Happy New Year, dude!
Best wishes, dude.
Hibiya Wataru

The potato stamp says "New Year's Day," and the more proper red ink stamp once again has the Year of the Rooster character on it.

Goonko: Ahahaha, Kazuma! Hmmm, did his handwriting get a little better?

Happy New Year
Let's have fun,

Goonko: This is one of Mihara-kun's pieces. I wonder if that means it's really valuable?

New Year
S. Mihara

Goonko: Who could that be?
Kazuma: Hey, Kimiko. It's, uh, it's me, Suzuka.
Goonko: Hi Kazuma, what's up?
Kazuma: I, uh, I got nothing to do, and thought you might be bored.
Kazuma: So, uh, you wanna go to hatsumoude with me?
Goonko: Sure, let's go!
Kazuma: C, cool. Alright, I'll head to your house.
Kazuma: You wanna get ready and wait for me to show up?
Goonko: Yeah, got it. I'll be ready when you get here.

One last hurrah for this ol' outfit and the sword that goes with it.

Kazuma: Happy new year, Kimiko.
Goonko: Hehe, happy new year.

Kazuma: ...
Goonko: Wh, what is it?
Kazuma: Oh, uhh, you know, that haregi looks really good on you.
Goonko: Th, thanks.
Goonko: (Haha, he likes it!)

This dialogue is exactly the same as before, so I'm copying and pasting from chapter 14.

Kazuma: Y, you gonna be okay? Feels like we're gonna get lost in the crowd.
Goonko: Yeah, it really does.
Kazuma: So, uh, I, I washed my hand and everything.
Kazuma: So why don't we, uh, you know...
Goonko: You're right, it would be better if we held hands.
Goonko: (Kazuma-kun seems happy about something.)

Kazuma: Fortunes, huh? Hey, you wanna try your luck?
Goonko: Yeah, let's do it.
Kazuma: Yeah, this is the best part of New Year's.
Kazuma: They say your entire year's fate is on the line.
Goonko: Really?
Goonko: (Kazuma-kun's acting very serious for some reason.)

Goonko: Let's see, my fortune for the year is...
Goonko: Kichi, good fortune. Hmmm, I guess that's pretty normal, I guess?
Goonko: (What did Kazuma-kun's fortune say?)

Kazuma: Hey, Kimiko, can we trade?
Goonko: What? Wait, you mean you got it again?
Kazuma: Bad luck. Lemme pull another one!
Goonko: You can't do that, that's not how it works!

Kazuma: Damn. Well, you know, they say that a man makes his own fate.
Kazuma: Alright! Nothing to worry about.
Goonko: (That's... pretty optimistic, I guess.)

Kazuma: So, did you take care of everything you wanted to do?
Kazuma: If you forgot to wish for something, we can head back just fine--
Goonko: Nope, I'm good.
Kazuma: I see.
Kazuma: So, hey, before I forget.
Goonko: Yeees?

Kazuma: I wonder how many times I'll be able to go out with you this year?
Goonko: What's that mean?!
Kazuma: S, sorry! That sounded weird.
Kazuma: But, you know, we graduate this year.
Kazuma: A, anyway, let's go home.
Goonko: (Oh yeah... graduation's coming up.)

1/14: Shiki's birthday

Goonko: What should I get him?
Option 1: Bourbon-style pajamas
Option 2: Rococo fundoshi
Option 3: Madame Butterfly CD

The Bourbon-style pajamas are assumed to be based on some kind of 19th century French fashion, and not on the liquor. I really don't want to know what a Rococo-style fundoshi is. The Bourbon-style pajamas cost 3 Rich, so let's get those since we have no more use for money.

Goonko: Mihara-kun!
Shiki: Hey, Fudou-kun. What's going on?
Goonko: Here, I got you a birthday present!
Shiki: So that's why you look so perky.
Goonko: Yeah! Open it up!

Shiki: This--this is wonderful!
Shiki: You really do understand me, don't you.
Shiki: Thank you. I'll treasure it.
Goonko: (Yay, he really seemed to like it!)

1/20: Why isn't there a "mace him" option?

STRANGER DANGER: Ah, there you are.
STRANGER DANGER: I'm glad I found you, Fudou-kun.
Goonko: Oh, hi mister Chairman. Is something wrong?
STRANGER DANGER: Do you happen to have this Sunday free?
Goonko: Sorry, I'm busy that day.
STRANGER DANGER: I see. Well, I suppose there's nothing I can do about that.
STRANGER DANGER: Sorry for bothering you.
Goonko: (I wonder what he wanted to do on Sunday?)

I really wish that there was a "no, no, God no" option but I had to settle for the polite refusal.

2/11: One last mail from Mizuki

From: sudou
Re: I hate Valentine's Day!

Ça va?
I planned on telling you all about Mizuki's special chocolate, and snuck into the kitchen to taste it.
Then, Grandmother found me and gave me such a scolding!
How could she?!

2/13: How could she, indeed

My chat made me do this, I swear.

Step 1: Fail at the chocolate game as usual.

Goonko: Geez, Tsukushi! How many times do I have to tell you to knock?!
Goonko: I was just greeting the morning, and--
Tsukushi: Greeting, huh?
Tsukushi: So you'll be late again this year, is what you're telling me.
Goonko: Oh no! Today's Valentine's Day, isn't it?

Tsukushi: I can't believe it. You never learn, do you, sis?
Goonko: (I need to get ready and hurry to school!)

Step 2: Be vaguely polite to everyone

Goonko: (Who should I give my giri chocolate to?)
Goonko: Hibiya-kun.
Goonko: Hibiya-kun!
Wataru: Oh, hi Fudou-senpai.
Wataru: What's up?
Goonko: Here, it's your Valentine's chocolate.
Wataru: Hey, thanks.
Goonko: I have high expectations for your White Day present!

Wataru: I won't let you down!
Wataru: what I wish I could say, dude.
Wataru: But now all I feel is pressure.
Goonko: (Eh, not bad.)

Goonko: (Who should I give my fancy chocolate to?)
Goonko: Mihara-kun.
Goonko: (Yeah, Mihara-kun should definitely get this chocolate!)
Goonko: Mihara-kun!
Shiki: Hello, Fudou-kun. You were looking for me?
Goonko: Here you go, I got you some chocolate.
Shiki: Oh, that looks delicious.
Shiki: Thank you.
Goonko: (Good, it seems like he liked it.)

Step 2: Pick a victim

Goonko: (Now, for the chocolate I worked so hard on! I should give it to...)
Goonko: Kazuma!
Goonko: (Of course I should give this to Kazuma!
Kazuma: Y, yo, Kimiko. Wh, what, you need me for something?
Goonko: Here, I made you chocolate!

Step 3: Watch him squirm

Kazuma: ...
Goonko: What? You're all tense for some reason.

Kazuma: Uh, no, it's just your imagination.
Kazuma: So this is chocolate... right?
Goonko: Yup.
Kazuma: And... you made it yourself, right?
Goonko: Yup.
Kazuma: Th, thanks. I'll suck it up and eat all of it.
Kazuma: Later!
Goonko: (What does he mean by "suck it up"?)

2/17: Solemnness from Shiho

Shiho: The cherry blossoms are starting to peek out already.
Goonko: Yeah, they are.
Shiho: And by the time they're in full bloom, we'll all have gone our separate ways...
Goonko: Yeah, graduation's almost here.

2/18: A look at a possible future

Customer: Could you help me find a skirt that goes with this blouse?
Goonko: Well, ma'am, can I suggest this one to you?
Customer: Hmm, okay.
Customer: Yeah, I like it. Can I buy it now?

Goro: Wonderful. That was wonderful, dear!
Goro: I give you top marks!
Goonko: (Did Hanatsubaki-sensei just recognize my talent there?)

2/24: Goonko's real future

Goonko: Entrance exams are today! What was I going to do, again?
Option 1: Take the employment exam
Option 2: Take the college entrance exam instead
Option 3: Go to a top sports college

Goonko: Alright, time to put all of that time on the team to good use!
Goonko: The application is done, all that's left to do is wait for the reply.

This is the first time that the third option has appeared, because Goonko won the national basketball tournament. I shudder to think what Goonko's future would be if she hadn't won, since Goonko's grades are far too poor to do anything other than basketball..

2/21: A final message

From: Itou Soukichi
Re: I hope this finds you in good spirits


Please forgive me for sending this mail to you out of the blue. I am Garrison Itou.

I humbly thank you for being Mizuki-sama's friend for so long.
As you know, Mizuki-sama can be quite a handful, so it may be difficult for you to realize how much she truly adores you.
At the mansion, she always tells stories about you, and when she does, her face truly comes to life.
Thanks to you, she was able to have a happy and bright time in high school.
Mizuki-sama and I will soon return to splitting our time between Paris and here at Habataki, but from the bottom of my heart I hope and pray that you will continue to be her friend for many years to come.

Kimiko-sama, please take good care of yourself. I wish you nothing but good fortune, and good spirits.

What a nice man. And what a convenient vehicle for what Mizuki herself would never, ever say to Kimiko.

2/28: Die legende fur madchen

STRANGER DANGER: And now, everyone, these are my final words to you.
STRANGER DANGER: Keep hope in your hearts. As long as you never abandon hope, you will never know defeat.
STRANGER DANGER: There are times when life will beat you down.
STRANGER DANGER: Despair will batter you, and there may be times when you think that all your efforts will be in vain.
STRANGER DANGER: But I want all of you to believe this:
STRANGER DANGER: At this school, all of you have grown the wings of courage.
STRANGER DANGER: I believe that with those wings, you can overcome any obstacle in your paths.
STRANGER DANGER: And now, your boundless futures await you!
STRANGER DANGER: Spread your wings and fly!

Goonko: It's time to say goodbye to this school.

Goonko: It's been three years...

Goonko: It's been pretty eventful, hasn't it?

Goonko: I feel kind of lonely right now.

Goonko: Oh yeah, wasn't this chapel locked on the first day of school?

Goonko: What? It's open.

Goonko: So this is what it looks like inside.
Goonko: It's weird, I swear this is the first time I've been here before, but I'm getting deja vu.

Goonko: What? There's a picture book...
Goonko: So it wasn't just a dream.

Goonko: Kazuma...
Kazuma: I, uh, I saw you come in here.
Goonko: I see.
Goonko: It's been a crazy 3 years, hasn't it?
Kazuma: Yeah, it really has.
Kazuma: Say, I, uh--
Goonko: What?

Kazuma: I was a pretty selfish guy when I first met you.
Goonko: ?
Kazuma: I thought that other people didn't matter, and I was different from everyone else.

Kazuma: But after I met you, I started thinking differently for the first time.
Goonko: After meeting me?
Kazuma: Yeah. Uhh, how do I put this...
Kazuma: You know how you can't play basketball by yourself, right?
Kazuma: But all I did was chase the ball, and I didn't even look at anything else.
Kazuma: I tried to make all the plays myself.

Kazuma: And I think that's... I think that's why I hit a wall.

Kazuma: Thanks for making me realize that. I'm really grateful.
Goonko: Kazuma...

Kazuma: And that's why, uh, umm, how do I say it...
Kazuma: There's, uh, something I need to tell you.
Kazuma: I have no idea what I should say right now.
Kazuma: I hate doing anything half-assed, so, umm...
Goonko: What is it?

Kazuma: I, I want you to cheer me on!
Kazuma: Wait, crap, no, that's not what I meant.
Kazuma: I, I kinda, you know, I kinda like you, and...

Kazuma: And that's why I need you by my side! Come with me to America!
Goonko: Whaaaaat?!
Kazuma: I want you to see just how far I can make it!
Kazuma: I love you!

Option 1: I love you too, Kazuma
Option 2: You're going down a path I can't follow.


Option 1 ending

Goonko: I'll be there for you, no matter what.
Goonko: As long as I'm with you, I'll go anywhere!
Kazuma: Haha... seriously?
Goonko: Seriously.

Kazuma: Yessssss, I totally nailed it!
Kazuma: I swear I'll make you happy!

Kazuma: I'll never let you go.
Kazuma: We're the greatest team there's ever been!

And so,

Just like that boy in the chapel promised me,

A prince really did come for me in this chapel.

The chapel I've dreamed about since I was little...

Maybe, just maybe,

To people who come to this chapel in the future,

We'll be the prince and princess of the story.

Kazuma and I are currently studying English like mad, so we can study abroad in America.

Sometimes, Kazuma shouts "I'll never learn English!" and winds up to throw the book away,

But when I remind him of what we promised each other on graduation day, he turns red and starts studying again.

From now on, we're going to be spending all of our time together as we grow into adults.

And one day...

If the time comes for us to make our vows to each other, I think we'll come back to this chapel.

To this place we met.

Wait, that's it?! Roll credits, show a picture of Kazuma in the snow, and that's all we get? What happens to Mizuki and Shiki? What happens to Shiho and, uh, whatever nerdboy she wants to date? Does Tamami ever forgive us for stealing her man?

There's only one question I can answer right now, which is "what happens if, for some godforsaken reason, you tell Kazuma no?

Option 2 ending (AKA "The Padme Amidala")

Kazuma: And that's why I need you by my side! Come with me to America!
Goonko: Whaaaaat?!
Kazuma: I want you to see just how far I can make it!
Kazuma: I love you!

Goonko: I... I don't think I can do it.
Kazuma: I... I see. You can't do it.
Goonko: I'm sorry.

Kazuma: Don't worry about it, you dork.

Kazuma: I haven't given up yet.
Kazuma: I'll get better and stronger, and I'll come back for you.

Kazuma: And when I do, it doesn't matter what you'll say, I'll take you away with me!

After graduating, I went to a top sports school, just like I wanted to.

I've dreamed about this chapel since I was a youngling.

There were times when I thought "A prince will come for me."

But I think it'll be a little longer before my prince comes.

Wait, that's it?! I was hoping at least for some shouting "You were the chosen one! You were to bring balance to the Tokimemo!" or something, but after this, credits roll and nothing happens.

I honestly don't know which ending disappoints me more.

Anyway, this is the time to turn it over to you guys! What do you think happens to everyone? Does STRANGER DANGER get arrested? Does Goro make it to Paris Fashion Week? How do Mizuki and Goonko keep up with each other with Goonko playing basketball in America? I'm assuming Goonko goes to UConn, Tennessee, or Stanfurd, but what about Kazuma? Does he overcome his height disadvantage?

Let me know what you think!

Next time: Friends on the other side, and other things that we missed.