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Part 112: Chapter 1.1: You can get with this...

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 1.1: You can get with this

The poll structure is going to be a bit different this time around, but given that this is the longest post in the LP, I'm going to break things up into 3 posts purely for the sake of of readability.

As you probably figured out, the first three questions of the quiz have a huge impact on Siren's starting stats. As you might expect from someone who's passionate about fashion but won't neglect her studies, Siren starts with the following:

Academics 60
Art 45
Sports 35
Social 30
Fashion 45
Looks 45

So far, she's the polar opposite of Goonko, who quickly became a sports legend. But starting stats are less about activities in Tokimemo games, and more about how much of a head start you get on meeting boys! As things stand right now, she will be able to meet Helmet (Itaru) really quickly if she wants to, while it'll take a bit more effort to meet any of the other guys. Here's the question, though: who should she actually meet? DJ Jerky Jerk (Teru) and the Fresh Prince (Wakaoji) are met by default, but we're finally at the point where we should vote on which route Siren should go. So before Siren's fate gets decided by a bunch of goons, it's time to introduce the potential suitors.

Now, to make sure we get a good taste of each boy's personality, I'll be throwing in a couple of scenes for each of them - after that there'll be a poll to decide which boy you want to see end up with Siren!

And before you ask, no, you don't get to vote for Haruhi if you think all of these guys are jerks or idiots. The friend routes are boring, so you'll have to content yourselves with seeing a summary at the very end.

Saeki Teru

Saeki's early events happen pretty much whether you want them to or not, but there are a sizeable chunk of them that only appear if you take on a part-time job waiting tables at Sangosho cafe.

If you vote for Teru: Siren will probably join the crafts club and work at the cafe.

Saeki scene 1: Beating the girls off with a stick

Siren: (School day's done! Time to head home.)
Siren: (There's a pretty big crowd out front... did they spot a celebrity or something?)
Teru: Sorry. I really have to get going soon.
Siren: (Oh, it's Saeki-kun.)

Girl A: Whaaaat? You can spend a little more time with us, can't you?
Teru: I'm sorry. I have something I have to take care of at home.
Girl B: No way! Saeki-kun, you said the same thing the last time you wouldn't hang out with us!

Teru: Haha... did I?
Teru: Oh, right, I have prep school today.
Girl C: That's so obviously a lie!
Siren: (Whoa... he's so popular, he's literally surrounded by girls. It's like a scene in a manga...)
Teru: Well... you got me.
Siren: Saeki-kun!

Teru: Oh! Were you about to head home?
Siren: Y, yeah, I was, but why're you being so nice?
Teru: I'll walk you home. You still don't know your way around, do you?
Girl A: Hey, that's unfair! You should walk us home too!

Teru: Now, now. She just moved to my neighborhood, and she tells me that she still gets lost.
Siren: Nah, I'm good!

Teru: AHEM.
Teru: I said, she tells me that she still gets lost.
Siren: Huh? Oh!
Siren: Uh, umm, yeah, I guess so?
Teru: Shall we? I was just about to head home too.
Siren: (He's being so polite right now...)
Girl B: Geez, you're so nice to everyone, Saeki-kun.
Girl C: Maybe I should move to your neighborhood too.
Siren: S, sorry, girls.
Siren: (Oh boy, they're all staring daggers at me...)

Translator's note: In previous conversations, Teru has used the more rude/familiar forms of "you" and "I" -- in front of all these people, he's using the polite forms, which is what's confusing Siren so much.

Teru: You saved me.
Teru: If I stick around too long at school, I won't make it to work in time to open.
Siren: Oh, I see, it must be pretty tough at the cafe.
Siren: But wow, you're super popular, aren't you?

Teru: Cut that out.
Siren: Whoa, you're blushing.
Siren: But why do you hide that cafe from everyone, anyway?

Teru: I'm just keeping it secret from the school.
Teru: The cafe's open late, so that could get me in trouble.
Teru: Plus...
Siren: Plus?

Teru: "1: Make sure this has doesn't affect your grades."
Teru: "2: Don't cause any trouble at school."
Teru: Those are the conditions I need to meet to stay there.
Siren: Conditions? Did you have to promise that to your parents or something?

Teru: Something like that.
Teru: Oh crap, I gotta hurry. Later!
Siren: (It must be tough to be Saeki-kun.)

Teru 2: Hostile work environments

Just like the previous Girl's Side, true prince-stalkers need to work at cafes.

Siren: (I thought that the ad might be for this place, and it was--this is the same cafe from the morning of the opening ceremony.)
Siren: (Which means...)

Teru: Welcome to Cafe Sangosho.
Siren: Saeki-kun! I knew it!
Teru: Table for 1? I'll show you to your seat, ma'am.
Siren: Huh? What're you doing, Saeki-kun?

Teru: *sigh*
Siren: You are Saeki-kun, right?
Teru: C'mere a sec--I mean, could you come this way, please?
Siren: ?

Teru: What're you doing here?
Siren: I start working here today...
Teru: Why here, of all places? There're so many places you could've gotten a job...
Siren: I didn't know! I just answered an ad!
Teru: Go home.
Siren: Seriously?!

???: Hello there. You're the one who answered the ad, right?
Siren: Oh! Yes, my name is Fudou Siren.
???: Nice to meet you. I'm the master of this cafe.
???: Oh, and I'm also Teru's grandfather.
Siren: I see. So what should I call y--

Teru: In the establishment, you'll call him Master.
Teru: We keep things strictly professional here.
Master: So it seems.
Master: We'll just leave it at Manager.
Siren: Okay. Nice to meet you!

Translator's note: In Japanese, the loanword Master (マスター) is used for the owners and managers of Western-style cafes and bars.

Teru: No, not nice! Go away already!
Master: Hey! That's no way to talk to a lady, young man.
Teru: But she's from my school!
Teru: And she's pretty ditzy, so she'll blab to everyone about this place and ruin everything!
Siren: What makes you think I would, huh?

Master: Well, we'll see how things go.
Teru: No way, she'll ruin the whole thing...
Siren: I won't!

Master: Both of you cut that out, and come back inside already.
Siren: (Alright, I'll work hard and show him!)

Master: Now, I'm sorry to push this on you so fast, but I'll need you to help Teru out.
Siren: Okay!
Siren: Let's get this started, Saeki-kun!
Teru: ....
Siren: Are you mad at me?

Teru: I'm gonna go take some orders. C'mere.
Siren: O, okay!

Teru: Thank you for waiting. Have you made a decision yet?
Customer A: Umm, what do you recommend here?
Teru: I recommend the Sangosho blend.
Teru: It's a Colombian base, with a little bit of acidity to it.
Teru: It's the Master's pride and joy.
Customer B: Ooh, I'll have that!
Siren: (It's like he's a completely different person.)
Siren: (He acts so much more mature here than he does at school.)
Customer A: I'm not very good with sour...
Teru: Very well, how about the Brazilian blend?
Customer A: What kind is that one?
Teru: It's a much more refreshing taste that I think you'll enjoy.
Teru: I blended it myself.
Customer A: I'll take that!
Teru: Excellent.
Siren: (The customers fall in love with him just like the girls at school do.)
Siren: (I can't blame them, he's so good-looking...)

Skinship! For these purposes, the system just pops up because it takes the text box away and lets you see the whole picture. But in the future... well...

Siren: (Oh no, that spoon--)
Teru: Don't worry about that, ma'am.
Teru: I'll bring you a new one shortly.
Siren: (He didn't even miss a beat! He's pretty smooth.)

Teru: ...
Siren: Wow, you're amazing, Saeki-kun!
Siren: You're more like a pro than a part-timer.
Siren: I can't believe we're the same age.
Teru: Order, please?
Siren: What? Uh, okay, one vanilla ice cream, and...

Teru: Give me the tray, please.
Siren: Oh. Okay. Here.
Siren: Ow!
Teru: Don't goof off.
Siren: (Ugh, I hit my head on the tray...)

Shiba Katsumi

There are two ways to meet Katsumi. One, join the baseball club. Two, raise your Sports stat. The second one shows a bit more of the character, so I'll show the generic version first.

If you vote for Katsumi, Siren will manage the baseball team and maybe work at the flower shop.

Shiba Katsumi, scene 1: Is he scary?

Siren: (Oh no, we're in the science room for next period! I need to run if I want to make it on time!)
Katsumi: Oi.
Siren: What?!

Katsumi: You dropped this.
Siren: Huh? Are you talking to me?
Katsumi: Fudou, right?
Siren: R, right, but how did you know my name?
Katsumi: From your student ID.
Siren: Whoa, thanks! When did I even drop it?
Katsumi: Just a second ago, when you started running.
Siren: Oh. Thanks, uh--
Katsumi: ....

Siren: Hey, wait a second!
Siren: What's your name?
Katsumi: Shiba Katsumi.
Siren: Thank you, Shiba-kun!
Katsumi: ....
Siren: (And he's gone...)
Siren: (Shiba-kun is a man of few words.)

In Katsumi's baseball introduction, he says about 8 words total. So yes, this is pretty much the most you'll get out of him for a while.

Katsumi 2: Sporrrrrts

For reference, DS touch screen mini-games are pretty annoying with a mouse. But as usual, the three-legged race is the lazy player's best friend. Anyway, on to the character who we're actually supposed to be talking to!

Siren: (The next event is the 400-meter dash. Hey, wait a second.)
Siren: Shiba-kun! Why are you in such a hurry?
Katsumi: The guy who was supposed to run this for us got hurt, so I ended up being his replacement.
Siren: Oh, I see. Good luck!

Katsumi: ...Thanks.
Siren: (I'll go cheer him on!)
Student council member: On your marks! Get set...

Siren: (Shiba-kun's so fast!)
They really should have used another word instead of Skinship for the "let's get these text boxes out of the way, touch the screen to continue" segments. Calling it Skinship makes it seem like Siren's running onto the track to punch him in the face, or something.

Siren: Congratulations! You took first place, Shiba-kun!
Katsumi: Yeah, thanks.
Siren: You're really fast, Shiba-kun.
Katsumi: ...You think so?
Siren: Yeah! Everyone was really surprised watching you run.
Siren: We were all talking about how you could pass as a member of the track team.

Katsumi: Track, huh...

Katsumi: Maybe it'd be better if I tried that...
Siren: Shiba-kun?

Katsumi: Don't worry about it.
Katsumi: I'm gonna go clean up.
Siren: Oh, okay...
Siren: (He didn't seem happy at all, even though he got first place. I wonder what made him so sad...)

Hikami Itaru

If you vote for Itaru, Siren will join the student council and work at, I dunno, I'll figure something out.

Hikami Itaru, scene 1: Homura is really mad right now and she doesn't know why

Siren: (Ohhh nooo, I'm running so late!)
Siren: (Please, please, let me be on time!)
*school bell rings*
Siren: She slides into the bag... she's safe!
???: You're out!
Siren: What?!

Itaru: You must have heard the bell.
Itaru: The time is now 15 seconds after 8:25.
Itaru: Hanegasaki Academy student body rules, section 3, paragraph 4:
Itaru: "Students must be in their seats and ready for class by the starting bell."
Itaru: Strictly speaking, you're already late.

Siren: B, but if I hurry, I can make it make it in time for class!
Itaru: That's another problem entirely.
Itaru: Besides, running on the school grounds is prohibited in that same section, paragraph 7.
Siren: Oh come on...
Siren: Hey, wait, you're out here too--

Itaru: Take a look at my armband.
Itaru: My name is Hikami Itaru, and I'm on the disciplinary committee of the student council.
Siren: What? You're on the disciplinary committee?
Itaru: Now that you understand the situation, tell me your name, year, and class number.
Siren: Ugh... it was just fifteen seconds!
Itaru: Late is late.
Itaru: Name, year, and class!
Siren: Ugh... Fudou Siren, class 1-B.

Itaru: Thank you. Now, Fudou-kun. Bring your student ID to the registrar's office after school, and--

Itaru: Someone else is late!
Itaru: How dare you?!

Siren: (Hikami-kun seems like the kind of model student you'd read about in a manga...)
Itaru: You should hurry! Class is about to start!
Siren: Y, yes sir!
Siren: (He's really serious about this, isn't he?)

Itaru 2: The reason they call him Helmet

Siren: (Time to put in another day at school.)

Siren: (Whoop, I should get out of this bike's way.)
Siren: (Huh. That's weird. That guy's wearing a helmet.)
Siren: Hey, it's Hikami-kun.

Itaru: Good morning, Fudou-kun.
Siren: G, good morning, Hikami-kun.
Siren: Do you... do you always wear that?
Itaru: What do you mean by "that"?
Siren: The, um, the helmet.

Itaru: Oh, this? It's right there in the rules.
Itaru: "Students who ride bicycles to school must wear helmets."

Itaru: Safety first!
Siren: I see. And what were you doing with your hand back there?
Itaru: That was a hand signal. I was signalling that I was going to stop.
Itaru: It's just like the brake lights on a car.
Siren: I've... I've never actually seen anyone use those in real life.

Itaru: Really? But it's so convenient when you need to let people know you're turning right or left.
Itaru: I want to make sure I follow all the rules when I'm riding my bicycle.
Itaru: Now, if you'll excuse me!

Siren: (It's like Hikami-kun stepped straight out of a textbook...)