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Part 115: Us kids are gonna make some mistakes

Tokimemo Girl's Side, Chapter 3: Us kids are gonna make some mistakes

5/10: The path of parfait perfection

Siren: Hey, wanna grab something to eat on the way home?
Haruhi: Ooh, what a great idea!
Haruhi: We can get some tea and do all the gossipin' we want!
Haruhi: What're we waitin' for, let's go!
Siren: Let's get going, then.

Just like in the previous game, cafe stops after school are a good way to get to know the characters without actually asking them out. Unlike the last game, the perspective on all of the pictures actually makes sense and it doesn't feel like they're encroaching heavily on your personal space.

Siren: Say, Haruhi-chan.
Haruhi: Yeah?
Siren: Do you have a favorite food?

Haruhi: Parfait! Jumbo parfait!
Haruhi: Especially the ones with strawberries. And ones with lotsa whipped cream.
Siren: Wow, that sounds really sweet.

Haruhi: Ya ready for this? 'Cause when I get goin' about parfaits, there ain't no stoppin' me!
Haruhi: Y'know how they make some with cereal at the bottom?
Haruhi: Those're downright heretical in my book!
Haruhi: The ideal parfaits are the ones with proper fruit and ice cream, ya get what I'm sayin'?

Haruhi: Aww nuts, now I really wanna have one...
Haruhi: Maybe I'll make one for myself after I get home.
Siren: What? You make your own?

Haruhi: Hey, if ya can't find the perfect parfait on yer own, it's faster ta make yer own, y'know?
Haruhi: I'll treat ya to an extra one next time, so come on over!
Siren: Sure! Thanks!

5/20: Praised for a perfect week of hanging out

As if propelled by the perfect parfait, Siren's week went perfectly, leading to this quick tidbit from Haruhi:

Haruhi: Woo, that was fun!
Haruhi: Hangin' out together's the most fun I've ever had!
Siren: (Awesome!)

The perfect week triggers no less than 4 different stat thresholds, so the next time we check the inbox, Siren has access to the music shop job, the flower shop job, and the sweet shop job. Since the thread voted on Masaki, we're obviously going to take that flower shop job. Oh, and there's also an e-mail from Haruhi titled "Twinkle Twinkle", complete with a little falling star emote.

Ya been shinin' so bright lately!
But I ain't gonna let ya outshine me!

As twinklin' twins, we should hang out more!


PS, this is what the save game screen looks like at this point. Hurray for Haruhi!

5/22: Meet Harry

This is covered in its entirety in introduction post 1.2, so I'll skip it this time around.

5/23: Enter Masaki and Shiho

See above. It sure was convenient that we cleared both boys' stat thresholds in one week, though! And because we met Harry while Haruhi is our best friend...

5/24: The traditional double date at the park

Haruhi: There y'are, Ren!
Siren: Hey, Haruhi-chan. What's up?

Haruhi: Ta-da! What do ya think these are?
Siren: I dunno, what are those?
Haruhi: They're free tickets ta the amusement park!

Haruhi: Wanna go with me this Sunday?
Siren: The amusement park, eh...
Haruhi: You're comin', right? Seems fun, right? C'mon, let's go let's go!
Siren: Hey, wait a second. You have four of those. Who else is coming?

Haruhi: Uhh, well, don't worry about the little stuff.
Siren: I wanna go!

Haruhi: Sweeeeet! We're goin' this Sunday, so don't ya dare forget!
Haruhi: We're gonna have so much fun, Ren!
Siren: (This Sunday, huh? I wonder who's coming?)

5/27: Hanging out with Harry

Siren: (Oh hey, it's Harry.)

Harry's potential nicknames are:

Hariya -> Hari Senbon = Thousand Needles. I just want him to wiggle his cactus arms now. But we'll just keep calling him Harry to keep him happy.

Siren: Harry!
Siren: Wanna grab some food on the way home?

Harry: Sure, I don't mind.
Siren: Yay! Let's go.

Siren: By the way, Harry.
Harry: Yeah?
Siren: Do you have a favorite food?

Harry: Hamburger steak! But it has to have a fried egg on top or it's no good.
Siren: No good?

Harry: No good at all.
Siren: Why?
Harry: Because a hamburger steak without an egg isn't really a hamburger steak!
Siren: I... I guess so. Anything else?

Harry: Curry rice. Ramen. Sushi that doesn't have any wasabi!
Siren: (I see...)

5/28: The big day

Siren: I'm going out with Haruhi today. I get going soon!

Siren: (Ah, there she is!)
Siren: Haruhi-chan!
Haruhi: There ya are, Ren! We've been waitin' for ya!
Haruhi: Geez, I was startin' ta get worried!
Haruhi: C'mon, hurry up!

Harry: You've got some nerve to keep us waiting...
Siren: S, sorry!
Harry: I'll let you off easy this time.
Harry: We shouldn't waste our time out here!

Siren: Huh? Hey, I didn't think you would come, Saeki-kun!
Teru: I could say the same thing about you.
Teru: Wait a second... this means...

Teru: Ahem! Umm...
Teru: O-oh, wow, what a surprise, I didn't think you were coming too!
Siren: (Saeki-kun's starting to confuse himself...)

Translator's note: As usual, Teru keeps slipping between the informal/rude form of "you" and the polite form of "you" whenever he remembers that someone other than Siren is watching.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder what made Haruhi decide to bring Teru along on the double date. Mechanically, it's because he's the only other eligible boy since Masaki doesn't go to high school anymore and is ineligible for most of these, sure. But Haruhi also thinks that Teru has a stick up his ass, so it's not like she's part of his fan club. This means that she either ships Teru-Siren herself, or it's because it made Harry more likely to go. Interesting to think about, for sure.

Haruhi: Pretty fun group we got here, huh?
Haruhi: Alright, everyone's here, let's have fun today!
Haruhi: Now let's get goin'! Get yer rears in gear, people!

Haruhi: Now, it's time for a quick survey!
Haruhi: What're we ridin' first?
Siren: The roller coaster.
Haruhi: Gotcha. Let's get movin'!

Haruhi: Hey, Ren. Who ya ridin' with?
Siren: You.

Haruhi: What? Me?
Haruhi: Haha... I guess I shoulda figured! Alright, let's do it.
Haruhi: Sigh... this is gonna be rough on so many levels.
Siren: Sorry, did you say something?
Haruhi: Uh, nope! Just talkin' ta myself...

Haruhi: The ferris wheel next? Seems like a nice way ta get up close and personal.
Haruhi: Who ya ridin' with?
Siren: Harry.

Under normal circumstances, I would've avoided Harry like the plague, but I wanted Haruhi's reactions to everything.

Haruhi: Then... I guess I'm ridin' with Saeki-kun.
Haruhi: Yaaaaay.

Harry: I bet the view from the top is awesome!

Haruhi: Last ride's the merry-go-round.
Haruhi: Seems really romantic. Who ya wanna ride with?
Siren: Teru.

Haruhi: Then I get ta take pictures a Harry while he's makin' stupid faces! Yes!

Teru: You've gotta be kidding me, at this age why am I--
Siren: Everybody can see you, you know.

Teru: Haha! Ahahaha! Shall we ride?

Trolling Teru is going to be one of the best things about TMGS 2, isn't it?

And speaking of trolling, I took advantage of emulator save states to get every single version of the rides, so here you go:

Roller Coaster: Teru edition

Siren: I'll ride with Saeki-kun.
Haruhi: Really?! Then I'll ride with Harry!

Teru: Ooh, the roller coaster. Hey, let's get in the front r--
Siren: Everyone's watching you.

Teru: Uhhh...
Teru: Shall we ride?

Roller coaster: Harry edition

Siren: I'll ride with Harry.
Haruhi: Then... I guess I'll ride with Saeki-kun? Okay. Got it.

Harry: It's the main event! Get a move on!

Ferris wheel: Haruhi edition

Siren: I'll ride with you, Haruhi.
Haruhi: With me?!
Haruhi: This kinda feels... wrong. But whatever, I guess.
Haruhi: Sigh... this is gonna be rough on so many levels.
Siren: Hmm?
Haruhi: Uh, nothin'! Just talkin' ta myself.

Ferris wheel: Teru edition

Siren: I'll ride with Saeki-kun.
Haruhi: Ya ain't kiddin'?!
Haruhi: Then I guess I got no choice but ta ride with Harry, huh!

Teru: It's just one time around, but at least it seems like a good view, right?

Merry-go-round: Harry edition

Siren: I'll ride with Harry.
Haruhi: Uhh, oh, really?
Haruhi: Then I guess I should ride with Saeki-kun...

Harry: Oh God... spare me.

That poor, poor boy. No wonder Haruhi wanted to take pictures of the faces he makes while riding the merry-go-round. But his suffering is nothing compared to...

Merry-go-round: Haruhi edition

Siren: I'll ride with you, Haruhi-chan.
Haruhi: Ha-ha-ha, 'cause we're all lovey-dovey, ha. Ha-ha.
Haruhi: Sigh... this is gonna be rough on so many levels.
Siren: Hmm?
Haruhi: Uh, nothin'! Just talkin' ta myself.

I'm so sorry, Haruhi. I am so sorry.


Haruhi: Ahhh, that was so fun! We did everythin' I wanted ta do, and now I'm bushed.
Haruhi: We should head home soon!

Harry: It might not be bad to hang out like this. If we all have time, we should do this again.
Harry: I had fun! Later.

Teru: That was fun. Now, you'll have to excuse me.
Siren: Thanks for today.

Teru: Ugh... that was exhausting.

If you let Haruhi ride with Harry all 3 times, you get this reaction from her:

Haruhi: Ooooh, today felt like I was livin' a dream!
Haruhi: How was it on yer end?
Siren: I had fun too.

Haruhi: Yeah? Awesome! We should do this again, y'hear?
Haruhi: Thanks for makin' today great!
Siren: (Haruhi-chan seems so happy! She's like the cat that swallowed the canary.)

Next time: Dokis Rule Everything Around Me