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Part 117: It was all a dream

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 4: It was all a dream

Sorry for the long hiatus. March was an awful month and I am glad that it is over. But, on the plus side, the hiatus coincided with me restarting TMGS 2 anyway. We've learned enough about the game and the characters to make much more solid decisions about Siren's high school life, and while I'm sticking as close to the polls as possible, there are a few changes that need to be made for Siren's own good.

Step 1: Siren's ideal boy is now "A little arrogant, and handsome of course"

This is important for Haruhi-related reasons, as it lets us meet Harry early while also letting me show off a new and exciting game mechanic later.

Step 2: Siren joins the track team

This will help get Masaki's attention, but it's also pretty fun to read through because Wakaoji is an even bigger dork than we realized at first.

Siren: (Alright! I'm gonna join the track team and try to become a top athlete!)

Just like every other sports team ever in the Tokimemo series, the Hanegasaki track team holds compulsory practice on the third Sunday of every month. It'll cramp our style a little bit, but what's a Tokimemo without arbitrary obstacles, anyway?

Siren: Oh, hi Wakaoji-sensei.
Wakaoji: Fudou-san. Hi - are you joining the team?
Siren: Yeah... but what are you doing here, Wakaoji-sensei?

Wakaoji: Would you believe that I'm the team's faculty advisor?
Wakaoji: Sometimes, I nearly forget that myself.
Siren: No way...
Wakaoji: Anyway, I'll pretty much be your trainer from here on. Let's have fun.
Siren: Y, yes sir! I'll work hard!

Step 3: Suck face with Harry (accidentally)

Siren: (Oh no! I'm gonna be late for the next class!)
Siren: Eeek!

Harry's face should be preserved in the Louvre, it's so mysterious and alluring here. As tempted as any girl would be to stick her tongue down his throat then and there, we have to restrain ourselves and peck him on his cheek.

Also, please stop asking me to lick their eyeballs. It's weird.

Siren: Owwwww...
Siren: (I think my lips brushed against something - could it be...)
Harry: Ow! Hey, you!
Harry: You just... just k...
Siren: Just what?

Harry: K-kissed my cheek, didn't you?
Siren: What?! No way, did I really kiss you?

Harry: Not many people can do that to me, you know!
Harry: Especially with what's gonna happen soon!

Harry: You're a lucky girl.
Harry: Some day, you'll be able to brag about this, you know!
Harry: Later!
Siren: (Did he really just say that? How could I ever brag about this?!)

Those are the two big differences - and now, back to the regular format!

5/14: System tutorials with Yuu

In TMGS2, consulting Yuu does not cost any time. But certain options do cost you some dignity...

Siren: Yuu-kun, do you have a second?
Yuu: Yeah, lemme just open my window.
Yuu: Hey sis, what's up?
Siren: You said that I could ask you anything if I had questions, right?
Yuu: Yeah, I did.
Yuu: Oh, so did you want to ask me something right now?
Option 1: I want to know what people think of me
Option 2: I want more info about people
Option 3: I want intimacy lessons

Siren: I want to know what people think of me.

Affection ratings in TMGS2 are really, really easy to read instead of being arbitrarily defined smiley faces. None of these affection ratings are surprising at all - Teru and Wakaoji start with low affection because they're available from the start of the game, while Harry starts with slightly higher than normal because of the results of Siren's quiz. Haruhi's affection level is getting turbocharged faster than normal because we've been prioritizing Social and Fashion in the early game in order to qualify for some events, which means a whole lot of hanging out with her.

And, because you always have to do everything once...

Siren: I want an intimacy lesson.

The Japanese term for this is "skinship", which sounds like even more of a crime than "intimacy" does, so I'll just stick to that word, thanks.

Yuu: Huh. Wait right there, I'll head over.

Oh God what have I done please don't call the cops

Yuu: There are three techniques to intimacy: the Touch, the Slide, and the Rub.
Yuu: To Touch, just tap the screen.
Yuu: You can use it to stare, or when you want to touch something.
Yuu: To Slide, draw a straight line along the screen.
Yuu: If you Slide along someone's head, it's like teasing them.
Yuu: Sliding on someone's body will do things like draw close to them, or link arms with them.
Yuu: To Rub, you just slide back and forth a bunch of times.
Yuu: You can pet someone's hair, or pull on their arm.
Yuu: A soft Touch and a brisk Rub mean totally different things.
Yuu: So be careful when choosing where to touch and which intimacy technique you want to use, okay?

Yuu: So, let's give it a shot!

Vibratingsheep: Can I say no?
Game: Of course not!
Vibratingsheep: Goddammit

Yuu: First up...
Yuu: Try to hold hands with me, okay?

Yuu: What, you mean you don't want to hold hands?

I tried, dear readers. I tried. But I failed and I am not sorry.

Yuu: You know, you have to touch your partner's hand softly or it won't work.

So apparently, that little tug was the equivalent of a judo throw. I'm okay with this.

Yuu: Alright, so next...
Yuu: Tease me around my mouth.

Does vomiting count? No? Okay.

Yuu: Nice one, sis!
Yuu: Hahaha, that tickles.

Yuu: Okay, let's wrap this up...
Yuu: Tease me around my eyes, okay?

Oh this can only go well

Yuu: Nice one, sis!
Yuu: But you should probably keep the teasing to a minimum, okay?

Yuu: There are a few things I'm still worried about, but I'm sure you'll get used to it soon and do well!

Yuu: And if you need someone to practice on, I'm okay with helping you out whenever you want.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Being a girl is hard.

Yuu: Is there anything else you wanted to know?
Siren: No.
Yuu: Ahem. Isn't it amazing that I'm so smart? Call me whenever you need me again!

Sorry, Yuu, but that Flowers By Irene truck across the street suggests that I should never talk to you ever again.

Next time: Back to normal (by Haruhi standards)