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Part 121: Tell me the last time that love bought you clothes

Tokimemo Girl's Side, Chapter 8: Tell me the last time that love bought you clothes

11/14: Must... restrain...

Harry: Ren?
Siren: Harry! Welcome to our shop!
Harry: Oh, so you work here.
Siren: Yeah. You looking for something?

Harry: Haha, as if I would buy a flower! I get them a lot, though.
Harry: Seeya!

11/18: Fist of death...

Siren: The student council election takes place today.
Siren: The campaign speeches are about to start in the auditorium...

Moderator: Quiet, please! The next candidate is first-year student Hikami Itaru.
Moderator: Go ahead.
Siren: (Oh, Hikami-kun's up there.)
Itaru: Stop your whispering!
Itaru: Don't any of you know your responsibilities as high school students?!

Itaru: It's time to choose the new executive council, and this will have a large impact on your high school lives.
Itaru: Many of you probably don't understand that, and just think that it's okay for me to do all the talking.
Itaru: And that attitude isn't limited to occasions like today!

Itaru: In other words, there are many students here at Hanegasaki Academy who can't properly follow the rules as they were laid down!
Itaru: So this is what I propose to you: I will make sure everyone is aware of the rules that form the foundation of our school!
Siren: (Oh boy, he just made everyone mad...)

Moderator: And with all the votes tallied, it's official - Sato Ichiro is the next student body president.

Siren: Hikami-kun!
Itaru: ......
Siren: Too bad.
Itaru: Yeah. It really was too bad.
Itaru: Even when I speak nothing but truth, they don't understand me.
Itaru: I guess I'm used to it now. Am I doing something wrong?
Siren: Hikami-kun...

Itaru: I bet they think I'm a real jerk, don't they.
Itaru: But I truly believe in everything I said.
Itaru: I just have to accept the results as they stand.
Itaru: I'm sorry. I'd like some time to think about this. Excuse me.
Siren: (I hope he recovers from this soon.)

11/23: Tunes with Teru

Siren: (Hey, Teru-kun's waiting here!)
Siren: I'm sorry! Did I keep you waiting?
Teru: Yes. You did.
Siren: O-oh, I'm sorry.

We've managed to get to a point where Teru actually arrives early for dates. His tone hasn't changed, though.

Teru: It'll be really crowded in there, won't it?

Teru: Ugh, I knew it.
Teru: Well, I guess that's the appeal of a live show in the first place. Might as well try to enjoy it.

Siren: This show was kinda disappointing, wasn't it.
Teru: I dunno about disappointing, but it sure was loud. I'm beat.
Siren: (Things are going pretty well!)

Teru: Ha!
Teru: No way that'll work!

Teru appears to see this Skinship motion as threatening, so he dodges Siren's hand and gives her a light chop of his own. And, for all that, he seems to like it. Take that as you will.

11/26: The second double date

This double date is pretty much the same as the summer version, with two major variations: everyone's wearing winter clothes, and the go-cart attraction is open! Let's skip straight to the new dialogue.

Siren: I'll ride with Saeki-kun.
Haruhi: Then I get ta ride with Harry!
Haruhi: Uh, he might run wild out there, so I gotta keep him honest!

Teru: This looks awesome!
Teru: I feel the need... the need for speed!
Siren: Everyone's watching, you know.
Teru: Ahem. Remember to buckle your seat belt. Let's drive safe out there.

For reference, here are the animations for the other two:

Haruhi: This is gonna be tough on so many levels...

Harry: My hands are sweating. I can't wait to get out there!

For Reasons, the day ends with the Harry-Haruhi and Teru-Siren pairings for all 3 rides, which leaves Haruhi absolutely elated... and leads to a new e-mail in Siren's inbox.

From: Haruhi
Re: What do I do?

Will I ever get rid of these thunder thighs?
Today I found some really cute jeans that I totally wanted ta buy, but somethin' wasn't right.
So I tried them on, and whaddaya know, I was dead on.
I couldn't bring 'em past my knees.
So if ya know an easy way of slimmin' down, lemme know!
I was so pissed off I bought 'em anyway, so now I gotta lose that weight!
I'm countin' on ya, you're my only hope!


11/28: Another side of Itaru

Siren: (I should return this book to the library today.)
Siren: (Hmm? What's going on by the window?)

Siren: (Oh, it's Hikami-kun.)
Boy A: Hey Hikami, how do you work your way to this probability here?
Itaru: Find all of the impossible cases, subtract them, and you'll have the answer.
Boy B: Hikami, what was the February Revolution?
Itaru: An armed uprising in Paris that started in February of 1848.
Boy C: Can you help me out here, Hikami?
Itaru: Those lines are from a lady of the court addressing the Emperor.
Itaru: Next?

Itaru: What is it, English? Physics?
Siren: What's going on, Hikami-kun? You're pretty fired up.
Itaru: Hmm? Oh, it's you.
Itaru: As you know, midterms are coming next week.
Itaru: We're helping each other study. Care to join us?
Siren: I think I'm good--
Boy D: Hikami, do you know this one?
Itaru: Oh, sorry to make you wait. This isn't a mitochondria, it's a chloroplast.
Boy E: Hikami, you think I should study this section here?
Itaru: No, this isn't where you should focus at all!
Siren: (I've never seen him so active.)

12/1: Another side of Harry

Siren: (I ended up staying at school pretty late. I should hurry home. Wait, is that--)
Siren: Harry!
Harry: Ren.
Siren: You still staying out after this?
Harry: Yeah. I'm gonna go pick out my next stage outfit.
Siren: Oh, I see. What kind of clothes are you getting?
Harry: I dunno yet. You wanna come with?
Siren: Are you okay with that?
Harry: As long as you don't hold me up. Now let's go!
Siren: Hey, wait for me!

Harry: Alright, I'm off.
Siren: What?
Harry: Once I start picking out clothes, I shut out all other sounds.
Harry: So there's no point in sticking with me.
Siren: (He really just ran off. I guess I'll do my own thing.)

Siren: (He should be done by now--hey, wait, who're those guys?)
Siren: (That's definitely Harry, but who're the others?)
Siren: (They're waving now, so I guess they're done with whatever they were doing.)

Siren: You find anything you liked, Harry?
Harry: Yeah, I found something perfect.
Siren: Oh, so did those guys help you pick it out for you?
Harry: Yeah, we--

Harry: Wait, were you watching us?
Siren: I saw you for a second while I was waiting. Are they your friends?
Harry: Stop snooping!

Harry: ...That's the rest of the band.
Harry: And I've known one of them since we were in elementary school.
Siren: Ah-ha! So, that's why you were having so much fun.
Harry: What's that supposed to mean?
Siren: How do I put it--it's like you weren't trying so hard for once.

Harry: Like I what?! Are you kidding me?
Harry: B, but, we're all working together for the same goal, and I can't deny it's not bad...
Harry: But it's just--
Harry: It's just that they're different from the guys at school, and I can relax a little while talking to them, okay?
Siren: (It feels like he just repeated what I said in the first place.)

Harry: Anyway! Don't you wanna see what I ended up picking out?
Harry: We should head somewhere I can show you. We'll need to head somewhere with a lot of open space!
Harry: Let's get outta here!
Siren: (Is he just trying to hide his embarrassment now?)

12/4-12/8: Midterms

1st: Hikami Itaru
14th: Saeki Teru
33rd: Fudou Siren
230th: Nishimoto Haruhi
273rd: Hariya Kounoshin

Siren: Nice! The studying paid off.
Siren: Oh, hey Harry.
Harry: Hey, you're pretty smart. Not bad!
Siren: (Maybe it's just all the little things adding up in the end.)

12/10: A quick status update

Things are progressing nicely. Haruhi is our BFF, which isn't at all surprising. Teru and Harry need to have roughly equal affection levels for Reasons, and that's working out as well.

Here's the big problem: if we're going to buy a furisode for New Year's Day in year 1, we're going to need a whole lot more money. There's a 35% sale on Christmas Eve, but that just brings the price from 300 to 195. We're going to need to take drastic measures if we want to afford both the new outfit and a Christmas present. It'll require a few trips to the mall in order to build up to a 50% discount on the point card, though.

12/12: Walking with Wakaoji

Siren: Wakaoji-sensei, you don't believe in things like the legend of Hanegasaki, do you?
Wakaoji: What makes you think that? I do believe.
Siren: Really? I thought you wouldn't because you're a science teacher.
Wakaoji: A legend is a metaphor. It may not be factual, but you can still call it true.
Wakaoji: No matter how far science advances,
Wakaoji: We'll never be able to be able to eradicate humanity's inherent urge to create its own myths.

Siren: So... that means--
Wakaoji: In other words, whatever you believe in your heart is true to you.
Siren: True to me? So what do you believe in, Wakaoji-sensei?
Wakaoji: I believe that aliens live on the ocean floor.
Wakaoji: Those aliens sure are fishy.

Translator's note: This pun is not in the original Japanese, but it fits Wakaoji like a glove. Sue me.

12/21: Harry's birthday

Option 1: DVD of a legendary rock concert
Option 2: Guitar-cleaning cloth
Option 3: Singing for dummies

The good-okay-bad options are pretty clear again, so we'll just get him that concert DVD.

Siren: Harry!
Harry: Huh? What do you want?
Siren: Happy birthday! I got you a present.
Harry: Hey, I was looking for this... You're amazing!
Harry: This was really nice of you. Thanks!
Siren: (Oh good, he really liked it.)

12/23: The great purge

It's time to buy Siren a furisode. The way the math works out on a big-ticket item, it's slightly cheaper to buy a bunch of small items to build up the point card to a 50% discount, then blow it all on the sale. Along with the 35% Christmas Eve sale, this brings the price down to 97 Rich. The Christmas party is coming up as well, so we'll want an extra buffer on top of that 97.

So how do we get to that 97 Rich when we only have 10 Rich in Siren's piggy bank? By selling everything.

Well, almost everything. The items that escape the purge are a party dress, a sleeveless one-piece dress, and a pair of earrings.

Perfect. And on the way back, we bump into Harry and Wakaoji-sensei as a bonus.

Siren: (Whoa, what are Harry and Wakaoji-sensei doing over there?)
Harry: I hope we get same-day tickets.
Wakaoji: That would be nice.
Siren: Harry! Wakaoji-sensei!
Harry: Sup, Ren?
Siren: Sup?
Wakaoji: Hi, Fudou-san.
Wakaoji: Say, Hariya-kun, why don't we ask her to join us?
Siren: Are you two going somewhere?

Wakaoji: Bingo. Apaprently, one of Hariya-kun's favorite bands has a concert today.
Harry: I'm telling you, these guys are awesome! You won't regret going to this show!
Siren: So you guys have been planning to go together for a while?

Harry: Huh? Nope.
Wakaoji: Oh, not at all.
Siren: Wha?
Harry: We bumped into each other today, and he gave me an earful.
Wakaoji: Indeed.

Wakaoji: "Hey, Hariya-kun! Music is nice and all, but you should concentrate on your studies!" or something like that.
Siren: And why's that?
Harry: Beats me.
Wakaoji: Me too.
Siren: ...
Harry: Aw, who cares!
Wakaoji: Indeed! Want to join us?
Siren: Uh, sure...
Harry: Awesome! C'mon, hurry!
Wakaoji: Yay!
Siren: (Are you sure we won't get in trouble? Oh, who cares, this looks like fun!)

12/24: The Christmas party

Siren: The school is holding a Christmas party today!
Siren: Oh yeah, there's going to be a gift exchange at the party.
Siren: I should pick up a gift before it's too late!
Siren: So, what should I buy?
1 Rich presents:
Option 1: Woodcraft dinosaur
Option 2: Accessory case
Option 3: Glass angel
Option 4: Miniature kaleidoscope
Option 5: Flavored tea
Option 6: Tin-plated toy car

10 Rich presents:
Option 1: A light-up globe
Option 2: Top-shelf candy set
Option 3: Glass clock
Option 4: Porcelain tea censer
Option 5: Silver pins
Option 6: Room Stepper treadmill

Teru's favorite is thankfully cheap, so we go with the Woodcraft dinosaur. For reference, Itaru prefers the globe, Harry's all for the silver pins, and Wakaoji loves the angel made of glass.

This is why we kept one dress around. I'm rather fond of this dress, and would hate to see it go.

Siren: Alright, I'm ready to go! Time to party!

Vice principal: Christmas has come again. This party only happens once a year, so please enjoy yourselves.
Vice principal: But within reasonable limits! I expect all of you to behave properly.
Vice principal: Got it? Cheers! Merry Christmas, and let the party begin!

Haruhi: REN~! Merry Christmas!
Siren: Merry Christmas, Haruhi-chan.

Haruhi: Wowwww, you're lookin' so cute today! That dress is amazin'!
Siren: You think so?
Haruhi: Soooo, why you lookin' all sexy and dolled up, huh? You minx you!
Haruhi: But to be honest with ya, I'm super jealous right now. I want a dress like that too.
Haruhi: Lemme know where ya bought it, okay?
Haruhi: Uh oh, I gotta go say hi before it's too late. Seeya!
Siren: (It feels like a storm just passed through every time I talk to her.)
Siren: (But I'm really happy she complimented my dress!)

Siren: It's almost time for the gift exchange.
Siren: I wonder whose present I'll pick up? I hope it's...
Siren: Teru's.
Santa: Ho ho ho! Here's your present. Merry Christmas!
Siren: (I wonder what I got?)
Siren: (It's a Mr. Dolphin backscratcher.)
Siren: (Whoever threw this in the pool must not care very much...)

Teru: Ren.
Siren: Hi, Saeki-kun.
Teru: Oh hey, that's my present.
Siren: Really? Hey, you're holding mine, too...
Teru: Yeah? This is pretty nice. I made out like a bandit.
Siren: (Yay! He really liked the present! ...I think. I guess?)

Next time: the cutest of New Year's cards