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Part 123: That's all right 'cause I get things cookin'

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 10: That's all right 'cause I get things cookin'

1/14: Skiing with Teru

At this point, Siren only has one real outfit left to wear, and unfortunately, it's not warm enough for winter. It'll be fiiiiine, though. No one will notice on a ski trip, right?

Siren: (Saeki-kun isn't here yet.)
Teru: Sorry I'm late. Were you waiting long?
Siren: Not at all, I just got here too!
Teru: Oh, so I can be a little later next time.
Siren: ...........

Teru: I'm kidding. Let's get on the bus.
Teru: Say...
Siren: Huh?
Teru: Aren't you cold in that?
Teru: Oh, I bet you're worried that putting on more will make you look fat, huh.
Siren: (Ugh... I think I underdressed for today.)

Teru: Ooh, the powder looks good today. Let's get to the slopes!

Teru: Hey, can you ski? Are you any good?
Siren: You don't have to worry about me!
Teru: Huh. You're pretty good.
Teru: Better than I thought. Wanna try the expert course?
Siren: (Yay! That went pretty well.)

The correct answer to the standard "Are you any good at this?" question is based on Siren's Athletics stat. Because she's on the track team and actually has squeezed in some practice here and there, she can claim some competence.

Teru: That was pretty fun. I kinda feel better after that.

Teru: I'll see you next time.

I'm not exactly sure what this gesture represents, but he seemed to like it.

Teru: Actually, it's getting pretty late. I'll walk you home.

Siren: Thanks for seeing me home.
Teru: You're welcome.
Teru: Anyway, see you later.
Siren: (Saeki-kun walked me home?)

As if this wasn't obvious enough, we've now hit the next affection level with Teru. All is proceeding according to plan!

1/16: Oh yeah, Masaki is a character.

Siren: Oh, crap!
Masaki: Whoa, you okay?
Siren: I'm fine, Masaki-senpai.

Masaki: You filled it with too much water.
Masaki: It gets really heavy like that, so you should pour some of it out next time.
Siren: (Ugh, I messed up.)

Yup, that's the entire scene. Just a gentle reminder that Masaki's still around.

1/24: Masaki's birthday

Siren: I should buy Masaki-senpai a present.
Siren: I'll buy him...
Siren: The Silent Hill soundtrack.

Say what you want about the guy - he may be bland compared to the unique and beautiful snowflakes we've met so far, but he has great taste in music. The insulting options, for reference, are moisturizing hand cream and "How to clean up after yourself"

Siren: Masaki-senpai!
Masaki: Hmm? What's up?
Siren: I got you a birthday present!

Masaki: What? For me? Seriously?
Siren: Yeah. Open it up!
Masaki: Whoa. I really wanted this one!
Masaki: This is perfect. Thanks, I love it.
Siren: (Yay, he really liked it!)

1/31: Meet Chiyomi

Siren's been hitting the books, so after meeting Helmet, it's inevitable that she also meet Chiyomi.

2/1: Spar with Teru

Siren: (Hey, it's Saeki-kun.)
Siren: Saeki-kun, want to walk home together?
Teru: ...You're up to something, aren't you?
Siren: I'm not up to anything!
Siren: Geez, why do you have to twist everything like that?
Teru: Sorry. I'm in a hurry anyway. Later.
Siren: (Looks like he's in a bad mood today. Fine, I'll just walk by myself.)

2/9: War council with Haruhi

Haruhi: Ren! Let's head home, girl!
Siren: Yeah, let's go.

Haruhi: Don'tcha feel like there are a lotta people who tighten up this time of year?
Siren: Huh? Why?
Haruhi: Whaddaya mean, "why"? The biggest day of the year's right around the corner, ya know!
Siren: Oh, you mean Valentine's Day? Are you nervous too, Haruhi-chan?

Haruhi: Wh, who, me? Nawwww, that stuff ain't got nothin' to do with me.
Haruhi: Nothin' at all!
Haruhi: I was just, uh, talkin' about people in general! Yeah!
Haruhi: Why would someone like me be nervous about somethin' so stupid?
Haruhi: Ahaha! Sigh...
Siren: (Valentine's Day is just a few days away...)

2/10: More Haruhi time

Siren: Say, Haruhi...
Haruhi: Yuh-huh?
Siren: What were you like in middle school?
Haruhi: Huh... Well, my folks had ta move twice when I was in middle school 'cuz of work.

Haruhi: But I was a big hit everywhere I went, if I do say so myself.
Siren: I can imagine!
Haruhi: I remember talkin' everyone to death on the first day of school!
Haruhi: Everyone was pretty scared of me!

Haruhi: Even the teacher was standin' there with his mouth gapin' open like a fish!
Haruhi: Ahaha, that was real funny!
Siren: (Good to know you haven't changed at all, Haruhi-chan.)

2/11: Haruhi's not scared at all, no sir

After this conversation, another monologue from Haruhi shows up in Siren's inbox. It's kind of a doozy.

From: Haruhi
Re: I feel sick...

So, I won a ticket to a movie screenin' and just got back.
I was really lookin' forward to it bein' a beautiful romance, but it had an unhappy endin' and...

I'm a big fan of happy endin's, so this was totally the worst!
I start imaginin' the same thing happenin' to me, and... ugh.

If you're a happy endin' fan like me, then I don't think you should see this movie.
Hear that? Never watch "The Man in the Band." NEVER EVER.

Hey, wanna get together and watch a super-funny comedy?
Or we can go see a comedy show, too, that'd be fine. I just gotta get this outta my system!


2/13: Okay, girl, I'm gonna need you to sit down for a second

Siren: (Hmm? Haruhi seems bummed out for some reason. That's unusual.)
Siren: Haruhi-chan!

Haruhi: Huh? Uh? Ahh!
Haruhi: Ren...?!
Siren: What's wrong, Haruhi? Something on your mind?

Haruhi: Uh, no, nothin'.
Haruhi: It's nothin'!
Haruhi: It definitely ain't about chocolate, y'know?
Haruhi: I wasn't thinkin' about chocolate, not one bit!
Siren: (She's such an open book...)
Siren: So, who's the boy?
Haruhi: Wh, wha? Ya got it all wrong!
Haruhi: B, besides, he ain't my type! Aha! Ahahaha!

Haruhi: ...How'd ya know?
Siren: ...Call it a hunch?
Haruhi: What's with that question mark at the end, huh?
Haruhi: Wait, forget about that, that ain't the point.

Haruhi: That ain't the point at all...
Haruhi: I just got no clue what I'm supposed to be doin'.

Haruhi: Ahahaha... alright, let's stop talkin' about this.
Haruhi: Forget I ever said anythin', okay?
Haruhi: Uh, I got somethin' I gotta take care of, so...
Haruhi: See ya later, Ren!
Siren: (When it comes down to it, Haruhi-chan's pretty shy, isn't she?)

2/13: Preparations for war

Siren: I should probably go home myself, and... wait a second!
Siren: Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I haven't gotten any chocolate yet!

At the low low cost of 11 Rich, Siren picks up a standard giri chocolate, as well as a much more expensive chocolate for the more important boys.

Siren: (Should I make some chocolate too?)
Siren: (Yuu-kun did say that he would come over and help, too...)
Siren: I'll make some.

Siren: (I definitely want to give a homemade chocolate to that special someone...)
Siren: (Alright, time to get this done!)

That's right, it's time for a mini-game! On the plus side, this one is massively easier than TMGS' previous chocolate-making mini-game. Every few seconds, Yuu will hold up a sign that says Left or Right in kanji, along with an accompanying swirl. The point of the game is to draw that swirl - if the sign says Right, draw it clockwise, and if the sign says Left, draw it counter-clockwise. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Thankfully, it is as easy as it sounds.

A few mistakes and the game still says that the chocolate was well made, so that's good enough for me.
Siren: This looks pretty good.
Siren: I can't wait to see the look on his face when I hand it over tomorrow.

2/14: The big day

Yuu: Morning, Sis!
Siren: Hmm? Good morning, Yuu-kun.

Yuu: It's Valentine's Day. Are you ready with all your chocolate?
Siren: Yeah, pretty much.
Yuu: I'm kind of worried about you. But you know what they say, it's the sentiment that counts.
Siren: Umm... yeah, that's true.

Yuu: That's the spirit!
Yuu: Man, my backpack's going to be so heavy on the way home...
Yuu: Anyway, see you later!
Siren: (Time to get fired up!)

This is a perfect point for a poll! Siren has 3 chocolates: one giri chocolate, one expensive chocolate, and one homemade chocolate. She also knows 5 boys: Teru, Itaru, Harry, Wakaoji, and Masaki.

Poll 1: Who should get the giri chocolate?
Poll 2: Who should get the expensive chocolate?
Poll 3: Who should get the homemade chocolate?

Each boy can only win once, and in case one boy wins multiple polls, I will break ties based on whichever is funnier. Good luck!

Next time: Disappointment and exultation