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Part 124: Gimme that funk that sweet that funky stuff

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 11: Give me that stuff that funk that sweet

2/14: Valentine's Day

Poll results are in, so it's time to show how it happened...

Siren: (I think I'll give the giri chocolate to Harry.)
Siren: Harry!
Harry: ...Oh, it's you. What is it?

Siren: Here, I got you Valentine's chocolate!
Harry: What's with this obviously cheap chocolate?
Harry: Well, whatever, chocolate is chocolate.
Harry: I wonder how many that makes for today?
Harry: I'm such a ladykiller.
Siren: (Well, he enjoyed it... I think.)

Siren: (And then, I'll give the expensive chocolate to Wakaoji-sensei.
Siren: Wakaoji-sensei!
Wakaoji: Yes, I'm here. What is it?
Siren: I, umm, I got you some Valentine's Day chocolate.

Wakaoji: Oh my. This looks quite fancy.
Siren: Yeah, I kind of splurged on it.

Wakaoji: We teachers aren't supposed to accept anything but giri chocolate.
Siren: Oh...
Wakaoji: Don't worry. There's an easy way around this.
Wakaoji: We'll just call this one an expensive giri chocolate. Thank you.
Siren: (He downgraded it to a giri chocolate...)

Siren: (As for the chocolate I worked so hard on, I'll definitely give it to Saeki-kun!)
Siren: (I hope he accepts it...)
Siren: Saeki-kun!
Teru: Ren. Uh, hi!
Siren: Here you go, your very own Valentine's chocolate!

Teru: Whoa, you made this yourself, didn't you?
Siren: I did!

Teru: And you mass produced them too, right?
Siren: What do you mean, mass produced?
Teru: It looks kinda unfinished. There are some pretty lumpy parts.

Siren: Fine! I'll just take these home with me!
Teru: Nope. I'm confiscating them. I'll fix the mistakes myself.
Siren: (Does he always have to be so spiteful? But he seemed happy, at least!)

He... he did?

2/25: Hitting up the flea market for clothes, and then...

After hitting the flea market to try and fill out her wardrobe again, Siren bumps into a now-familiar bickering pair.

???: I told you, I don't need it! I'm fine!
???: I can't just leave ya sufferin'! I gotta help!
Siren: (Is that Harry and Haruhi-chan over there arguing?)

Siren: What're you two doing out here?
Harry: Oh, it's you.
Haruhi: ...Ren!
Harry: She won't leave me alone, I need you to get her off my back.
Haruhi: Ya don't have ta be so mean about it!
Harry: Then stop butting in when it's none of your business!
Siren: Calm down, guys. What happened?

Haruhi: Harry kept sayin' his throat hurt, so I went and made him some green onion juice.
Siren: Green... onion... juice.
Haruhi: Well, he said that green onions are good for a sore throat, so I was thinkin'...

Harry: You weren't thinking!
Harry: No matter how good they are for a sore throat, how could I possibly drink that awful crud?
Haruhi: Just try sippin' it a little, and if ya don't like it, then...
Harry: I can't take this anymore. You talk to her!
Siren: Wait a second, Harry!

Haruhi: Geez, just 'cause it stinks a little...

Haruhi: Blech, this is disgustin'!
Siren: (I knew it...)

When Siren gets home, another e-mail from Haruhi awaits.

From: Haruhi
Re: What do ya think'll work?

Okay, the green onion thing was a mess.
So I'm workin' on makin' a new mix for him, but what can I put in that Harry'll drink?

I was thinkin' maybe kumquat daikon juice.
Don't that seem great for the throat?
It should be perfect.
Oh, and I heard quince is good for the throat too, maybe I'll put some in there too!
And then maybe he'll drink it up!

So, think it'll work?


Haruhi is obviously the girl that Harry deserves.

2/28: Goodbye, hello... and goodbye again.

Siren: (Today, we say goodbye to all the graduating students.)
Siren: (The speech by the representative of the remaining students was pretty moving.)

You may or may not remember this from Tokimemo 2, but many Japanese graduations not only have a valedictory speech, but also a speech from the students that bids the upperclassmen farewell. It's just hard to take it seriously in Tokimemo 2, because Homura and Mei mess up the occasion by calling each other out... or by Homura taking over the ceremony and using it as her confession.

Siren: (Alright, all of the cleanup's done! All that's left is to bring the gym key back to the faculty room, and--huh?)

Siren: (That's the second-year who gave the speech.)
Siren: (Did something really sad happen to him?)
Siren: (He looks like he was cut from marble like a Greek statue. Painfully so.)

???: Hmm?
Siren: ?!?!!

???: Good afternoon.
Siren: Uh, good afternoon. I, uh, I was just--
???: Locking things up, right?
Siren: Uh, yeah. Sorry.
???: Why are you apologizing?
???: Oh... am I frightening you?
Siren: N, no, not at all.

Tarou: Majima Tarou. 2nd year.
Tarou: People tell me that my face and my name don't match very well.
Siren: Well, they're righ--wait! I mean, um...
Tarou: You laughed at me, didn't you? I'm pretty sensitive about that, you know.
Siren: I'm sorry!
Tarou: I'll forgive you if you tell me your name.
Siren: Oh! I'm a 1st year student, Fudou Siren.

Tarou: Hmm. You're pretty cute. Don't you think so yourself?
Option 1: No way!
Option 2: Actually, yeah.

Shyness and humility really haven't been part of Siren's personality this playthrough, why start now?

Siren: Actually, yeah. A little bit.
Tarou: I knew it. But let me tell you something...
Tarou: You're nothing special.
Taro: Bye.
Siren: (...)
Siren: (...What a jerk!)

I feel like Siren has dodged a bullet by being confident enough to offput the Obvious Asshole character.

3/1: Oh right, Masaki is still a character

Masaki: Ren.
Siren: Oh, hi Masaki-senpai. Good work today.
Masaki: You too. You've gotten pretty good at this, haven't you?
Siren: I still get in trouble a lot, but I get by somehow...
Masaki: You learn fast, and you're doing great. Not like me.

Masaki: So anyway, I'd like you to trim these roses for me.
Siren: Haha, yes sir!
Masaki: Thanks!
Siren: (Now, let's see...)
Siren: Ow!

Masaki: Crap, I almost forgot to tell... you.
Masaki: ...Guess I'm too late, huh.
Masaki: I was gonna tell you to watch out for the thorns and the slugs, but...
Masaki: Wait, what am I doing just standing here?
Masaki: C'mere.
Siren: Um, okay.

Masaki: Alright, show me where you're bleeding.
Siren: Umm, I can do this for myself. You don't have to.
Masaki: Quit complaining!
Siren: O, okay!
Masaki: When I was new here, I did the same thing.
Masaki: I figured it wasn't a big deal and left it alone, so the manager and Arisawa got real mad at me.
Masaki: It ended up getting infected, and just thinking about it makes me feel kinda sick.
Siren: Ugh... I see now.
Masaki: Yup. And I can't just stand around and let that happen to your hand, too.
Siren: Masaki-senpai...

Masaki: Alright, that should be good.
Masaki: After you get home and get out of the shower, make sure to disinfect it again, and--
Siren: Haha, I'll be fine. You shouldn't worry so much, Masaki-senpai.

Masaki: ...Can it.
Masaki: Does your finger still hurt at all?
Siren: It feels fine. And... thanks, Masaki-senpai.
Masaki: You're welcome. Now, let's split up these roses and I'll trim half of them.
Siren: Okay.

3/3: Praised for a perfect week by Teru, of all people

After a perfect week of studying...

Siren: (My studies went great this week!)
Teru: Hey, are you getting smarter these days?
Teru: You're looking more and more like a real student.
Siren: (Yay!)

That's... praise, I guess.

3/5-3/9: Finals

Siren: All that studying paid off.

1st: Hikami Itaru
14th: Saeki Teru
15th: Onoda Chiyomi
18th: Fudou Siren
229th: Nishimoto Haruhi
292nd: Hariya Kounoshin

Teru: Not bad...
Siren: Hey, Saeki-kun!
Teru: Nope, cut that out. No playing nice.
Teru: You think you can stay at the top of the class by being soft?
Siren: .....
Siren: (I can't let him beat me!)

3/11: Rock show with Harry

Siren's wardrobe has changed a lot since the great wardrobe purge of 2008, but the flea market has allowed Siren to put together a Sporty outfit - which Harry appreciates.

Siren: (Am I a little late? Harry's... over there!)
Siren: Sorry, did I keep you waiting long?
Harry: You're late! What would you do if we were about to start a show, huh?
Siren: I'm sorry!

Harry: The next time you pull this crap, you're fired!

And then he immediately drops everything he was talking about and compliments Siren's clothes. Typical.

Harry: Oh man, I can't wait. Let's get in there!
Siren: Yeah!
Harry: I'm so excited...!

Harry: Yeeeeah, concerts are just the greatest!
Harry: The cheering just drives me crazy!
Siren: That concert was great!
Harry: Right?! People say that visual kei is just about the look, but the songs are great too!
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Harry: It looks good today, right?

It took me a few tries to figure out what he would like, and I am somehow unsurprised that the best option was poking at/staring at his hair.

3/12: Exposition from Harry

Siren: Hey, Harry!
Harry: Need something?
Siren: Want to walk home together?
Harry: Sure, I don't mind.
Siren: Cool, let's go.

Harry: Did you know that the lighthouse on the coast has a legend to it?
Siren: What kind of legend?
Harry: They say that couples formed at that lighthouse will live happily ever after.

Harry: A mermaid princess and a prince met there once upon a time...
Harry: And they lived happily ever after, or they never saw each other again, something like that.
Harry: Well, it's just a story.
Siren: (Hmm? I feel like I've heard that story before.)

3/14: White Day

Yuu: Morning, sis!
Siren: Morning, Yuu-kun. You're up early.
Yuu: Well, yeah. Today's White Day! I have to give all these gifts out.
Siren: Starting this early?

Yuu: I got a lot of chocolate.
Yuu: It sure does suck to be so popular!

Yuu: Anyway, this is for you, Sis.
Yuu: I gotta get going. See you later!
Siren: (I didn't even give him anything, but he gave me a gift anyway!)

Harry: Yo.
Siren: Hi, Harry. What's up?
Harry: Here you go. This is for Valentine's Day.
Siren: Th, thanks.

Harry: That takes care of the last of it!
Harry: Ugggggh, I think I'll take a break on the roof.
Harry: Later.
Siren: (Hmm, this definitely is a giri gift.)

Wakaoji: Fudou-san.
Siren: Oh, hi Wakaoji-sensei.
Wakaoji: This is my thanks for Valentine's Day.
Wakaoji: The vice principal approved it and everything.
Wakaoji: Bye!
Siren: (Hmm, this is definitely a giri gift too.)

Teru: Hey there, hi.
Siren: Hey, Saeki-kun!
Teru: Can I grab you for a second?
Siren: Hmm?

Teru: This is for you, Ren. For last month.
Siren: Yay! Thanks!
Teru: Yeah, uh... do me a favor and put it away fast.
Siren: Sure.
Teru: Good.
Teru: ...Later.

Siren: (I wonder what he gave me?)
Siren: (An assortment of homemade cookies.)
Siren: (Wow, they're so well made! They're delicate, like a pro made them!)
Siren: (I need to practice how to do this myself...)

Next time: A wolf in sheep's clothing