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Part 126: You, you got what I need

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 13: You, you got what I need

It's been a while since this thread was active, so let's summarize what Siren has been doing for the first year:

Teru's affection is currently at Friendly, while Harry's is at Neutral even though his heart is a little bit bigger. This will be important later.

Alright, ready to get back into this? Good. Away we go!

5/3: Stand-up comedy with Harry

Harry: I can't wait!
Harry: You just can't beat a live show! Listen to that crowd!

This is a generic line, but it's still weird to think about it being said as a stand-up act is about to start.

Siren: That show was the best!
Harry: Oh man, my sides hurt, I laughed so much!
Harry: I'm glad we came out to this.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

5/5: Going to the mall with Harry

Harry: So, where are we heading?
Siren: How about...
Harry: There? Alright, let's get moving!

Harry: Hey, this one's nice!
Harry: Don't you think this would be perfect on you?
Option 1: Really? It's not my normal look, but I'll try it!
Option 2: Hmm, I dunno...
Option 3: Uhhh, I'll pass.

This is another of those generic responses - you'll note that this is almost exactly the same as the responses to Masaki in the mall last chapter. The only difference is context, really

Siren: Really? It's not my normal look, but I'll try it!
Harry: You have a pretty good eye for these things.
Harry: Well, I'm the one who picked it out, so of course it will look good on you.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Harry: I know, I get it, it's really fun to hang out with you.
Harry: Let's do this again some time.

Harry: I'll walk you home.
Harry: Let me at least do that much for you, okay?

Siren: Thanks for coming out all this way.
Harry: Nah, you don't need to thank me for this.
Harry: Get some sleep.
Siren: (Harry walked me home...)

5/8: The search for the third chord

Harry: Whew.
(applause from the class)
Siren: That's a wonderful song!

Harry: Right? It's one of my best for sure!
Harry: It gets a good reaction when we put it in our sets.
Harry: But... I can count on one hand the number of times I've been happy with my performance.
Harry: I wish I could sing this well all the time...
Harry: Well, whatever. You're all heading home, right?

Siren: Yeah. What about you, Harry?
Harry: I still have some stuff to take care of. Go on without me.
Siren: Okay. See you tomorrow.

Siren: (Oh crap, I forgot something at school.)
Siren: (I guess I should go back and get it instead of leaving it there)

Siren: (Harry said that he had something to take care of. I wonder what he's up to?)
Siren: (Ah, there he is.)

Harry: I should probably just start over...
Harry: Nah.
Harry: But this just never sounds right.
Harry: C, G...

Harry: ...
Siren: (Good luck in there, Harry.)

Yes, this is a lot of Harry packed into a very short period of time.

5/15: Haruhi's birthday

Siren: Tomorrow is Haruhi-chan's birthday!
Siren: I should get her a present.
Siren: But what?
Option 1: The Big Book of Sweets
Option 2: Anthology of World Classics
Option 3: How To Slim Down Those Thighs

This game continues its tradition of including horrifically insulting presents. I mean, wow. Who would do that to a friend who's overly conscious of her weight? Anyway, The Big Book of Sweets is the clear choice.

Haruhi: Hiyadoin', Ren? What's goin' on, ya need me for somethin'?
Siren: Happy birthday! Quick, open up your present!

Haruhi: Whoa, ya mean it? Ya really mean it? Awesome!
Haruhi: Ren... Ren, you're the best gal evah!
Haruhi: Thanks!

6/1: I really wish you could draw on his face

Siren: (Alright, I have this whole place to myself - where should I sit?)
Siren: (Now, where is the best spot for me to eat lunch...)

Siren: (Hmm? Someone got here before me?)
Siren: (Saeki-kun?!)

It was Shota in the courtyard with the candlestick, I'm calling it now.

Siren: Saeki-kun?
Siren: (He's fast asleep... wait!)
Siren: (This is my chance to pay him back for making fun of me all the time!)
Teru: ...
Siren: (He's totally unguarded right now. He looks so peaceful.)
Siren: (Maybe... cute, even.)

That doesn't stop Siren from messing with him. That's our girl.

Teru: Mmmmm... nnnghh...
Siren: (He usually looks like he's in such a bad mood. Probably because he's busy all the time.)
Siren: (Maybe I should let him rest.)

Siren: Have a nice nap, Saeki-kun?
Teru: ...What time is it?
Siren: Lunch is almost over. The next period should start pretty soon.

Teru: Oh crap, I forgot the horseradish and the brown sugar.
Siren: Huh?
Teru: Three dozen wafers, and a jersey. How many dozen gym shoes, again...?
Siren: Saeki-kun, are you awake?

Teru: Oh crap! Lunch is over?!
Siren: Uh, yeah.
Teru: I have lab next!

Teru: Before I go. Do I have bedhead?
Siren: I guess it's fine?
Teru: Is it fine or is it not?
Siren: It's fine!

Teru: You took too long!
Siren: Ow! Hey!
Siren: I take back anything I said about him being cute...

I missed it the first time around, but on video review, Teru has the slightest bit of a smirk as he runs off at the end of this scene. It's very blink-and-you'll-miss-it.

6/3: More hanging out with Harry

There is nothing new about this conversation, but I just need to point out Harry's shirt. I want one of those.

Gee, I wonder if Harry will like the rock band. Really, nothing important happens here, it's the same as before. What's important is that it happened.

6/9: The sports festival

Hell no, I'm not going to do these mini-games again. Not on a an emulated touch screen.

Siren: (It's time for the folk dance!)
Siren: (My next partner is... Harry.)
Harry: You should take advantage of your chance to dance with me!
Harry: Burn it into your memory!

Siren: (And next is... Saeki-kun.)
Teru: Oh, it's you.
Teru: Try not to step on my feet.
Siren: (Same to you!)

Siren: (Next is Wakaoji-sensei.)
Wakaoji: The folk dance is my one chance to look good. Please help me out.

6/12: Finally, more Haruhi

Haruhi: Hmm? Hiyadoin', Ren? Ya headin' home?
Haruhi: Who'da thunk it, I am too!
Siren: Wanna get a snack on the way back?

Haruhi: That's a great idea! We'll get a drink and gossip our heads off!
Haruhi: Let's get movin'!

Siren: Say, Haruhi-chan...
Haruhi: Yeah?
Siren: What kind of boy is your type?

Haruhi: Ahaha, whatcha talkin' about?
Haruhi: Boys are so flaky and dumb, I never thought about 'em that way!
Siren: Never? Not even once?

Haruhi: Th, that ain't somethin' I can do! I ain't no good at it!

Haruhi: Plus, I don't think the boys see me as a girl either.
Haruhi: They treat me like one of the guys.
Siren: (Could it be that I've found the one thing she doesn't like to talk about?)

6/29: Walking with Wakaoji

Wakaoji: Midterms are right around the corner. Are you doing well in your studies?
Siren: Uhh, I guess I'm doing alright.

Wakaoji: "Alright" is not good enough. You need to study harder.
Siren: Y, yes sir!
Wakaoji: .....

Siren: (What's going on? This isn't like him, and it's kind of scary.)

Wakaoji: So, how would you grade my use of "not good enough" and "study harder".
Wakaoji: Did they make me sound like a real teacher?
Siren: They were certainly a surprise!

7/3-7/7: Midterms

1st place: Hikami Itaru
3rd place: Fudou Siren
11th place: Saeki Teru
13th place: Onoda Chiyomi
231st: Nishimoto Haruhi
292nd: Hariya Kounoshin

Siren: Good, all of that studying paid off!

Siren: Hey, Harry.
Harry: For someone who makes a big show of not being very good at school...
Harry: I mean, look at those scores.
Harry: But that's amazing. You did great.

7/9: Harry and the Orangutan

Harry: Ugh... that orangutan's been staring at us this whole time.
Option 1: You think he's curious about us?
Option 2: I think he's scared of you, Harry.
Option 3: Let's stare right back.

It doesn't even matter what is correct or not.

Siren: Let's stare right back.
Harry: Yeah, we'll give it right back to him.
Harry: We'll see who's the strongest here! Let's do it!
Siren: (That went pretty well.)

7/9: And you say he's just a friend

All of these dates in a row with Harry carry inevitable consequences. Time to face the music!

Haruhi: Hiyadoin', Ren?
Siren: What's up, Haruhi-chan?
Haruhi: Since we're here, wanna stop at the cafe?
Siren: I do! Let's get moving!

Haruhi: And then, I just couldn't help myself! I had ta say it!
Haruhi: "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?"
Siren: Hahaha, I somehow knew you'd say that.

Haruhi: Hmm? Hey, Ren, your lipstick looks messy.
Haruhi: I got some on me you can use. Just dig around my backpack, you'll find it.
Haruhi: Oh, while you do that, I need ta call home and let 'em know I'll be home late.
Haruhi: Gimme a sec!

Siren: (Let's see, where does she keep her lipstick? She has a makeup kit, right?)
Siren: (Oops, something fell out...)
Siren: (Wait, is this a picture of Harry?)

Siren is probably the only character in this story who is surprised at this development.

Haruhi: !!!!
Siren: Oh. Haruhi-chan. Umm...!

Haruhi: !!!!
Siren: Umm. I didn't mean to peek. I'm really sorry.

Haruhi: It ain't whatcha think!
Siren: What?
Haruhi: I don't like him or anythin'!
Haruhi: I really mean that!
Option 1: I think you two make a great couple, though.
Option 2: (Does this mean we're rivals?)

Thankfully, Girl's Side 2 allows you to head off drama at the pass - it costs you a lot of numerical affection with the boy, but it dodges Rival mode and keeps the boy at the same affection ranking, even if the number goes way down.

Siren: I think you two make a great couple, though.
Haruhi: Huh?
Siren: You know, you and Harry.
Haruhi: Y, ya really think so?
Siren: Yeah.

Haruhi: Oh. If ya go and say that... that's great!
Siren: R, right?
Haruhi: Ahahaha! Sorry, Ren! I was misunderstandin' things the whole time! Whew.
Siren: (This is the first time I've ever seen her like this.)

And just like that, Haruhi and Siren come to a swift and amicable understanding. Hurray!

7/19: Teru's birthday

Gift 1: Glass flower vase
Gift 2: CD of classic guitar
Gift 3: Kaiju pajamas

The flower vase is the best option here. The kaiju PJs are sorely tempting, though.

Teru: Ren. You really need to stop talking to me at school.
Teru: It draws way too much attention.
Siren: Happy birthday! I got you a present.

Teru: Oh, so that's what this is all about.
Teru: Sorry. And thanks.
Siren: So, open it up!

Teru: This is nice...
Teru: Yeah, it's really nice.
Teru: You get me pretty well, don't you?

7/22: The weirdest of field trips

Wakaoji: So, raise your hand if you brought your swimsuit!
Students: Whaaaaat?
Siren: Sensei, you didn't tell us we were going to the beach today...

Wakaoji: Correct, I did not.
Wakaoji: So, no one brought their swimsuit?
Wakaoji: Good, that is a load off my mind.
Wakaoji: That means no one will go swimming.
Wakaoji: Alright, everyone, split up and explore!

Wakaoji: Okay, everyone, gather up again!
Wakaoji: When you think of the ocean, you think of teen dramas.
Wakaoji: So, why don't you shout like you're in one?
Option 1: DAMN YOU, OCEAN!

Cursing impotently at the ocean is a staple of Japanese fiction dating back to the Edo period, where it appeared in a comedic haiku (yes, those exist; I didn't realize it until tonight either). It entered modern pop culture in the '70s thanks to teen dramas that starred Morita Kensaku, who, amusingly enough, is now the governor of Chiba prefecture.

Wakaoji: You really put a lot into that "damn you". It was like watching a real-life teen drama!
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Siren: I learned a lot on this field trip!
Wakaoji: Yes, very well done.
Wakaoji: As your teacher, I really enjoy learning alongside all of you.
Wakaoji: Now, everyone, please give a round of applause for today's top student!
Wakaoji: Thank you.
Wakaoji: Alright, that's it for today. I'll see you all at school.

I usually don't translate this part anymore since the dialogue hasn't changed in a year and a half, but it's just so surreal in context that I have to include it. Wakaoji brings his students out to the beach, tells them to scream their frustrations into the uncaring ocean, and then praises the person who yelled the loudest. What, exactly, did Siren learn?

8/1: This summer just keeps getting weirder

(cell phone chime)
Teru: Hi, it's me.
Siren: Hi, Saeki-kun.
Teru: Hey, you're not doing anything today, are you?
Teru: The weather's great, the ocean is beautiful, want to come out to the beach?
Siren: I should probably be suspicious, but that does sound like a good idea!
Teru: Great. Then we're settled. Don't forget your swimsuit!
Siren: I won't! What else would I wear to the beach?

Let's... let's just ignore what happened last week at the field trip, it's probably for the best.

Teru: And just in case, I want to make sure you don't do something stupid like wear your school swimsuit out here.
Teru: Then again, that might just work these days...
Siren: Huh?
Teru: Whatever, just get over here. The beach is gonna get really crowded soon.
Teru: I'll wait for you at Sangosho.
Siren: Sangosho? See you there!

Siren: Let's see, I bought the wafers, stuffed olives, bean sprouts, and soba noodles you asked for!
Teru: Good work! There's an order of Tropical Yakisoba up, so bring that over to table 3.
Siren: Wait, did you really invite me out there to help out at the cafe?

Teru: Don't think. Work. We can talk after that.
Teru: After you change into your swimsuit and put on the apron, get out on the floor.
Siren: Do I really have to do this in my swimsuit? That's just embarrassing.
Teru: It's not embarrassing at all. Think about how good it is for business.
Siren: Saeki-kun, you're a dirty old man and a tricky old devil!
Teru: Say what you want, just take care of that Tropical Yakisoba soon.
Siren: ....

Female customer: Young man! Come over this way! :heart:
Teru: Yes ma'am, I'll be right there!
Teru: Hey. Don't forget that Tropical Yakisoba!
Siren: Okay, okay!
Siren: (I give up.)

8/5: Fireworks like normal people. Kind of.

In my head-canon, the normally surly Teru agrees to the next two date as a peace offering, since Siren keeps giving him crap about wasting a day of her summer vacation dishing out noodles in her skivvies.

Teru: We got here a little early. Let's check out the Ennichi festival!

Teru: Whoa, they have candy apples. Maybe I should get one...
Siren: Hahaha, Saeki-kun, you look like a little kid right now.

Teru: And what's wrong with that?
Siren: Nothing, really. Go ahead.
Teru: You know, the candy apple diet is really popular right now.
Siren: Really?!
Teru: No.
Siren: Geez!

Teru: Hey, did that firework just now look...
Teru: Did it kinda look like a smushed rice ball to you?
Option 1: Isn't that supposed to be a heart?
Option 2: That mold is called a "katamono".
Option 3: Huh? You mean it wasn't actually a rice ball?

As per usual Teru protocol, the proper answer is the most trollish answer possible.

Siren: Huh? You mean it wasn't actually a rice ball?
Teru: No, it's a heart. Wow, you really took that seriously? Hahaha!
Siren: (Nice!)

8/12: Just having a friend couldn't be no crime

Teru: Huh. So this is a hanging garden. I think I get the point now.
Option 1: It's like an aerial paradise!
Option 2: It's a 360-degree aerial panorama!
Option 3: You know, this isn't actually hanging.

Siren: Technically, this isn't hanging.
Teru: True! You know, you can be pretty quick to the punch line sometimes.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Teru: I feel like I've been smiling all day.
Teru: It's getting pretty late, though. I'll walk you home.

Teru: No way are you gonna catch me like that.

Siren: Thanks for walking me home.
Teru: Don't worry about it, you're on the way ho--hmm?
Siren: Harry!
Harry: What're you...
Harry: Never mind. I'll talk to you about it later.

Teru: Huh...
Siren: Umm, uh...
Teru: Aren't you popular?
Siren: Hey! It's not what you think!
Teru: I was kidding. See you later.

Siren: (There - Harry's calling.)
Harry: Hey. It's me. So... what's the deal?
Option 1: Clear up the misunderstanding
Option 2: I want us to be friends.

Siren: Harry, there's something I need to talk to you about. Can you meet me today?

Siren: Harry, listen... there's this guy that I like...
Siren: And so, umm...

Harry: Oh, I get it.
Siren: Harry...

Harry: I'm not mad, so you don't need to make that face at me.
Harry: I was just surprised. Seriously.

Harry: Alright! I'll help you however you need it. No matter what.
Harry: So you better get your man, you hear me?
Siren: Yeah, I won't disappoint you. And... thanks.

This system is new to Girl's Side 2, and requires decent amount of planning to see. This scene, and the subsequent Best Friend status, has the following requirements:

So... now there are two and a half years of high school left. And there are a couple of choices left for Haruhi's romantic life, now that Harry-Haruhi is official and drama-free. That means... there a POLL tomorrow! It's been so long!

Next time: Well, now what?