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Part 127: That's how the playettes got to be

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 14: That's how the playettes got to be

So, after a false start and a lot of goofing off, we've finally decided on Teru for our Siren playthrough of Girl's Side 2. Siren has her work cut out for her now that she has chosen High Standards Main Character as her target of choice, which usually brings with it a high risk of bombing--but in Girl's Side 2, the best friend system removes Harry from the equation (kind of - we'll get back to that later) while Masaki and Wakaoji are both too old for high school drama.

So now we're just going to have to worry about stats. With a year and a half to go, let's check out our girl and what she's doing:

Ignoring her stress (high) and money (not going to last), Siren's doing pretty well on the stats front.

Academics 116 (150 required)
Art 110 (150 required)
Sports 130 (150 required)
Social 156 (110 required)
Fashion 98 (150 required)
Looks 43 (90 required)

Siren's current pace won't cut it - she may be smart, fit, and popular, but... but she has her hair in a plain ponytail and wears glasses. This just won't do! To the mirror!

9/1: Fishing for sympathy

Siren: (Alright, time to head home)
???: Your voice dying isn't the end! It's just the beginning!
???: Osu!
???: Can you keep going?!
???: I can!
Siren: (Is that Amachi-kun shouting?)

"Osu!" is a shout most often used in martial arts like karate or kendo. It serves as a greeting (it's technically short for "ohayou gozaimasu"/"good morning" but hasn't really been used in that context in decades) and an affirmation, shouted as loudly as possible to show spirit and get the adrenaline pumping. It's a bit similar to how the US Marine Corps uses "Oorah", so you can see why cheerleading groups like Amachi's use it too. The word technically has kanji, but they're used more for the sound than the meaning, because they mean "push" and "endure".

You might know it already from one of my favorite games for the DS ever, where Japanese cheerleaders save the world with the power of their fighting spirit and passionate cheering.

Vice Captain: Ey! Osu!
Amachi: Ey! Osu!
Vice Captain: Ey! Osu!
Amachi: Ey! Osu!
Siren: (He looks so serious. It's like he's a completely different person.)

Male cheerleading in Japan can be Serious Business. The traditional costume is a long black gakuran with a red headband and white gloves, which are never removed. Remember that these cheerleaders are expected to show up to all sporting events and lead cheers in that costume, no matter the conditions - the cheerleaders go to Koushien every year in the withering August heat and humidity, and in some ways the cheerleaders need to be in better shape than the team does to be able to function in those conditions, much less shout at the top of their lungs and dance in a coordinated fashion. It's a little weird for someone like Amachi to be part of it.

Cheerleaders: Good work out there!
Amachi: ...Oops.
Amachi: Fudou-senpai, did you see the whole practice?
Siren: Yeah. Your voice is really shot, isn't it.
Amachi: Hahaha, this is nothing.
Amachi: Sometimes, I can barely move after practice.
Siren: It must be really tough in the cheerleading squad.

Amachi: Sorry, senpai, if I'm not back to the club room soon, they'll give me hell. I should...
Siren: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to keep you.

Amachi: Heh. I feel refreshed.
Amachi: How mysterious.
Siren: Hmm?

Amachi's tone of voice changes while he's delivering this line, too. Creepy.

Amachi: Nothing. Bye!
Siren: (For a second there, he felt like a different person again. It might just be my imagination, though.)

Let's just try not to think about it, shall we?

9/4: Wakaoji's birthday

Option 1: A portrait of Wakaoji drawn during class
Option 2: Parisian-scented kitty litter
Option 3: "How to be a Responsible Adult"

Strangely, the correct option is the portrait that Siren drew in class while she wasn't paying attention.

Siren: Wakaoji-sensei!
Wakaoji: What do you need, Fudou-san?
Siren: Wakaoji-sensei, it's your birthday today, right?
Wakaoji: Now that you mention it, I think so.
Siren: I know so! I got you a present, too.

Wakaoji: "Wakaoji-kun, please take care not to accept gifts from students. You are terrible at separating your personal and professional affairs."
Siren: Oh, is that your impression of the head teacher?
Wakaoji: Bingo. I'm sorry.
Siren: I see...

Wakaoji: But thank you. I'm glad you remembered my birthday.
Siren: (He didn't take the present this year, either.)

9/6: Walking with Teru

Siren: Saeki-kun!
Teru: Hey, Ren.
Siren: Want to walk home together?
Teru: You know I'm in a hurry, right?
Siren: Oh, you're right, I guess--

Teru: That means you better keep up.
Siren: (He's allergic to giving a straight answer, isn't he...)

Siren: The school trip is coming up. Are you ready?
Teru: ..Aww, crap, I forgot! I hope I'm not too late. If I hurry--
Siren: You still have plenty of time to pack.
Teru: I only have five days, that's barely enough time to list out what I need.
Siren: Whoa! It's not like we're going overseas!

Teru: Wait, wait, what're you talking about?
Siren: Weren't we talking about packing for the school trip?
Teru: Seriously? I can do that in an hour, easily. I'm talking about stuff I need for the cafe.
Siren: Oh.
Teru: You're so far behind this conversation that it's maddening.

9/10: Siren Strikes Back

Siren: (Hey, that's Saeki-kun over there, drifting around aimlessly. Which means...)
Siren: Saeki-kun, you're such a meanie! It's my turn today, you were supposed to have lunch with meeeee!

Teru: Haha, I'm so sorry, I was just about to--

Teru: ...
Siren: ...
Teru: ...
Siren: Umm, uhh... gotcha?

Teru: You have one chance to redeem yourself.
Siren: It, uh, it was just a joke. And violence is never the answer.

Teru: Milk and one super hot curry bread. Pick them up at the cafeteria.
Teru: We're gonna have lunch together, right?
Siren: Uhh, are you gonna give me money for that?
Teru: ...
Siren: ...I'll be right back.

9/9: A truce at the mall. And the hard work it takes to look carefree.

Teru: Hey, check that out! It'd look great on you.
Siren: Really? I'll try it out!
Teru: You should. My sense for these things is pretty sharp.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Siren: (Whoa, I got so lost looking for the bathroom. I hope Saeki-kun isn't mad at me.)
Siren: (Let's see, where is he... oh, there he is! Wait a second)

Siren: (He's doing his hair!)
Siren: (He always claims that it's naturally like that, but now I know he definitely spends a lot of time on it.)
Teru: ?!

Teru: Oh, uh, hey! You sure took your time.
Siren: Sorry about that! By the way, your hair looks great today.

Teru: Where'd that come from?
Siren: Look at you trying to play dumb.
Siren: I saw you fixing your hair in that window.
Teru: No you didn't.
Siren: Did so! Saw it right over there.
Teru: Nuh-uh, you so did not.

Siren: Hey, I think it's a little messed up in the back.
Teru: What? Where?
Siren: Gotcha.
Teru: ...

Siren: Say something, you're kinda scaring me right now.
Teru: I am going to mess up your hair so hard it will never look the same again.
Siren: Anything but that! Sorry!

Next time: The school trip