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Part 130: Okay, smarty, go to a party

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 17: Okay, smarty, go to a party

11/10: The school festival

For the second year, Siren's class holds a discotheque in their classroom. I dunno why, but hey, at least it's more inventive than a cafe.

Siren: (I wonder what Haruhi-chan is up to?)
Haruhi: Yuh-huh, that class' okonomiyaki is the real stuff! And I'm an expert, so ya definitely can take my word for it!
Haruhi: So, what was your name again? Where were ya from?
Siren: (What? She's talking to a complete stranger? She makes friends so fast!)

Harry: Everything ready?
Harry: Got it, I'll be right there.
Siren: (Hmm? Is that Harry on his phone?)

Harry: 'Sup, Ren?
Siren: 'Sup, Harry? Where are you heading?
Harry: You wanna know? I bet you do. Listen close.
Harry: We're doing a secret show on the roof in a few minutes.
Siren: Whoa, seriously? Wait, what's the secret part mean?
Harry: Some people call them guerrilla concerts, too.
Siren: Huh?
Harry: If you can, make sure to come by and listen.
Harry: Later!
Siren: (I bet the teachers are gonna be really mad at them...)

Siren: (I just spotted Amachi-kun, what's he up to?)
Amachi: ...and that's the gym over there, and on the other side of it is the courtyard.
Amachi: Yeah, I agree, this school's traditionally pretty lax.
Siren: (It looks like he's taking a bunch of middle school students on a tour.)
Siren: (Huh, I didn't see him as the leading type.)

Siren: Welcome to the Young Prince Disco!
Siren: (It's about to get really crowded in here, I need to do a good job managing the dance floor!)
Wakaoji: Four new guests coming in!

Siren: Sensei! You brought more people in with you?
Wakaoji: Today, I'm not just a teacher, I'm a man in black.
Wakaoji: Well, I'm not actually wearing any black, but I'm acting like I am.
Wakaoji: Does that make any sense?
Siren: Uh... well, you seem to be having fun, at least!

Slight contextual note here: In Japan, men in black aren't secret agents, they're usually just staff of a restaurant or club or other... ahem "evening establishment" who wear black suits to add an air of class to the place.

Female student A: Waka-sama-sensei! Dance with us! Pleeeeeease?
Wakaoji: Actually, I'm not a very good dancer...
Female student B: Boooo, you promised us you would dance!
Wakaoji: Oh dear. I did promise, so I suppose it's time for your teacher to come down with a bit of the Saturday Afternoon Fever.
Female student A: Squeeeee!
Siren: (I think he protested a little bit too strongly there... well, back to work!)
Siren: (It's so packed in here. And they're all having a blast!)
Wakaoji: Fudou-san!
Siren: Wakaoji-sensei?
Wakaoji: I think we're all coming down with a bout of disco fever!
Siren: It's all thanks to you packing the house!
Wakaoji: No, no, not at all, it's because of our kind and lovely floor manager drawing all eyes to her.
Siren: (Wow, that's flattering!)
Siren: (The dance was a huge hit, and we had so much fun at the school festival!)

11/15: This post was delayed because I had to translate high school chemistry

Siren: (Science class is so tough...)
Wakaoji: Basically, a liquid crystal's particles during this mesophase appear well ordered from a certain angle.
Siren: (Uggghhhh, that's so complicated.)
Wakaoji: Incidentally, cholesteric liquid crystal extracted and processed from squids can be applied not in LCD televisions, but in thermometers--
Siren: (I'm getting sleepy...)

Wakaoji: Fudou-san.
Siren: What? Huh? Uh, yes!
Wakaoji: Were you listening to this lesson?
Siren: Uh... yes.
Wakaoji: Then you should be able to tell me exactly what kind of squid I like.
Siren: What? Uh, ummm, it's--
Wakaoji: Here's a hint, it's delicious when grilled.
Siren: The flying squid?
Wakaoji: Correct! Well done. You win this round.
Siren: (Yay? I guess?)

Thank you for not voting for Wakaoji, because translating advanced chemistry on a consistent basis would have made me just skip half of his scenes.

11/27: Remember Teru?

Teru: Ren.
Siren: Oh, hi Saeki-kun. Welcome to our shop.
Teru: My grandpa asked me to pick up an assortment of seasonal cut flowers. Do you have any ready?
Siren: Yeah, I just finished cutting them a little bit ago. Hold on a second.
Teru: Huh, you did all these yourself?
Teru: They look really good. They'll do.

11/30: Forget the secret character, though.

Wakaoji: I come bringing sad news, class.
Wakaoji: After his brief stay with us, Komori-kun has transferred out of school.
Siren: (Oh, I almost forgot about him!)
Wakaoji: Komori-kun made life fairly tough on himself, but I don't think that was entirely by choice.
Wakaoji: Of course, change comes from within, but I don't think he knew quite where to start.
Wakaoji: And sometimes you can't get a good start, no matter how hard you try.
Wakaoji: What should people do in that situation?
Wakaoji: He was with us for such a short time, but I will always remember Komori-kun.
Siren: (He never showed up to class, and then he transferred out...)

Siren's observation makes Wakaoji's soliloquy extra-weird, since Wakaoji is pretty much the only person in class who had any real interaction with Komori in this run. Oh well, not our problem anymore, no matter how much the game tries to guild trip us!

12/1: Masaki's memories

Siren: (Time to head home.)
Masaki: Whoa, Ren?
Siren: Masaki-senpai, what're you doing here?
Masaki: I'm here for work. I need to deliver these flowers to the chairman's office.
Siren: Oh, okay.
Masaki: Are you heading home?
Siren: Yeah, I was just about to head out.
Masaki: If you wait for a second, I can give you a ride home.
Siren: What? No, you shouldn't--
Masaki: You're already on my way back, it's fine. I'll be right back.
Masaki: Wait, is that your classroom?
Siren: Yup.

Masaki giving Siren a ride is so much more normal than Girls Side 1's version of the same thing that it's comical.

Masaki: Sorry I took so long.
Siren: Are you done for the day?
Masaki: Yeah.
Masaki: Oh, man, I came at the right time. Look at that sunset.
Siren: Yeah, it really is pretty.
Masaki: Being in this classroom really brings me back.
Masaki: This used to be my desk, you know.
Masaki: I used my chisel from art class to carve a little hole right here, and then crammed it with eraser shavings.
Siren: Wow, I never noticed that.
Masaki: ...Man, when I look at this I think of how pointless it really is, but the memory makes me smile anyway.
Masaki: You need to make sure you have some memories like that before you're out of school.
Siren: ...I'll try.
Masaki: Ahhhh, I wish I could go back to those days.
Siren: To high school?
Masaki: Yeah. It would've been nice to see you with the eyes of a classmate, you know?
Masaki: I wonder what that would've been like. It's pretty hard for me to imagine.
Siren: Masaki-senpai?
Masaki: Enough talking about what-ifs, though. Things aren't bad the way they are now.
Masaki: If I was your classmate, I wouldn't be able to give you a ride home, and that's just too convenient.
Siren: Haha, true.
Masaki: We should get out of here before the sun goes down.
Siren: Yessir!

Masaki, you are a cool guy with a cool outlook on life. Sadly, the "cool college dude with a mature perspective" is boring for an LP.

12/3-12/7: Midterms

1st: Fudou Siren
3rd: Hikami Itaru
11th: Saeki Teru
13th: Onoda Chiyomi
223rd: Nishimoto Haruhi
276th: Hariya Kounoshin

Oh, right. This is what happens when Siren decides to focus on stats rather than hanging out with Haruhi.

Siren: I took the top spot! It feels nice to take first place!
Wakaoji: Oh look, it's the head of the class.
Siren: Wakaoji-sensei!
Wakaoji: Congratulations. I am very proud to be your teacher.
Siren: I couldn't have done it without your help, Wakaoji-sensei.
Siren: (All of my work paid off!)

12/19: Harry's birthday

Option 1: A wallet chain
Option 2: My First Cleaning Kit
Option 3: A toy microphone

Well, we have the Edgy option, the Insulting option, and the goofy option. We'll stick with the one that lets him keep pretending that he's a punk rocker.

Siren: Harry!
Harry: Hey. Sup?
Siren: Happy birthday!
Harry: Hey, you remembered!
Harry: Then again, it is MY birthday, after all. You probably couldn't forget it if you tried.
Siren: Are you ever gonna open it?
Harry: Oh, wow, I had my eye on this. You're amazing!

12/23: Skating with Teru

It's worth noting that Siren's wardrobe is starting to make a recovery after the Great Yukata Purge of 2006, but that really doesn't excuse going ice skating wearing a coat over a sleeveless blouse and shorts.

Teru: I hope you're ready for this. If you can't keep up, I'm just gonna leave you behind.
Teru: Are you any good at skating?
Option 1: I can take care of myself on the ice!
Option 2: I'm around average, I guess.
Option 3: Could you teach me how?

Teru has never been one for coddling, so it's time to appeal to his natural contrariness.

Siren: I can take care of myself on the ice!
Teru: Not bad. Cocky, but not bad. Fine, let's time you.
Siren: (Not bad!)

12/24: The Christmas party

Yes, this is the same dress as last year. But this year Siren will wear a flower in her hair, which means no one will notice. Just... just trust me on this one.

Haruhi's dialogue is the exact same as year 1. I'm pasting it here for reference.

Haruhi: REN~! Merry Christmas!
Siren: Merry Christmas, Haruhi-chan.
Haruhi: Wowwww, you're lookin' so cute today! That dress is amazin'!
Siren: You think so?
Haruhi: Soooo, why you lookin' all sexy and dolled up, huh? You minx you!
Haruhi: But to be honest with ya, I'm super jealous right now. I want a dress like that too.
Haruhi: Lemme know where ya bought it, okay?
Haruhi: Uh oh, I gotta go say hi before it's too late. Seeya!
Siren: (It feels like a storm just passed through every time I talk to her.)
Siren: (But I'm really happy she complimented my dress!)

Wakaoji: Merry Christmas, Fudou-san.
Siren: Hi, Wakaoji-sensei! Merry Christmas!
Wakaoji: I'm glad to see that you're enjoying the party.
Wakaoji: You're quite well dressed today. You look great.
Siren: Thanks! You look great in your suit too, Sensei.
Wakaoji: Once more, and louder this time please.
Siren: What? Uh, you look great.
Wakaoji: Thank you. I dressed up quite a bit more than usual myself.
Wakaoji: And now, I must go and act like an adult for a while.

Teru: Ren.
Siren: Hey, Saeki-kun! Merry Christmas!
Teru: Merry Christmas. You don't have to shout my name like that.
Siren: Oh yeah, sorry!
Teru: You're wearing a dress.
Siren: So I am, I hadn't noticed. What do you think of it?
Teru: What? Uhh, well... it might or might not... look kinda not-bad on you.
Siren: Which is it?
Teru: ...You look good.
Teru: Anyway, see you soon. Don't stuff your face too hard!
Siren: (Saeki-kun slipped back into his public face pretty quickly. I shouldn't be surprised, with so many people around.)

Harry: Yo. Did you get a great present from Santa or something?
Siren: Hey, Harry. Haha, what do you think?
Harry: Don't know, don't care!
Harry: Anyway, I do pray that something good does happen to you. You should thank me for it.

Siren: It's time for the gift exchange! I wonder whose present will come by? I hope it's Saeki-kun's.
Santa: Ho ho ho! Here's your present for the year!
Siren: (It's a mermaid keychain.)
Siren: (It's so pretty that I might hate to use it.)

Teru: Ren.
Siren: Oh, hi Saeki-kun.
Teru: You got a good one. I should know, I brought it.
Siren: Really?! Oh, and you're holding the present I brought.

Teru: Well, that ended up being a waste of effort.
Teru: We could've just given these right to each other.
Siren: Haha, you might be right!
Teru: Oh, this gift is pretty nice, actually. Kinda like it was meant for me.
Teru: Thanks. I made out pretty well this year.
Siren: (Awesome, I picked a great present!)

Next time: The home stretch.