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Part 17: Spring 1997, My Name is Goonzymandias, Teen of Teens

Chapter 16: Spring 1997 - My name is Goonzymandias, Teen of Teens

It was a long and tough road. But when I said everything from here is downhill, I meant it. We have been careful. We have been quiet. And we have been patient. But it is no longer the time for care and patience. It is time... for perfection. We begin with the long-awaited Double Birthday event.

3/30 (Sunday): Legendary Double Birthday Event!

This event takes precedence over everything. No choices are allowed to be made, Shiori just calls you.

Goon: Hmm? Who could be calling?
Goon: Yes, this is the Fudou residence.
Shiori: Umm, my name is Fujisaki...

I know that people are expected to be timid in Japanese culture, but come on. You can act a little familiar with someone you've known for years and can see you calling from his bedroom window. Even Taylor Swift holding up a poster board is less passive than this! GOD

Goon: Oh, Shiori? What's up?
Shiori: Oh, hi Goon. Hey, are you busy right now?

Thank you. I guess she was just going through the motions in case Goon's parents picked up, but... geeeeez.

Goon: Hmm? No, I'm not...
Shiori: Really? Then do you want to celebrate our birthdays together?
Goon: Sure, that's fine.
Shiori: Good... I have some cake ready. Do you... want to come to my room?
Goon: Yeah, I'll be there in a sec.

Remember, folks, this game is for all ages. All ages!

Goon: Shiori, I'm here.
Shiori: Come on in.

Shiori: Happy birthday, Goon.
Goon: Ha...happy birthday to you too, Shiori.
Goon: (How many years has it been since I was in Shiori's room?)
Shiori: Is something bothering you?
Goon: N, no... oh, Shiori, here's your birthday present.
Shiori: And this is from me to you.
Goon: Thank you. I'll treasure it.
Shiori: Remember when we used to do this every year for our birthday?
Shiori: Our birthday's the same, so we treated each other like we were twins...
Goon: Yeah, we did.
Shiori: Oh, I just remembered something.

Shiori: Do you know what this is?
Goon: (It looks like a toy ring...)
Shiori: It's the present you gave me, ten years ago.
Goon: Ten years ago?
Shiori: It's so small it doesn't fit my finger anymore.
Shiori: ...but I still treasure it.
Goon: Y...yeah?
Shiori: Do you remember what you said back then?
Goon: Hmm? I said something?

Shiori: Have you forgotten everything? Even how we felt back then...?
Goon: What?
Shiori: No, it's nothing. Never mind.

Shiori: Thanks for everything today... it was a wonderful birthday.
Goon: Well, talk to you later.
Shiori: Good night.

3/31-4/5: Exercise
4/4: New school year starts

In Japan, the third year of high school is a huge turning point of a young person's life. A lot of high school students quit their clubs in order to focus on their entrance exams, since they have ssuch a huge impact on future job prospects. In Tokimeki Memorial, though, it's more about figuring out if you're in line for a certain ending...

Goon: Starting today, I'm a senior. Just a year until graduation...
Goon: In order to be Shiori's ideal man...
Goon: I have to keep working on my spirit.
Goon: But, it looks like I can get along with Mikihara-san just fine.
Goon: In any case, I have to work hard.

This is the game's way of telling us that we need to work on our Guts stat in order to get the Shiori ending, but Megumi is already good to go (hi ho Silver Medal, away!). For reference, here are Goon's stats going into year 3:

Stamina: 57 | Lit 148 | Science 155
Art 266 | Sports 254 | General Knowledge 123
Looks 119 | Guts 100 | Stress 8

All of the stats well above the right range, except for Guts, which is liable to drop below Shiori's standards if we let it slip even a little bit. Remember, if you miss by one point, she will not accept you. Nintendo Hard demands nothing less than perfection!

Goon: Oh yeah, I have guidance counseling today. I should go to the faculty room.
Goon: (What should I do after high school?)

Option 1: I want to continue my education.
Option 2: I want to work.
Option 3: Check what other people are doing after high school.

In order to get the best epilogue, most people choose this point to follow their girl into the next step of their lives. Other people say "fuggit, I'm doing my own thing" and follow whatever dream they have, which includes professional athlete (basketball players get to go to America!), musician, artist, author, etc. In any case, Shiori's demand for Perfection means that the only real choice is to go to the best university in the country. So...

Goon: I want to go to college.
Goon: (I told my counselor about my plan for the future.)
Teacher: With your grades, you can make it into all the top universities!
Goon: I see.


4/6 (Sunday): Concert Band
4/7-4/12: Sleep
4/13 (Sunday): Preen
4/14-4/19: Concert Band
4/19: Run into Miharu (see Chapter 5 to see what this event looks like.)

This is the first time we're running into Miharu and not reloading. You'll see some of her events, but as you can see, seeing everything and getting the Miharu ending is 100% based on RNG. It's one of the reasons I didn't choose a Miharu run, and also one of the reasons I reloaded as soon as I saw her in year one - she has a chance of overriding all of the work on a Shiori run, so we had to dodge that like it was The Matrix.

4/20 (Sunday): Call Shiori

Goon: Want to go to Kirameki Central Park on 4/27?
Shiori: Let me check... I'm sorry, I'm busy that day. I wish I could go, but...
Goon: D, don't worry about it. I don't mind.
Shiori: We'll try and make it work next time, okay?

You know what? I don't even need to reload. That's how far ahead of schedule we are. Plus, Golden Week is coming up, with all of its holidays. Plenty of time to take Shiori to see the cherry blossoms.

4/21-4/26: Sleep
4/22: Walk home with Shiori
4/27 (Sunday): Call Shiori again

Goon: Want to go to Kirameki Central Park on 4/29?
Shiori: Let me check... yes, that's fine.
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the park on that day.
Shiori: Yes, let's. Don't forget, okay?
Goon: No way will I forget. Okay, talk to you later.
Goon: Yes! I can't wait for the 29th.


4/28: Concert Band
4/29 (Golden Week): Date with Shiori

Goon: (Today's my date with Shiori. I should go meet up with her in front of the park.)

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Shiori: No, I just got here myself.
Goon: Phew, glad I wasn't late.
Shiori: The cherry blossoms are already in bloom...
Goon: Yeah, let's go see the flowers.
Shiori: Yes, let's.

Please ignore the fact that by now, most real cherry blossoms have finished blooming - it's only a two-week window, folks!

Shiori: They're in full bloom already. But they'll wither soon...

Option 1: That's what makes them beautiful.
Option 2: That's the way of nature.
Option 3: It'll litter all over the avenue...

None of these are really great options, but let's go with 1. Honestly, very few of the Hanami options are very good with any girl, but hey, it's pretty.

Shiori: That's true, but it's kind of sad...
Goon: (Eh.)

Shiori: Today was fun. Can we do this again soon?
Goon: Yeah, I'll call you.
Shiori: Let's go home, Gunpei-kun.

4/30-5/2: Concert Band
5/3 (Golden week): Read Memorial Spot, then Preen

Memorial Spot June-July-August
This issue, we have no new date spots to show you

Movie: BANPO (horror) (No, it's not Rambo, it's a Japanese movie called Rampo)
Concert: KNM Symphony Orchestra (classical)
Stadium: June - Pro Wrestling
July - Baseball
August - Baseball
Events: In August, the amusement park will be holding night parades!
August 3rd is Ennichi at the shrine!

Goon: (If I look at this magazine and enter the Konami Code... up up down down left right left fight X Circle...)

It doesn't actually do anything. As I mentioned, the Konami Code works in two places: one requires joining the computer club, the other is at the karaoke box when you're not having an Ayako event.

5/4 (Sunday): Preen
5/5 (Golden Week): Concert Band
5/6-5/10: Concert Band
5/6: Say no to Ayako
Ayako threat level: Green
5/7: Go home with Shiori
5/11 (Sunday): Exercise
5/12-5/17: Concert Band
5/16: Say no to Megumi
Megumi threat level: Orange
5/18 (Sunday): Sleep
5/19-5/24: Concert Band
5/21: Invitation from Ayako

Ayako: Oh, Fudou-kun.
Goon: Katagiri-san? What's up?
Ayako: Hey, are you free this Sunday?
Goon: Option 1: I'm free, what's up?
Ayako: Since you're free, want to go to the art gallery at the museum with me?

This is actually pretty fortuitous. Sure, let's do it!

Goon: Option 1: That's fine. Let's go.
Ayako: Hontou ni? Really? Then where should we meet?
Goon: Is it okay just to meet in front of the museum?
Ayako: Sore de ii wa. Okay.
Goon: (This Sunday, right? I have to make sure I don't forget.)

5/21: Bomb warning!

And that's the danger of actually saying yes...

5/25 (Sunday): Date with Ayako

Goon: (Today's my date with Ayako. I should go meet up with her in front of the museum.)

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Ayako: No. Watashi mo ima kita tokoro na no. Good timing.
Goon: Phew, glad I wasn't late.
Ayako: Let's go inside.
Goon: Good idea.

Ayako: Hey hey, don't you think this bronze statue just leaps out at you? Isn't it magnificent?

Option 1: Isn't it just a replica?
Option 2: Yeah, it's a splendid piece.
Option 3: I like the one next to it better.

Smile and nod, Goon. Smile and nod.

Ayako: I know, right?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Ayako: Arigatou. Thank you for coming with me today!
Goon: If you don't mind me tagging along, I'll come any time.
Ayako: Okay. Let's go home, Fudou-kun.

5/26-5/31: Sleep
5/29: Say no to Yuina
Yuina threat level: Orange

6/1 (Sunday): Call Megumi

Goon: Want to go to the planetarium with me on 6/8?
Megumi: What? Y, yes... gladly...
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the planetarium on that day.
Megumi: ......
Goon: What's that? I couldn't hear you.
Megumi: Y...yes, we'll meet there!
Goon: Okay, don't forget.
Goon: Goon: Yes! I can't wait for the 8th.

A piece of advice: whenever there's a bomb threat, always try to clear it as soon as possible. The date itself is what clears the bomb. It's not the call. Girls are also more likely to accept if you know where they like to go, which is usually a function of calling Yoshio or inviting them to chat at the local park.

6/2-6/6: Concert Band
6/7: Sports Festival!

Goon: Today's the Sports Festival. What event should I participate in?

Option 1: Egg-and-spoon race
Option 2: Scavenger Hunt race
Option 3: Three-legged race
Option 4: Ball-rolling race

I saw a comment earlier about coming back to the Scavenger Hunt race and getting revenge for freshman year... so here it comes! Scavenger Hunt Race, Part 2: Perfection Edition!

A better start than last time for sure...

Why. Why, Megumi. Why did it have to be you.

Well, whatever. It's easy to spot her helmeted noggin in that crowd.

I am Goonzymandias, Student of Students! Look at my Sports stat, ye mighty, and despair!


Goon: Okay, time for the folk dance. Let's do this right!
Goon: Alright, I'm dancing with Shiori next.

Shiori: Oh... I get to dance with you...?

Goon: And I'm dancing with Himoo-san next.

Yuina: It is a rare thing indeed to be able to lay hands on me.

Goon: And next, I'm dancing with Yumi-chan.

YUS. Dodged Megumi. Excellent.

Yumi: Fudou-san, Yumi wanted to dance with you, so Yumi joined this dance circle.

Good work, Yumi, way to cockblock the other bomber while delaying your own bomb. Thumbs up.

Goon: The folk dance wasn't that bad.


Goon: (Today's my date with Mikihara-san. I should go meet her in front of the planetarium.)

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Megumi: N...No...
Goon: Phew, glad I wasn't late.
Goon: So, shall we?
Megumi: Y, yes...

Megumi: Wow, it's beautiful...
Goon: Let's sit down, Mikihara-san.
Megumi: O, okay...
Megumi: The stars sure are mysterious...

Option 1: Yeah, I think so too.
Option 2: They're just some lights.
Option 3: We're watching them sparkle from billions of years ago...

Agreeing with her shouldn't hurt. Let's go with 1!

Megumi: I can just get lost in them...
Goon: (Eh.)


Goon: Did you have fun?
Megumi: Um, um, yes... I had fun.
Goon: Can we do this again some time?
Megumi: Y, yes...
Goon: Cool, I'll call you soon.
Megumi: Fudou-kun... um... could we...
Goon: Walk home together?
Megumi: Y, yes...

6/9-6/14: Concert Band
6/12: Say no to Yuina
Yuina threat level: Red
6/12: Bomb warning!

Good thing we cleared Megumi's bomb ASAP, right?

6/14: Praised by Shiori for a perfect week
6/15 (Sunday): Call Yuina

Goon: Want to go to the planetarium with me on 6/22?
Yuina: Your luck has run out....
Yuina: ...for I appear to be free on that day.

You know, I almost fell for it again here. I guess my reset finger was itching.

Goon: Okay, let's meet in front of the park on the 22nd.
Yuina: You dare to give me orders?
Goon: Alright then, where would you like to meet?
Yuina: ...Your previous suggestion is acceptable.
Yuina: If your business is completed, then I am hanging up.
Goon: Woohoo! I can't wait for the 22nd.

Remember, clean up bombs as quickly as you possibly can. It'll make clearing any potential bombs easier, though Yumi's probably on track to be the next bomb and that was delayed a bit by the folk dance after the sports festival.

6/16-6/21: Concert Band
6/22: Date with Yuina

Goon: (Today's my date with Himoo-san. I should go wait for her in front of the planetarium.)

Goon: Have you been waiting long?
Yuina: Not really. You're right on time.
Goon: I'm glad I wasn't late.
Yuina: We are going inside now.
Goon: Okay.

Yuina: Find a seat quickly.
Yuina: Sooner or later, these stars too will be mine...

Option 1: What kind of stupid line is that?
Option 2: Sigh... is that so.
Option 3: W... wouldn't that be nice?

Himoo Yuina, ladies and gentlemen. We're choosing 3. Just smile and nod.

Yuina: It will definitely be nice when it happens. Ah, I cannot wait.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Yuina: Ah, it is nice to be able to take a breather every once in a while.
Goon: Can we do this again some time?
Yuina: If I have an opening in my schedule.
Goon: Then I'll call you soon.
Yuina: Well, we should go home, Gunpei-kun.

This is a different conversation than usual, marking Yuina's graduation into higher affection levels. But it doesn't matter anymore! We are an avalanche of Perfect that no one can stop! Not even Megumi!

6/23-6/28: Sleep
6/27: Invitation from Shiori

Shiori: If you're free, want to go to the aquarium together?
Goon: Option 1: That's fine. Let's go.
Shiori: Really? Then, um...
Goon: Want to meet in front of the aquarium?
Shiori: Yes, that's great. Don't forget, okay?
Goon: (This coming Sunday, eh? I have to make sure I don't forget.)

6/29 (Sunday): Date with Shiori

Goon: (Today's my date with Shiori. I should go wait for her in front of the aquarium.)

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Shiori: No, I just got here myself...
Shiori: Let's hurry inside.

Shiori: There are a lot of pretty fish here...

Option 1: Yeah, they really are pretty.
Option 2: Yeah, they look delicious.
Option 3: It's like underwater art.

As much as I'd love to eat some fish, let's just go with option 1.

Shiori: There are other beautiful fish over there, too.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Shiori: Thanks a lot for coming with me today.
Goon: If you don't mind me tagging along, I'll come any time.
Shiori: Let's walk home together, Goon.

Summer is about to start, but true perfection is going quite well. The mask is off, and we are showing everyone what we're capable of - first was sports. Soon, academics will fall before us, and shortly afterward the world of music will be ours. We will be the greatest of men... drink it in, ladies. Drink it in.