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Part 20: Winter 1997/98, All Realities, All Dimensions are Open to Goon

Chapter 19: Winter 1997/98, All Realities, All Dimensions are Open to Goon

Four months to go. Nothing left to do. Time to goof around and reap the rewards for 2.5 years of what was basically hard labor!

12/1-12/6: Concert Band
12/7 (Sunday): Midterms

Goon: (The first day's test subject is linguistics.)

Goon: (Perfect.)

Goon: (The second day's test subject is math.)

Goon: (Perfect.)

Goon: (The third day's test subject is science.)

Goon: (Perfect.)

Goon: (The fourth day's test subject is social studies.)

Goon: (Perfect.)

Goon: (The fifth day's test subject is art.)

Goon: (Perfect.)


1st - Fudou Gunpei, 494/500
10th - Fujisaki Shiori, 450/500
25th - Tatebayashi Miharu, 420/500
26th - Ijuuin Rei, 419/500
32nd - Himoo Yuina, 409/500
79th - Katagiri Ayako, 354/500
94th - Mikihara Megumi, 336/500
273rd - Saotome Yoshio, 190/500

Yes, I could've probably reloaded until it was 500/500. But I didn't need to be THAT perfect.

12/14 (Sunday): Call Shiori

Goon: Want to go to the skating rink with me on 12/28?
Shiori: Let me check... yes, that's fine.

12/15-12/20: Concert Band
12/21 (Sunday): Sleep
12/22: Exercise
12/23 (Holiday): Preen
12/24: Ijuuin Christmas Party

Goon: (They're holding a Christmas party at the Ijuuin house today. I should probably head to the grounds.)
Goon: Here I am at the Ijuuin house. No matter how many times I see it, this place still looks enormous to me.

Man in black: Would you happen to be a friend of Rei-sama?
Goon: I don't know if we're friends, but we're classmates.
Man in black: That's good enough. Please come inside.

Goon: Looks like the party's just starting.
Rei: Welcome, everyone, to the pride of the Ijuuin family - our Christmas party.
Rei: Forget your dreary everyday lives, and make merry tonight!
Goon: He's saying the same thing again.

Rei: I am amazed you made it in again this year. I suppose this means that you look reasonably good to some people...
Goon: You know, Ijuuin...
Rei: Yes, peasant? Do you have a question?
Goon: This is something I wonder about every year. What's actually in that cocktail glass, anyway?
Rei: Hahahahahaha! I shall enlighten you, ignorant peasant. Inside of this glass...
Goon: Inside of that glass...
Rei: Is something I will never tell you. But I will at least say that it is not alcohol.
Rei: After all, it would be bad for minors to drink!
Goon: Y, yeah, I know that. But what is it?
Rei: You can take that question with you to the grave. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Rei: And now if you will excuse me.
Goon: I bet it's just juice...

Shiori: Ah, Goon. You were invited too?
Goon: Shiori, I didn't know you were here.
Game: Talked to Shiori for a while.
Shiori: My friends are waiting for me, so I'm going to go meet back up with them.
Goon: Okay, see you later.

Megumi: Oh, Fudou-kun! You were invited here?
Goon: Mikihara-san, I didn't know you were here.
Game: Talked to Mikihara-san for a while.
Megumi: Um... sorry... I have to go...
Goon: Don't let me keep you. See you later.

Yumi: Fudou-san, you were invited?
Goon: Yumi-chan, I didn't know you were here.
Game: Talked to Yumi-chan for a while.
Yumi: Yumi came here with some classmates, so it's time to go.
Goon: Don't let me keep you. See you later.

Ack...! Th, this is... an Ijuuin Rei photo book! I have a headache...
Goon: (It would've been better to get a girl's present. ...I guess I'll go home.)

Was this the nightmare scenario? Yeah, probably. Am I gonna reset? Nope! It doesn't matter anymore! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wait what's that sound


Megumi: Uh, um...
Goon: Oh, Mikihara-san.
Megumi: Um, uh, if it's okay with you... can we walk home together?
Goon: Yes, that's fine. It is late, after all.
Megumi: Th, thank you.
Goon: Okay, let's get going.
Megumi: O, okay.

Yep. Still doesn't matter.

Megumi: ?!
Goon: Hmm? What's wrong, Mikihara-san?
Goon: (She's running off...)

Megumi: This kitten looks abandoned...
Goon: (She heard this kitten's cries...)
Megumi: Poor thing, shivering like this...
Goon: (Mikihara-san really loves animals, doesn't she.)
Cat: Meowwww
Megumi: It was cold, wasn't it? I'll take you home really soon.
Cat: Meowwww
Megumi: You're hungry, aren't you? Don't worry, I'll warm up some milk for you.
Goon: Mikihara-san, you should hurry and take him home.
Megumi: Y, yes, you're right.
Goon: (I accompanied Mikihara-san all the way home.)

Look, signs of personality from Megumi-san that aren't defined by hopeless devotion to Goon!

12/25-12/27: Exercise

12/28 (Sunday): Date with Shiori

Goon: (Today's my date with Shiori. I should go meet her in front of the skating rink.)

(usual pleasantries)

Shiori: Can you skate well?

Option 1: I can handle myself pretty well.
Option 2: Well, I can fake it.
Option 3: The surface of the ice seems treacherous...

Only one of these answers is Perfect, and therefore the only right choice.

Shiori: Good. There are a few things I'd like you to teach me.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

(usual pleasantries)

12/29-12/31: Sleep

1/1 (New Year's Day): Hatsumoude event

(ding dong!)
Goon: Who's there?
Deliveryman: Here're your New Year's cards!
Goon: (Sweet! Shiori, Katagiri-san, Himoo-san, Mikihara-san, and Yumi-chan sent New Year's cards. How lucky!)

Goon: Hmm? Who could that be?

Shiori: Happy new year!
Goon: Happy new year. That furisode looks really good.
Shiori: Oh, thanks... hey, do you want to head out to Hatsumoude...?
Goon: Option 1: That sounds good, let's go.
Shiori: I'm so glad you didn't say no. Let's go!

Goon: Alright, let's go pay our respects.
Shiori: Yeah, we shouldn't waste any time.

Goon: what should I pray for?

Option 1: Success in academics
Option 2: Health
Option 3: Luck in love

As explained in Chapter 6, the best choice is almost always to ask for success in academics. But wait! It's year three! So it really doesn't matter! Awwwww yeah, time to wish for health. Because it's not like we need help from the likes of YOU, God.

God: (Your wish shall be granted.)
Goon: (Hmm? I feel better all over.)

Shiori: Hey, what did you pray for?
Goon: It's, uh, it's a secret. What about you, Shiori?
Shiori: Mine's a secret too. Because... hey, should we go pull our fortunes?

This year, I pulled...

Suekichi, or Good Fortune Ahead. That's right, there is. How did the piece of paper know?!

Goon: (Eh, I guess it's not bad.)
Shiori: Hey, how's it look?
Goon: Go ahead and see for yourself.
Shiori: Ooh, not bad. This might be the best result anyway.
Goon: What about yours, Shiori? Let me see!
Shiori: Well... okay, I don't mind.
Goon: Wow, you pulled Great Luck! No fair hogging all the luck.
Shiori: But, um, you know what they say, "moderation in all things".
Goon: You don't have to console me, I don't really care.
Goon: (I. Am. So. Jealous.)

Same ol', same ol'.

Shiori: We graduate this year, don't we?
Goon: Yeah, it really is soon.
Shiori: To tell the truth, I prayed for courage...
Goon: Courage? What for?
Shiori: Because on graduation day... no, forget I said that. We should head home already.
Goon: You're right. Let's head home.
Goon: (Now I'm really curious.)

Oh, you'll find out soon, Goon. Your day will come!

1/2-1/3: Sleep
1/3: Event!

Goon: The concert that everyone in the club worked so long to perfect went magnificently, and we took first place at the national orchestral competition.
Goon: These are the fruits of our 3 years of hard work.
Goon: With this, the path of a musician has opened to me.

Shiori: ...
Goon: Shiori, is something wrong?
Shiori: We... we really won.
Goon: Yeah, we sure did.
Shiori: It's so incredible... it's like a dream.
Goon: (I'm glad all our hard work paid off.)


1/4 (Sunday): Concert Band
1/5-1/10: Concert Band

'cuz why not?

1/11 (Sunday): Sleep
1/12-1/17: Concert Band
1/13: Message from Miharu

This is the only way Miharu interacts with you, other than by trying to throw her body into you like a linebacker. It's... I guess it's endearing in a "god, could you stop tackling me and stalking me" way

Goon: (Oh? There's a message on the machine. Let's hear it.)

Miharu: Hello, this is Tatebayashi.
Goon: Huh? Who's that?
Miharu: This Sunday, could you... oh, I'll call you again later.
Goon: What's with that call?

Yeah, seriously.

1/15 (Holiday): Study Lit
1/16-1/17: Concert Band
1/18 (Sunday): Exercise
1/19-1/24: Concert Band
1/19: Go home with Yuina

Sure! It doesn't matter much if this accelerates bomb timers anymore, we only have a 40-day window left and there haven't been any bomb warnings! We're CLEEEEEEARRRRR

1/25 (Sunday): Sleep
1/26-1/31: Concert Band

1/26: Walk home with Ayako

Doesn't hurt!

2/1: Say Goodbye to Memorial Spot, then Sleep

Goon: ......

The only thing listed, other than the notice that the magazine is going on hiatus, is a thank-you note for years of loyal readership.

2/2-2/7: Concert Band
2/7: Praised by Shiori for a perfect week
2/8 (Sunday): Sleep
2/9-2/10: Science
2/11 (Holiday): Preen
2/12-2/14: Science
2/12: Walk home with Yumi

I don't caaaaaaaaare

Yumi: It's so close to graduation.
Goon: Yeah.
Yumi: It'll get lonely at school...
Goon: It won't be like that at all. Your friends will still be there, won't they?
Yumi: Yeah, but...

I don't caaaaaaaaare

2/12: Bomb warning!

Okay maybe I do caaaaaare

2/14: Valentine's Day

Rei: Hello and good morning.
Goon: Every year, the same old bullshit, Ijuuin.
Rei: There is nothing to get that angry over.
Goon: I want to get angry. Every year...

Goon: ......
Rei: Well, try not to develop an inferiority complex, at least.
Rei: Hahahahahaha...
Goon: ......

I would miss you, Rei. Except I don't caaaaare

Ayako: Oh, Fudou-kun. Here, I got you something.
Goon: Chocolate? Th, thank you.
Ayako: It... it's giri chocolate. Giri. But a little bit of it isn't giri.
Goon: I have no idea what you're trying to say.
Ayako: Um, bye!
Goon: I wonder why she was acting so flustered...

Yumi: Oh, Fudou-san. Here, have some chocolate.
Goon: Thanks, Yumi-chan.
Yumi: You can accept any chocolates you get today, but please don't eat any other than this one, okay?
Goon: Huh? Uh, sure.
Yumi: Really? Cross your heart! Okay, bye!
Goon: (Did I just make a really dumb promise?)

Yuina: Ah, Gunpei-kun. I made these while I was running an experiment, so you can have them.
Goon: Hey, thanks.
Yuina: I think it should be fine, but if your extremities go numb, let me know immediately.
Goon: Why's that?
Yuina: I put a little bit of something special into this.
Goon: I'm glad for the thought, but...
Yuina: Now, if you will excuse me.
Goon: (What's in this stuff?)


Megumi: Um, um, uh, here... please... accept this.
Goon: Gladly! Thanks. Mikihara-san?
Megumi: I'm so embarrassed...
(running footsteps)
Goon: Her face was all red, she must've been really embarrassed to do that.

Shiori: Hey, Goon. This might not look like much, but...
Goon: Th, thanks! I'm so happy you did this.
Shiori: I was so embarrassed that I couldn't give this to you at school...
Goon: Why not?
Shiori: Because... I put something special into this chocolate...
Goon: Wait, you mean...
Shiori: O, okay, see you later!
Goon: A lot of her feelings, eh...?

As a note, the highest affection ratings come last on Valentine's Day. So Megumi leaped into second place over Yuina in spite of us barely talking to her! This is why she's dangerous...

Goon: (I got a pretty good amount of chocolate this year. Seems like I'm pretty popular.)

2/15 (Sunday): Call Yoshio

It was Yuina's bomb all along! Well, it doesn't matter anymore anyway... as long as I don't do anything stupid for the next 14 days.

And, just for kicks

Katagiri Ayako
Note: Tends to be sick on swimming days.

2/16-2/21: Concert Band
2/21: Praised by Shiori for a perfect week
2/22 (Sunday): Science, and Life-changing decisions

Goon: Tomorrow is the college entrance exams.

Option 1: Go take the college entrance exams
Option 2: Give up on college and take the employment exams
Option 3: Become a musician

The best option is to follow Shiori, but honestly, we could do anything at this point. But since the point of this run-through is to become the winner at life, it's time to take the true winner's path and make it into the top-flight universities on the first try!

Goon: Where should I test for?

Option 1: Take the test for a first-rate university
Option 2: Take the test for a second-rate university
Option 3: Take the test for a third-rate university

Perfection is the only option!

Goon: Alright, let's go take the test for a first-rate university!
Goon: Looks like I didn't forget anything, I'll head to the test center.
Goon: (It's time to put my all into this!)

This is structured exactly like midterms/finals, but is just a long series of stat checks. Get enough passing grades, and the result is...

Goon: (Perfect! That acceptance letter is mine!)
Goon: (Acceptance letters go out on 3/1, eh)

2/24-2/28: Concert Band
2/26: Say no to Yumi
Yumi threat level: Don'tcareanymore
2/26: Message from Miharu again

Miharu: Hi, it's Tatebayashi.
Goon: Hmm? Didn't I get a call like this before?
Miharu: Did you do all the homework for tomorrow? If you're done, can you let me know?
Goon: I haven't done it yet.

I... I just got back from my entrance exams and graduation is in days, what kind of homework are you even talking about you loopy-haired freak

2/27: Say no to Megumi
Megumi threat level: FREDOOOOOOOOOOO

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