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Part 21: I am Goon. The End Has Come!

I am the coolest cool.
I am the utter victory.
I am the perfect god.
With trumpet in hand shall I blow away the bombs of this world and cleanse them in the fires of reloading.

Chapter 20: I am Goon. The End Has Come!


Goon: The graduation ceremony's finally over. The principal's speech went on for way too long...

Goon: Huh? There's a letter for me in my desk. Who's it from?
Goon: Let's see, "I'm waiting for you under the legendary tree". There's no name signed anywhere.
Goon: I have to hurry.

I have to admit, because of the next part where it scrolls up, I thought for the briefest of moments that it'd be Megumi and the game was trolling the hell out of me.

Goon: Shi... Shiori?
Shiori: I'm sorry for calling you to a place like this.
Shiori: But there's something I have to tell you today, no matter what.
Goon: What do you have to tell me?
Shiori: I've never dated a boy before.

Translator's note: Just to clarify, going on a date with someone and dating them steadily are different, linguistically and culturally. She's been ON dates before, obviously - but never DATED dated. So it doesn't sound quite as silly in Japanese. I just didn't want to say "go steady with a boy" because that sounds incredibly 1950s.

Shiori: But it's not like I wasn't interested in boys.
Shiori: I wanted to date a boy... and I received a lot of love letters, too.
Shiori: But I didn't feel like dating any of them.
Goon: Wh, why not?
Shiori: You... because you were always right there next to me.
Shiori: Up until now, I always thought of you as just a childhood friend.
Shiori: No... I think that I just tried to believe that, because I was afraid you would realize my true feelings.
Shiori: But today... on graduation day, when we could never see each other again, I finally realized this feeling myself.
Shiori: I'm so embarrassed that I could just run away, but... I can't stand just being friends anymore.
Shiori: I want you to look at me as a girl. So I'm gathering up my courage and saying it:

Shiori: I love you.
Shiori: I love you more than anyone else in the world.

Goon: To tell you the truth...
Goon: Shiori, I...

Shiori: I, I don't get it... I should be so happy... but I can't stop these tears.
Shiori: I can... I can believe you, can't I?
Goon: Of course you can. I love you, Shiori.
Shiori: I'm so happy...
Shiori: Never leave my side again...

And that is how the curtain closed on my three years of high school.

When I think about it, it feels like all I did was go to band practice.

In any case, I'm really glad I graduated.

I made it into a first-rate university, so I guess there's nothing to say about that.

Oh yeah, Shiori made it into the same university. We're already talking about college life together.

Shiori is cute and attracts attention from just about everyone, so I'm a little bit worried, but we will always be able to walk our paths together.

Because, like the legend this school has passed down through the years, our love will last forever.

Only a few things left: One, if you'd like to see the full, high-res Shiori ending, there's an excellent video available here:

Two, the credits are here:


There will be a brief intermission before I start up the Yuina playthrough.