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Part 23: Yuina, Chapter 2: Enter the Archnemesis

Yuina, Chapter 2: Enter the Archnemesis

This update is a little delayed due to the aforementioned Xsplit crash - I had to go back in time and replay just about 6 months worth of TokiMemo. So these events happen very slightly differently from how my current save game goes - I'll let you know the differences.

10/14: Culture Festival - computer club edition

Goon: Today's the culture festival.
Goon: The computer club is doing PC fortune telling in the exhibition room today. I should hurry and set up.

Yuina: Fortune-telling is such foolishness. Did you make this program?
Goon: Yeah, it predicts the compatibility of two people based on their blood types...
Yuina: I shall do a quick inspection of your work.
Goon: It's fine, you don't have to...
Yuina: Stop complaining and lend me your computer.
Goon: Yeah, yeah, please check out my program.
Yuina: I just enter the data here, yes?
Goon: Okay, so let's check my compatibility with you, Himoo-san.

* PC NMS_9000 *
Himoo Yuina Blood Type: A
Fudou Gundayu Blood Type: O

* PC NMS_9000 *
Now calculating...

* PC NMS_9000 *
Your compatibility is good.

Yuina: How did the program arrive at this conclusion?
Goon: Because our compatibility is good?
Yuina: That cannot possibly be right. Could it be anything other than a bug?
Goon: I, I can't deny that, but...
Yuina: Is it fun to make something like this?
Goon: Well, yeah, to a point...
Yuina: It must be nice to be so easily amused. I am envious.
Goon: Is, is that so...
Goon: (That's how the culture festival ended)

Amusingly, the day after the culture festival, I set up a date with Yuina at the arcade. This wasn't exactly a mistake, but...

10/15: Date with Yuina

Yuina: This kind of thing is worthless.
Goon: Option 1: S, so, do you wanna just go home?
Yuina: Good idea. Being here is just a waste of time.
Goon: (Eh.)

Yuina: My research has been delayed, but oh well.
Goon: Th, thanks... I think.
Yuina: We should head home, Gundayu-kun.

Yep. Doesn't like video games or non-useful things to do with computers. Oh well! Speaking of which, we fast-forward to:

12/9: Praised? by Yuina for a perfect week

Yuina: You seem to be assembling a worthless little program. Well, do your best.
Goon: Th, thanks, I will.
Goon: (Next time, I'll definitely surprise Himoo-san...)

Coincidentally, the day after this was a date with Yuina too.

12/10: Date with Yuina

Goon: Looks like they're doing a big clearance sale today.
Yuina: A huge sale, you say? This is the perfect time to stock up on supplies! Don't just stand there, give me a hand.
Goon: Y, yes ma'am.
Goon: (You don't have to be in such a hurry, they won't sell out...)

Yuina: This, and this! Everything is so cheap. I have to buy it all up.

I recognize a spark plug, some circuit board components, and uhhhhhhh

Goon: (Himoo-san, you look really scary when you're shopping.)

Yuina: I seem to have picked up quite the haul.
Goon: Yeah. Should we head home?
Goon: (Because I'm tired...)
Yuina: Not yet. It looks like there are other stores like this holding clearance sales.
Goon: Whaaaat? We're still going?
Yuina: Quit your grumbling and come with me.
Goon: Yeah, yeah...
Goon: (I want to go home...)

12/3ish: The Saki Tangent

At this point, I just want to go on an aside and mention how utterly normal Saki is compared to pretty much everyone else in this game. She consistently made #1 or #2 in the popularity polls back in the day, and it's pretty much based on being a very normal girl who would be fun to hang out with if she existed. Let's take a little more of a look at this! The day will look funny, but again, it's because I had to reload to recapture the footage. Rest assured, this did actually happen in chronological order this run.

Saki: Hmm?
Goon: What's wrong?
Saki: Do you think that kid's lost?
Goon: Yeah, you might be right.
Saki: I'll go talk to him.
Goon: Nijino-san sure is good at taking care of people.

Saki: This boy is definitely lost.
Goon: What should we do? Should we take him to the security office?
Saki: We should do that.
Lost child: Wahhhh, no no no no, I don't wanna go anywhere!
Goon: (What's with this ungrateful little brat?)
Saki: This could be a problem.
Goon: For sure. What should we do now?
Saki: How about I stay here and try to calm him down, while you go to the security office for him?
Goon: I guess there's no better way. I'll be right back.

PA: A lost child has been found in the shopping center.
Goon: (Whew... well, they announced it. I should head back to Nijino-san.)

Goon: Hmm? Where'd that brat--I mean where'd that kid go?
Saki: Right after the announcement, his mom came here to get him.
Goon: Oh, good.
Saki: Yeah, I'm really glad. Thanks for your help.
Goon: No, it was nothing.
Goon: (No one can say no to you, Nijino-san)

12/23: Date with Saki/show people what the Somersault movie looks like

Goon: (Somersault is an action movie that lets people see their favorite characters from a video game on screen in live action.)

Before you ask, yes. You can believe your eyes, that is actually a bison wearing boxer shorts fighting against a flash kicking penguin with Guile hair. Best part is?

Saki: That was really fun!

Most of the girls like it. Saki and Yuina both especially like action movies. Even Street Fighter: The Movie.

And before I forget, here is another thing about Saki that makes her really super-normal: in one of my footage reloads I decided to go ahead and invite Saki to Hatsumoude at the shrine.

Saki: What did you wish for?
Goon: It's a secret. You?
Saki: I wished for the baseball club to win and go to Koushien.

Really, really normal. And then, in this recaptured footage run, I accidentally triggered the delinquent fight with Saki while trying to get footage of that previous event in the shopping center. I might as well show you Saki's battle sprite and animation!

She's a white mage!

Okay okay okay I'll stop

Okay okay okay end Saki tangent, back to the main Yuina run.

1/1: Hatsumoude with Yuina

Goon: Himoo-san, are you free right now?
Yuina: I suppose you could call it that.
Goon: Then do you want to go to Hatsumoude with me?
Yuina: Very well, I shall accompany you.
Goon: Want to meet in front of the shrine?
Yuina: That is acceptable. See you soon.

Goon: Himoo-san doesn't look like she's here yet.
Yuina: Looks like I kept you waiting.
Goon: Shall we go pay our respects?
Yuina: I don't believe in any god, but I will go through the motions for now.

Remember - the only thing worth wishing for in TokiMemo 1 is good grades... so yes, that's what I wished for this time around.

Yuina: You must have wished for something trivial, yes?
Goon: It's, uh, it's a secret. What about you, Himoo-san?
Yuina: I did not wish for anything.
Goon: O... oh. Hey, want to go pull our fortunes?

In this run, I pulled daikichi, the best luck that can be pulled from a fortune.

Goon: (Awesome, I feel like good things are going to happen this year.)
Goon: Hey, look, I pulled daikichi!
Yuina: Good for you. It must be nice to believe in such things.
Goon: Y, yeah...

Yuina: I wonder if there's a god you can pray to for good luck in conquest...?
Goon: Hmm? Did you say something?
Yuina: No. We should head home.
Goon: Y, yeah, you're right.

1/28: Back to reality(?)

Yuina: What do you think of the koala we just saw?
Option 1: It's pretty cute.
Option 2: Its eyes are scary.
Option 3: It's really ugly.

For 90% of the cast, the choice here is 1. But Yuina is, of course, the 10%.

Goon: Option 2: Its eyes are scary.
Yuina: You can see its true colors!

She... she seems so happy about this.

2/14: Valentine's Day!

Ah, a nice calm Valentine's Day! No need for perfection, no worries about crazy girls sneaking up on the affection rankings, just...

Shiori: Gundayu-kun, I'd like you to come meet me behind the school.
Goon: Yeah, that's fine.
Shiori: Thanks. Come soon, okay?
Goon: (If it was chocolate she could've just handed it to me here... why was she acting so shy?)

Wait... why is Shiori blushing? And why is she asking Goon to come meet her behind the school? Only two things happen there, confessions and fights...

Goon: Hey Shiori, I'm here!
Goon: (Meeting me in a place like this... could it be... something more than chocolate?)
Shiori: Hey, there's a girl I'd like to introduce you to. Wait here for a second.
Goon: (Sigh... Shiori didn't want to talk to me herself. But who could she want to introduce me to?)

What... is this strangely familiar feeling?

Megumi: But I'm so embarrassed... I don't want to go through with this.
Shiori: What are you talking about? This is your chance! You have to have some courage.
Goon: (I can almost hear them talking over there...)

And why... why do I hear strings?


Megumi: Um...
Goon: Y, yes?
Megumi: M, my name is Mikihara Megumi. P, please accept this...
Goon: Th, thanks.
Goon: I'll gladly acc... huh? She just ran away.

Shiori: Sorry, that girl is really shy.
Shiori: Meg, wait up!
Goon: (Shy, eh? But she was cute.)

Yuina's chocolate-giving habits are unchanged from the previous game, since she's still only at friendly status.

Saki: Here's your chocolate. I made it myself.
Goon: Oh, thanks.
Goon: (But it looks like everyone else got the same thing. It's definitely giri chocolate...)


Note that this is not an accurate reflection of my current game state - this was all to get extra footage, which is why Saki is higher than Yuina. But DAMMIT Megumi! Why are you already in first place?! We just met yooouuuuuu

3/10: Back to Yuina

Yuina: That dolphin show we just watched. That obedience was so great to see.
Option 1: Dolphins sure are smart.
Option 2: Aren't dolphin teeth scary-looking?
Option 3: Dolphins are mammals.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but for 90% of the cast, option 1 is the best. Yuina is not 90% of the cast.

Goon: Option 2: Aren't dolphin teeth scary-looking?
Yuina: You really are looking at the important things, aren't you?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)


3/14: White Day, Yuina edition

Goon: (Ooh, Himoo-san showed up at just the right time.)
Goon: Hey, Himoo-san.

Yuina: Gundayu-kun. Did you need something?
Goon: Here, take this. As thanks for Valentine's Day.
Yuina: That is an admirable attitude. I accept this gladly.
Goon: I'm glad you look so happy.
Yuina: I, I'm not happy at all. Excuse me...
Goon: (She seemed pretty panicked. But I'm glad I gave that to her.)

3/30: Goon's Birthday

(ding dong!)
Yuina: Ah, Gundayu-kun.
Goon: Hey, Himoo-san. What's up?
Yuina: Today is almost certainly your birthday. Here is your present.
Goon: Himoo-san, you got me a present?
Yuina: It's, it's just a little consideration for a future subordinate, is all.
Goon: (I'm such a lucky guy to get a present from Himoo-san!)

The game never tells you what Yuina gives you - you can leave it to your imagination!

4/4: Meet Yumi

Refer to Chapter 9 for the full version of this event.

4/7: Enter the Archenemy

Yuina: Whenever you go to the zoo, it always makes you want to do some experimental genetic engineering, doesn't it?
Goon: S, sure?
Goon: (I don't think that there's anyone who thinks that...)

Yuina: EEEEEK!
Goon: What's wrong, Himoo-san?!

Goon: What was with that koala?
Yuina: It must be a new kind of biological weapon. I don't know who ordered the attack, but if it is war they want, it is war they will get.
Goon: Um, Himoo-san? What are you talking about?
Yuina: Everyone who gets in my way must be crushed. Ah, I'm all fired up!
Goon: ...
Goon: (She isn't listening to a word I say.)

I would like to point out that this counts as a good date. Himoo Yuina, ladies and gentlemen.

So ends year 1 and begins year 2 - the year of the alien attack, among other things! It's also the year of the Ayako Tangent, so next time: the fabled beach episode, featuring a hydrophobe!