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Part 27: Yuina, Chapter 6: I'm So Into You, But I'm Way Too Smart For You

Yuina, Chapter 6: I'm so into you, but I'm way too smart for you

For those of you who didn't watch the stream of the (relatively uneventful) last 6 months of Tokimeki Memorial, here's a quick look at what you may
have missed:

You got to see just how annoying it was to have 3 or 4 girls a week running up to Goon and asking him to go home with them, just to have Goon shoot them down every time.

Megumi tried to bomb 2 or 3 times.

It forced me to go on a date with Megumi, where all she did was look at monkeys. Yes, monkeys.

Then, chat told me to give Saki the 1/8th scale figure of herself for her birthday. She was... not exactly happy.

And now... we bid a fond farewell to Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You.

10/11: The last few lines of the culture festival

Yuina: Did you witness my genius at work?
Goon: Himoo-san... what the hell ARE you?
Yuina: Muhahaha... the world will be mine very soon.
Goon: (That's how the culture festival ended.

1/1: New Year's Day with Yuina

The only portion that changes here is:

Yuina: Graduation is this year.
Goon: Yeah, it's really coming up on us soon.
Yuina: This year, I will succeed. By any means necessary.
Goon: At what?
Yuina: For now, that is top secret. We are going home.

2/28: The Final Battle

Yuina: I have been waiting for you, Gundayu-kun.
Goon: Hi, Himoo-san? What's going on?
Yuina: You are in the way of the fulfillment of my ambitions.
Goon: I don't remember ever getting in your way, Himoo-san. And what do you mean by ambitions?
Yuina: To take over the world.
Goon: Ta...Take over the world? You're joking, right?
Yuina: All physical preparations have been made.
Yuina: But because of you, the emotional preparations are still incomplete.
Goon: Wh, why is this my fault?
Yuina: If I defeat you here, everything will be settled.
Yuina: Now, prepare yourself.
Goon: Wait a second, Himoo-san. There might be collateral damage if we fight here in the park. We should head to the beach.

Goon: Cut it out, Himoo-san!
Yuina: True World Domination Robo!!

The robot she summons starts the fight by hitting you with three attacks in sequence:

Obedient Drill Punch

Despotic Missile Shower

World Domination Mega Beam

Under normal RPG rules, this could potentially be really annoying. However, for some reason, only one of those attacks actually does damage. I guess this is what Yuina meant by emotional preparation!

The robot pretty much dies to any attack, so of course I used Cyber Fang to kill it. There is no kill like overkill!

Robo: Gkkkhhhhh...

Yuina: I... I lose. I have been utterly defeated.
Goon: Are you okay? Any injuries?
Yuina: My path is certain. And now, I must excuse myself.
Goon: Hi, Himoo-san...

"Himoo-san, could you build that robot again? It was REALLY COOL."

3/1: Graduation day!

Goon: The graduation ceremony's finally over. The principal's speech went on for way too long.

Goon: Huh? There's a letter for me in my desk. Who's it from?
Goon: Let's see, "I'm waiting for you under the legendary tree". There's no name signed anywhere.
Goon: I have to hurry.

When you compare this to how Shiori walked up in silhouette back in chapter 20, it's pretty nifty. The little shrug really adds a lot of character here.

Goon: Hi... Himoo-san...
Yuina: I was waiting for-- no, that's not right.
Yuina: I'm sorry for calling you out to a place like this
Goon: Is... Is something wrong? You're not your usual self, Himoo-san.
Yuina: It's... it's fine. I've decided that I'm going to change.
Goon: What? Change?
Yuina: Yes. I'm going to change.
Yuina: Up until now, I've been drunk on my own talent. I've looked down on other people.
Yuina: No matter how you look at it, I was an awful girl.
Yuina: I thought that all of the girls talking about love and romance were fools.
Yuina: But at some point, a new feeling started filling my heart.
Yuina: I quickly realized that I was in love with you.
Yuina: But I was a woman who sold her soul to a demon named Science.
Yuina: In order to suppress those giddy feelings, I lost myself in my research.
Yuina: But... as graduation approached, those feelings grew stronger and couldn't be contained anymore.
Yuina: So, I challenged you to a fight in order to completely reject that love.
Yuina: The result... I don't think I even have to say it, but...
Yuina: I lost everything to you.
Yuina: I can't stand the thought of you hating me.
Yuina: I'll give up my ambition to rule the world.
Yuina: Because my ambitions have changed... to being loved by you.
Goon: To tell you the truth...
Goon: Himoo-san, I...

Yuina: R... really?
Yuina: Then my ambitions have been fulfilled!
Yuina: I'm so happy...
Yuina: I think...
Yuina: Even if I'd taken over the world, I wouldn't have been this happy.
Goon: I'm happy too.
Yuina: I'll try my best to become a woman you can love even more.

And that is how the curtain closed on my three years of high school.

When I think about it, it feels like all I did was go to the computer club.

In any case, I'm really glad I graduated.

An elite company has already offered me a job, so I guess there's nothing more to say about that.

Oh yeah, Yuina is also going to work at the same company. We're both hoping we can work in the same department.

She's still conducting some suspicious research, but I feel like I will always walk by her side.

Because, like the legend this school has passed down through the years, our love will last forever.

There will be a brief intermission while I update this thread to be about Tokimeki Memorial 2!