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Part 28: Meet the Cast!

Meet the Cast!

Okay, enough about that. What about the characters?

I'm glad you asked! Here are brief profiles of each girl:

Hinomoto Hikari
Successor to: Fujisaki Shiori (kind of)
Club: Track and Field
Wants: Her childhood friend.
CV: Noda Junko (AKA Konno Mitsune in Love Hina, Xing Cai in Dynasty Warriors)

Minazuki Kotoko
Successor to: Kisaragi Mio (kind of)
Club: Tea Ceremony
Wants: You to notice Hikari.
CV: Kosuge Mami (AKA Bathyschape in Narue no Sekai, and not much else)

Kotobuki Miyuki
Successor to: Asahina Yuuko
Club: Tennis
Wants: To stop being so unlucky.
CV: Takano Naoko (AKA Megumi Reynard in Martian Successor Nadesico, Kohaku in Melty Blood)

Ichimonji Akane
Successor to: N/A
Club: None; Works as a waitress
Wants: The rest of her family to do some goddamn work
CV: Nomura Mayumi

Shirayuki Miho
Successor to: Katagiri Ayako (kind of)
Club: Drama
Wants: A prince on a white horse
CV: Tachibana Hikari (AKA Princess Zelda in pretty much everything, Ayame in Power Stone)

Akai Homura
Successor to: N/A
Club: Student Body President
Wants: To eat, sleep, and sometimes kick people.
CV: Kumai Motoko (AKA Li Syaoran in Card Captor Sakura, Yuna in Japanese-dubbed Lilo and Stitch)

Yae Kaori
Successor to: N/A
Club: Volleyball
Wants: To be left alone.
CV: Murai Kazusa (AKA Clover in Japanese-dubbed Totally Spies)

Sakura Kaedeko
Successor to: Nijino Saki
Club: Baseball
Wants: To stop being treated like a kid. Also, a baseball championship.
CV: Maeda Chiaki

Ijuuin Mei
Successor to: Ijuuin Rei and Himoo Yuina
Club: Computer
Wants: You to know that she owns you. Yes, you.
CV: Tamura Yukari (AKA just look at her goddamn Wiki page, you'll find something you recognize, she's been an A-lister for a decade and a half)

Asou Kasumi
Successor to: Fujisaki Shiori
Club: Concert band (instructor)
Wants: You to be nicer to Hikari
CV: Torii Misa (AKA the announcer/narrator for a ton of Japanese variety shows)

And you said the girls talk to each other?

Not only do they talk to each other, they have relationships with people who are not the main character, and their own stats which they build in the exact same way as the player - every week they'll pick an activity and do it. As their affection rating rises, they'll be more and more likely to pick the same activity that the player does... and if they know someone else has a high affection rating toward the player, their friendship will suffer, too.

Because I love fighting games, I made a matchup chart for you and put it on Google Drive:

Is anyone as Nintendo Hard as Shiori?

Yes. Her name is Kasumi. She's a teacher. I am disqualifying her from the poll because we already saw Utter Perfection, and going down the path of Utter Perfection a second time is a waste of how interesting Tokimemo 2's characters can be.

Is anyone as annoying as Megumi?

No. Thank God, no. The closest thing is Hikari, because she automatically leaps up to the highest affection level at a certain point in the game. But she's nowhere close to being as bad as Megumi. More forgiving game mechanics are part of it. Genuine likability is another part of it.

Will you show us the Forever Alone ending again?

Here you go.

When do we start?

As soon as the first character poll is done! Starting with Tokimemo 2, I'll be streaming semi-regularly, so keep an eye out on my channel at!

So without further ado, let's have the most important vote of what will probably be the first of two runs (maybe even three or four, depending on how angry I get at Tokimemo 3) through the game! We know what kind of kid that our Goon will be... but What kind of teenager will Goon2 become?

A: A sensitive, caring soul.

Vote for this option if: You want to see just how much more story Tokimemo 2 can offer with improved character interaction and more disc space.

B: An ideal sidekick.

Vote for this option if: You like Kaichou Kicks, or want to get revenge for the Tokimemo 1 vote so that wins

C: A bad boy.

Vote for this option if: You're curious why Miho appears twice in this poll, or if you want to do nothing but bodybuild, sleep, and get into fights.

D: Doesn't matter, Hikari will like Goon2 anyway.

Vote for this option if: You want to have time to mess around and explore the game on easy mode.

E: A baseball player.

Vote for this option if: You want to play a ton of baseball, and you don't mind that Kaedeko moves away at the end of the first year.

In summary:
A: I'll be the hero you've been dreaming of
B: I will never leave you alone
C: I am the man who will fight for your honor
D: I will always love you
E: Baseball.

The poll will close on Tuesday night after I'm done streaming and capturing childhood, plus the first couple days of school!

Next time: Have you seen my childhood?