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Part 30: Prologue: Raising the Flags of Childhood, part 1

Prologue: Raising the Flags of Childhood, part 1

With all of the basic information ready, the game throws you into the childhood portion of Goon's life, starting in March of 1992, when he and Hikari are 8 years old and just about to start the spring break between 2nd grade and 3rd grade..

3/27/1992: Day 1.

Hikari: Gunma-chan, let's go home.
Goon: Yeah, let's go.

New to the Tokimeki Memorial series... the third dimension! Hey, give the graphics some slack, this is 1999 we're talking about here. While walking home, Goon faceplants on the street.

Goon: Owwwwwww!

Hikari: Are, are you okay?

Hikari crying count: 1

While Hikari very helpfully runs in circles and cries, Kasumi happens by on her way home from middle school.

Kasumi: Are you alright?
Kasumi: Well, it really can't be helped...
Goon: Kasumi-oneechan...
Kasumi: Here. Pain, pain, go away!
Goon: Oh...
Kasumi: You're fine now, right? Now, don't just sit there forever.

Translator's note: 痛いの痛いの飛んでけ is a very common thing the Japanese do to their kids to distract them from cuts and bruises - "pain, pain, fly away" is the literal translation.

Goon: Thanks, Kasumi-oneechan.
Kasumi: Hikari-chan, are you okay?
Hikari: Yeah...
Kasumi: Then make sure to hurry home. No detours!
???: Kasumi, what're you doing?
???: Hey, wait. Are these your kids?
Kasumi: How would that be possible? They're from my neighborhood.
???: Boo, how boring.
Kasumi: Stop saying silly things. Let's go.

After heading home for a second, Hikari runs next door to Goon's house to ask him to come play with her.

Hikari: Gunma-chan, let's play!
Option 1: Okay, let's play!
Option 2: No, I'll play by myself.

The correct choice on day 1 is yes.

Hikari: Hehehe... yay, let's go!
Goon: Okay.

The first stop on the childhood train is the local park.

Hikari: What are we gonna play?
Goon: Let's play in the sandbox!

Time to get some pinkeye!

Goon: Hey, Hikari-chan! Don't make a hole there.
Hikari: But it's faster to go this way!
Goon: It'll fall down. Quit it.
Hikari: I said it's fine!
Goon: Cut it out!
Hikari: IT'S FINE!
Hikari: ...uh oh!

Hikari: ...
Goon: I told you so! What now?
Hikari: No! It's your fault for not being careful!
Goon: It's your fault for making a hole there! Stupid Hikari-chan!

Hikari: I'm not stupid! You're stupid for calling me stupid! WAAAAHHHHH

Hikari crying count: 2

Goon: Uh... ...s, sorry.
Hikari: I hate you! Idiot! *sniffle*
Goon: I said I'm sorry...
Goon: Hey, let's do it over!
Hikari: Huh?
Goon: We'll make a bigger one! So big, it won't fall over!
Goon: Okay?

Hikari: *sniffle* O...okay!

With that, the scene ends, and the next step... is to run in circles and make sure to cut corners so that Hikari gets lost.

Goon: Huh? Where'd Hikari-chan go?

Good question, Goon. Good question. There are two places Hikari can be: by the park, or in the shopping district. Wherever you find her, she'll be doing the Hikari Dance until you talk to her.

Hikari: Hey, there you are!
Hikari: Wait for meeeee! Wai-- ah!
Hikari: *sniffle*
Goon: Hey, Hikari-chan!


Hikari crying count: 3

Goon: Hey, you have to follow closer.
Hikari: *sob* But you always run ahead of me.
Goon: ......
Goon: Stop crying, okay?
Goon: I know! From now on, let's hold hands so we don't get split up!

Hikari: O...okay! *sniff* Hehe!

At this point, I took advantage of the location to investigate a bunch of buildings and answer questions about the kind of boy Goon was when he was 8 - a lot of little decisions that add up to stats. Example: "I like cake" or "I like flowers", where one option raises Stam/Sports and the other raises Art. Most of these aren't worth translating, except for a few "what the hell?" options like "I like sake" vs. "I like salmon". In general, I made it so that Goon is a lazy little gamer boy who just wants to play.

After that, it's time to run to the mountain trail and do the Hikari Dance until night falls. When it finally does...

Hikari: Hey, it's getting dark... we should go home.
Goon: Yeah. But... where are we?
Hikari: Y, you mean... we're lost?
Hikari: We can't go home?
Goon: I think it's this way, but the path is so narrow...
Hikari: You said we'd be fine! Liar!
Hikari: I wanna go home!
Goon: Saying that won't change anything...

Hikari crying count: 4

Kasumi: ~kuuuun! Hikari-chaaaan!
Goon: Kasumi-oneechan!
Kasumi: I'm glad I found you. We were worried because it was getting so late.
Kasumi: Everything's going to be okay now, Hikari.
Hikari: *sniffle* But, but...

Kasumi: Since you're a boy, you have to help take care of Hikari.
Goon: Okay...
Kasumi: You can't make her cry anymore. Can you promise me that?
Goon: Yeah. I promise.
Kasumi: Good. Now let's hurry home.

Childhood promises: 1

Kasumi: Now, go right to bed and don't stay up late.
Goon: Okay!
Kasumi: Bye-bye.
Goon: Bye-bye!

3/28/1992: Day 2.

Hikari: Gunma-chan, let's play!
Goon: Option 1: Okay, let's play!
Hikari: Hehehe... yay, let's go!
Goon: Okay.

One of the few stat-building bits that involves dialogue comes when Goon looks at a billboard near the park.

Goon: That lady's pretty...
Option 1: I've seen her on TV before!
Option 2: But Kasumi-oneechan is prettier.

No matter which option you choose, Hikari says...
Hikari: Booooo!

The first event of the day requires you to intercept Kasumi on the way home from school.

Goon: Hey, Kasumi-oneechan!
Kasumi: Oh, Gunma-kun. Were you playing around here?
Goon: Yeah!
Goon: Hey, you should come play with us, onee-chan!

Hikari: No! You're playing with me!
Goon: It's more fun with three of us. Right?
Kasumi: Well... I guess...
Hikari: Booooo!
Kasumi: Haha, Hikari votes no.
Kasumi: And I want to head home and change, so...
Goon: It'll be fine! Just for a little bit. Please? Please?
Hikari: Whatever! I'm going home!

Goon: Huh?
Kasumi: Oh dear, you made her angry. This is a little awkward.
Goon: Huh? Why?
Kasumi: You have to think about how Hikari-chan feels every once in a while.
Goon: I gueeeess...
Goon: (I don't get it.)

Hikari crying count: 5

With Hikari out of the way, time to wait for the next event of the day: a girl arrives at the park shortly afterward.

Akane: Hey. Hey! You. Wanna play with me?
Goon: Yeah, sure. What do you wanna play?
Akane: Ummm... house!
Goon: Th, that's embarrassing, no way!
Akane: No it's not! You're gonna play house with me!

Translator's note: Akane uses "boku" as her first person pronoun, which is a very tomboyish term to use. Only two girls in the Tokimemo series use it... well, three if you include Rei, who is a special case.

Akane: Here you go! Eat up, dear!
Goon: Okay! *gulp, gulp*
Akane: What a great appetite! All boys should eat like that.
Goon: My mom doesn't say that.
Akane: Mine does all the time.
Akane: Whatever, just say "mm-hmm."
Goon: M... mm-hmm.
Akane: Yeah, just like that!
Goon: So what now?
Akane: I say "The bath is ready!"

Akane: Oh, I have to go home now.
Goon: Okay.
Akane: Bye-bye, see you! Let's play again!
Goon: Okay, bye-bye!

Childhood promises: 2

The third event of the day requires waiting around in Hibikino Shrine until Miho arrives.

Goon: (Huh? It's a girl. I wonder what she's praying for?)

Miho: God, this is all I want. Let me meet a handsome prince.
Goon: Want me to do that for you?
Miho: Huh? Who're you?

Goon: Me? I'm a prince.
Miho: ...You heard me?
Goon: Yup.
Miho: Oh... oh noooo!

After this conversation, Miho takes off at a dead run and you can't catch up to her. Especially since this section was designed by the Super Smash Brothers Brawl guys, and sometimes you faceplant for no reason when you're trying to run.

Next stop: the candy store, where Miyuki awaits.

Goon: Should I should buy some Super Soldier Dragon chocolate?
Miyuki: Hey oba-chan, give me some Space Idol Love-Love Star chocolate, please!
Goon: Super Soldier Dragon chocolate for me.

Dog: Yipe! Yipe!

Miyuki: WAAAAAAHHHH! He stole my Love-Love Star chocolate!
Goon:, have half of mine.
Miyuki: Really?
Goon: Yeah. Here.

Miyuki: Ehehe, thanks! I really wanted Love-Love Star, but this tastes good too!

Let's just ignore the fact that the dog that stole her chocolate might die...

Miyuki: Oh, I have to go! Bye! Thanks!
Goon: Bye-bye.

The last event of Day 2 requires stalking following Akane to the shopping district, waiting for her to start clutching a giant shopping bag the size of her chest, and then talking to her.

Goon: That looks heavy. I'll carry it for you!
Akane: Really? Thanks.

Akane: Wow, you're strong.
Akane: You're like my big brother!

After carrying Akane's groceries halfway across town...

Akane: Thanks a lot. My house is close by, so I'll be fine from here.
Goon: Okay, be careful.
Akane: Thanks! See you later, bye-bye!

At this point, Kasumi comes and chases you down, which ends day 2 in the same way as day 1.