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Part 43: Attack of the Childhood Friends

Chapter 12: Attack of the Childhood Friends

9/3: Read the new Hibikino Watcher

New Spot - Virtual Hazard (top left): "At Hibikino Amusement Place, the big new attraction has been finished! Virtual Hazard is waiting for you!"
New Spot - Hibikino Tower (top left): "A huge structure appears in Hibikino! The 128m-tall Hibikino Tower opens 12/20!"
Movie - Marageddon (bottom left): "A giant meteorite is approaching Hibikino! And now, these men must fight to stay alive! Marageddon opens on 9/1!"
Hibikino Stadium - Soccer: (top right): "KO league kicks off at 14:00 on 10/1!"
Concert - Kabukiza no Kaijin: "The famed theater troupe is coming to town! Don't miss the greatest and last musical of the century, Kabukiza no Kaijin!"
Autumn leaves: 10/15-11/15
Matarao Ski Resport: 12/1-2/28
Hibikino Skate: 12/1-2/28

9/18: Class Trip

Goon: Oh yeah, where were we going on the class trip, again?
Option 1: Hokkaido
Option 2: Kyoto/Nara
Option 3: Okinawa

Yes, these are the same choices from Tokimemo 1. Once again, B-ho is not eligible to show up to the school trip, so our priority is to make sure Miho doesn't like Goon too much. This means we're free to do whatever we want on this trip, and we probably have enough leeway to hang out with Miho.

Goon: Oh yeah, it was Okinawa.

9/19: Day 2

Goon: Let's see, today we split up into our classes and go sightseeing...

Kotoko: There's a lot of walking involved today, isn't there?
Kotoko: It's pretty rough.
Goon: It's not that bad. I think we'll be done soon.
Kotoko: Even though we came here to experience culture, it feels like we're here for training camp. Sigh...
Goon: (Minazuki-san sure is in a bad mood today.)
Kotoko: ...saying that just makes the mood worse. Alright, I should cheer up and get walking.
Goon: (Oh, good.)

9/20: Day 3

Goon: Today was exhausting.

Hikari: Gunma-kun.
Goon: Hey, Hikari, what's up?
Hikari: Well, it's nothing too important, but...
Goon: Hmm?
Hikari: Well, uh, hey. Tomorrow, let's head out and go sightseeing together.

Option 1: Of course that's OK!
Option 2: S, sorry, I can't...

This trip, might as well hang out with Miho and see what happens. Sorry, Hikari.

Goon: S, sorry, I can't...
Hikari: Is that so. Well, that's unfortunate, but nothing we can do about it. Later...
Goon: (H, Hikari... dammit.)

9/21: Day 4

Goon: Today, we have free time for sightseeing.
Goon: It'd be boring to walk around alone, so maybe I should invite a girl to go with me.
Goon: Who should I invite?
Option 1: Minazuki Kotoko
Option 2: Shirayuki Miho

Sorry, Hikari. You're not an option because we already said no, so it's Miho's turn, for once!

Goon: (I wonder if Shirayuki-chan's around.)
Goon: Hey, Shirayuki-chan!
Miho: Oh, hello there. What's going on?
Goon: Hey, want to go sightseeing together today?
Miho: That sounds nice. My horoscope said that our compatibility is good today.
Goon: Great, let's go!

Miho: I've always wished for a yacht.
Goon: Yeah, me too. It kinda feels romantic.
Miho: A pure white yacht silently cutting between the shining silver sea and the blue sky as if it could split them apart...
Miho: It's such a romantic scene.
Goon: It really is. But wait, Shirayuki-chan, don't you get sick on boats?
Miho: I do. That's why it's just a wish. In reality, I'll never be able to ride one.
Goon: (That's so like her.)

Miho: !!
Goon: Hmm?
Goon: A, a giant pit viper!
Option 1: Flee alone
Option 2: Flee with her
Option 3: Fight so that Shirayuki-chan can flee.

Time to be a man!

The Pit Viper Lord attacked!

Just like in the previous Tokimemo, you're not meant to win this fight - it's purely for laughs. Observe!

The Pit Viper Lord attacks in two ways. His primary attack is to use Tail Punch, a 2-3 hit attack that does a ton of damage but will never actually kill you.

Eventually, he'll end the fight by using Astral Fang.

Goon: I've been eaten!
Goon: I'm going to suffocate in here!
Mongoose: Grrrrr!

The Mongoose of Justice attacks with Mongoose Zantetsuken - if the name sounds familiar, it's because you're a Lupin the 3rd fan and you know that Ishikawa Goemon's sword is named Zantetsuken - the Steel-cutting Sword.

Or, alternately, you have played your Final Fantasies and know that it's Odin's attack when he's summoned.

Thank you, Mongoose of Justice!
Treasure: Snake skin
Earned 8000 XP
Earned 0 gold

Goon: Hey, Shirayuki-chan.
Miho: Are you okay? Did it hurt you?
Miho: You fought so bravely for my sake...
Goon: I, I'm fine.

That night...

Miho: Goon-san.
Miho: Are you free right now?
Goon: Yeah, I am.
Miho: Would you like to take a walk with me?
Goon: Yeah, that's fine. Let's go.

Miho: The sound of the ocean plays a different melody in each place.
Goon: What kind of melody plays here?
Miho: Let's see...
Miho: It's the song of a mother calling to you, saying "You're always welcome here at home".
Goon: Hmm, I feel like I kinda get that.
Miho: Really?
Miho: I kind of regretted saying that as soon as it came out of my mouth.
Miho: I wondered if you were going to think I was weird for saying it.
Goon: It's not like that at all.
Goon: More importantly, I guess we have to say goodbye to this fantasy island today.
Miho: Yes, but it won't be a sad parting.
Goon: ???
Miho: Because I've committed the memories to heart, and on top of that...
Miho: I'm not alone...
Goon: (What's up with Shirayuki-chan? I mean, of course we're all going to head back on the plane together...)

Goon: Whew, we're home. It feels like forever since we were in Hibikino.
Goon: (And that's how the school trip ended...)

Well, that's great and all, but seeing Miho at the blushy stage there, let's play it safe and reload!


9/18: Class trip, take 2

Goon: Oh yeah, where were we going on the class trip, again?
Goon: Oh yeah, it was Hokkaido.

Kotoko: This whole town of Hotaru is wonderful.
Kotoko: All of these buildings from the Meiji period are still in use.
Goon: They all seem to have a lot of history.
Goon: But inside, they're all things like banks, police boxes, and hotels.
Kotoko: They're relics of an age of Westernization, but they do have a distinctly Japanese feel to them.
Goon: (I figured she'd say something like that)

9/20: Day 3

Miho: Goon-san.
Goon: Oh, Shirayuki-chan.
Miho: Hey, about tomorrow's free time...
Goon: Hmm? What's up?
Miho: If you don't have any plans, could we go together?
Goon: S, sorry, but...
Miho: Is that so? I guess I'll leave you to your plans.

Goon: Who should I invite?

Hikari, of course! It's not like we'll suffer any bad consequences from making Hikari like Goon more...

Hikari: Oh, Gunma-kun. What's up?
Goon: Want to spend some time with me today during free time?
Hikari: Yeah, sure! It'd be really boring to head around alone.

Hikari: The guidebook says that this is the greatest wetland in Japan.

This means that Hikari and Goon are at the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park in Hokkaido.

Hikari: But it's just big is all.
Goon: Whoa, you're not excited at all.
Goon: That's rare for you, Hikari.
Hikari: No, that's not it at all, it's a great place, it's just different from what I imagined.
Goon: Really? What were you imagining?
Hikari: Promise not to laugh?
Goon: Promise.
Hikari: I thought it would be scary.
Hikari: The guidebook said that this place was an "untamed, primordial" place.
Goon: Hahahahaha!
Goon: What, did you think a caveman was going to attack or something?
Goon: You're such a scaredy-cat!

Hikari: Booooo, you said you wouldn't laugh!
Goon: Sorry, sorry.
Hikari: Hahahahaha!
Goon: Hahahahaha!
Hikari: !!
Goon: Hmm?
Goon: A, a giant bear?!
Option 1: Flee alone
Option 2: Flee with her
Option 3: Fight so that Hikari can flee.

The Killer Higuma attacked!

The Killer Higuma attacks with Crush Claw, and strangely enough, the bear is strong against ice magic - meaning that poor Drama Club Goon is awfully equipped to fight him.

Oh yeah, and the Salmon Boomerang is back as its finishing move! Look at how much the upgraded graphics have made the salmon really come to life.

Tokimemo 1:

Tokimemo 2:

Goon: Oh no, it's going to eat me!
????: You piece of shit!
Hunter: Y'shouldn't come out here! Gitcher ass home!
Goon: ?!
The Hunter of Justice arrived!
Hunter: This ain't no place fer kids!

Just like in Tokimemo 1, the Hunter of Justice attacks with his legendary gun, "Jiroumaru".

Hunter: Tonight, we're havin' Bear Stew!
Thanks, old hunter!
Treasure: Bear pelt

Hikari: Gunma-kun!
Goon: Hey, Hikari.
Hikari: That was pretty scary! But thanks for saving me like that.
Goon: I, I did what anyone else would've done.

(that night...)

Hikari: Gunma-kun.
Goon: Huh? Hikari? What's up?
Hikari: Want to take a little walk out front?
Goon: What, right now?
Hikari: Yes, right now.
Goon: Sure, I guess.
Hikari: Awesome, let's get moving.
Goon: 'kay.

Hikari: Hokkaido's scenery really was the best.
Hikari: I've been amazed this whole time.
Goon: Yeah, it's all been great, from Hotaru to Kushiro.
Hikari: I want to come back here some time.
Goon: Me too.
Hikari: Really? Alright, it's a promise. Cross your heart, hope to die!
Goon: Whoa whoa whoa, hold on a second!
Hikari: Hehehe, too late, you already promised!
Goon: (Hikari seems happy.)

Aaaaand now I feel guilty.

9/25: Special assembly

Takumi: Yo.
Goon: Hey, Takumi. What's going on?
Takumi: We don't have first period today. They said there's an assembly in the auditorium.
Goon: Oh yeah? Why's that?
Takumi: Supposedly, we have a student teacher coming.
Takumi: Rumor has it, she's a young and beautiful college student. I can't wait to meet her...
Goon: (This guy...)

Goon: (A student teacher? I wonder what kind of person she is?)
Bakuretsuzan: Ahem. To all students!
Bakuretsuzan: I am the principal of this school...

Bakuretsuzan: BAKU
Bakuretsuzan: RETSU
Bakuretsuzan: ZAAAAAN

Yes, this is reused. Yes, it's still just as awesome.

Bakuretsuzan: But, uh, that doesn't really matter right now.
Bakuretsuzan: Today, I'd like to announce that we have a student teacher coming to our school.
Bakuretsuzan: This student teacher will now introduce herself. Listen up!
Kasumi: Um. My name is Asou Kasumi.
Goon: (What?)

Goon: (It really is Kasumi-san.)
Kasumi: I've been really nervous this whole morning, but it's really comforting to see that this school hasn't changed much at all.
Kasumi: I'm only going to be here for two weeks, but I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.
Goon: (I can't believe she's here...)

I understand the reasoning behind the diagonal camera angle that is so common in Japanese simulations and visual novels. It allows for more of the character to appear in the widescreen TV frame without having to zoom out or rotate fully to horizontal orientation. However, I studied so much film that I can't help but wonder why these games always employ the Dutch angle - are you supposed to be disoriented by this shot? Is Goon dizzied and falling over at this revelation? Does it represent Kasumi's alienation in a foreign environment, even though she's only been out of high school for like 3 years and nothing has changed? Well, whatever.

Takumi: Hey, isn't that Kasumi-san right there?
Goon: Y, yeah.
Takumi: Kasumi-san, can I ask you something?

Kasumi: Yes, what is it... what's your name, again?
Kasumi: Wait, could it be?
Goon: It's good to see you, Kasumi-san. It's been a long time.

Kasumi: No way! What are you doing here?
Kasumi: When did you move back?
Goon: Oh, it was right at the beginning of high school.
Bakuretsuzan: Kasumi-san! Could you save the idle chatter for later?
Kasumi: Oh, sorry! I'll be right there.
Kasumi: So anyway, I'll be staying with my parents while I'm interning here.
Kasumi: You and Hikari are welcome any time.
Goon: Sure.
Kasumi: Okay, see you soon.

Takumi: ...I see, you two are already acquainted.
Goon: Yeah, I guess.
Takumi: A fated reunion - I wish I could have one of those.
Goon: It's not like that, man.
Goon: (But this really is a surprise.)

With Kasumi's reintroduction, you'd think that Goon has her phone number or can get it from Hikari. Nope, Takumi has it for some reason! I try not to think too hard about these things, or I'll start thinking about the Dutch angle again.

As you can see, both Miho and Hikari are at the highest level of affection, and even Kotoko has warmed up to Goon over the months in class with him (not to mention high compatibility from the blood type chart).

Meanwhile, Mei is completely unimpressed by Goon, and Kasumi isn't even in the picture.

Asou Kasumi
Born October 9th
Sign: Libra | Blood Type: A
Height: 164cm
Club: None
MEMO: For 2 weeks, she's a student teacher.
She's the gentle older sister type.

10/3: The Legend Returns

Goon: Yo, what're you doing staring up at the bell tower?
Jun: Hmm? Oh, just thinking about something.
Goon: Oh yeah, there's a legend about that bell.
Jun: I heard it from Takumi already.
Jun: I'll make that legend a reality!
Goon: (You've changed a lot, Jun.)
Goon: I'm rooting for you, man.
Kasumi: But that bell won't ring.

Kasumi: When I was here, it was already broken, and I haven't heard anything about them fixing it since.

Jun: (strangled noises)
Kasumi: Oh dear, what's the matter, Hokari-kun?
Goon: Kasumi-sensei, you have unbelievably bad timing.

Poor Jun.

10/7: Kasumi again

Kasumi: Gunma-kun.
Goon: Hey, Kasumi-sensei.
Kasumi: Looks like this is it.
Goon: Yeah, it's going to be a little lonely around here.
Kasumi: I feel the same way.
Kasumi: But you should give me a call some time.
Kasumi: I'm still busy with college, but we can figure something out.
Hikari: Kasumi-saaaaan!
Goon: Hey, Hikari.

Hikari: You're leaving already?
Kasumi: Yes. I wanted to be here longer too, but I have to go take care of things back at school.
Hikari: We didn't even get to go to your house, that's a shame.
Kasumi: Well, you two are still welcome to hang out with me at college.
Hikari: Okay!
Hikari: Oh yeah, I just remembered. You're heading back on Sunday, right?
Kasumi: Yes, that's right.
Hikari: Do you mind if I see you off at the station?
Kasumi: I don't mind at all. *giggle* Thank you.
Hikari: Good, the two of us will be there.
Goon: (What? Two of us?)
Kasumi: My train leaves right at noon.
Hikari: Okay, we'll be there!
Kasumi: Now, I have a few more things to take care of before I go.

Goon: Hikari, when you said "two of us", did you mean--
Hikari: Of course! What, are you not going?
Goon: S, sure, I'll go, but--
Hikari: Then everything's okay!
Goon: (I guess so.)

10/8: Goodbye, Kasumi

Goon: (Crap! I overslept! I have to go see Kasumi-san off at the station today!)
Goon: (Augh, the two of them are already there!)

Goon: Sorry.
Hikari: Geez, you're late!
Kasumi: Haha, you should've called him in the morning to wake him up, Hikari-chan.
Hikari: You're right.
Kasumi: Well, it's almost time.
Goon: What, already?
Hikari: It's your fault for being so late!
Goon: R, right.
Kasumi: Now, you two take good care of each other while I'm gone.
Kasumi: See you!
Hikari: See you later!
Goon: See you later!

A bit of cultural nuance in how Kasumi, Hikari, and Goon say goodbye here - they use the words 行ってきます (ittekimasu) and 行ってらっしゃい (itterasshai), which are most often used when someone's leaving the house in the morning. They carry a bit of a connotation of "I'm heading out, but I'll be back" and "okay, we'll be here to welcome you when you get back" - it's a little hard to explain. But anyway, it's a very familial way of saying goodbye, and carries a lot of closeness with it. When you say these to each other, you're expecting that the next time you see each other, you're going to say ただ今 (tadaima) and お帰り (okaeri), which are the traditional ways to say "I'm home!" and "Welcome home."

Goon: (And so Kasumi-san had to return to college...)

10/8: invite Miho out to a soccer game on the 22nd (she accepts)

10/22: Soccer with B-ho

"Hi, do you remember me? I'm B-I mean Miho, and I am supposed to be the center of attention in spite of not appearing for a few months!

Goon: They're playing soccer at the stadium today, and I managed to score some good seats!
B-ho: Sorry, I'm not very interested in sports, so I can't tell the difference between good and bad seats.
Goon: You shouldn't worry about it anyway. If you're having fun, where you're sitting doesn't matter.

B-ho: It looks all the players who handle the ball the best are all foreign.
Option 1: Well, there's a clear difference in skill.
Option 2: It's because they love the spotlight.
Option 3: I want the Japanese players to play as hard, too.

Let's address the elephant in the room right now: the major Japanese sports have a limit on how many foreign players can be signed to a team. It's four for both J-league soccer and for Nippon Professional Baseball.

The limit is primarily a cost-saving measure so no teams can throw money at foreign talent and create an arms race - I'm told European football leagues impose similar rules for non-European talent to avoid arms races. The rule can carry with it a bit of racist/nationalist baggage - just ask Randy Bass what happened when he dared to threaten Sadaharu Oh's home run record, and try to convince him that it wasn't racially motivated. Beyond that, it's complicated, and I don't feel qualified to elaborate on it.

The point is, B-ho likes 3.

Goon: I want the Japanese players to play as hard, too.
B-ho: I know, right? I definitely love the Japanese players more!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Ah, there it is, the 2-second pause and the polite afterthought "desu". We've missed you, B-ho.

10/26: Goon's birthday

Miho(?): Goon-san!
Goon: Hey, Shirayuki-chan. What's up?
Miho(?): Here's your birthday present!
Goon: What? For me?
Miho(?): It's a rare favor, for me to give someone a present!
Miho(?): So be thankful, okay?
Goon: Yeah, thanks!

Alright, that's definitely B-ho talking.

10/28: Mei's birthday

Goon: Oh yeah, today's Ijuuin-san's birthday, isn't it?
Goon: Should I get her a present?
Goon: Yes, I should.
Goon: What should I get her?
Best option: Superelectromagnetic aprom
Good option: Shoujo manga
Worst option: 8x10 of my wonderful self

Oh god I wanted to give her the 8x10 so badly as revenge for Tokimemo 1. But no, I had to go with the apron.

Mei: What is this?
Goon: It's your birthday present. Go ahead and open it.
Mei: Ooh, this is a happy occasion.
Mei: You understand Mei's interests quite well, asshole.
Mei: Today is a great day indeed.
Goon: (Good, it looks like she really liked the present.)

It's really fun translating Mei. I'm not being sarcastic here.

11/1: Bomb warning

The first one of the game! In the absence of evidence, we rely on Tokimemo 1 habits - if there's a bomb, it's probably Megumi Hikari Kotoko acting angry about Hikari being ignored.

Goon: Lately, there's some bad gossip going around about how I'm being cold to the girls...

11/3: Culture festival!

Goon: (Today's the culture festival!)
Goon: Alright, time to help out the club.

Miho: It's just like last year, I'm a wreck.
Miho: My heart's about to leap out of my chest.
Goon: Take some deep breaths. They'll help you relax.
Miho: I'll try.
Miho: You're right, it really helped me calm down.
Goon: (I should really do that myself.)

This year's play isn't quite as good as the Lone Fox and Cub, but it still has its moments.

And now, the Hibikino High School Drama Club presents the classic fairy tale, Cinjitella.

Prince: Young miss!
Pumpkin carriage: The doors are closing. Please stand clear of the doors.
Cinjitella: No!
Cinjitella: W, Wait for meeeeeee!

And so, Cinjitella's night of adventure came to an end.

Miho: Things went well this year, too.
Goon: Yup. Good work, Shirayuki-chan.
Miho: Well done.
Goon: (Shirayuki-chan looks utterly drained too.)

Goon: How was the culture festival?
Miho: It was worth waiting for a year. It was even more fun than last year!
Goon: (It really was a lot of fun.)

11/12: Check out that bomb

I'm sorry, Hikari. Truly, truly sorry.

11/19: Invite Hikari to go shopping on 11/23 (she accepts)

11/23: Blatant attempt to make LP readers feel guilty

Goon: (Whoa. Hikari's already here.)
Hikari: I made it here a little early, so I got kinda bored, Gunma-kun.
Goon: I see. I probably should've gotten here earlier myself.
Hikari: No, it's not your fault. I got here early because I wanted to be here, that's all.
Goon: (Well, at least she's not angry.)

Goon: So, where should we head n--
Goon: Where'd Hikari go?
Goon: Hikari!
Goon: Where'd she go?
Goon: Hikari!!
Goon: HEY, Hikari!
Goon: That's weird. I'll go backtrack.

Hikari: There you are! Finally found you.
Hikari: Good, I was worried that you just left without me.
Goon: That's my line.
Hikari: That's so mean! It's your fault, because you ran on ahead and disappeared on me.
Goon: Hey now, I was just walking like I always do.
Hikari: Fine, but let's hold hands so we don't get split up.
Hikari: Like old times.
Goon: What? No way, not in public.

Hikari: Don't be shy.
Hikari: So, where are we heading today?
Option 1: Yeah, let's head to the boutique.
Option 2: The fancy shop sounds good.

Hello, childhood memories! We meet again!

Goon: The fancy shop sounds good.
Hikari: You read my mind! Hurry, hurry, let's go!

Hikari: That little glass squirrel badge is really cute! I wonder if I should buy it?
Option 1: That same squirrel's on a keychain that's pretty cute too.
Option 2: Where do you put those things on, anyway?
Option 3: It doesn't cost that much, I'll buy it for you.

Goon: It doesn't cost that much, I'll buy it for you.
Hikari: What? Really?
Hikari: Well, okay, maybe I'll let you do this for me once in a while.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Hikari: Hey, are you hungry? We still have some time, so we should swing by somewhere.
Option 1: Sure, let's do that.
Option 2: Sorry, I have to be home soon.

This is another of Tokimemo 2's new systems - the follow-up date. Assuming the weather is good, the girl already likes you, and the impression you made was good or great, the girl will ask if you want to grab dinner on the way home. It's pretty much pure upside. And hey, it's not like Hikari's affection can actually get any higher.

Goon: Sure, let's do that.
Hikari: That's what I wanted to hear. Let's go!

Hikari: Hmm? Are you just getting coffee?
Goon: Yeah, this is enough for me.
Hikari: Want some of my parfait?
Goon: What? No, I'm fine.
Hikari: Don't hold back, just open your mouth and say "ah"!
Option 1: O, okay. Ahhhhh
Option 2: N, no way, that's way too embarrassing.

Goon: N, no way, that's way too embarrassing.
Hikari: Hahahaha! You're turning all red!
Goon: (Damn, she got me good.)

November of year 2 is done, and that marks just past the halfway point of the B-ho run! The next stretch is going to be pretty event-heavy, especially since B-ho finally gets some events that are unique to her instead of shared with Miho.

Next time: It's like you're not even trying anymore