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Part 48: Bad Girl

Chapter 17: Bad Girl

First post with the new 4:3 ratio macro in effect - let me know if it looks weird or if it looks fine. Darn that PS3 upscaling for squashing the original picture!

Now - because I was careless, my only save before the Soubanchou fight was on 7/22, and I had to reload a few Miho appearances. Great!

RELOAD COUNT: 132, 133

On the third try, the correct version of Miho showed up. Hurray! This portion of the run went pretty much the same as before, until:

9/9: Invitation from Miho to go shopping on 9/16 (accepted)

9/16: Shopping with B-ho

B-ho: Which do you think suits me best?
Option 1: The cute one-piece with the ribbon in front?
Option 2: The slinky, body-conscious outfit?
Option 3: The fashionable camisole?

Goon: The slinky, body-conscious outfit?
B-ho: Oh, you know you like it.
B-ho: But when you say it like that, it gets harder to buy it.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

9/30: Justice is served.

Homura: Gunma. Over here!
Goon: Sorry, did I keep you waiting?
Homura: Forget about that! I've been itching to get started. Let's get to the fun part!
Goon: (How long has Akai-san been here?)

???: Was it you? Are you the piece of shit who put the hurt on my underlings?
Goon: Who said that?!
Goon: S, Soubanchou!
Soubanchou: By my soul as a man... I challenge you!

Two things to note about Homura: One, her hit points are ridiculous. Two, she has zero MP. Zero. She can't cast spells (which is fine, because her stats in those categories are awful.

Homura: Justice will always prevail! Got it?

Since her academic stats are way too pitiful to cast any kind of spell, Homura only attacks with her feet. Which is fine, because she kicks for between 5000 and 9999 damage.

This is Homura's limit break. She stomps right up to Soubanchou, looks him in the eye...

Soubanchou: You want to try and beat me in a staring contest?
Homura: Nah, I give up.
Homura: This is stupid.
Homura: I'm going home.

...Then she shrugs and wanders off. Homuraaaaaaaaa!

Soubanchou: Whew. I almost had to use my Super Insight on a little girl.

So, Homura leaves Goon in the cold to eat all of Soubanchou's attacks. Things look grim for our hero, especially when Soubanchou enters his final form. But just when things look darkest...

Homura: Kaichou kiiiiick!
Homura: Wahahahaha!

Homura's retreat was just a ploy to find a tall place to Rider Kick from! The second half of her attack reverts Soubanchou to his first form, and the rest of the fight is cake from there. Even when Soubanchou morphs into his final form, the act of Homura walking up to him also reverts him to tiny form, leaving him vulnerable to Goon's 9999-damage limit break.

A single katsudon later, it's over.

Treasure earned: Excalibur

Soubanchou: How... how could this happen?
Soubanchou: How could I lose to the likes of you?
Goon: Just so you know, your underlings are the ones who picked a fight, not me!
Soubanchou: What?! Is that true, guys?
Punks: ...
Soubanchou: GUYS!
Punks: !!!
Soubanchou: Sorry to cause you so much trouble.
Soubanchou: But I am glad that I was able to face a man like you.
Goon: I feel the same way.
Soubanchou: Haha... and now, I must go.

And now, the biggest barrier to a perfect ending is removed - what could possibly go wrong?

10/2: Hikari bomb red alert

Goon: Hey, Hikari. You heading home?
Hikari: ....
Goon: Wait, Hikari!
Goon: (I think I hurt Hikari without knowing it...)

Oh yeah, that.

10/6: An important announcement

Goon: Hmm? What the heck is going on?
Bakuretsuzan: This year, I have decided that each class will prepare their own presentation for the culture festival!
Bakuretsuzan: Each of you should consider what you want to present.
Bakuretsuzan: That is all!
Kasumi: The classes are presenting for this year?
Kasumi: Okay, everyone, for the next few minutes, you're free to talk amongst yourselves.

Jun: Yo.
Goon: Hey, Jun. Have you thought about what to do for the culture festi--

Takumi: Hey, how about we put on a play?
Jun: A play?
Goon: Why would you want to do one?
Takumi: I wanted to try writing and acting out at least once.
Goon: Writing and acting?
Jun: You?
Takumi: Yup. Me!
Jun: ...
Goon: ...
Goon: Well, I'll think about it.
Takumi: Good!
Goon: (I'm a little interested in what kind of play Takumi would write. Should I support him?)

Miho: Fudou-san.
Goon: Hey, Miho-chan.
Miho: Did you think of something?
Goon: Who, me? I haven't thought of anything.
Miho: You should take this more seriously.
Goon: Did you come up with something, Miho-chan?
Miho: Yes, of course I've been thinking about it - a fortune teller's hut.
Miho: That's pretty much all I'm good at, after all.
Goon: (She really did put some thought into it. That's cool, Miho-chan)

Kasumi: So, does anyone else want to voice their opinion?
Kasumi: Okay, let's put it to a vote.
Goon: Hmm, what sounds good?

Option 1: A play
Option 2: A costume parade
Option 3: A fortune teller's hut

As curious as I am about Takumi's play, there is only one choice here for both the Miho and B-ho routes.

Kasumi: The votes are in, and the fortune teller's hut wins! Let's all work together and do our best.
Goon: Alright! This is the last culture festival of our high school lives. Let's kick some butt!

After the class decides what it's going to do for the culture festival, a new option appears for daily activity: prep for the culture festival. Since there's nothing else important to do, might as well jam on that button.

Strangely, no one other than Goon seems to want to put the work in!

10/9: Kasumi's birthday

Goon: Oh yeah, today's Kasumi-sensei's birthday.

Best present: Aromatherapy set
Good present: Keychain
Bad present: Frilly one-piece

Goon: Hey, Kasumi-sensei!
Kasumi: Hmm? Did you need something?
Goon: I got you a birthday present. Open it up!
Kasumi: Oh, you remembered. Wow, I love these. Thanks!
Goon: (She looked really happy, I'm glad she liked it)

10/11: Hikari takes matters into her own hands

Goon: Hello?
Hikari: Hello? This is Hinomoto.
Goon: Hikari? What's up?
Hikari: Hey, I was going to head to the indoor pool this Sunday.
Hikari: Want to come with me?

This is one of the things that makes Tokimemo 2 so much better than Tokimemo 1: girls, when their bombs are about to go off, will stop sitting around moping and actually do something about the problem. This is the last thing they'll do before the bomb goes off, so saying no to this invitation is the point of no return.

Even though B-ho's route is immune to bombing, I've never let a bomb go off in Tokimemo and now is not the time to be breaking that streak!

Goon: Yeah, gladly.
Hikari: Great! Whew, I think my heart skipped a beat there.

10/14: Bomb-clearing date with Hikari

Hikari: Everyone's swimsuits are so daring. I could never wear that!
Option 1: No way, it'd look good on you.
Option 2: You should probably keep it simple.
Option 3: You'd look good no matter what, Hikari.

Choosing the best option here should keep Hikari's bomb meter clear for a while - only 5 months left!

Goon: You'd look good no matter what, Hikari.
Hikari: What? No way!
Hikari: Not me...
Hikari: Don't - don't tease me like that.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

And now I feel guilty again. Dangit.

10/23: Miho takes matters into her own hands

Apparently, we've been ignoring Miho too much in favor of Hikari/Homura/B-ho lately, so she calls and invites Goon to go shopping that Sunday. As with before, it's best to say yes here.

10/26: Goon's birthday

Miho(?): Fudou-san!

Since it just says "Shirayuki" here, it doesn't give any indication of which Miho is saying this! Until...

Okay yeah, that's 100% B-ho.

Goon: Hey, Miho-chan. What's up?
B-ho: Do you know what today is?
Goon: Huh?
Goon: (Well, it's my birthday. Is it anything else too?)
B-ho: How could you forget your own birthday?
B-ho: Geez, and here I am with your present and everything.
Goon: What? No, I didn't forget.
B-ho: Reeeally?
B-ho: But seriously, I just wanted to tease you a little.
Goon: O, okay.
B-ho: So let's try this again.
B-ho: Happy birthday! Here's your present.
Goon: Oh, thanks! I'm really grateful.

10/28: Bomb-clearing date with Miho

Thankfully, unlike previous iterations, Miho actually showed up to her own date.

Miho: Which do you think suits me?
Option 1: The cute one-piece with the ribbon in front?
Option 2: The slinky, body-conscious outfit?
Option 3: The fashionable camisole?

Since this is a bomb-clearing mission, let's not summon the time fairy and keep things simple.

Goon: The cute one-piece with the ribbon in front?
Miho: I'll go buy it now!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

10/31: B-ho ambush

Goon: (Time to head home.)
B-ho: Fudou-san!
Goon: Hey, Miho-chan. What's up?
B-ho: I've been waiting for you.
B-ho: Let's walk home together.
Goon: Yeah, sure.

B-ho: Yay! Okay, let's make sure we take a detour somewhere on the way.
Goon: Sure.

11/3: Black Magic Woman, part 2

Goon: Today's the culture festival!
Goon: I should hurry over to the classroom.

B-ho: You're worried about something, aren't you?
Boy: How did you know?!
B-ho: You're worried about... your girlfriend, right?
Boy: Y, you're right!
B-ho: I knew it!
B-ho: That's pretty much all that people our age think about.

Yeah, THAT'S a face you can trust...

B-ho: Your future is... the absolute worst!
Boy: Wh, what should I do?! That's horrible news!
B-ho: BUT! If you--
Boy: If I what?
B-ho: Never mind, looks like it all ends in tears.
B-ho: You're, like, totally doomed and all that.
Boy: WAAAAH! I should never have gotten my fortune told!
B-ho: Oh, Fudou-san!

Goon: You're amazing, Miho-chan.
Goon: Everyone's leaving in tears.
B-ho: R, right?
Goon: They must have been moved by your words.
Goon: You'd probably put the pros to shame.
B-ho: Hehe, not bad, huh?
Goon: Not bad? It's incredible!
Goon: Oh hey, the line's died down. Could you tell my fortune next?

B-ho: What? No way!
B-ho: Um, I mean, I believe it would be impossible.
Goon: Awww! Why?
Goon: Your predictions are always right on the mark.

B-ho: My powers have been drained.
B-ho: I'm going to take my break now, so please take care of the rest for me.
Goon: (Aww, she left.)
Goon: (Hey, wait, is she seriously going to walk around in that outfit?)

Goon: Whew, it's finally over.

11/18: Hibikino Tower date


Miho: It must be so nice to fly freely like a bird.
Miho: I would love to fly like that.
Option 1: I know how you feel.
Option 2: I see. What kind of bird do you want to be?
Option 3: Miho-chan, what would you even do if you flew like that?

Goon: I see. What kind of bird do you want to be?
Miho: That's... not what I meant.
Miho: But if I could, I would like to be a beautiful white swan.
Goon: (Eh.)


11/16: Hang out (with Homura)

Screenshot included because this is the first time all game that anyone has actually hung out with Goon when he takes the Hang Out with Friends action. Thanks, Homura!

B-ho this time.

B-ho: The town is really pretty when you can see the whole thing from up high.
Option 1: It feels like we're birds.
Option 2: It feels like we're gods.
Option 3: It feels like we're tyrants.

Would you believe that options 2 and 3 are BOTH excellent answers for B-ho? Actually, it's pretty easy to believe, isn't it?

Goon: It feels like we're gods.
B-ho: Then, eeeeeverything I ever want is mine!
B-ho: Right?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

12/2: Kotoko's birthday

Goon: (Oh yeah, today's Minazuki-san's birthday, isn't it?)
Best present: Traditional hair ornament
Good present: Fountain pen
Bad present: Wasabi rice crackers

Sadly, I think that choosing to give Kotoko a present cock-blocks Jun. D'oh! Sorry, bro.

Kotoko: Hmm? What're you doing here?
Goon: Today's your birthday, isn't it?
Goon: I got you a present. Open it up!
Kotoko: Oh, I've wanted this for a while! Th, thank you.
Goon: (She looked really happy, I'm glad she liked it)

12/4: Bomb warning

Dammit, Hikari, I thought we were cool!

12/10-12/14: Midterms

Goon: I'm so close to the top. I'll get it next time!

11th: Fudou Gunma
82nd: Hinomoto Hikari
116th: Minazuki Kotoko
135th: Hokari Jun'ichirou
159th: Sakaki Takumi
187th: Shirayuki Miho

311th: Akai Homura

You know what, Homura, I'm not even angry. I'm impressed.

Miho: Fudou-san.
Goon: Hey, Miho-chan.
Miho: It looks like you did pretty well this time.
Goon: I wasn't very confident going in, but it looks like my hard work paid off.
Miho: Good for you! I'm very happy for you.
Goon: (If it makes her this happy, maybe I should keep studying hard.)

12/22: Takumi does his yearly good deed

Takumi: Yo!
Goon: Hey, Takumi. What's up?
Takumi: You're gonna be alone this Christmas, right?
Goon: Yes, I am. Sorry.
Takumi: Hey, don't take it that way. Here, take this.
Goon: (An invitation to the Ijuuin Christmas party?)
Takumi: You know it pretty well, right? A lot of girls come to this party, and they're all wearing party dresses!
Goon: Why, you little--
Takumi: What, you don't want it? Then I'll find someone else who--
Goon: I was just joking!
Takumi: Oh, fine, here you go.
Takumi: Just remember, you owe me big.
Takumi: Later!
Goon: (I have no idea if he's a good guy or a bad guy...)

12/24: Christmas special

Goon: Alright, I should head out for the party soon.
Goon: (Hmm? Who could that be?)
Goon: Hello, this is the Fudou residence.
Miho(?): H, hello? Um, my name is Shirayuki...
Goon: Hey, Miho-chan. It's me. What's up?
Miho(?): O, oh. Uh, ummm...
Goon: (???)
Miho(?): Umm, if it's okay with you, would you like to go somewhere right now?
Option 1: With pleasure!
Option 2: I refuse.

As curious as I am about what we could see at the party, there is no way in hell that I'm refusing this summons.

Goon: With pleasure! Is anywhere cool with you?
Miho(?): Yeah.
Goon: Okay, let's head to the tower.
Miho(?): I'll be waiting for you at the bottom.
Goon: Cool, I'll head out soon.
Goon: Alright! I should hurry--

Goon: Whoa, calm down. I almost forgot my Christmas present.
Option 1: Silver Ring
Option 2: Cat ear headband
Option 3: Kero Kero Debeso-chan Bag

Sadly, there is no option to give B-ho the Silver Ring and the Golden Ring in order to unlock the Inverted Castle. However, it's still the best option for her, so we're going with the Silver Ring.

Goon: Did I forget anything else? Looks like no.
Goon: Alright, everything is ready! And now, to Miho-chan awaits!

Goon: Thanks for waiting!
B-ho: I just got here myself.
B-ho: I'm sorry for calling you out of nowhere on a day like this.
Goon: Don't apologize!
Goon: I'll drop anything when you call, Miho-chan.

B-ho: Wh, whoa, you don't have to--
Goon: (Wow, Miho-chan's blushing. She's so cute.)
Goon: Alright, let's head to the top.
B-ho: Yes.

B-ho: The view is so pretty at night.
B-ho: It's so magical, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw Santa flying by.
Goon: Yeah. It's Christmas, so I bet Santa's flying around everywhere.
Goon: Oh yeah, want to go to the overlook restaurant and eat?
B-ho: Oh, yes.

Fights against giant delinquents, super-rich helicopter-commuting genius girls, rains of plush frogs, all of that I can accept. But just walking into a fancy restaurant on Christmas Eve and getting a table without having a reservation? There's only so far that my suspension of disbelief will go!

B-ho: This place looks super fancy! Will... you be okay?
Goon: It's fine, don't worry about it.
Goon: I've been saving up for today.
B-ho: Ooh, you're so dependable. I'm excited now!

B-ho: I'm so full. It was so delicious, I ate it all.
Goon: I'm glad you liked it.
Goon: Now that we're done, here - from me to you.
B-ho: What? A Christmas present, for me?
B-ho: Yay! I'm so happy!


B-ho: I got you a present too. Here - Merry Christmas!
Goon: Oh, I get one too? Thanks!
B-ho: Haha, today's the greatest.


Goon: Thanks for inviting me out today.
B-ho: No, thank you for coming. I had a lot of fun.
Goon: I'll walk you home.

B-ho: Yes.
B-ho: I'd like to spend a little more time together...
Goon: Hmm?
B-ho: Oh, nothing! Let's go home.

"...desu." It's almost not worth mentioning anymore.

Next time: The Truth