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Part 49: Confessions

Chapter 18: Confessions

12/26: Bomb-clearing date with Hikari

Hikari: Hey, did you see that? I was skating backwards!
Option 1: You're really good.
Option 2: It was pretty cute.
Option 3: Huh? I didn't see it.

Goon: You're really good.
Hikari: Th, thanks! I practiced that a lot.
Hikari: ...Not that it's good for anything.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

1/1: New Year's Day

2002 was the Year of the Horse, just like 2014 is.

Goon: And so, a new year begins.
Goon: Oh yeah, did the new year's cards come in yet? Let's see...

Goon: This is Hikari's. It's hard to believe that high school's almost over.

"Suddenly, there's so little time left in our high school lives.
Let's make sure we don't regret any of the memories we make.

Goon: This is Miho-chan's. As usual, it's a very cute card.

"Happy new year.
May this year be another good year!

Goon: This is Akai-san's. It's very, um... it's very her.

"Let's have a good year!
Akai Homura"

There are no words.

Goon: Here's Takumi's. "The greatest year", eh? That'd be nice.

"Since this is our last year, we should both make sure it's the greatest year.
Sakaki Takumi"

Goon: Here's Jun's. It's the same as every other one? Well, that's Jun for you.

"Happy new year. Let's have a good year.
Hokari Jun'ichirou"

Goon: I'll be right there!

Goon: Oh hi, Shirayuki-chan. What's going on?
B-ho: Happy new year!
Goon: Oh, uh, happy new year.
Goon: (I can't keep myself from staring.)
B-ho: I'm not just here to wish you a happy new year, I'm here to invite you out to hatsumoude.
B-ho: Want to come with me?
Goon: Yeah, let's go!
B-ho: That's, like, totally yay! Th, thanks.
B-ho: Let's go.
Goon: Mind waiting a second? I'll go change.
B-ho: Yes, take your time.

B-ho: Good thing it's a clear day. It would've sucked if it was raining.
Goon: Yeah. I bet it's clear outside because you're being rewarded for good behavior.
B-ho: Whoa, you think so? That's, like, pretty neat.
Goon: (D, did she like it?)

She's barely even trying to talk like Miho now.

Goon: (What should I wish for?)
Goon: Wish for luck in love because it doesn't matter anymore
Goon: I wish that Miho-chan and I can get along well this year...

B-ho: And of course, we can't go to the shrine without pulling a fortune, right?
Goon: Good point.
Goon: Alright, let's do it!
B-ho: That's the spirit. I'm super excited about what I might get! Let's hurry up and see.
Goon: (She's treating this more like a raffle ticket than a fortune.)

Goon: Let's see, this year's luck is...
Goon: Da, daikyou (Worst luck).
Goon: (I wonder how Shirayuki-chan's fortune came out?)

I could have and probably should have reloaded here just for tradition's sake, but it honestly doesn't matter anymore. The last 3 months of the game are pretty much a victory lap, and I wanted to get it over with.

B-ho: What'd you get?
Goon: Here, see for yourself.
Goon: What was yours like, Shirayuki-chan?
B-ho: It's a secret. If you really want to know, you can find it on that branch. Be my guest.
Goon: ("Be my guest" she says, but that tree is covered with fortunes already.)

B-ho: We finally made it out of there.
Goon: Yeah, That was pretty tiring.
B-ho: The next time we see each other will be at school, right?
Goon: I dunno, we might bump into each other somewhere.
Goon: Well, take care.

1/4: By the way, this happened off-camera

Goon: Oh yeah, my interview's supposed to be airing right now.
Goon: I guess I should turn on the TV.

Your interview? For what, Goon?

"Theater Grand Prix Award Ceremony"

Goon: It's kind of embarrassing to see again...
Goon: I was pretty nervous on camera.
Goon: Well anyway, I should make sure to live up to my words in that interview, and keep working hard from here on out.

When were you planning on mentioning this to us, Goon?!

1/6: Read the final Hibikino Watcher

Hibikino Sun Plaza concert (top left): GLOY concert
Movie (bottom): Go-Driller Versus the Second Empire!
Winter sports (top right): Skiing and skating open until 2/28

Yeah, it's a really light issue, but what do you expect from the last 3 months of the game? Back in Tokimemo 1, it just said "thanks for reading!" and there was zero new content.

By the way, B-ho loves this rock band, so it's gonna at least be good for one last date.

1/17: Sleep

This screenshot is thrown in because Homura not only doesn't mind taking a nap in the nurse's office after school, she joins you. What a president.

2/10: GLOY concert

Welp. One last reloading point, I guess. It won't hurt the run to go on a date with Miho here, but there's something I need to show about the last 3 months of B-ho.

Goon: (GLOY is a rock band that's at the head of the J-Rock scene. They have a sense of dignity about them.)

Miho hates them, and B-ho loves them. This is our last chance to rack up a final Time Fairy summons!

Goon: That concert was awesome!
Miho: He calls it "awesome". It seems like he's never heard your fairy concerts before.
Goon: (Looks like I made a bad impression.)
Miho: Oh, could you be a time fairy?
Miho: Can you change the past?
Goon: Miho-chan?

Time Fairy Count: 9
RELOAD COUNT: 135, 136

2/10: GLOY concert, take 3

Behold, the B-ho in her natural habitat. Goon, being a dating game protagonist, doesn't make a single comment about how Miho's changed her hairstyle, which in real life is a pretty big no-no.

Goon: That concert was awesome!
B-ho: That was totally the best thing ever!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)


2/14: Valentine's Day

Hikari: Gunma-kun.
Goon: Hey, Hikari.
Hikari: Here, take this. It's chocolate.
Goon: Thanks!
Goon: ...It's huge.
Goon: It looks like a lot of love was put into this.
Hikari: Uh, well...
Hikari: Gotta go!
Goon: (Huh? Hikari?)

Takumi: How's it going?
Takumi: With your Valentine's chocolate, I mean.
Goon: Not bad, I guess.
Takumi: Good for you. Me, I don't seem to be getting very many because I'm a senior.
Goon: Probably.
Takumi: I probably can't even donate any to you...
Girl: Takumi-senpai!
Takumi: Yeeeessss?
Girl: I made some chocolate for you, senpai!
Takumi: Tee hee, thanks!
Girl: Oh, Takumi-senpai, you're so cuuuute!
Goon: (...They're being played.)

Homura: Gunma.
Goon: Yo, Akai-san.
Homura: Prepare to be amazed!
Homura: Here, take this. How do you like it?
Goon: W, wow. I am amazed. Is this chocolate cake?
Homura: Yeah, because if I gave you a regular old chocolate, it'd be boring.
Homura: Wanna split it with me later?
Goon: S, sure.
Goon: (That explains it. I was wondering why she gave me a #7.)

Apparently, in cake sizes, a #7 is a 21cm cake, meant to serve about 10-12 people.

Miho: Fudou-san.
Goon: Hey, Miho-chan.
Miho: I don't know if you'll like it, but...
Goon: Oh, is this chocolate?
Goon: Thanks, Miho-chan. It's going to be delicious.
Miho: Thank you.

Miho: Oh!
Goon: Are you okay, Miho-chan? You look dizzy!
Miho: Oh, no, I'm fine. I just didn't get much sleep last night, so...
Goon: (She stayed up all night making this! Wow.)

(3... 2... 1...)

B-ho: Fudou-san.
Goon: Hey, Miho-chan.
B-ho: Here, have some chocolate.
Goon: What? But you gave some to me just a second ago!
B-ho: Oh, uh, is that so?
Goon: Of course it is, I have it right here!

Holy shit I didn't notice her face until I was screenshotting this - it flashes by in about half a second, then reverts to normal midsentence. It's priceless.

B-ho: Th, that's a bad batch! I gave it to you by mistake!
B-ho: Anyway, this is the real thing.
Goon: Isn't this from that one really famous shop?
B-ho: Yeah, isn't this way better than homemade stuff?
Goon: Well thanks, but this is kinda weird...
B-ho: Hahah. Well, uh, I'm in a hurry. Gotta go!
Goon: Wait, Shirayuki-chan!
Goon: ...she's already long gone.

Kasumi: Hey, just who I was looking for.
Kasumi: You're on your way home right now, aren't you? Want to go home together?
Goon: Hey, Kasumi-san. Well...
Goon: Yeah, that's fine.
Kasumi: Good. I wanted to talk to you about something.

Kasumi: Oh yeah, I should give you one.
Kasumi: You want some chocolate too?
Goon: What? Kasumi-sensei, you're giving me some?
Kasumi: Yeah. It's giri chocolate, of course.
Kasumi: Open up the glove compartment.
Goon: Oh, okay.
Kasumi: You can have the chocolate in there.
Goon: Seriously? I can have it?
Kasumi: As much as you want. So, how was your haul this year?
Goon: N, not bad.
Kasumi: Oh? "Not bad"? I wonder if my giri chocolate is the first one you got today...
Goon: (You don't have to keep saying "giri" over and over.)

Goon: I got 5 chocolates this year. Well, not bad.

2/24: The reveal!

This is it. The moment we've all been waiting for - and the reason that the B-ho run is impossible if Miho is Takumi's target. This event requires Miho to be at home on 2/24, which is a Sunday - if she's out with Takumi, none of this will happen.

I made sure to grab a video of this, which I highly suggest that you watch. It's really useful to understand the timing, as well as the mid-sentence changes in B-ho's pitch and cadence. Plus, I'm a big fan of old-fashioned farce, and this is a pretty good example of it.

Goon: (Oh yeah, today is Miho-chan's birthday.)
Goon: I'll give her a present.
Goon: (Okay, I'll go over there and hand it to her. What should I give her?)
Best present: Tarot cards
Good present: System notebook
Bad present: Earrings

(Again, it doesn't matter what we choose here - the ending of the game is in a week, it's not like there'll be anything that gets affected by this.)

Goon: Time to go.

Miho: Oh! I kind of had a feeling I'd see you today.
Miho: What are you doing here?
Goon: It's your birthday today, right, Miho-chan?
Goon: Here, I brought you a birthday present.
Miho: Where are my manners? It's rude to keep you standing outside talking.
Miho: Please, come in.
Goon: Oh, okay.

Goon: Thanks for letting me in!
Goon: (Man, I can't calm down.)

Miho(?): Welcome. This is my room.
Goon: It's a really cute room.
Goon: It's just like I imagined it - it's very you.
Miho(?): Very me...?
Miho(?): So, what comes to mind when you think of me?
Goon: Well, let's see, when I think of you...
Goon: That's a pretty tough question.
(thumping sounds, noises like cats dying)
Goon: What was that sound?
B-ho: W, w, whoa, wait just a minute!
B-ho: ...please.

Miho(?): Sorry. I was baking a cake.
Goon: A cake? So that sound was the oven?
Miho(?): It's, um, an antique.
Goon: Really?
Miho(?): Yes, really. So, umm, about what we were talking about a second ago, please continue.
Goon: About what I think of you, Miho-chan? Let's see, when I think of you, I think...
Goon: There it is again, what is that?
Miho: Uh, just wait a second, please.

Miho(?): I'm so sorry! The coffee maker just exploded.
Goon: What? It exploded?! Are you alright? No burns or anything?
B-ho: I, I'm fine. It was, uh, a knock-off brand. It's like I was sold a bunch of lies!
Goon: That's awful. I'll call and make a complaint for you.
B-ho: Y, you don't have to. So, about--
(furious knocking)
Goon: Again! What is it this time?
B-ho: J, j, just a second.

Miho(?): I'm so sorry. Um...
Goon: What? What broke this time? Shouldn't you call for a repairman at this point?
Miho: No, it's not that.
Miho: Please, whatever happens, don't be shocked.
Goon: O, okay.
Goon: (What's going on? It's getting even harder to keep calm.)
Miho: Please, don't be shocked.
Goon: You don't have to repeat yourself, I'll be fine.
Goon: More importantly...

Goon: ?!

B-ho: Sorry for fooling you this whole time.
B-ho: We're twins.
Miho: I'm Miho,
B-ho: And I'm Maho.
Goon: ...Yup. Shocked.

Goon: Twins. You know, this really explains a lot.
Goon: (Miho-chan and Maho-chan...)
Goon: (So which one of them do I actually love?!)

And there you have it. Shirayuki Maho is B-ho's real name, which I accidentally let slip twice over the course of my stream and LP - once because I unconsciously typed it and had to edit it out later, and once because I unlocked her in Tokimeki Memorial 2 Puzzledama.

A quick profile of Maho, even though Takumi doesn't have a file on her because he technically doesn't know she exists:

Shirayuki Maho
Born February 24th
Pisces | Blood Type B
Height: 156cm
Measurements: 90-56-82 (for reference, Miho's are 79-57-81 in year 3)
Club: None
MEMO: Likes fashion and karaoke. Dislikes the ordinary.
Good at imitating her sister... most of the time.

It may seem cliched that they used the old twin swap trick, but hey, Shakespeare used it in not one, but two of his plays, and not many people complain about him (unless they're heathens, of course).

In the dating sim/visual novel world, both identical and fraternal twins are relatively common, but they don't often pose as a single person - the main examples I can think of off the top of my head are the Souma twins in Memories Off 2nd and a potential spoiler for Tokimeki Memorial 4 that I'll only talk about if people really want to know. I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind from games that were actually memorable.

Next time: If I'm gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all