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Part 50: Confessions, part 2

Chapter 19: Confessions, part 2

Whoops - I missed one tiny little detail about the end of Goon's high school life. Rewinding a little bit:

2/18: Deciding Goon's future

Goon: Entrance exams are today.
Goon: I said I wanted to work back in guidance counseling, but what do I really want?
Option 1: Go take the employment exams
Option 2: Change the plan, go take the college entrance exams
Option 3: Join theater company, in the hopes of becoming a famous actor.

To the surprise of pretty much nobody, Maho becomes a model after high school, so it's most appropriate to become an actor.

Goon: I should be able to make it with my talent and abilities. Time to work hard!

3/1: Graduation day

After three years of general obliviousness, our Goon has finally learned what we've pretty much known all along. What's he do about it? Well... nothing, actually. There's nothing TO do - the rest of the game is already set in stone. Observe.

Disc 1 isn't just the childhood system - it also has all of the endings on it!

Goon: I graduate today...
Goon: It's the last day I'll ever wear this uniform.

Goon: It's the last day I'll climb this hill as a high school student, isn't it.
Goon: The graduation ceremony should be starting soon. Let's go.

Mei: To all of you who are graduating today - or I should say, to all my senpai.
Mei: Congratulations on your graduation.
Mei: On behalf of the student body, I, Ijuuin Mei, offer you these words.
Mei: If you think back, whatever hopes and dreams you seniors might have had for the last 3 years, you can't call them "ordinary" or "safe".
Mei: And as such, those of you who are closing the book on that kind of school life may be doing it with a sense of utter bliss.
Mei: At the same time, for those of us remaining, we stand at the beginning of a new age, and the feeling of bliss is unmistakable.
Goon: (That's kind of a weird transition.)
Mei: When I first set foot in this school, at first I could not believe my eyes.
Mei: That damn little squirt!
Mei: Why was a monkey appointed to the position meant to lead the student body?
Mei: In a way, I think that all of you were brainwashed.
Mei: But anyway, now that she's graduating, that problem is going away once and for all.
Mei: We underclassmen have been freed from the tyranny of that monkey, and will now certainly move on to a school life filled with order and peace.
Mei: Here and now, I would like everyone to gather up the endurance and self-control they learned during the 3-year reign of that monkey, and resolve to rewrite Hibikino High School's history.
Mei: Adieu, seniors.
Mei: Go away and never show your face around here again, monkey.
Mei: Student body representative, Ijuuin Mei.
Goon: (She really did it. It fits her style, but now what's going to happen...?)

Homura: Today, we graduating seniors start our journey from Hibikino High School to the world.
Homura: I'm so happy that we could make it to graduation like this, with everyone's support.
Goon: (That's a very mature response.)
Homura: That's it for the formal speeches.
Homura: Ijuuin Mei!
Goon: (?!)
Homura: You just had to say it, didn't you, you little bitch?
Homura: How can you get off saying that this school is going to be peaceful?
Homura: You're the most obnoxious of all!
Homura: And you call me a squirt and a monkey?
Homura: You're the squirt!
Homura: If I'm a monkey, you're a crab!
Homura: I'll bring a mortar and crack you open! Nyahahaha!

Note: Homura is making a reference to a Japanese folktale, The Crab and the Monkey. Note that in the original story, the mortar is used to kill the monkey, not the crab. You might want to check your sources next time, Homura.

Homura: We need to settle this once and for all.
Homura: When this graduation ceremony is over, come out and fight me!
Homura: That's it, the speech is done.
Homura: Graduating class representative and student body president, Akai Homura.
Goon: (...I knew this would happen.)

Homura's last line of the speech would be the perfect time to drop the mic and say "I'm out."

This next sequence lasts about 10 minutes, and I've put all of it on my Youtube channel here so you can see it in motion:

Goon: The graduation ceremony's done...
Goon: Hmm? Someone stuffed a letter in my desk.
Goon: Who could it be from?

"I'm waiting for you under the Legendary Tree."

Wait, isn't that supposed to be "under the bell tower" in Tokimemo 2? Oh. OH.

Goon: There's no signature anywhere.
Goon: The Legendary Tree was over at Kirameki High, wasn't it?
Goon: Well, at any rate, I should head over that way.

Does this seem familiar? It should!

Goon: Shirayuki-san...
Maho: You came for me.
Maho: Sorry to call you out to a place like this.
Maho: I surprised you, didn't I?
Goon: Yeah, a little bit.
Goon: So, what did you want to talk about?

Maho: Yeah, so...
Maho: There was something I had to tell you before graduating, no matter what.
Maho: Me and my sister -
Maho: We kept switching places, right?

Maho: That was, how do I say it?
Maho: At first, switching places was funny.
Goon: ...

Maho: For me, it felt like I was doing it because it was trendy.
Maho: But... slowly, that changed.
Maho: My sister -
Maho: I started being jealous of her.
Goon: Huh?

Maho: Because...
Maho: She got to be close.
Goon: ??

Maho: If I could have, I would have switched places with her for real.
Maho: I was jealous of Hibikino High School.
Maho: There were times where I thought I should transfer.
Maho: But, I thought -
Maho: If you found out that I was switching places with her, you'd hate me.
Goon: No way.

Maho: I know. I know. That wasn't what happened at all, was it?
Maho: I was really happy with how it turned out.
Maho: And, for the first time, I felt grateful that I went to Kirameki High.
Goon: Why?

Maho: Because, maybe, if I'd been at Hibikino from the beginning, I may never have met you.
Goon: Shi, Shirayuki-san...
Goon: Do you mean to say -
Maho: Wait.
Maho: Do you know the legend of Kirameki High?
Goon: Y, yeah.
Goon: If a girl confesses to a guy on graduation day, under the big tree just outside of the school grounds, those two will live happily ever after.

Maho: I love you.
Goon: ...

Maho: Ahaha, I knew it.
Maho: There's no way that you and a deceitful girl like me could possibly--
Goon: Shirayuki-san.
Goon: No, Maho-chan.
Goon: I love you too, Maho-chan.

Maho: What? Really?!
Goon: Yes, really.

Maho: Aha, I really am a cheater.
Goon: Yeah.

Maho: Geez! Say "no you're not."
Goon: S, sorry.

Maho: *giggle* it's fine.

Maho: Alright! Time to make up for lost time!
Goon: Make up? For lost time?
Maho: Yeah! For all the things I couldn't tell you about myself while I was pretending to be my sister.
Maho: Now, we have all the time in the world!
Goon: Yeah!

And that is how the curtain closed on my three years of high school.

When I look back, it feels like all I did was go to drama club.

In any case, I'm really glad I graduated with top scores.

I'm going to join a theater company and work hard to become a famous actor.

Oh yeah, Maho-chan is trying to become a fashion model.

She has a great figure and is very up-front about everything, so I'm a little bit worried, but we will always be able to walk our paths together.

Because, like the legend this school has passed down through the years, our love will last forever.

Congratulations, goons - you have found the Tokimemo 2 ending that is exactly the same as a Tokimemo 1 ending! I don't get to talk about the new features much because this ending doesn't show many of them off, but here's one thing I do get to show you: each character gets an epilogue in the credits! So even though I don't get to share the great ending music, I can at least show you what happened to the people we met (officially) in this playthrough:


He said "I'm gonna become a host!"
I mean, he has the looks for it, but is it really gonna be okay?

The girl who appears after Takumi is usually the girl he ended up with - but since Kaedeko shows here, it means that he did not, in the end, find any success with Hikari. Oh well. And, since we didn't meet her, we don't find out what happened to Kaedeko.


To make the best use of his talents, he went to a school with a great sports program, and seems to be working hard.

Just like Takumi, if Jun ended up with any of the girls, she appears directly after him. If Kasumi shows up, it means that our wingman powers failed him.


She's still working as a teacher.

Goddammit. Sorry, Jun.


She made it into a second-tier college, and seems to be having fun and studying hard.


She's going to a second-tier liberal arts college, and is putting in just enough effort, as usual.


She's going to a second-tier liberal arts college, and is majoring in fantasy writing.


She got a job at Akai Orchards, and she's working hard in her own powerful way.


As always, she's a famously egotistical computer girl.


There will be a brief intermission, followed by a poll on what you guys want me to do next with this LP!