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Part 51: Character Poll 2

Character poll 2

Welcome back, everyone - it's time for the second character poll of this Tokimemo LP, to see who Gunma pursues in his next high school life! Due to the way the childhood system works, we're keeping all of Goon's information the same and starting from the post-childhood save instead of running through it all the time every time.

In the interests of giving you more information about what you're voting for, here's an extended look at every girl's introduction - except for Kasumi, who I'm still avoiding because she smells too much like Shiori. In most cases, this involves joining their club, though for featured characters like Hikari and Kotoko, the introductions are incredibly brief because they already know the main character.

A) Hikari

Hikari's had plenty of introduction already, so this one's gonna be brief

Goon: The third Sunday of every month is a mandatory practice day, so I need to make sure I don't skip out on those days.

Hikari: Oh, Gunma-kun! You joined the track team?
Hikari: That's awesome!

A quick look at what the track team daily activity looks like.

Required stats: Moderate Lit, Science, Art, and Exercise
Track team limit break: 100m Dash Around the World (based on an FF8 limit break)
Likelihood of fighting Jun or Takumi: Average

B) Kotoko

Tea ceremony club - how exciting! We can spend Goon's high school life being very contemplative and pouring tea.

Kotoko: Huh. You? In the tea ceremony club?
Kotoko: Well, stranger things have happened.

Stats required: High Lit, high Art
Tea ceremony club limit break: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Likelihood of fighting Jun or Takumi: Above Average to High

C) Miyuki

Tennis club - not that Miyuki actually does much tennis, but it's a fairly convenient club to be in for her route. Miyuki's tennis club introduction is the same as her regular introduction, seen in Chapter 6 of the Miho route but pasted here for convenience.

Goon: The weather sure is nice today.
(SCREEEEEECH, cartoon crashing noises)
Goon: Oh, oh no!
Goon: A girl just got hit by a car! I, I need to call an ambulance!

Girl: Ummmm~
Goon: AHHHHHH! Y, you, just now, you...!

Girl: Miyuki is fine, so you can call off the ambulance.
Goon: You say you're fine, but you just got sent flying by a dump truck!
Girl: Naaaah, I'm used to stuff like this.
Goon: Used to it?! No way! Uh, hey, we can go to the nurse's office, at least!
Girl: Huh.
Goon: We should be able to make it in time! Hurry, get on my back!
Girl: Huh? No, I mean... ah, whatever.
Girl: Sure, whatever you say.

Goon: Are you okay?!
Girl: Yeah, everything's fiiiine.
Girl: Didn't Miyuki tell you, she's used to this kind of thing?
Goon: But, but...
Goon: Well, I guess I should just be happy it was nothing serious.
Girl: Hehehehe, thanks for worrying. Could you tell me your name?
Goon: Yeah, sure. It's Fudou.
Girl: For that name, hm... Goo-pyon!

Goon: Huh?
Girl: That's your name! Yup yup, it really fits.
Girl: I'll call you this from now on.
Goon: Uh, sure. Oh yeah, what's your name?
Girl: Miyuki is, wait, no. My name is Kotobuki Miyuki.
Girl: Thanks sooo much for everything today.
Goon: No problem.
Miyuki: Byyye!
Goon: Kotobuki... Miyuki?
Goon: What an incredible girl. In so many ways.

Required stats: High General Knowledge, High Looks
Tennis club limit break: "Whoops, the racquet slipped out of my hands"
Likelihood of fighting Jun or Takumi: High

D) Homura

Even though she is student body president, Homura doesn't really show up to student council meetings - her club intro is the same as her general intro, pasted from her original appearance in chapter 10.

Goon: Crap, I knew that sleeping in was a bad idea.
Goon: Whew, looks like I'll barely make it.
Homura: Hold it right there!
Goon: ???
Homura: Whenever evil infests this world, the forces of justice will arise!
Goon: Wh, what?

Homura: The heavens call!
Homura: The earth cries out!
Homura: The crowd roars!
Homura: All calling on me to defeat evil!
Homura: Shazam!
Homura: You face the Student Body President of Hibikino High School: Akai Homura!!!
Goon: ...
Goon: Crap, that's the bell!
Homura: Tardiness is against the rules, you know.
Goon: Whose fault do you think it is that I'm late?
Goon: Besides, aren't you late too?

Homura: I, I'll be fine. I'm the president!
Goon: ...
Homura: Anyway, that's just how it is. Bye!
Goon: What the hell was that?

Required stats: Justice
Student council limit break: Stress Unleashed
Likelihood of fighting Jun or Takumi: Average

E) Kaori

As usual, volleyball has mandatory practice on the third Sunday of each month - though Kaori isn't exactly a member of the volleyball club anymore. It's complicated.

Nice dig, Goon.

Goon: Ahhh, the wind feels so nice up here.
Goon: Hmm?
Goon: (Who's that? She looks like she's the same grade as me.)
Goon: (Oh - is she going home already? Man, I'm curious)
Option 1: Talk to her
Option 2: Stay quiet

Kaori: ...
Goon: Hey, umm, uhhh,
Kaori: Do you need something?
Goon: No, nothing like that. But um, hey, uh...
Kaori: If it's nothing, I'm just going to head straight home.
Goon: Hey, wait, uh - tell me your name.

Kaori: ...
Goon: (Hmm, this is awkward.)
Kaori: Kaori. Yae Kaori. Bye.
Goon: H, hey, wait a second.
Kaori: Still need something?
Goon: Wanna go hang out somewhere some time?
Kaori: With you?
Goon: Yeah.
Kaori: If the schedule works out. Bye.
Goon: (Damn, she left. Well, I got to ask her name, so that's something. I'll ask Takumi about her later.)

What a smooth customer our Goon is.

Required stats: High Exercise
Volleyball limit break: Trinity Bomb (a Dragonball reference, probably)
Probability of fighting Jun or Takumi: Average

Baseball F) Kaedeko

Because that crazy-ass poster needs to be shown off again.


Goon: Alright, time to put in some good work today!
(crashing sounds)
Goon: Wh, what was that? It sounded like it was coming from the clubhouse.

Goon: Wh, who are you?
Kaedeko: H, hi, my name is Sakura Kaedeko.
Kaedeko: Starting today, I'm the manager of the baseball club. Nice to meet you!
Goon: Y, yeah, nice to meet you too.
Goon: Say, that was a pretty loud just now, are you hurt at all?
Kaedeko: Y, yeah! I'm fine! See?
Goon: (She looks fine, sure, but I wonder if that's true?)

Required stats: Baseball
Baseball limit break: Heavy Kondara (based on misheard lyrics from the '60s)
Likelihood of fighting Jun or Takumi: Baseball

G) Akane

Since Akane's not in a club, there's nothing special involved with meeting her, so her introduction is pasted from Chapter 2.

It turns out that if you study Lit with both Lit and Science over 50, Akane will wander over and start to copy your homework.

Goon: Let's see, so this question should be... hmm...
Akane: Mm-hmm, I see.
Goon: Huh? ...Um, who're you?
Akane: Oh, don't worry about that right now. Keep going.
Goon: O, okay... so this problem should look like this, and that means that for the next problem...
Akane: I see, I see. So what does that mean for this problem?
Goon: Oh, you work it out this way.
Akane: Oh, that's how you do it.
Goon: ...which means that the answer is this.
Akane: I kind of get it, but could you do that again and explain it a little more simply so I can do it myself?
Goon: S, sure. So, here's the explanation in the textbook. See how it works here?
Akane: I see, I see.
Goon: So if you apply it here, then this is the answer you should get.
Akane: Oh, I get it now! That helps a lot, thanks! Bye!

Goon: So... who WAS that, anyway?
Takumi: You don't know about Ichimonji-san?

Goon: AAUGH!
Takumi: That's rude, treating me like a ghost or something.
Goon: It's your fault for popping up out of nowhere!
Goon: Whatever. So, Ichimonji-san?

Takumi: Yeah, her name's Ichimonji Akane.
Takumi: She's cute, and everyone talks about her br...
Goon: Yeah, yeah.
Goon: (Ichimonji-san, eh?)

Required stats: High Guts and fighting ability
Kendou club limit break: Shin Fudou Myou-ou Karatake Wari (True Acala Bamboo Breaker)
Probability of fighting Jun or Takumi: Above average

H) Mei

If you join the science club, there is an extra scene added on to Mei's grand entrance at school. For reference, I'm pasting Mei's intro from Chapter 9:

Goon: What's going on? There's some kind of commotion over by the school grounds.
Goon: I guess I'll check it out.

Mei: This is a stupendously lowly school.
Man in black: My deepest apologies, Mei-sama.
Mei: It will suffice.
Goon: (Ugh, she comes to school in a helicopter? And that - that's the Ijuuin family's crest.)
Goon: (Which means that girl is the daughter of the Ijuuins?)
Goon: (Why's she at Hibikino? No, I shouldn't ask. As they say, "the god you don't touch will not curse you"

Mei: Hey, asshole.
Mei: Are you listening?
Goon: Huh? Me?
Mei: Yes, you. You're just the person for the job.
Mei: You will guide Mei to the principal's office.
Goon: Wh, what do you mean?
Mei: While you're at it, you will carry Mei's backpack.
Mei: You should feel honored that you are deemed worthy of this privilege.
Goon: Why do I have to--



Goon: Huh, you're joining the science club, Ijuuin-san?
Mei: Joining? Do not misunderstand.
Mei: Starting now, this club is the computer club.
Goon: What?!
Mei: Sakunoshin! Ready this place!
Sakunoshin: Yes ma'am.

Goon: Huh.
Goon: Uh, Ijuuin-san, did the principal approve this?
Mei: He said "I don't really mind."
Mei: And so, starting now, this is the computer club.
Mei: Does anyone here have a problem with that?
Goon: (Well... whatever, I guess.)

This is the science club activity before Mei takes over.

This is the computer club activity after Mei takes over.

Required stats: High Science, high Art
Science/Computer club limit break: Choudenji Hadouken (a parody of both Street Fighter and Dragonball)
Probability of fighting Jun or Takumi: Extremely low

There you have it - 8 introductions for 8 girls. Miho is left out of this poll for variety purposes, while Kasumi is left out because of the previously mentioned reasons.

So who's it gonna be next? Choose carefully - the poll ends on Thursday, April 24th before my weekly stream. Feel free to ask questions or lobby for your favorite between now and then!

A) Hikari
B) Kotoko
C) Miyuki
D) Homura
E) Kaori
F) Kaedeko
G) Akane
H) Mei