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Part 62: Akane route, chapter 11: Of monsters and men

Akane route, chapter 11: Of monsters and men

9/7: Invitation from Akane

"Goon-kun Goon-kun, my brother is laid up with a concussion and a broken jaw, let's take this opportunity to go out for karaoke!"
"Sounds great!"

9/9: Karaoke with Akane

Akane's year 3 fall outfit.

Akane: That was the first time I've tried this song in front of anyone.
Akane: Did I do a good job?
Option 1: Incredible, you were better than the original singer.
Option 2: Don't feel bad, ballads are hard.
Option 3: You got the feeling right, and that's good enough.

Goon: You got the feeling right, and that's good enough.
Akane: Right?
Akane: When I was little, I'd imitate the singer all the time.
Akane: I loved this song!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

9/10: Akane's birthday

Best present: Floral apron
Good present: Bracelet
Bad present: Brass knuckles

Yes, brass knuckles. It's tempting, but ultimately unnecessary!

Akane: H, hey, what's up?
Goon: I got you a birthday present. Here, open it up.
Akane: Wow, thanks! I can tell you were really thinking about me with this one.
Akane: Thanks, I'll treasure it.
Goon: (Good, it looks like she really liked it.)

9/16: Another kendo match

Another easy win. If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man!

9/21: Ichimonji Kaoru: jobber

Same setup as before.
Soubanchou: AKANE!
Akane: Onii-chan!
Akane: Are you trying to butt in again?

Goon: (That's a really well-placed punch.)

9/23: Fishing with Akane

"Treppie"? Really?

Akane: The fishing's been pretty good today.
Option 1: Yeah, it seems like you have enough for a great dinner.
Option 2: But it hasn't been as good for you as it has been for me!
Option 3: If we don't catch more, we might not have enough for tomorrow.

Goon: If we don't catch more, we might not have enough for tomorrow.
Akane: Oh, good idea!
Akane: Yeah, if I catch more, it'll really help the grocery budget!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

10/6: The school festival announcement

Goon: Hmm? What the heck is going on?
Bakuretsuzan: This year, I have decided that each class will prepare their own presentation for the culture festival!
Bakuretsuzan: Each of you should consider what you want to present.
Bakuretsuzan: That is all!
Kasumi: The classes are presenting for this year?
Kasumi: Okay, everyone, for the next few minutes, you're free to talk amongst yourselves.

Jun: Yo.
Goon: Hey, Jun. Have you thought about what to do for the culture festi--
Takumi: Hey, how about we put on a play?
Jun: A play?
Goon: Why would you want to do one?
Takumi: I wanted to try writing and acting out at least once.
Goon: Writing and acting?
Jun: You?
Takumi: Yup. Me!
Jun: ...
Goon: ...
Goon: Well, I'll think about it.
Takumi: Good!
Goon: (I'm a little interested in what kind of play Takumi would write. Should I support him?)

Akane: Goon-kun Goon-kun!
Akane: Have you thought of anything?
Goon: Hmm, nothing yet.
Akane: I think that it would be good for us to do something food-related, like a cafe or something.
Goon: Well, you're the professional, Akane.
Akane: I wouldn't go that far.
Akane: But this is our final school festival, right?
Akane: I want to be helpful at least once before we're done.
Goon: I get it.
Goon: Since you don't have much time, you want us to do something you're good at so you can help out where you can.
Akane: Uh-huh. But I'm a little hesitant to suggest it to everyone. I
Akane: It's kinda selfish to do something just because it's convenient for me.
Goon: (Well, it'd be nice if Akane's wish came true.)

So, this time the vote is between Takumi's play, the generic costume parade, and Akane's suggestion of running a cafe. While Takumi's play is apparently funny and interesting, we may not see it until Hikari or Kasumi's route, at this rate. Once again, whichever one Goon votes for is the one that wins the vote.

10/7: Bomb-clearing date with Hikari

I skipped over this because of a lack of footage, but at the moment, there are two bombs - one from Hikari, and one from Homura. One date carefully-timed date with them will buy enough time to go into the end game with no more bombs.

Hikari: I've gotten kinda sleepy watching the fountain.
Hikari: Is that weird?
Option 1: Are you getting enough sleep?
Option 2: Want to sit down and take a break?
Option 3: I get it, I'm boring.

Goon: Want to sit down and take a break?
Hikari: That's a good idea.
Hikari: Can you... lend me your shoulder?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

It's kind of amusing that this came up within a month of Goon limping his way home while leaning on Jun.

10/9: Kasumi's birthday

Gave her the aromatherapy set again this time around, because there's no reason to make her angry.

10/14: Bomb-clearing date with Homura

Whatta face. For this date, I chose to check out Virtual Hazard, since I haven't shown that before.

While every other amusement park attraction has been a brief cut scene, Virtual Hazard is secretly a zombie shooting mini-game. Homura's the blue cursor, and Goon's the red cursor. The skulls and crossbones mark the number of kills for each player, and there's no way that you can beat Homura's AI with a d-pad unless you know all of the spawn patterns.

Homura: Oh man, I feel great after that.
Homura: I was fired up the whole time!
Option 1: You're a little excited, and still riding the adrenaline rush.
Option 2: I'm not done yet.
Option 3: I still feel that rush too.

Goon: I still feel that rush too.
Homura: I feel so good, I could just take a nap right here.
Homura: Don't you feel the same way?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

10/26: Goon's birthday

Akane: Goon-kun Goon-kun!
Goon: Hey, Akane. What's up?
Akane: Umm, here...
Goon: Hmm? What's this?
Goon: Wait, is it my birthday?
Goon: I totally forgot.
Akane: I remembered. I've been getting this ready for a while.
Goon: Which means you made this yourself?
Goon: Thanks, Akane. Can I take a look at it?
Akane: Sure...
Akane: Wait, no. I'm too nervous.
Akane: Do it later, please.
Akane: I have to go.
Goon: (She was just giving me a present, why was Akane so nervous?)

Fudou Gunma: can cut people in half with a wooden sword. Has won national tournaments in martial arts. Thick as a lead wall.

10/28: Mei's birthday

Best present: Candy assortment
Good present: Brand new video game
Also a good present: Suspicious electronics

For giggles, I chose the Suspicious Electronics. How bad could it be?

Goon: I don't think they'll just let me pass and hand it straight to her.
Goon: I wonder how I'll get this to her?

Sakunoshin: What business might you have today?
Goon: Waugh!
Goon: Well, uh, I was going to give Ijuuin-san a birthday present.
Sakunoshin: As the mistress is busy today, I will accept it on her behalf.
Goon: Uh, okay. Here, take it.
Sakunoshin: I will make sure she receives it.
Sakunoshin: Good day.
Goon: (I guess that's the best that could have gone.)

I honestly have no idea how this event changes in Mei's route.

11/2: School festival prep with Akane

Goon: (Whew, all this manual labor is exhausting.)

Goon: Hey, Akane. What's up?
Akane: I made this as a test batch. Could you try it for me?
Goon: Sure, let's try... this one. (haumph)
Akane: How is it?
Goon: It's delicious! It's a masterpiece!
Goon: You're incredible, Akane!
Akane: Really? Thanks!
Akane: I wasn't very sure about it.
Goon: Really. I could eat this every day and not get tired of it.
Goon: You're sure going to make some lucky guy very happy, Akane!
Akane: Lucky guy... very happy...?
Goon: Yeah, I guarantee it!
Goon: Uh...
Akane: ...
Goon: Uh, um, I, uh...
Akane: Oh, crap! I just remembered that I have to go home and make dinner!
Goon: What?

Akane: I, uh, I bet that my brother's starving! S, see you tomorrow!
Goon: Akane, wait!
Goon: She ran off...

11/2: Bomb warning


11/3: The culture festival

Goon: Today's the culture festival!
Goon: I should hurry and get to class.

Goon: The place is pretty packed!
Goon: Hmm?
Guy A: Sis, it was freakin' delicious!
Guy B: Sis, you're the freakin' best!
Guy A: Sis, it was freakin' delicious!
Guy B: Sis, you're the freakin' best!
Goon: ...What the hell is going on?

Goon: Something's really weird about this.

Translator's note: If you're a Disgaea fan, these colorful characters end all of their sentences in "ssu". It's a contraction for "desu" also used by the Prinnies, and it's localized by NISA as "dood." Take that as you will.

Akane: Oh, you made it!
Goon: It, uh, it sure is packed.
Akane: I know, right?
Goon: It might just be my imagination, but this sure is a funny clientele...
Guy A: Sis, it was freakin' delicious!
Guy B: Sis, you're the freakin' best!
Guy A: Sis, it was freakin' delicious!
Guy B: Sis, you're the freakin' best!
Akane: You guys really think so?
Akane: Alright then, eat up, drink up, and help us out with our sales!
Guys: Yes ma'am!
Guy A: But y'know, if Soubanchou found us chasin' skirts like this...
Guy B: Yeah, even when he's in a good mood, if any of us try and get close to Sis like this...
Guys: S, Soubanchou!

Akane: Onii-chan!
Akane: What're you doing to my customers?
Akane: If that's how you're going to be...
(crashing sounds)

Akane: Whew!
Akane: Uhh, so. Don't worry, everyone, just enjoy your meals!
Guy A: Sis, you're the freakin' best!
Guy B: We'll follow you for the rest of our freakin' lives!
Goon: (Well, they're good customers, so I guess I'll allow it.)

Akane: That's the end of our last big event, isn't it?
Akane: I feel kinda sad.
Goon: Yeah. There isn't anything fun like this until graduation.
Akane: But we made some good memories, and now we can sit together and watch the bonfire.
Akane: It's so romantic...
Goon: (I wish we could stay like this forever.)

11/5: Tower date with Akane

Akane: Look, look down there! The cars look tinier than toy cars.
Option 1: It makes people seem like little bugs.
Option 2: Yeah, I just wanna step on 'em.
Option 3: This must be what it's like to look down on the world like a god.

Remember, Akane's best friend is Homura.

Goon: Yeah, I just wanna step on 'em.
Akane: Ahahahaha, me too.
Akane: This must be what it's like to be a kaiju.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Thanks, Pacific Rim, I don't have to explain what a kaiju is.

11/6: Whose bomb is this?

SUNOVA-- well, at least Kotoko's birthday is in a month.

11/10: Ain't gonna be no rematch

I normally skip these things, but Homura's reaction to rejection is way different from everyone else's.

Homura: Hey, just the guy I was looking for.
Goon: Hey, Akai-san. What's up?
Homura: Let's head home together.
Goon: I don't have time for that.

Homura: Damn, that sucks.
Homura: I thought we could head to the arcade and I could get my rematch.
Homura: Lame.

11/13: Okay maybe one rematch

Homura: Hey, just the guy I was looking for.
Goon: Hey, Akai-san. What's up?
Homura: Let's head home together.
Goon: Sure, sounds good.

Homura: Let's go to the arcade!
Homura: We'll pick up where we left off.
Homura: I'm gonna beat you this time!

12/2: Kotoko's birthday

Best present: Hair ornament
Good present: Fountain pen
Bad present: Wasabi rice crackers

One great present and we can coast to a bombless victory!

Kotoko: Oh, wow! I've wanted one of these for a long time.
Kotoko: Th, thanks.

12/10-12/14: Midterms

Goon: Eh, not bad.

80th: Hinomoto Hikari
116th: Hokari Jun'ichirou
124th: Fudou Gunma
128th: Minazuki Kotoko
148th: Sakaki Takumi
270th: Ichimonji Akane
308th: Akai Homura

12/16: Kendo match

One final victory in Goon's high school career.

12/21: Ijuuin Christmas Party ticket from Takumi

But we aren't going to need it.

12/23: Skiing with Akane

Akane: Hey, are you one of those guys who's really good at skiing?
Option 1: Yeah, I'm awesome. I could be a skiing instructor.
Option 2: I'm okay. I can do some parallel skiing as long as I'm not going too fast.
Option 3: Honestly, I'm awful. I'm a beginner.

Goon: I'm okay. I can do some parallel skiing as long as I'm not going too fast.
Akane: That's still pretty impressive. I can't ski at all.
Akane: I've never had the opportunity to go to the slopes before.
Akane: Hey, teach me that parallel thing you were talking about.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

12/24: Christmas Eve

Goon: What should I do today? Hmm, I guess there's always the party at the Ijuuin place.
(ring ring)
Goon: Hello?

Akane: Oh good, you're home.
Akane: Hey, since it's Christmas, want to go somewhere?
Goon: Yeah, let's do it!
Akane: Yay! I'll be waiting for you in front of Hibikino Station.

Goon: So, where do you want to go?
Akane: They put up a Christmas tree in the shopping district, let's go take a look.
Goon: That sounds good.

Akane: Wow, I feel happy just looking at it.
Akane: This must be the Christmas spirit.
Goon: Yeah, definitely.

Relevant to an earlier conversation: Akane's first person pronoun "boku" is written in kanji here, not in katakana. It's the first time all game, and it could mean that she's acting more formal on Christmas. It could also mean that someone forgot to hit space bar enough times, so let's try not to think about it too hard.

Akane: Oh...
Goon: Hmm? What's wrong?
Akane: No, it's nothing.
Goon: (Was she looking at that dress in the showcase window?)
Goon: Akane, c'mere!
Akane: Huh? What? Wait!

Akane: I must be dreaming.
Goon: Wow! You look great!
Goon: Excuse me, sir!

Akane: What? Sir? Are you--
Goon: Merry Christmas!
Akane: What?!
Goon: This is my Christmas present to you.
Akane: No way! This dress is so expensive, and...
Goon: Don't worry about it. I've been saving up for today.

Akane: Thank you.
Goon: Oh yeah! We should go to the Ijuuin Christmas party!
Akane: What? No way, they'll never let someone like me in...
Goon: Akane, you look beautiful.
Akane: Y, You mean it?
Goon: Let's go. Christmas is just getting started.

And this is why Akane wasn't at the Christmas party last year - she felt too plain for it.

Akane: It's so crowded here. It's kind of overwhelming.
Goon: I heard they have a huge Christmas tree in the courtyard.
Goon: Want to take a look?
Akane: Uh-huh.

Akane: Woooow, it's unbelievable!
Goon: It's almost too big.
Akane: It must be really easy for Santa to find.
Goon: Yeah, I bet.
Akane: But I don't need any more presents this year.
Goon: Why's that?
Akane: Because I already got this dress, and on top of that...
Goon: ?
Akane: We got to spend Christmas together.
Goon: ??

Akane: Oh no! I forgot all about my brother!
Goon: Oh.

Akane: I told him I'd be home in time for dinner.
Goon: We should get you home, then.
Akane: Sorry the night has to end this way.
Goon: It's fine. I'll walk you home.
Akane: Okay.
Goon: (And that's how Christmas ended.)

Next time: The last stand.