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Part 63: Akane route, chapter 12: The last stand

Akane route, chapter 12: The last stand

1/1: New Year's Day

Goon: Hmmm, it's the start of a new year.

Goon: This is Kasumi-san's card.
Goon: It feels a little childish, but that's Kasumi-san for you.

Happy new year!
I hope this year turns out great for everyone.

Goon: This is Hikari's. It's hard to believe that high school's almost over.

Suddenly, there's so little time left in our high school lives.
Let's make sure we don't regret any of the memories we make.

Goon: This is Akane's. It's different from what I expected, but it's cute.

A Happy New Year
(very tiny English that I can't make out)
Happy new year!
Let's have another good year!

Goon: This is Akai-san's. It's very, um... it's very her.

Let's have a good year!

There are still no words.

Takumi and Jun's cards are also the same.

(ding dong)
Goon: Coming!
Goon: (Who is it?)
Goon: (OH GOD!)

Soubanchou: ...
Goon: Whoa whoa whoa, Soubanchou...
Goon: No, I mean, uh, brother...
Soubanchou: You're coming with me.
Goon: Y, yes sir!

Amusing etymology note: The rude/imperative way to say "Come with me" in Japanese is literally to say "Lend me your face." I find this hilarious.

Goon: (Wh, what's going to happen to me?)
Akane: Oh, you're here! Come on in!
Goon: Akane!

Akane: Sorry to pull you out of the house so early in the year.
Akane: My brother said he would bring you over, and wouldn't listen to me.
Soubanchou: ...
Goon: Don't, uh, don't worry about it.
Goon: (Does this mean he's accepted me?!)
Akane: Now that everyone's here, we can start eating our osechi!
Goon: (Wow! I get to start the year by eating Akane's cooking!)
Goon: Thanks for the meal!
Akane: Eat up!
Akane: Oh yeah, remember when we played house when we were kids?
Goon: Of course I do!

Yes, Akane, I remember it as though it were a sepia-toned flashback ago... wait didn't we already have this flashback?

Mechanically, it's because you are able to dodge the Soubanchou fight and still see this scene, though it's a bit different if you do so.

Akane: Hehe, you did remember.
Goon: Didn't we play until the sun went down?
Goon: Oh, can you pass me that kuri kinton, Akane?
Akane: Yes, dear.
Akane: Oh, wow, I can't believe I said that!

Soubanchou: Hey, asshole!
Soubanchou: That kuri kinton was mine!
Goon: You may be my brother now, but I'm not about to hand this over!
Soubanchou: You want some, punk?!

Yep, it's another fight! This time, we're at the (surprisingly huge) Ichimonji house!

Hey, does anyone remember that Yu-Gi-Oh! episode where they have a duel at a Chinese restaurant, and everyone's so used to Epic Duels(tm) that they just keep eating without batting an eye?

Uh. I don't, either.

Soubanchou: I'm drawing the line here!
Soubanchou: I won't let you take this kuri kinton away from me, asshole!

Projecting much, Kaoru?

Soubanchou: Do you even remember who invited you here?!

This fight is exactly the same as before, so there's nothing really worth mentioning here mechanics-wise.

Soubanchou: You're not happy with just Akane, you're stealing my kuri kinton too?!

Defeating Soubanchou earns you "The right to eat kuri kinton"
Akane: You did it!
Akane: Now, no more complaints out of you, Onii-chan!

"Akane: We won!"
"Goon: What are you doing here? You didn't even do anything!"
"Akane: An artist spent a couple days of his life modeling my haregi, we might as well use it!"

Goon: Yes! That kuri kinton is mine!
Goon: ...Huh?

Akane: Oh, sorry. The food's all gone.
Goon: Nooooooooo!

2/9: Praised for a perfect week

I've skipped most of these because it's just Akane saying the same two things on repeat, but this one's different. Why? Because, with all of the Banchou-fighting we've been doing, most of the characters like Goon more than normal, leading to this unexpected development after a week of kendo practice:

Goon: (This week went perfectly!)
Kasumi: Wow, I underestimated you.
Kasumi: You have a lot of different talents, don't you?
Goon: (Awesome!)

This explains why we got a New Year's card from Kasumi this run, and not in the previous run.

2/14: Valentine's day

Hikari: Gunma-kun.
Goon: Hey, Hikari.
Hikari: Here, take this. It's chocolate.
Goon: Thanks!
Goon: ...It's huge.
Goon: It looks like a lot of love was put into this.
Hikari: Uh, well...
Hikari: Gotta go!
Goon: (Huh? Hikari?)

Takumi: How's it going?
Takumi: With your Valentine's chocolate, I mean.
Goon: Not bad, I guess.
Takumi: Good for you. Me, I don't seem to be getting very many because I'm a senior.
Goon: Probably.
Takumi: I probably can't even donate any to you...
Girl: Takumi-senpai!
Takumi: Yeeeessss?
Girl: I made some chocolate for you, senpai!
Takumi: Tee hee, thanks!
Girl: Oh, Takumi-senpai, you're so cuuuute!
Goon: (...They're being played.)

Goon: (Hey, it's Jun.)
Goon: Yo, Jun!
Jun: Y, yo.
Goon: You look happy.
Goon: You must've gotten some chocolate from Akai-san.
Jun: Y, yeah...
Jun: She said she made it herself...
Goon: Whoa! Jun, she's so into you!
Jun: Into... me.
Goon: Jun?

Because Jun's twitching face is the most emotion we've seen from him this whole game, it deserves its own gif. Here you go:

Goon: (He is such an innocent.)

Akane: Hey, uh...
Goon: Akane?
Akane: Hey, um, if you want, uh...
Akane: Would you like this?
Goon: Wow, that is one huge chocolate.
Akane: I worked really hard on it.
Akane: I thought, "what if this is my last chance?"
Goon: Last chance at what?
Akane: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.
Akane: Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Bye!
Goon: (Last chance at what?)

Homura: Gunma.
Goon: 'Sup, Akai-san?
Homura: Prepare to be amazed!
Homura: Here, take this. How do you like it?
Goon: W, wow. I am amazed. Is this chocolate cake?
Homura: Yeah, because if I gave you a regular old chocolate, it'd be boring.
Homura: Wanna split it with me later?
Goon: S, sure.
Goon: (That explains it. I was wondering why she gave me a #7.)

Kasumi: Hey, just who I was looking for.
Kasumi: You're on your way home right now, aren't you? Want to go home together?
Goon: Hey, Kasumi-san. Well...
Goon: Yeah, that's fine.
Kasumi: Good. I wanted to talk to you about something.

No, I don't know why Kasumi is wearing different clothes from last run. For comparison:

Kasumi: Oh yeah, I should give you one.
Kasumi: You want some chocolate too?
Goon: What? Kasumi-sensei, you're giving me some?
Kasumi: Yeah. It's giri chocolate, of course.
Kasumi: Open up the glove compartment.
Goon: Oh, okay.
Kasumi: You can have the chocolate in there.
Goon: Seriously? I can have it?
Kasumi: As much as you want. So, how was your haul this year?
Goon: N, not bad.
Kasumi: Oh? "Not bad"? I wonder if my giri chocolate is the first one you got today...
Goon: (You don't have to keep saying "giri" over and over.)

Goon: I got 4 chocolates this year. Well, not bad.

2/18: Exams? Don't need 'em!

Goon: All of the entrance exams are today.
Goon: I told Kasumi-sensei that I was gonna go to college, but what do I really want to do?
Option 1: Go take the college entrance exams
Option 2: Take the employment exams instead
Option 3: Become a kendo instructor and open my own dojo

Goon did not choose the sword. The sword chose Goon.

Goon: I'll become a kendo instructor and open my own dojo.
Goon: I should be able to make it with my talent and abilities. Time to work hard!

2/23: Bomb warning

Ha! You can't hurt me now, bombs!

Later tonight: The end!