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Part 64: Akane route, final chapter

Akane route, final chapter

As usual, I've uploaded the entire ending to YouTube, so you can see and hear everything in motion.

I especially recommend watching the beginning, as Wakamoto chews on the scenery like he was born to do it (spoiler: he was born to do it).

3/1: Graduation day

Goon: I graduate today...
Goon: It's the last day I'll ever wear this uniform.

Goon: It's the last day I'll climb this hill as a high school student, isn't it.
Goon: (Soon, the graduation ceremony will start.)
Goon: (Hmm?)

Jun: Hey, someone shady is looking for you!
Goon: Huh?
Familiar voice: Oh, there you are.
Familiar voice: Hey, you.
Familiar voice: You're coming with me.
Goon: Part-Time Banchou?
Goon: Yeah, okay.
Jun: Are you gonna be alright?
Jun: I'll go with you, we'll--
Goon: It'll be fine, don't worry about it.
Goon: This is something I have to take care of myself...

Soubanchou: You bastards! What are you doing here?
Soubanchou: I, I can't let this happen!
Muscle: Soubanchou!
Kogarashi: Please, you have to be strong!
Fireball: Think of what's best for her!
Soubanchou: You'll all pay for this, you bastards!
Soubanchou: Let go of me!
Fireball: We need to get him out of here, fast!
Kogarashi: Indeed... This way, Banchou.

Part-Time: This is all we can do for you.
Part-Time: The rest has to come from you, Sis.
Part-Time: You'll be fine. Good luck, Akane-chan

Goon: Akane.
Akane: We're going to be so busy with the graduation ceremony soon, and, uh...
Akane: Umm. I'm sorry to pull you away like this.
Goon: Don't worry about it.
Goon: What did you need to talk about?
Akane: I've been such a burden on you.
Akane: I'm sorry for these last three years.

Goon: Why are you apologizing?
Goon: Because of you, Akane, I had a lot of fun.
Goon: I should be the one thanking you.

Akane: I... I don't want to graduate.
Goon: Why not?
Akane: Well, you know I have a lot of problems at home...
Akane: And I have to work all the time, so I never had time to have fun like everyone else...
Akane: And you know how my brother is...
Akane: I... I...
Goon: ...Akane.
Akane: But you always invited me out, you never got annoyed at me, and you were always there for me.
Akane: Because of you, these three years have been so much fun.

Akane: I can't stand the thought that today is going to pull us apart!
Goon: Hey, even after we graduate, we can still see each other like we do now.

Akane: That's not what I mean!
Akane: Not because we go to the same school, or because we're classmates, or because we're friends...
Goon: That's not true, I--
Akane: Don't say it!
Akane: You don't have to, I know you're trying to be nice to me.
Akane: But please, hear me out.

Akane: I already gave up on it once. I thought that I couldn't do anything about it.
Akane: But it didn't work.
Akane: Because I realized that you were that boy--
Akane: The one I could never forget.
Akane: I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.
Akane: I couldn't sleep last night...
Akane: That's why I decided.
Goon: Huh?!
Akane: I...

Akane: I love you!
Akane: I want to be with you forever!

Goon: Ah...
Goon: Akane, I--

Akane: What?
Goon: I love you too.

Akane: Really?
Akane: In spite of who I am?
Goon: Not in spite of who you are. Because of who you are.
Goon: I love how you're always so optimistic and cheerful no matter what, Akane.

Akane: Thank you.
Akane: I'm so happy right now!

Goon: Wow, the silent bell - it's ringing.
Goon: It looks like God is cheering the two of us on.
Akane: Yeah... I'm so happy.
Akane: Goon-kun.
Goon: ?
Akane: I love you!
(Bone-crunching noises)
Goon: (Gwagh!)

And that is how the curtain closed on my three years of high school.

When I look back, it feels like all I did was go to Kendo practice.

In any case, I'm glad that I managed to graduate.

I'm going to keep honing my skills at Kendo, and teach local children the way of the sword.

Oh yeah, Akane has started going to culinary school.

We're on different paths now, so we may have fewer opportunities to see each other.

But that just means we'll value our time together even more.

I'm still pretty scared of her brother, but I think I'll just keep beating him as usual until he can't complain anymore.

She's getting cuter by the day, so I'm a little worried, but we will always be able to walk our paths together.

Because, like the legend this school has passed down through the years, our love will last forever.

Two things. First: hurray! We now get to hear the real credits song, and not the guitar version used for secret characters! It's called Anata ni Aete, and is one of my favorites from Tokimemo.

Second, while most of the info is still the same from playthrough to playthrough, we have one thing we're looking for in the credits:


He said "I'm gonna become a host!"
I mean, he has the looks for it, but is it really gonna be okay?

Takumi's still the same.


I hear that she works at a publishing company now, and is working hard as a writer for a crafts magazine.

Takumi failed once again. Suck it, Takumi.


To make the best use of his talents, he went to a school with a great sports program, and seems to be working hard.

C'mon c'mon c'mon


She got a job at Akai Orchards, and she's working hard in her own powerful way.

YES! We did it, goons, Jun and Homura ended up together. Unfortunately, they don't provide too much detail on what happens to Homura and Jun after school, but I'm sure we can fill in the blanks ourselves.

Everyone else has the same epilogues as before, so I'm not going to bother with that for future runs.


There will be a brief intermission while I put out "carbon situations" at Fanime, followed by a poll on what you guys want me to do next with this LP!