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Part 65: Homura route, chapter 1: The worst president in history

This entire run was captured on the 30th of November, the first birthday of the Tokimemo LP! Wow, time flies. I'll try and knock this whole thing out by Christmas. So, without further ado, welcome back to Tokimemo 2! This run, we're going to be seeing a whole lot of...

Akai Homura

Thanks to a tip earlier in the thread, I had to go back and redo Goon2's childhood for one more Homura event. Please assume that all other events from Raising the Flags of Childhood happened as usual, and this gets added to day 4:

1992/3/30: Justice is served

The new event requires Goon to go to the candy store while Homura lurks nearby. It's very easy to miss this event if you're not on the ball - child Miyuki spends more time at the candy store than this mystery tomboy does, and Miyuki's event takes priority. It took a couple of resets to get things just right.

Goon: (I wanna eat some Super Soldier Dragon chocolate.)

Goon: I should buy some.
Goon: Yay! I got the big prize! The Super Soldier Dragon Belt!

Punk: That's a nice little toy you got there, kid.
Punk: I want that too!
Goon: Hey, this is mine!
Punk: Mine now!
Goon: HEY! Gimme my Dragon Belt back!
Punk: Haha, if you really want it back, just try and take it.

Punk: Augh! Damn little brat!
Boy: Haha, take that!

Boy: This is yours, right?
Goon: Wow, thanks!

Boy: If you can't take care of yourself, you'll just make more work for Super Soldier Dragon!
Goon: O, okay!
Boy: Later!

This is totally not going to come up later. Nuh-uh.

The standard opening

If you want a refresher on how the opening sequence of Tokimemo 2 goes, please refer to Chapter 1: Homecoming.

Screenshot of Bakuretsuzan included not because he says anything different this time around, but because it's so nice to have an awesome principal and not a creepy chairman.

This run, Goon joins the student council! This is the fastest way to meet Homura - not because she's in at student council, because that would require , but because it raises the Stress stat like nothing else in the game.

Failing at the Student Council activity is worth a whopping 3 Stress per day.

And even succeeding at it is worth 2 Stress! On the plus side, it raises General Knowledge and Guts like nobody's business, and that's good because Homura's ending will require a fit and brave Goon - 120+ Sports and 120+ Guts. The high Stress is great for meeting Homura, since it causes the event where Goon oversleeps and is late for class. It took a year to meet that requirement in the first run. It took until May 6th in this run.

5/6: Akai Homura, on the scene.

Homura's introduction is copied from the previous character poll, because it's still fun to read. It's even funnier when you realize that Goon is a member of the student council in this run, so if Homura ever showed up to her own damn meetings, she'd know who Goon was already.

Goon: Crap, I knew that sleeping in was a bad idea.
Goon: Whew, looks like I'll barely make it.
Homura: Hold it right there!
Goon: ???
Homura: Whenever evil infests this world, the forces of justice will arise!
Goon: Wh, what?

Homura: The heavens call!
Homura: The earth cries out!
Homura: The crowd roars!
Homura: All calling on me to defeat evil!
Homura: Shazam!
Homura: You face the Student Body President of Hibikino High School: Akai Homura!!!
Goon: ...
Goon: Crap, that's the bell!
Homura: Tardiness is against the rules, you know.
Goon: Whose fault do you think it is that I'm late?
Goon: Besides, aren't you late too?

Homura: I, I'll be fine. I'm the president!
Goon: ...
Homura: Anyway, that's just how it is. Bye!
Goon: What the hell was that?

Akai Homura
Birthday: July 18th
Sign: Cancer
Blood type: B
Height: 149 cm
Club: Student council
Memo: The student body president. Her presence will even silence crying children.
She eats, she sleeps, she plays around.

Due to a quirk of the calendar, Homura has one of the most difficult to achieve events in Tokimemo 2. Year 1 is the only time in the game calendar that her birthday falls on a weekend, so you have a little over 2 months to get her to like you enough to invite you inside.

It's not really worth killing myself over, though, so I'll leave it for another time I'm feeling masochistic enough to get the RNG to force the Homura meeting on the earliest possible date (5/1).

5/11: Kaedeko shows up

As the baseball character, Kaedeko shows up because Goon's Guts stat is skyrocketing after his stint in the student council. Because she moves away in year 2, it's really easy to ignore her for the rest of the game, so that's pretty much that for her.

5/16: The first date invitation

Goon: Hello, is this Akai-san's house?
Homura: Yup, that's right.
Goon: Ah, Akai-san? It's Fudou.
Homura: Oh, it's you. You called during the good part of Go-Driller, so keep it short.
Goon: Say...

Goon: Wanna go to the arcade on the 23rd?
Homura: Yeah! Anywhere that's fun is okay by me!

Homura's dialogue takes a long, long time to change. For about two years, she's either watching Go-Driller and wants to go back to watching it, or she's in the middle of eating and doesn't want her food to get cold. Her dialogue for declining dates is basically "Sounds boring, so no. Bye!" until she's well and fully in love, in which case she says "I don't really feel like it, so I'll pass."

On the one hand, it's nice because Homura pretty much never hits the permanent blush stage or the "is that a facial tic, Saki?" point. On the other hand, it makes it really hard to gauge your status with her.

5/17: The hits keep coming

Since the Student Council raises the General Knowledge stat, there's also no avoiding Miyuki in a Homura run. This is going to escalate quickly.

5/23: Games with Homura

Goon: (Did I get here too early? Akai-san isn't here yet.)
Homura: My bad, I was watching TV.
Goon: I just got here too. Let's get going.

This line also doesn't change for about 2 years of game time.

Homura: I've been looking forward to coming to the arcade today.
Goon: I figured you'd like it here.
Homura: Of course! Let's play everything we can.

Homura: Where'd you go? I couldn't see you.
Option 1: I was playing a round of that new fighting game.
Option 2: I was playing a puzzle game against another girl.
Option 3: I was playing a racing game that car fans would love.

Even though the fighting game isn't the good answer, I picked it once just to see what it looks like.

Goon: I was playing a round of that new fighting game.
Homura: Jeez, let me play too! Where's that machine? Play me!
Goon: (I didn't make a very good impression.)

Goon: I was playing a racing game that car fans would love.
Homura: A racing game?! Where is it? Take me there!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

6/5: The year 1 sports festival

Don't worry, Goon. You're gonna have to work out to win Homura over, so next year you'll probably be pretty strong.

6/13: Karaoke with Homura

She's wearing a shirt with rolled-up sleeves that has the kanji for "naked" on it. I feel like this is the point where I note that one of Homura's fan nicknames is 漢前, which roughly translates to "Manly Man."

Homura: We're gonna sing our guts out today!
Goon: You're really into this, Akai-san.
Homura: Hell yeah. I'm gonna sing until I pass out. Let's get in there.
Goon: Okay.

Homura: What're you gonna sing?
Option 1: The kind of enka that will make your soul shake, of course.
Option 2: Hmm, maybe some hard rock?
Option 3: The latest idol pop song, of course.

Goon: The kind of enka that will make your soul shake, of course.
Homura: Can you sing without putting out a candle flame?
Homura: I hope you can show me something at least that impressive.
Goon: (I made a pretty good impression.)

Homura's most likely referring to a very famous commercial from the '80s that featured folk/enka singer Kanazawa Akiko, where she sings a song while holding a candle in front of her without blowing out the candle. It's pretty impressive vocal control, and sadly I can't find the video online anywhere. Here's the image from Kanazawa Akiko's official blog, though:

6/25: Hikari's birthday

Hikari's birthday passes the same way it always does, with a lot of hope in her eyes and a silent apology on my part.

6/27: Date 3, roller coaster

Homura: That was super fun.
Homura: Roller coasters are the best, right?
Option 1: It was fun, but kind of scary.
Option 2: I haven't ridden one in a while, so it was really scary.
Option 3: Right! Wanna get in line again?

Homura: Yeah, let's ride!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

7/11: Date 4, the arcade again

Homura: What game do you recommend?
Option 1: The punching machine.
Option 2: A 3D fighting game.
Option 3: The quiz game.

As much as I love Quiz Magic Academy in real life, this is unfortunately not the right answer for Homura.

Goon: The punching machine.
Homura: Ooh, that's a good one.
Homura: Loser buys lunch, okay?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

By general consensus of the fandom, Homura is one of the manliest characters in Tokimemo history - and this includes the Girl's Side games.

7/12-7/16: Midterms

Goon: Eh, not bad.

85th: Sakaki Takumi
97th: Hinomoto Hikari
103rd: Hokari Jun'ichirou
134th: Minazuki Kotoko
138th: Fudou Gunma
184th: Sakura Kaedeko
192nd: Kotobuki Miyuki
258th: Akai Homura

Surprisingly, Homura actually passed two tests. This is probably the high point of her academic career.

7/18: Homura's birthday

Goon: (Oh yeah, today's Akai-san's birthday.)
Goon: I should get her a present.
Goon: (What should I get her?)
Option 1: Sneakers
Option 2: A heavy bag
Option 3: A handbag

Pick the manliest present for Homura and you can't go wrong!

Homura: Huh? What're you doing here?
Goon: It's your birthday, isn't it? I got you a present, Akai-san.
Homura: Nyahahaha, I was waiting for this.
Goon: Then you should open it up now.

Homura: Wahahaha, this is awesome.
Homura: This is the best, you're the first person who's ever given me this kind of present.
Goon: (She looks really happy about the present.)

7/29: Date 5: Ennichi

Goon: (Is Akai-san getting here soon?)
Homura: You got here early, bud.
Goon: I just got here too.
Homura: Yeah? Well, it doesn't matter. Let's have some fun!

Homura's wearing the traditional dress of a (usually male) festival worker, with a happi bearing the name of the Akai Orchards and sarashi underneath.

Homura: Maaaaan, festivals are awesome, right?
Goon: Yeah, they seem like your kind of thing.
Homura: Damn right! I love fights and festivals more than three sq...
Homura: Well, I love them about as much as I love three square meals a day.
Goon: I'm glad I called you out to something you like.
Homura: Yeah, it's fine by me if we do something like this every day!
Homura: Ooh!
Goon: So, where should we sta--

Goon: Where'd you go?!

At this point, the festival music gets louder and you can hear Homura's exclamations of glee as part of the soundtrack, full of the usual shouts that taiko drummers make in time with the beat.

Homura: I feel way better now.
Goon: You really do get into the spirit, don't you.
Homura: I told you that already, you weirdo.
Goon: (I know, but...)
Homura: So, what now?
Goon: Goldfish scooping!
Homura: Sweeeet, nice pick. It's my turn after you, got it?

Unlike the other girls, who offer encouragement while you play the goldfish mini-game, Homura keeps shouting "You're holding it wrong! No, you're supposed to do it like this!" To her credit, she also cheers harder than anyone when you do well.

Homura: You did it! Aaaawesome.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Homura: That was fun.
Homura: That's the way it should always be.
Homura: Anyway, let's walk back together halfway.

This is as close as we're going to get to a progress marker with Homura for another year.

8/16-8/21: Summer camp

I guess that for the student council, summer camp is a little more like an in-service week of meetings and committees, which is pretty much the definition of hell for Homura.

8/16: The first day

Goon: (Summer camp starts today!)
Goon: (Ugh, this is all Akai-san's fault. She keeps letting all the work pile up...)

Homura: Yo. Summer camp starts today, you better work hard.
Goon: (Right back at you!)
Goon: (Is what I want to say to her, at least.)

In the supplemental material, they explain the backstory of how Homura became student body president. Bakuretsuzan caught her coming in late to the first day of school, so he slapped it on her as a kind of cruelly poetic punishment. As you can see, it doesn't exactly work very well.

8/19: The great escape, part 1

Student: Help! The president's escaped!
Goon: What?! Everyone, split up and catch her!
Goon: Now, where could Akai-san have gone?
Option 1: Search the school cafeteria
Option 2: Search the classroom
Option 3: Search the principal's office

Bakuretsuzan's office sounds like the most likely hiding place for her.

Goon: Hmm? Hey, over there!

Goon: AUGH!
Goon: (She got away...)

Now do you understand why the Student Council's limit break is called Stress Unleashed/Stress Rampage?

Next time: The school of the Undefeated of the East! The winds of the king!