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Part 66: Homura route, chapter 2: The winds of the king

Homura route, chapter 2: The Winds of the King

8/22: Homura at the beach

Dammit, Homura, why the Cowboys Baw Boys of all teams?

Homura: Let's race out to that island.
Option 1: Whaaaat? It's so far away, I don't wanna.
Option 2: We need to stretch first.
Option 3: You got yourself a race!

Goon: You got yourself a race!
Homura: Sweet! We'll start when the third wave hits.
Goon: (I made a great impression!)

8/28: Fireworks with Homura

Goon: Hello, is this the Akai residence?
Homura: Yup, it is.
Goon: Oh, hi, Akai-san, it's Fudou--
Homura: Yo, what's up?
Homura: I'm eating right now, so keep it short if you can.
Goon: Let's go watch the fireworks!
Homura: Yeah, sure. Where should I meet you?
Goon: Let's meet at the riverside park.

Homura: Fireworks shows are one of the most fun things about summer.
Homura: Today's gonna be a ton of fun.
Goon: (Homura's really intense right now.)
Goon: Hey, it's gonna start soon.

Homura: Japanese fireworks are the best, aren't they?
Homura: No wonder they're world-famous.
Option 1: I especially love the #4 firework.
Option 2: Want me to take a picture for you?
Option 3: Yeah, it's awesome.

For more information on the Japanese system of classifying fireworks, refer to this handy chart. It shows explosion size and minimum safe height/distance of each firework - the #4 firework has one of the best distance-to-explosion-size ratios in the classification system, exploding safely at 160 meters and having a 60m radius on its explosion.

Anyway, back to the LP.

Goon: Yeah, it's awesome.
Homura: You think so too? I'm glad someone understands.
Goon: (I made a great impression!)

9/12: Answer me, Goonmon!

Goon: (Did I get here too early? Akai-san isn't here yet.)

Homura: Where are you looking? I'm up here!
Homura: Right up here.
Goon: Master!
Homura: Answer me, Goon!
Homura: The school of the Undefeated of the East!
Goon: The winds of the king!
Homura: Zenshin!
Goon: Keiretsu!
Goon/Homura: Tenpa Kyoran!
Goon/Homura: Look! The east is burning red!
Homura: How've you been, Goon... or rather, the man I acknowledge as the King of Hearts?

This is not actually the dialogue here. But it should be.

Goon: This aquarium is getting pretty famous.
Homura: Yeah? That means there's something fun here, right? Let's check it out.

Homura: Whoa, it's a school of tuna! Awesome!
Option 1: It's a magnificent sight, isn't it?
Option 2: They look like they'd be delicious as sashimi with a little soy sauce.
Option 3: Tuna have to keep swimming or they'll die.

This is Homura we're talking about, so we can finally choose the food option.

Goon: They look like they'd be delicious as sashimi with a little soy sauce.
Homura: I was thinking the same thing! Man, they look tasty.

10/5: The second progress marker

These are the possible ways to address Homura:

Homura is the only person in the game who has a special event if she doesn't like what you call her, so for once there's an actual purpose to the names she hates (which, for the record, are anything that end in -chan).

She should be friendly enough to allow us to call her by her first name, so we're going to let this one stick for a while.

Goon: Homura!
Homura: Yo! 'Sup?
Goon: Want to walk home together?
Homura: Sure, let's head somewhere.
Homura: Ooh, I know, let's go eat. Your treat, of course.
Goon: Uh, okay. Let's go.

Before I forget, Homura has started hanging out with Goon on his leisure activities - this is how they animate her for the rare days she actually attends student council meetings (and lets Goon do all the work):

This is for regular hanging out while Goon studies/looks good/whatever.

10/22: Bakuretsuzan and Homura, birds of a feather

This is copied and pasted from the Akane route, chapter 6, with a small change because Goon calls her Homura and not Akai-san in this run. Notably, seeing this in the first year is a good sign, but it also locks out the event where she walks into the Bakuretsuzan's office and tells him she wants to play a game. You'll have to go back to the Maho route for that one.

Bakuretsuzan: To all students!
Bakuretsuzan: This is a bit abrupt, but I have accepted a proposal from the student council and will be cancelling classes this afternoon in favor of a major cleanup project!
Goon: A proposal from the student council? What?
Bakuretsuzan: I would especially like those of you in charge of the grounds to be very thorough and rake up all of the leaves.
Bakuretsuzan: That's all - I'm leaving this in your capable hands!

Goon: There weren't many leaves in my area, so that ended up being pretty easy.
Homura: Hey, no fair! I claimed that one!
Bakuretsuzan: Don't make such a fuss, there are plenty more.
Goon: Is that Homura? What's she doing?
Goon: Sounds like she's behind the gym.
Homura: Damn, we'll have to wait so long for them to finish 'cuz we don't have enough fuel.
Goon: Hey, Homura, what're you do--

Homura: Wha? What're you doing here?
Goon: ...
Goon: Did you really call for us to clean up the school so you could do this?

Homura: N, no, this was just a nice little bonus. Right, Kazumi-chan?
Bakuretsuzan: Yes, you must not waste all of the resources at your disposal.
Goon: You're pretty unconvincing with your hands full of roasted sweet potatoes.

10/26: Goon's birthday

Homura: Gunma.
Goon: Hey, Homura.
Homura: Here, take this. It's your birthday present.
Goon: (What? Homura gave me a present?)

Homura: Geez, sorry for doing something that makes you this nervous.
Homura: If you don't want it, just give it back!
Goon: No, no, I'm happy. I really am thankful for this.

10/31: Hiking with Homura

Goon: The weather's perfect today, Homura. Isn't that great?
Homura: Yeah, it's a bolt out of the blue.
Homura: Just like it should be! We're gonna have lots of fun today.
Goon: (A bolt out of the blue?)
Homura: What're you doing? Let's go.
Homura: If you're just gonna stand around, I'm gonna leave you behind.
Goon: O--okay.
Goon: (A bolt out of the blue?)

Homura pretty much throws out a saying that includes "blue sky" in it, without actually thinking about what it means.

Homura: Looking at the fall leaves makes me want to eat manju. I'm really hungry...
Option 1: I actually brought some with me. I made some tea, too.
Option 2: Could you stop talking about food for once?
Option 3: There's a little shop up ahead that sells some.

Goon: I actually brought some with me. I made some tea, too.
Homura: Awesome! It's always the right call to bring an underling with you.
Goon: (I made a great impression!)

11/3: The school festival

Goon: What should I do? Should I invite someone to come with me?
Goon: I should invite Homura.
Goon: (Is she around anywhere?)

Goon: Hey, Homura!
Homura: Hmm? Sup?
Goon: Do you want to look at everything with me?
Homura: Sure. It's boring to walk around alone, so I might as well go with you.
Goon: Then let's go.
Goon: (Where should we go?)

If you remember the Maho run, there is an incredibly obvious choice that Homura will love.

Goon: Let's go watch the drama club.
Homura: What're they doing?
Goon: I heard it's going to be a period piece.

Homura: Wow, that's super exciting!
Homura: Let's hurry so we can get good seats!

This portion is copied and pasted from the Maho route.

And now, the Hibikino High School Drama Club presents...
A period drama: Lone Fox and Cub

"Today, Ogami Nito continues on his road to hell."

"Ogami Nito, I stand before you."
"Prepare yourself."


"Prepare yourself."


"Prepare yourself!"


"Prepare yourself!"



"(baby noises)!"

And so, Ogami Nito continued on his road to hell.

The end.

Homura: Wow, that was fun.
Homura: Period flicks are all about the swordplay, don't you think?
Goon: Yeah, it's really satisfying to watch the bad guys get killed.
Homura: Next time someone doesn't listen to the student council, what do you say we just cut him in half?
Goon: (I'm a little scared that she might actually try that.)

Goon: So, how was the school festival?
Homura: It was as great as I was expecting.
Homura: Every school festival should be just like a real festival, you know?
Goon: (It was definitely fun.)

11/24: Akane shows up

It's incredibly easy to avoid Akane on a Homura run, but it just doesn't feel right without her. Besides, I have a plan.

12/6-12/10: Midterms

72nd: Fudou Gunma
75th: Sakaki Takumi
85th: Hokari Jun'ichirou
92nd: Hinomoto Hikari
130th: Minazuki Kotoko
217th: Sakura Kaedeko
219th: Kotobuki Miyuki
246th: Akai Homura
257th: Ichimonji Akane

Boy, that's a lot of girl's names. I sure hope this doesn't come back to bite our Goon!

12/12: Skating with Homura

Apparently, Homura shops at the army surplus store when she is not cosplaying.

Homura: You invited me out here, so that means you can skate, right?
Option 1: I can skate like a pro.
Option 2: I can skate alright.
Option 3: I can't skate at all.

Goon: I can skate alright.
Homura: As long as you can skate, that's enough.
Homura: So, you wanna race?
Goon: (I made a pretty good impression.)

12/22: Specifically avoid Kaori

On at least 3 different occasions during this run, Goon has the option of meeting Kaori due to his high Sports stat, and declines. It's unusually kind of the game to offer the choice.

12/24: Takumi's double date

One thing about Homura's run is that Christmases don't really factor in - she's not there for the first year, so I'm not going to bother re-translating what I've had in the previous 2 runs.

1/1: New Year's!

Goon: Here's Hikari's card. Yeah, I agree, it'd been seven years since we last met.

Happy New Year!
Last year was truly memorable because I was reunited with you.
Let's have a great year this year, too.

Goon: This is Homura's. How do I say it... it's very her. And what's with the drill?

Happy New Year!
Have a good time.

The drill is helpfully labeled "drill" and comes with a "bam!" sound effect.

Goon: Here's Takumi's card. It kinda feels like lip service.

Happy 2000.
Let's be nice to each other.
Sakaki Takumi

Goon: Here's Jun's card. It's a pretty curt greeting, but that's just like him.

Happy new year.
Let's have a good year.
First day of Heisei 12
Hokari Jun'ichirou

What, you expected Homura to wear something fancy on New Year's Day?

Another fun thing about doing a Homura run is that there is absolutely no need to raise your academics - so, you might as well wish for health because there's nothing else useful.

Homura: While we're here, why don't we pull our fortunes?
Goon: Let's do it.

Homura: That's the spirit.
Homura: Try not to be too shocked by my skills.
Goon: (Skills?)

Goon: Let's see, my fortune for the year is...
Goon: Suekichi, good fortune ahead.
Goon: How did Homura's turn out?

Homura: Did you get daikichi?
Goon: See for yourself. What about you, Homura?
Homura: I got daikichi, of course. There's no other option for me.
Homura: Well, there's a little trick I have to it.
Goon: I, I see.
Goon: (You mean there's a trick to getting fortunes and it's not just luck?)

Homura: Today was fun. If there's another good excuse to come back, we should do this again.
Goon: Yeah, and if one doesn't come up, we should just make one up and come anyway.
Homura: Hahaha, if we're just gonna make something up, let's make it something fun.
Goon: ("Something fun?" That's pretty much what I'd expect her to say.)

1/13: The "see the girl in gym clothes" segment

Goon: (Hmm? Is that Homura over there?)
Goon: Hey, Homura!
Homura: Gunma!
Homura: We have gym class next period.
Goon: Sure looks like it.
Goon: (She seems pretty happy about it.)
Homura: Alright, time for me to run wild. Later.
Goon: (It's gym class. I hope she's not mistaking it for martial arts or something.)

1/23: Homura vs. Romance

Goon: This theater's playing The Love Story on the Sunken Ship.
Homura: I don't know that one. Is it good?
Goon: The trailer I saw on TV was good.
Homura: If it seems good, that's good enough for me.

Quick reminder: this is totally not Titanic that Homura and Goon are watching.

Goon: That movie wasn't bad.
Homura: I hated it.
Goon: (I didn't make a very good impression.)

2/14: Valentine's day, Troll Edition

Homura: Goon.
Goon: Hey, Homura.
Homura: Here you go.
Goon: Wait, really? Thanks!
Goon: (Awesome! Hey, wait a second--)

Homura: Nyahahaha, I guess you noticed. Don't worry about it. Later!
Goon: Come back here, you jerk!
Goon: (It's just a wrapper with nothing in it. Seriously?)

That's right. Homura ate it and gave just the box to Goon. Whattagal, right?

Next time: Is it a bear? Oh boy oh boy