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Part 67: Homura route, chapter 3: King in the North

Homura route, chapter 3: King in the North

2/20: To the circus!

Goon: The circus is really exciting, isn't it?
Homura: Yeah. I haven't been able to think of anything but the circus since last night.
Goon: Your mind was in another place, huh?

Goon: Hey! Wait up, Homura!
Goon: (And now, her body is in another place too.)

Homura: Whoa! Awwwwesome, what did she do?!
Option 1: I know what she did!
Option 2: Yeah! Do it again!
Option 3: Swapping places in mid-air like that was amazing!

The only reason I know the gender of the trapeze artist is because she's one of the secret characters.

Goon: Swapping places in mid-air like that was amazing!
Homura: It's awesome! Did you see what she did on the trapeze? Tell me what happened!
Goon: (I made a great impression!)

3/3: What a man

Almost every character in the game carries an umbrella with them on rainy days.

Homura does not. Otherwise, this event doesn't change at all from the usual "let's walk home" event.

3/6-3/10: Finals

I'm not going to bother with grades, since everyone's pretty much the same as last time.

3/11: Sinking ships with Hikari

It's been almost a full year, so it's about time to stop ignoring Hikari and start maintaining proper maintenance of Goon's friend zone. First stop: Titanic.

Goon: That movie was great!
Hikari: Yeah! That was the greatest movie!
Hikari: It's been a long time since I was this excited!

This is going to be the last we see of Hikari for about a year and a half. This time, I took the mean way out of Hikari's bomb cycle, calling her on dates for the 3rd Sunday of every month when she has mandatory track and field practice.

3/14: White day

Goon: Hey, Homura!
Homura: Hmm? 'Sup?
Goon: Here, Homura, this is my payback for what you did on Valentine's Day.

Homura: Nyahahaha! Thanks! I'll gladly eat this whole thing.
Goon: O--okay.
Goon: (I don't know how to react to her just taking that at face value.)

3/26: Like water off a duck's back

Still no umbrella. Just a tie-dye bandana.

Homura: So, what're we doing here?
Goon: I haven't decided yet. I figure we'll just see what there is around here that's fun.
Goon: That a bad plan?
Homura: Not really, but just remember--anything is fine but taking a walk.
Goon: Got it. Let's head over to the lake.

Homura: Whoa, look at the ducks, look at the ducks!
Homura: They're swimming with their ducklings.
Homura: They look delicious.
Option 1: You seem hungry.
Option 2: Wanna get something to eat?
Option 3: One of those ducklings will turn into a swan.

Goon: Wanna get something to eat?
Homura: Nice timing, I'm hungry too. Let's find somewhere to eat.
Goon: (I made a pretty good impression.)

4/5: Enter the nemesis

Mei's entrance is unchanged from before, but given her status as Homura's eternal rival, she merits the full paste. I happen to like this scene a lot.

Goon: What's going on? There's some kind of commotion over by the school grounds.
Goon: I guess I'll check it out.

Mei: This is a stupendously lowly school.
Man in black: My deepest apologies, Mei-sama.
Mei: It will suffice.
Goon: (Ugh, she comes to school in a helicopter? And that - that's the Ijuuin family's crest.)
Goon: (Which means that girl is the daughter of the Ijuuins?)
Goon: (Why's she at Hibikino? No, I shouldn't ask. Like they say, "the god you don't touch won't curse you"

Mei: Hey, asshole.
Mei: Are you listening?
Goon: Huh? Me?
Mei: Yes, you. You're just the person for the job.
Mei: You will guide Mei to the principal's office.
Goon: Wh, what do you mean?
Mei: While you're at it, you will carry Mei's backpack.
Mei: You should feel honored that you are deemed worthy of this privilege.
Goon: Why do I have to--


Homura and Mei get along like cats and dogs, but you don't see much of that in Tokimemo 2 proper. Mei and Homura have a shouting match at graduation, and Mei takes a shot at Homura in her "My brother is my sister" gag event. But most of their rivalry takes place off-screen and in the supplemental material.

A couple of notes about the two of them, though. One, Homura calls Mei "squirt" as her go-to insult. And she has a point - Mei is 149cm tall, making her a shade under 4'11. However, Homura is also 149cm tall, so Mei really doesn't have to take that from her. Two, Homura was voted 4th in the character popularity poll, barely squeaking past Mei, who was 5th. Mei fans were crushed when that happened.

And, because Mei barely shows up for the rest of this run, here's some Leaping School Festival promo art.

Back to the LP!

Akane: Hey!
Goon: Hi, Ichimonji-san.
Akane: Looks like we're in the same class.
Goon: Yeah, guess so.
Akane: Anyway, let's make it a nice year, okay?

It only seems appropriate that we match Jun with Akane in this run, to swap from the previous run.

4/9: Homura and the rites of spring

Homura: Wooo, it's spring!
Homura: It kinda makes me wanna sing, you know? ♪Hmm-hmm hm-hmmmm♪
Goon: (She really did it.)
Homura: Hey, while we're here, let's go see the cherry blossoms.
Homura: ♪Hmm-hmm-hmmmm, hmm-hmmm-hmmmm♪
Goon: O, okay.
Goon: (Geez, she's still singing.)

Homura: Whoa, the flower petals are so pretty when they're dancing.
Option 1: I got some in my mouth.
Option 2: Yeah, they really are beautiful.
Option 3: Do you want to walk in that?

Everyone else so far has wanted the "yes, they are beautiful" answer. Can you guess what Homura likes?

Goon: I got some in my mouth.
Homura: Nyahahaha, it's because your mouth's wide open.
Homura: Ack! I got some in my mouth too.
Homura: Nyahahaha!
Goon: (I made a great impression!)

5/3: The inevitable Homura/Home Run pun

Goon: They're playing baseball here today. I got us pretty good seats!
Homura: I don't really know much about baseball, so good seats are kinda wasted on me.

Homura: Why's this crowd so worked up? What's going on?
Option 2: Huh? What? I can't hear you, Homura!
Option 3: Today's a gold card, they can't help but be excited.

In this context, a gold card is like the top billing of a fight card, or a marquee matchup. My hands are tied on translating it because of the next line, though.

Goon: Today's a gold card, they can't help but be excited.
Homura: A gold card? What's that? Is that the kind of card that comes with free candy or something?!
Goon: (Eh.)

Alright, so Homura doesn't get baseball. They can't all be perfect!

5/8: Jun's call to wingmanhood

As a reminder, the sequence of events here is: because Akane likes Goon the least out of all the female cast, she ends up in Goon/Jun/Takumi's class in year 2. This makes her the target of Jun's affections, which he's too innocent and naive to act on without outside help. Hikari and Goon to the rescue!

This goes exactly the same as every other incidence of the Jun 'n' Goon plus Hikari 'n' X double date, but with Akane instead of Homura or Kotoko.

Good luck, Jun.

6/2: This makes it all worth it

Goon: I'll join the three-legged race.
Takumi: Yo.
Goon: Yo, Takumi. What're you doing here?
Takumi: Do you have a partner for the three-legged race yet?
Goon: No, not yet.

Takumi: How lucky! Team up with me.
Takumi: If you teamed up with a certain special girl, I'd get sooooo jealous.
Goon: Well, I guess that's fine by me.
Takumi: Alright, let's go show off to all the girls!
Goon: Alright!

This is, without a doubt, the best thing that has happened in my entire time playing Tokimemo 2.

For proper enjoyment of this moment, I have created a highlight on my Twitch channel (Thanks, Alpha3KV!) as well as posted the same highlight to Youtube.


Homura: Not bad, slacker. You were holding back this entire time, weren't you?
Goon: N, no way, I never did that.
Goon: (She's praising me, right? I'm glad I worked so hard for that.)

6/25: Hikari's birthday

Some day, Hikari. Some day you'll have your time in the limelight.

7/15: Back to the beach

Homura: Man, I'm tired. But it's boring just to sit around and do nothing.
Homura: Wanna make a sand castle or something?
Option 1: Yeah, I'm fine with that. But you sure are tough, Homura.
Option 2: Before we start, I'll get us some drinks.
Option 3: Can we please relax even a little bit when we're taking a break?

Goon: Yeah, I'm fine with that. But you sure are tough, Homura.
Homura: Nyahahaha, not at all, not at all.
Homura: That swim really took a lot out of me.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

When you take the text box away from this shot, that poor dolphin looks like he knows just how screwed he is.

7/18: Homura's birthday

As before, the right choice for Homura is to give her the really comfortable pillow.

7/23: Ennichi with Homura, year 2

Homura: Yo!
Goon: Hi, Homura.
Homura: You got here early.
Goon: No, I just got here too.
Homura: Yeah? Really? Well, who cares. Let's get started!
Homura: I even wore a happi today!
Option 1: Wear a yukata, dammit.
Option 2: It, uh, it's perfect for you.
Option 3: Somehow, you make it look cute.

Remember the first rule of yukata and swimsuits? How you should always say that they look cute? It applies to happi too, apparently.

Goon: Somehow, you make it look cute.
Homura: Wh, what're you saying, you moron?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

A decidedly average performance in the goldfish scooping mini-game leads to:

Homura: Not bad, but you half-assed it.
Goon: (Eh.)

8/14-8/19: Summer camp, year 2

Goon: (Summer camp starts today!)
Goon: (Ugh, this is all Homura's fault. She keeps letting all the work pile up...)
Homura: Damn, it's hot! What a summer.
Homura: Uh, hey, you doing good?
Goon: Of course I am, that's the only thing I'm good at.
Homura: Nyahahaha, just like me.
Goon: (If you run, I will catch you!)

Student A: Help! The president's escaped! Again!
Goon: What?! Everyone, split up and catch her!
Goon: Now, where could Homura have gone?
Option 1: Search the school cafeteria
Option 2: Search the classroom
Option 3: Search the principal's office

We tried the principal's office last time, let's try the cafeteria this time. Girl likes her food.

Goon: Mwahahaha... I prepared something for just this occasion. Take that!
Goon: Wahahahaha! How'd you like your taste of the might of my Anti-Homura Special Capture Device?
Goon: (I did it!)

it's hard to see, but there is a bone sticking out of Homura's mouth. It looks like she tried to eat one of those cartoon-sized hunks of meat in a single bite and got caught in Goon's clever trap. And yes, he's indulging in a bit of supervillainous gloating. I don't blame him.

8/27: A roller coaster plus a parade

Homura: Nyahahaha, what're you doing looking so tired? You doing okay?
Option 1: I'm totally fine.
Option 2: I think I'll be fine after I catch my breath.
Option 3: I don't think I can keep going.

Goon: I think I'll be fine after I catch my breath.
Homura: I guess I'll wait a little bit for you. Make it a quick recovery.
Goon: (I made a pretty good impression.)
Goon: Oh, hey, the night parade is starting. I didn't realize it was so late.
Homura: That looks awesome, let's go take a look.

Homura: Whooooa, it's really pretty.
Option 1: It's like we're in a movie scene.
Option 2: It is really damn pretty...
Option 3: People can be great sometimes, can't they.

Goon: It is really damn pretty...
Homura: Nyahaha, you're standing all slack-jawed like an idiot.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

9/10: Back to the arcade

Homura: Huh? What's that game you're playing?
Option 1: It's a new kind of jockey game, but it's tiring.
Option 2: It's a new kind of robot game, it's pretty fun.
Option 3: It's a new kind of DJ game, it's getting pretty popular.

The girl wears a drill on her hand and her theme song is based on Getter Robo, what choice is there?

Goon: It's a new kind of robot game, it's pretty fun.
Homura: As a robot lover, I have to try it myself.
Homura: Come help me play it.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

9/18-9/22: A date with a bear

In honor of my upcoming trip to Sapporo, I had Goon's class go to Hokkaido for their class trip.

Akane: Wow, it's like we're not even in Japan anymore. It's so romantic here.
Goon: Yeah. The brick buildings, brick roads, and gas lights--it's like we're in another country.
Akane: Yup yup. I bet it's gorgeous if you come here at sunset. I want to see it some time.
Goon: I don't think we have time to do that today, but it would definitely be nice to come back and see it some day.
Goon: (Ichimonji-san is really in love with this place. I guess she's weak to romantic settings.)

Goon: Whew, I'm exhausted.
Homura: Goon.
Goon: Oh, hi Homura. What's up?

This is totally a face that you can trust.

Homura: Let's go sightseeing tomorrow.
Homura: Even if you say no, I'm dragging you with me.
Goon: Okay.
Homura: Alright, it's a date! We'll meet up right here. Don't be late.

3... 2... 1...

Homura: Good morning, I'm late, I'm sorry or something.
Goon: (She doesn't mean a word of that.)
Homura: Alright, let's get going. We need to make up for lost time.
Goon: (And whose fault is that?!)

Homura: Mmmm, check out these vast wetlands! It's a perfect setting for a grand person like me.
Goon: "Grand"?
Homura: You say something?
Homura: Ah, who cares. Look at that - don't you just wanna race allllll the way down?
Goon: You're on!

Homura: ...!
Goon: What?! A, a giant bear!
Option 1: Run away alone
Option 2: Run away with Homura
Option 3: Fight it so Homura can get away

Unfortunately there is no "let Homura take care of it" option, so we're left with 2 or 3. This is what happens if you run.

Goon: *gasp* *wheeze* I think we got away.
Homura: You idiot! Why'd you drag me with you?
Homura: A real hero never runs!

This is the real option.

Goon is helluva tough in this run, doing almost nothing but student council activities, working out, and sleeping. The Guts from Student Council make his defense insanely high, which lets him dedicate his turns to punching the bear. The bear's melee attack does 200 damage to Goon, while Goon does about 2000 with his own attack command.


Homura: Goon.
Homura: You were trying to be way too cool. You stole my spotlight, dammit.
Homura: But thanks...

Homura: Goon.
Homura: You're coming with me.
Goon: Sure, but where are we going?
Homura: You sure ask a lot of dumb questions for a guy.
Homura: Who cares, just come with me. Let's go.
Goon: (I have a bad feeling about this...)

Goon: "The last time I went with this girl I ended up killing a bear, what's the worst that could happen this time?"

Homura: This is a great view. Aren't you glad you came with me?
Goon: Yeah, you're right.
Goon: (If she'd just said something, I would've felt a lot better about it.)
Homura: My bad.
Homura: I had no idea how I was supposed to ask you to come out here.
Homura: That's not really my style, you know?
Goon: (Is she embarrassed?)
Homura: Hokkaido's so nice. The air is great, the food is delicious, I just wanna live here.
Goon: Yeah.
Homura: You think so too?
Homura: I just love places like this, where I can really stretch out.
Goon: (This is pretty much what I expected out of Homura, but there was just never any kind of mood...)

Next time: Who are you, and what have you done to Homura?