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Part 69: Homura route, chapter 5: The Lord of the Lake versus the Hibikino Hero

Homura route, chapter 5: The Lord of the Lake versus the Hibikino Hero

3/25: Karaoke with Homura

You know what, Homura? I'll give you props for either version of the Tigers that you're repping. The Detroit Tigers in the late '90s weren't exactly very good in the post-Cecil Fielder era, with Dean Palmer and Tony Clark leading the team all the way to 23 games under .500 while the Indians were smushing everyone. The Hanshin Tigers were mired in the Curse of the Colonel too, so I commend your loyalty either way.

Homura: I'm parched. We should get something to drink.
Option 1: How about some healthy tomato juice?
Option 2: Want something carbonated?
Option 3: Real men stay quiet and drink black coffee.

Translator's note: The third line here is a cribbed version of an old Sapporo Beer slogan. It's pretty manly, but the main thing keeping us from picking this option is because Homura probably thinks that black coffee is disgusting, given her demonstrated love of sweets.

Goon: Want something carbonated?
Homura: That's perfect. It feels great going down when you're thirsty.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

The dialogue is still the same, but it's worth seeing what the post-date event looks like when she's wearing the jersey.

4/5: Year 3 begins

Homura: Hey, we're in the same class. Nice to see you.
Goon: Yeah, nice to see you too.
Goon: You know, it's kinda embarrassing having to say all these greetings again to everyone.
Homura: Nyahahaha, don't say that.
Homura: You made me laugh, and I've been trying to hold it in this whole time.
Goon: S, sorry.
Goon: (That was scary, I thought she might unleash the Kaichou Kick on me.)

4/8: Swimming with sharks

Homura: Sorry I kept you waiting. The changing room was really crowded.
Homura: What do you think, does this look good?
Option 1: It looks perfect!
Option 2: I didn't realize you were so cute, Homura.
Option 3: I'm so glad you didn't come out in a fundoshi.

Goon: It looks perfect!
Homura: Nyahaha, I know, right? This one is totally me.
Homura: It took so long to find it.
Goon: (I made a great impression!)

Homura: While we're out all this way, you wanna take the scenic route home?
Goon: Yeah, sure.

Homura: You said you were hungry, right? Let's stop here.
Goon: Sure. I'm super hungry. But is this place any good?
Homura: It's awesome. It gets the Homura seal of approval.
Goon: Your seal of approval, huh? I'm drooling already.

Attentive readers will remember that this is the same background used for Akane's workplace. While the game never says anything about it, it's a pretty safe assumption to think that this is the same place.

Goon: Whew, that was good. Thanks.
Goon: We really ate a lot.
Homura: It's pretty impressive that you managed to keep up with me.
Goon: Impressive how? This is pretty normal for me.
Homura: It's not normal, apparently. People keep telling me that it's amazing how much I eat.
Goon: I'm a guy, though.
Goon: I'm pretty sure it's just you who's amazing.

Homura: Yeah?
Homura: Oh, hey, old man! I wanna make another order.
Homura: Gimme an A set, extra large.
Goon: (She's going to eat more? No wonder people call her amazing.)
Homura: Huh? Oh, are you done?
Goon: Yeah, I think I'm good.
Goon: (How does all that food fit inside such a tiny person?)

4/19: Miyuki interlude

Goon: Hey, Kotobuki-san.
Miyuki: Yoo-hoo!
(screeching tires, whooshing sound)
Miyuki: Hup!

Goon: That was a really nice dodge, Kotobuki-san.
Miyuki: Ehehe, even Miyuki can't take that kind of punishment all the time!
Goon: That's true.
Miyuki: Let's get moving!
(screeching tires, crash)

Goon: Kotobuki-san! Are you okay?
Miyuki: Whoopsie, I'm okie, I'm okie.
Miyuki: I seem to be in one piece, at least.
Goon: (I shouldn't have said anything.)

4/20: A dog and his girl

Homura: Hey, stop it, Service Ace!
Homura: Fine, but it's my turn now! How do you like that, huh?
Goon: (What's Homura doing over there?)

Yes, the dog's full name is Service Ace. I don't know why. It's not like Homura really likes tennis or volleyball anyway.

Homura: Hey, I said stop!
Homura: Stop playing with my skirt!
Goon: (...)
Homura: Oh! Uh, you need something?
Goon: No, I was just passing by.
Homura: Man, this sucks. I was just walking on by, when Service Ace here--you know how it is.
Goon: I dunno, you looked like you were having a lot of fun.

Homura: N, no way. Anyway, I gotta go. Important student council business.

This excuse is even flimsier than usual with Goon serving diligently on the student council.

4/29: The fisher queen

And here you can see why the thread name has not changed, even though I'm not playing Girl's Side at the moment.

Goon: Hey, can we head home soon?
Homura: No way. I have a good feeling about this, and I'm not going home until I catch something.
Goon: Ugh...
Homura: Could you shut up and quit your whining?
Homura: Leave me alone for a second.
Goon: (I guess I have to stay here with her a little longer.)

Homura: Whoa!
Homura: Alright!
Goon: Holy crap, you actually caught one.

Not only did she catch one, but it appears to be at least half her size.

5/14: Status report from the guys

Takumi: Yo.
Goon: Hey, Takumi. Something up?
Takumi: Nothing, really. I just wanted to ask you how things are going.
Goon: I'm doing fine, if that's what you mean.
Takumi: No, I mean--how's it going with the ladies?
Goon: W, well, it's going alright, I guess.

Jun: Yo.
Goon: Yo.
Takumi: Well, Jun only has eyes for one person, so it's not like I need to ask.

Jun: What're you talking about?
Takumi: Girls.
Jun: Oh, well, uh...
Takumi: Ahaha, you're so naive.

Jun: By the way, Takumi, I saw you the other day.
Takumi: Huh?
Jun: You were on a date with Shirayuki-san, weren't you?
Jun: What's going on there?

Oh thank god this didn't happen on the Miho/Maho route. Takumi's interest in Miho locks Maho's ending, because it forces a fight for Miho's affections at the end of the game, even if you're trying to beat the game with Maho.

Takumi: Oh, hey, Akane-chan!
Jun: What? Where? Uh, ummm, uh...
Takumi: Fooled you!
Takumi: Laaaater.
Goon: (You'll never beat Takumi at this, Jun.)

6/2: The tag team champions

Homura: Goon.
Goon: Oh, hi Homura, hi Hikari.
Homura: You about to eat too?
Homura: Wanna eat with us?
Goon: Of course! And by the way--
Option 1: Can Takumi come too?
Option 2: Can Jun come too?

I appear to have messed up, because Akane is not in position 2 for this, and I can't bro it up with Jun.

Well, the next best thing is to cockblock Takumi, so I guess there's that.

Goon: Can Takumi come too?
Homura: Yeah, sure. The more the merrier.
Goon: Cool.
Goon: Hey, Takumi! Takumi!
Takumi: Huh? What's going on?
Goon: The girls brought lunch. Wanna join us?
Takumi: I do!
Goon: (What an opportunist. Well, whatever.)

Homura: Goon!
Goon: Hey, Homura.
Homura: You have a partner for the three-legged race yet?
Goon: No, not yet.
Homura: Then team up with me!
Goon: Sure.
Homura: Alright! We have to win, so you better bust your ass like you mean it!

As if there was any doubt.

Homura: You looked pretty cool out there.
Goon: You really think so?
Homura: Nyahaha, just because no one ever says that to you, doesn't mean you should act all suspicious.
Homura: Trust me.
Goon: (I hope I'm not blushing.)

7/9-7/13: Midterms

105th: Fudou Gunma
114th: Hokari Jun'ichirou
131st: Hinomoto Hikari
188th: Minazuki Kotoko
262nd: Kotobuki Miyuki
275th: Akai Homura
308th: Ichimonji Akane

7/18: Homura's birthday

Previous runs may remember that the best gift for Homura is a DG Go-Driller. That said, this is exactly the same thing that happened in Akane's route, chapter 10.

Goon: Hey, Homura!
Homura: Hmm? What's up?
Goon: Happy birthday! Open up your present.
Homura: Nyahahahaha, this is right up my alley. Nice.
Goon: (She looked really happy, I'm glad she liked it)

7/28: Ennichi year 3: Surfbort edition

Even the kinchaku is watermelon-themed. And no, this is not the last fruit-themed outfit or design we'll see in Tokimemo 2, trust me.

Homura: I figured you were looking forward to this, so I came here wearing a yukata today.
Option 1: You know what they say, anyone can look good in the right clothes.
Option 2: You look really feminine in a yukata, Homura.
Option 3: I wasn't looking forward to it at all.

Gee, I'm glad they made this choice difficult.

Goon: You look really feminine in a yukata, Homura.
Homura: Of, of course I do! I'm a girl, you know.
Goon: (I made a great impression!)
Goon: Let's go goldfish scooping.
Homura: I'm going next, so make sure to warm up the crowd for me.

Not a bad haul at all.

Homura: Whoa! I totally wasn't expecting that.
Homura: Alright, my turn.

8/5: Playing with the boys

Homura's year 3 outfit.

Homura: Let's play some beach volleyball. I already found a team to play against!
Option 1: What? What're you talking about?
Option 2: Alright, let's kick their asses!
Option 3: I was wondering where you snuck off to...

Goon: Alright, let's kick their asses!
Homura: No doubt about it! We're in it to win it!
Homura: You understand what's gonna happen to you if you lose, right?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

8/12: Shootin' 'em up

Goon's kills are counted on the left, and Homura's on the right. Homura and Mei are the two best characters in the game at Virtual Hazard, and it's pretty damn hard to beat them unless you've memorized the pattern.

Homura: Man, that last enemy was really tough.
Option 1: We beat him with our great teamwork.
Option 2: Your last shot was what sealed it, Homura.
Option 3: I landed the deciding shot, you know.

Goon: Your last shot was what sealed it, Homura.
Homura: What can I say, I've got great eyes.
Homura: No matter how hard they try, they can't escape me.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Homura: Holy crap, it's like we're in a giant ball of light.
Option 1: This is something we'll remember for the rest of our lives.
Option 2: You okay? It's just the parade.
Option 3: I wonder if this is what it's like inside a superhero's transformation sequence?

Goon: I wonder if this is what it's like inside a superhero's transformation sequence?
Homura: Nyahaha, you say some funny things.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

8/13-8/17: One last summer camp

Goon: (Summer camp starts today! And it's still all Homura's fault for letting the work pile up.)
Homura: Hey, I need you to keep this secret.
Goon: Wh, what is it?
Goon: (And why are we whispering?)
Homura: Help me escape! I'll never ask you for anything ever again! Please?

Homura: Wha--damn you! I'll remember this!
Homura: And I'll get away, just watch me!
Goon: (Who'd let her get off easy after she said this much stupid stuff on the first day?)
Goon: (I mean, it's her fault for telling me in the first place.)

8/16: Guess what?

Student A: Help! The president's escaped! For the third time!
Goon: What?! Everyone, split up and catch her!
Goon: Now, where could Homura have gone?
Option 1: Search the school cafeteria
Option 2: Search the classroom
Option 3: Search the principal's office

There's only one place left: the classroom.

Goon: Hmmm, I can't find her anywh--

Goon: (Are--are those pajamas? Or a sleeping bag?)
Goon: (Either way, it's cute...)

I decided to stop being lazy and stopped using the weird squashed resolution that the PS3 uses when emulating the PlayStation, so this is the first Tokimemo 2 gif presented at its proper 4:3 ratio! Huzzah.

After 3 years of chasing around Homura and trying to force her to do work, Goon has learned Stress Rampage. However, I wasn't able to capture any use of it - I'll try again next stream so I can put up the gif of it!

Next time: Crush them, giant robo!