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Part 70: Homura route, chapter 6: Sometimes you're the dragon, and sometimes you're the princess

Homura route, chapter 6: Sometimes you're the dragon, and sometimes you're the princess

8/25: One last fireworks show

Goon: Huh? Homura? What're you doing here this late?
Homura: Isn't it obvious?
Homura: Let's go watch the fireworks!
Goon: Ooh, good idea.
Homura: Then let's get going! The fireworks are waiting for us!
Goon: Yeah, I can't wait!

Homura: I can't wait for the fireworks to start. I'm getting all antsy.
Goon: Looks like they're starting soon.

Homura: It's so beautiful.. *sniff sniff*
Homura: Huh, there's snot coming out of my eyes or something.
Option 1: Here, use my handkerchief.
Option 2: Yeah, I totally understand how you feel.
Option 3: Yeah, mine too.

No, seriously, Homura really does say that her tears of awe and wonder are snot coming out of her eyes.

Goon: Here, use my handkerchief.
Homura: Thanks. I'll wash it and give it back.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

10/6: Homura's version of the school festival

As usual, Bakuretsuzan declares that the school festival will be run by classes and not by clubs, as it has been for the previous two years. Takumi's suggestion of a class play is the same as always, and there's always that costume parade thing that will never ever get a vote. As for Homura...

Homura: Goon.
Goon: Yo, Homura.
Homura: Let's run an arcade. That means you have to help me.
Goon: What?
Homura: What, something wrong with an arcade? It doesn't seem like you're very enthusiastic about this.
Goon: No, that's not what I'm trying to say.
Goon: (But is it really okay for us to run an arcade?)

When it actually comes to a vote, the option morphs from being an arcade/game center to being a "game corner", which is pretty different.

Kasumi: The votes are in, and we're running a game corner.
Kasumi: Let's work together and make this a success.

10/17: I'm helping!

Goon: You know, even though we set up patrols, there's no way anything's gonna happen, right?
Jun: Hey, Goon! You see anyone suspicious come by here?!
Goon: Huh? What the hell are you talking about?
Jun: While we were out, some bastard messed up all of our decorations.
Goon: Wait, seriously?
Jun: We've gotta find who did it!
Goon: Got it. I'll help look.
Jun: Thanks. I'll check out this side.

Goon: (What am I supposed to be looking for when the only thing he told me was "suspicious", anyway?)

Goon: Well, I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find anyone suspicious.

Homura: Hey, what're you doing standing around--
Homura: Oh, it's you.
Goon: Oh, hey Homura! Did you see anyone suspicious come by?
Homura: Suspicious?
Goon: Yeah, some jerk messed up all the decorations in our class.

Homura: Geez, sorry I messed it all up.
Goon: Wait. what?

Homura: Well, uh, um, you know...
Homura: I was bored, so I figured I'd help out a little, and everything I did turned out like--
Goon: Why didn't you try and help while everyone was around?

Homura: You know how it is, the student council is supposed to work behind the scenes.
Homura: I can't do that kind of stuff when everyone's looking.
Goon: Sigh... I should've known it was you, Homura.

10/26: Goon's birthday

Goon: Hey, Homura.
Homura: Today's your birthday, right?
Homura: Here's your present. Take it if you want it.
Goon: Of course I want it. Thanks, Homura.
Homura: Nyahaha, I'm glad you like it.
Goon: (Homura seems more happy about this than I am.)

11/3: The game corner, starring Homura

Goon: (Ooh, everyone's really getting into it.)

Homura is dressed up as Pastel from the Twinbee series, as opposed to the fighting game version of Pastel, who wore boxing gloves.

Homura: You're doing it all wrong, this is how you really make it fly. There!
Children: Whoooooooa, coooooool!
Goon: (Birds of a feather flock together.)
Goon: (But I'm surprised, she's really taking good care of the kids.)

Homura: Oh, hey!
Homura: Uh... what're you looking at?
Goon: Nothing. I was just thinking that you're really cute at times like these, Homura.

"Also, I was wondering how you managed to convince that kid to be your cape for the day."

Homura: Wh-wha-whaaaaat?
Homura: Don't say stupid sh--stuff like that!
Children: Ooh, sis, your face is bright red!
Children: It's truuuue, all red all red!
Children: Heyyyyy, come back and play with us!
Homura: Okay, okay.
Goon: (She's pretty good at taking care of these kids.)

Homura: Man, look at that fire go.
Homura: It feels good just looking at it.
Goon: Yeah, it's kinda relaxing.
Homura: I think so too.
Homura: I'm kinda sleepy--wake me up when it's over.
Goon: Uh, okay.

12/10-12/14: Midterms

93rd: Fudou Gunma
106th: Hinomoto Hikari
149th: Minazuki Kotoko
154th: Sakaki Takumi
254th: Kotobuki Miyuki
292nd: Akai Homura
299th: Hokari Jun'ichirou?!?!?!?!?!
302nd: Ichimonji Akane

Jun's grades plummeting like this are a sign of his depression after getting dumped. I'm so sorry, Jun!

12/15: The hero returns

Goon: I wonder if Homura's getting here soon.
Goon: Wait, what's going on over there?
Punk: Hey, kid, you wanna lend me some money?
Boy: N, no!
Goon: I should help!
Homura: Shazam!
Goon: Huh?

Homura: Presidential--I mean, old-school Dragon Kiiiiick!
Punk: Hwaarrrgh!
Homura: Now, kid! Leave this to the heroes, and get outta here!
Boy: Thanks, miss!
Goon: Well, I should help her out.

I think she's good, but hey, what are sidekicks for, right?

Homura: Nyahahahahaha!
Homura: The dragon's claw that rends evil asunder!
Homura: Super Soldier Dragon!
Goon: Oh man, that really brings me back.
Goon: You know, I used to have a Dragon Belt when I was a kid.
Homura: Oh, sweet! You got the special prize that came with the chocolates?
Goon: Yeah, that's the one! I got it at the little candy store down the street from school--
Goon: (Wait a second, now that I think about it...)

Goon: (Could that have been--)
Homura: Oh yeah, they're showing reruns of Super Soldier Dragon right now.
Goon: (No, wait, there's no way. That kid who saved me back then was a boy.)
Homura: Hey, you listening?
Homura: Hey! Something wrong?
Goon: (Wait! What if that kid just looked like a boy?!)

Goon: Homura, did you ever help a boy who was being bullied in front of the candy shop?
Homura: Uhhhh, maybe I did, maybe I didn't, I dunno.
Homura: Oh, wait, no, I remember. I did!
Goon: That boy was me!
Homura: Huh. Is that so?
Goon: ...Please try to act at least a little surprised. Or moved, or something.
Homura: Why?
Homura: I mean, it happened a long time ago, didn't it?
Homura: What's it matter now?
Goon: I guess you're right, but--
Homura: Let's get moving!
Goon: Okay!

Goon: They're showing the Go-Driller movie right n--
Goon: Wait. Homura? Where'd you go?
Goon: (She's already in line...)

Goon: (The Go-Driller movie is a remake of the super popular robot anime TV series.)

Goon: That movie was awesome!
Homura: Yeah, it was suuuper awesome! Let's watch it again.

12/24: Princess for a day

Goon: Alright, I guess I should head to the Christmas party.
(ring ring)
Goon: Huh, who could that be?
Goon: Hello, this is Fudou.
Homura: Yo, it's me.
Homura: Hey, you're going to the party tonight, right?
Goon: What? Yeah, I was planning on it, what about it?
Homura: Don't just plan on it. Do it. Alright? No matter what.
Goon: Why?
Homura: Stop asking questions, just go!
Homura: Bye.
Goon: (Is Homura actually coming?)

Remember, Homura going to Mei's house for a party is basically the equivalent of Superman walking into the Hall of Doom for one of Lex Luthor's parties. This isn't a small thing.

Goon: (I guess I'll bring a present.)
Option 1: A cute skirt
Option 2: Max Grade Go-Driller
Option 3: Super Soldier Dragon trading cards

All of these are designed for Homura to like them. However, the cute skirt actually changes how Homura dresses for the last 3 months of the game, so we're going with that one.

Goon: (Is Homura really here?)

Homura: G, good evening.
Goon: Huh? Oh, good evening. Ummm--
Homura: Y, you came as I asked. I am very pleased.
Goon: ...
Homura: ...
Goon: Homura, is that you?

Homura: Wh, what're you trying to say, you idiot?!
Homura: Umm, uhhh, I mean, wh, what are you trying to imply, sir?
Homura: I am not Akai at all.

Reminder: Akai Homura's name is a pun for "Red flame". She's making an accidental pun at the moment given how red her face is, but I'll forgive her just this once.

Goon: You keep slipping back to normal.
Homura: Damn, you saw right through me, didn't you.
Goon: What're you doing dressed like that, anyway?

Homura: That damn Ijuuin, she lets everyone in but me, you know?
Homura: So I tried putting on a disguise.
Goon: You sure you didn't get disguise and masquerade mixed up?
Homura: Sh, shut up! Anyway, since I made it all the way here, let's have fun.
Goon: Sure, I'm fine with that.

Goon: (It'll be time for the gift exchange soon...)
Homura: Alright, let's get outta here.
Goon: What? The gift exchange is just about to start.
Homura: And that's why we need to get outta here before someone finds out that I didn't bring anything.
Goon: Hey, wait, Homura!

Homura: Wow, that was fun.
Homura: That was the best Christmas ever.
Goon: Yeah, the food was unbelievable, right?
Homura: Well, that's true. But that wasn't the only thing.
Goon: What else is there?

Homura: Don't make me say it, you moron!
Goon: Why not?

Homura: A--anyway, this whole year's been fun.
Goon: Reeeeeally.
Goon: Oh, I almost forgot! Here. Merry Christmas.

Homura: Is that for me?
Goon: After you called me, I figured I might as well.
Goon: I kept it separate from the one I was going to put in the gift exchange.
Homura: Geez, you had me figured out the entire time, didn't you?
Homura: Damn, you're a sickeningly sweet guy sometimes.

For just about the first time in Tokimemo history, this diagonal angle actually kind of makes sense, assuming Goon is a good bit taller than Homura and is looking over (and down) at her.

Homura: This really, really is the best Christmas ever.
Goon: (It really is.)

Next time: Wild horses.